Dhara Holistic Care offers personalise Yoga and Ayurveda retreats in the Mediterranean Coast of Spain, Detox diets, Chakra meditations and Holistic Psychology.

Yoga Retreats (6)

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Instructors (3)

Javier Mantecón

Ana Isabel Tome Mateos

Dr. Vijay Carolin

Reviews (11)

Manjit Hansra

from United States, March 2019

"Amazing amazing amazing !!!"

This retreat is guaranteed to change your life. I went with my husband who has been on many before but this was my first time and we both had life shifting experiences. If you are looking for a way to change something in your life, this is the step in the right direction. Ana and Javier are also some of the kindest, compassionate , caring people you will meet. They went above and beyond to help us with our goals we had and were able to get a very personalized experience given the limited people per visit. Javier is a great cook too!! Lots of healthy recipes to learn. Enjoyed practising Yoga and sharing meals and in depth conversation about life, spirituality and growing as a person and couple. This is worth the investment !!!!!!!

Anne Daynes

from Great Britain, November 2018

"This is so much more than a Yoga Retreat!"

Firstly the yoga is phenomenal - so much better than I have experienced in the UK. The workshops: Reiki, Family Constellation and Bach flowers attune to where you need healing most. The food....... oh my not only was it delicious but by detoxing from dairy, meat, wheat and sugar I lost 6 lbs! Javier and Ana cannot do enough for you during your stay. We had a trip to the beach and the shopping mall as added extras!

This experience has been truly unforgettable and for me life changing. My greatest fear by writing this review is that it will be fully booked when I want to return!

Yolanda Thompson

from United States, October 2018

"Comments for a awesome retreat"

Javier and Ana, had every part of the retreat detailed, it was absolute designed to impact the entire holistic body, from the customized and unique treatments, the vegetarian foods were awesome, Javier took time to teach, what he was preparing for us to eat, also we were able to create a mini cookbook, the workshops were so enlightening and self awareness. This retreat was totally worth the money and travel.

Lisa Gwinnett

from Netherlands, November 2018

"Straight from their hearts! ❤️"

There aren’t enough words to describe my eternal gratitude to Javier and Ana for helping me connect with my inner thoughts, soul and heart.

What they have created is so special and has been built with love and straight from their hearts and desire to help people. Help people heal, help people connect with themselves, help people to explore their energy and more. Their individual and intimate approach ensures this; They haven’t set out to fill “bums on seats” with a commercial retreat. They’ve developed a programme which is tailored to each person. That’s why you’ll only find 2/3 other people with you in the retreat. Their goal is to understand your objectives, your history and context and develop a plan across meditation, yoga and holistic workshops to help you.

They genuinely care about each person that steps through the door - their hearts are so big and full! I loved every moment of my time here. I was so emotional to leave but so excited and energised to take what I had learnt with me.

I would recommend anyone reading this and contemplating this retreat to just book!!! You won’t regret it.

On top of everything above, the food is AMAZING (which for a lover of meat I didn’t expect to fall in love with as much as I did 😉), the village is so peaceful, and the massages are incredible.

I’ll definitely be back!

Gracias Ana and Javier ❤️🙏❤️

Miguel Meza

from United States, October 2018

"Amazing Experience at Dhara Wellness"

I liked everything. From the cozy homey environment to the unbeatable location in a quite valley. The class was enlightening and thorough. The food was homemade and delicious. Javier even arranged a lease on a bicycle so that I could see the valley and the surrounding towns. Overall this experience is unrivaled in comparison to other retreats I’ve gone for classes.

Ilze Dombrovska

from Spain, October 2017

"Kundalini yoga in-depth retreat"

Unusual art of the instructors to do an amazing work of putting your mind and physical body in balance , opening your chakras and feeling the profound space within you ! Have been yoga addict for years and must say that was not expecting the beautiful feeling what the Soul carries on after ....

Katerina Sourkova

from United Kingdom,

An unexpected life-changing experience, that opened our eyes, widened our perceptions and started the healing process for our souls. Kat and I truly did not know what to expect when we decided to begin this journey. Both of us living crazy fast-paced lives, filled with noise, chaos, and wonder, but were we truly living. I am not so sure, as we were both searching and the universe heard us and brought into our lives Javier, Ana and Kirsten. Three earth angels that took our hands opened their hearts to us and forever changed us for the better…their teachings and guidance showed us the power of our inner self and has set us on a journey of self-discovery. We are truly grateful and would and are recommending this to all who are looking to deepen their self-understanding and looking to unleash their inner power. As well as the healing sessions with Ana, Javier took us on a journey with Hatha and Kundalini yoga, with powerful sessions including chanting, yoga nidra and chakra activation. Very powerful awakening experience.

Michelle Converse

from United States,

Javier and Ana have been the perfect hosts. Made me feel right at home in a foreign country. Definitely the nicest people I have ever met. They even helped with future travel plans and offered contact information of people they know in other cities I would be visiting. Javier is very knowledgeable about his craft and was encouraging when Ifelt like I wasn't doing a good job. Fantastic people, amazing program, in a gorgeous location. I will definitely look back on this experience with fond memories.

Christine Bartlett

from United Kingdom,

They say there will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you're the one that will change theirs...you have all helped me to start healing my soul. You have all woker me up and rekinded my hope...you all touched my heart, saw my brokenness that was me and showed me the healing power of my femininity, that all that I am is enough and I am worthy of Love. As I start this new journey...this new phase of my life your teachings and love will be with me always and as I leave it is not good bye as our paths will meet again...

Alice Turlong

from United States,

Javier has been a phenomenal instructor. He has explained things thorughly and identified alternatives when I could not accomplish the move in the standard way. He and Ana have been very gracious in opening their home to us. His cooking skills are amazing. He has made this entire experience very meaningful.

Laura Goote

from Netherlands,

Thanks you so much Javier you have been a wonderfull teacher and gave me exactly what I needed. I liked our conversations and the lovely healthy food and cooked. I will go home a much lighter person with not so much things on my mind and a more open heart.

Thank you!!

Testimonials (3)

Gülsen Özbey Switzerland

Dhara Wellness Garden website

Javier I felt me in this few days comfortable next to you. You're really good master and you were always next to me inthis days. I learnt a lot from you for my life. You can also cook very well. You worked with me individually. You can feel what I need. I will keep this experience in a positivly way in my remembers. Thank that I met your friends, that helped me too. I have a lot of respect all of you in your jobs helping people. Thank you for all...

Jonny United Kingdom

Dhara Wellness Garden website

Completing our ayurvedic abyrangaham massage of four hands training with Javier and Ana was a wonderful experience. They are concise, caring teachers who offered us an experience perfectly tailored to meet our individual needs. Javier and Ana are wonderful teachers and massuers whom we would recommend to anyone interested in receiving or learning about any of their offered practices.

Mollie Dulcie New Zealand

Dhara Wellness Garden website

They welcomed us into their home providing our own room and bathroom. We felt right at home and the meals were tasty, organic and more than enough. We can't thank Ana and Javi enough for this hospitality and would definitely return for another course if we could.

This training was an intensive week long course that covered all information necessary to practice this type of massage as a professional. The course included hands on practice on clients every day as well as ayurvedic theory and take home pamphlets with a depiction of every movement included in the massage.