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8 Days Loving Connections Portugal Yoga Retreat & Detox

  • Monte na Luz, Algarve, Portugal


Detox Yoga Retreat in Portugal

The focus of the retreat week will be on you (the individual) making it ideal for anyone who is interested in bringing more love into their relationships, whether it is your relationship with yourself you want to deepen, or with your partner, spouse, work colleagues, friends, or family or you simply want to feel happier and more fulfilled in your life. This is the retreat that will help you find a loving connection to the whole of life. There will also be plenty of time too for relaxing by the pool and just being.


  • Daily morning yoga
  • Liver & colon cleansing
  • Daily evening meditation
  • Individual nutritional consultation
  • Daily interactive & fun workshop
  • Freshly made organic juice
  • 14 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • 7 days with instruction
  • English
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The accommodation are based on single en-suite and shared en-suite rooms. The shared twin room option is only for people who already know each other.

During the workshops you will be exploring how to connect with love to yourselves and others. You will explore how your choices so often come from a place of fear and turn them around into love so that you can radiate true joy with inner confidence into the world as you realign yourselves to a new happier and more satisfying life. You will participate in a love circle where you can experience the giving and receiving of true unconditional love. This can be an incredibly moving experience and allows you to really feel and embody the power of loving connection. The workshops will help you to understand yourself and others better and give you tools and techniques so that you can connect and communicate with others more deeply and lovingly and create lasting love, understanding and fulfillment in your life.

The workshops will be interactive, revealing, fun and uplifting.

As always the retreat has morning yoga classes, a beautiful start to the day, with your wonderful yoga teacher, Yair. Yoga fundamentally supports your detox on all levels, especially in the practice of being present while in movement. In the evening before bed, Detox International offers meditation for anyone who wishes to join. In place of the individual nutrition consultations which they have on the other retreats, everyone will be offered an individual session with Marianne or Midi (included in the price of the retreat).

Detox International recommends that first time detoxers to chose one of our foundation Mind / Body Detox retreats as their first experience if new to detox because understanding the healing power of a healthy diet is so important and they can’t cover this fully on this retreat week.

A typical detox day:

  • 07:30 Body brushing, supplements, and cleansing drink
  • 08:00 - 09:30 Relaxing yoga for detoxification
  • 09:30 Delicious fresh organic juice
  • 11:00 - 12:00 Supplements, coffee enemas
  • 12:00 - 19:00 Plenty of time to enjoy a range of complementary therapies from the incredible team of therapists.
  • 12.30 Yummy organic juice, wheat grass shot
  • 14:30 Fresh organic juice and supplements
  • 17:30 Another delicious juice and supplements
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Herbal enema
  • 19:00 Evening broth and supplements
  • 20:00 Inspirational evening talk.
  • 21:00 Optional relaxation. Guided meditation.

Yair Sagy

Acupuncturist and yoga teacher

Yair Sagy is a native of Israel and together with his wife, Ziza, runs a successful holistic centre in Lanjaron, Spain. They are both on site during the detox weeks and their combination of powerful therapies and healing hands is an excellent complement to the detox programme. In 1992 Yair graduated from the Five Branches Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz California and in 1995 he went to China to study Qi Gong and herbology. He now teaches Yoga and Qi Gong and treats patients using Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Shiatsu and Massage.

Body Mind Acupuncture with Yair’s system of Acupuncture is unique in its diagnosis methods and applications. In order to diagnose, Yair examines the electromagnetic field (Aura) around you as well as the energetic state of the 7 main energy centers (chakras). Each of these centers reflects your mental, emotional and physical health. When those centres are balanced and healthy, they will radiate beautiful light, when there is a blockage the energy will appear shrunken and deformed.

Ziza Fernandes Sagy

Reflexology and foot reading

Ziza Fernandes Sagy runs a successful therapy practice in Lanjaron, Spain with her husband Yair. Their combination of powerful therapies and healing hands is an excellent complement to the detox program.

Marianne Callaghan

Nutritional therapist, BSc, Dip ION; Kinesiology; QXCI Bio-Resonance; strategic intervention, relationship and marriage educator; raw food chef

Marianne Callaghan is originally from Hungary and qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist at the London based Institute of Optimum Nutrition over 20 years ago. Since then she has run successful Nutritional practises in Canterbury (UK), Europe, North America and the Caribbean and lectured at the International Conference for Alternative Therapies.

She firmly believes that anyone can achieve optimum health through a holistic approach: detoxification, proper nourishment and letting go of old patterns. In her therapy work, Marianne also uses the wonderful tool of kinesiology (muscle testing), QXCI Bio-resonance and vibrational remedies.

For Detox International, Marianne supports many of the Mind / Body Detox Retreats. She has also recently qualified in the Tony Robbins – Chloe Madanes’s Strategic Intervention Method and Relationship and Marriage Educator. In this context she will be leading a new Detox & Relationship Retreat with this life changing material in July 2015 in Portugal.

Midi Fairgrieve

D.N.Med, D.Iridol, Dip PCouns, D.Th.D

Nutritional therapist, progressive counselor, natural spiritual healer and founder of Detox International

(Midi Fairgrieve is a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, Associate member, SRMHC)

Midi is originally from the Scottish Borders and worked in Radio Broadcasting before changing direction in 1990 to study natural health and healing. She gained professional qualifications in Nutritional Medicine, Dietary Therapeutics and Iridology from the Plaskett College of Nutritional Medicine in London with Professor Lawrence Plaskett. Finding that complete healing needs a truly integrated approach she continued to train in other therapies, gaining qualifications in Progressive Counselling and Natural Spiritual Healing at the Self-Realization Meditation Healing Centre in Somerset, England.

“My experience with clients continues to show me that understanding the mind / body / spirit connection is the most important part of the healing process”

Her experience of working with both cancer and infertility with specific detoxification regimes has given her profound insights into the power of detoxification and inspired her to create a programme which is uniquely holistic in its approach. This was the inspiration for creating Detox International, where people could come and retreat for a week, detoxify, nurture their bodies, hearts and minds and be supported to find better health and happiness. Midi’s personal experience of overcoming infertility using nutrition and detoxification has increased her passion for working with clients to regain the best of health.

This retreat will take place at Monte na Luz, Algarve, Purtugal. Monte na Luz means mountain in the light and is in the heart of Portugal’s Algarve region, situated up in the hills between olive, almond and carob trees with views of the sea and the surrounding hills. It’s also a lovely place for walking and simply being.

Complementary therapies.

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • A variety of talks and workshops on related subjects of interest
  • Airport transfers to and from the retreat venue
  • Arrival pack, including your own enema kit, handmade journal and dry skin body brush
  • Colon cleansing
  • Colon cleansing herbs and natural fiber to increase the detox process
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Delicious fresh organic salads to take with you on your journey home
  • Evening relaxation and guided meditation
  • Freshly made 100% organic fruit and vegetable juices and vegetable broths
  • High quality nutritional and herbal supplements, many of these are our own make, using organic ingredients where possible
  • Individual nutritional consultations
  • Our help and guidance throughout your detox week
  • Plenty of opportunity to ask questions throughout the week with our expert Nutritionists
  • Post detox dietary advice
  • Pre-detox dietary advice (getting your body ready for detox)
  • Additional complementary therapies during the detox week
  • Flights to and from Faro airport
  • Personal health insurance and / or travel insurance

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Faro Airport (FAO). Transfer from and to the airport is included. The organizer will pick you up from the airport.

For information about the booking conditions, please send Detox International an inquiry.
  • Review by A traveler from Europe
    9 out of 10

    "I am still coming to terms with the transformation that took place for me and can’t quite believe how a week can change your life so profoundly."

    Detox International website, edited

  • Review by Lorna from Spain

    "In 2004 I read an article in a local ‘Natural Health’ magazine about a life changing Detox retreat in Spain. I made inquiries, spoke to Midi and before I knew it I was booked for January 2005. 9 years on I have just returned from Cortijo Romero following my 7th retreat with Midi and her team. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful a Detox week can can be, how deep the healing goes and the breadth of insight and ideas that can be reached during the process. Each retreat has been very different for me depending where I am in my life. They have helped me with skin conditions, bowel conditions, physical miss-alignment, life decisions, managing stress and managing major life events in particular family bereavement. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone whatever your situation. Midi, you and your team once again have supported the group with a wealth of knowledge, experience, professionalism, care and insight. I look forward to the next one once I have processed all that happened last week and put it into practice. Once again, big thanks and much love."

    Detox International website, edited

  • Review by A traveler from Europe
    9 out of 10

    "Quite simply you are saving lives and helping people find themselves. This week has totally blown my mind! I can’t believe how well I feel physically and mentally. Spiritually I feel so alive! Thank you all for this wonderful healing journey – I’ll be back!"

    Detox International website, edited

  • Review by A traveler from Europe
    8 out of 10

    "It is so hard to put into words how I feel about the week I have spent here. In the past I have felt guilty about doing things just for myself but this experience has made me realize how important it is to look after me! I will be back next year!"

    Detox International website, edited

  • Review by A traveler from Europe
    9 out of 10

    "Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I’ve felt well looked after all the time and have been truly astonished by the detox process (and somewhat revolted!). This has been brilliantly combined with yoga and treatments which have been a blessing for both mind and soul."

    Detox International website, edited

  • Review by A traveler from Europe
    9 out of 10

    "What a brilliant week! A privilege. Thank you to everyone here who made it possible. I have got so much out of it."

    Detox International website, edited

  • Review by A traveler from Europe
    9 out of 10

    "From the cynics to the cynics ‘ ‘suspend disbelief.’ You will never imagine that you will get through this on the eve of your first night here. But you will. The body is amazingly compliant and the mind much more resilient than I ever imagined. Yet the best is still to come. You will feel amazing – in a very personal way! The healing your body needs, it will take strides towards achieving over the 7 days. An incredible ‘lightness of being.’ Finally you, like me, will believe – and it may even change the rest of your life (not least your diet!). Good luck, the journey is worth it!"

    Detox International website, edited

  • Review by A traveler from Europe
    8 out of 10

    "Thank you for such an inspiring and enjoyable experience, life changing? Probably. I’m off to cancel my BUPA subscription and put the money saved towards coming back next year. Thanks and love to you all."

    Detox International website, edited

  • Review by a traveler

    "I hope and think this week has been life changing for me. I have learnt so much about food, nutrition, health, relaxation, balance. I cannot thank you all enough."

    Detox International website, edited

  • Review by a traveler

    "What a fantastic week! The mix of venue, people and the juices has been superb. We’ll be back. Thank you and lots of love."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

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Saturday May 27, 2017
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