8 Days Private Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Bali

  • Desa Seni, A Village Resort, Jl. Subak Sari #13 Pantai Berawa, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia


Personal Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

  • 8 days with instruction
  • If you are ready to take your understanding of self and your capacity to create your experience in this life to a higher potency, a personalized Kundalini yoga retreat is perfect for you! Every Kundalini yoga practice is a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. This ancient practice, using a dynamic blend of physical postures, breath, movement, meditation and mantra, activates the flow of prana - the life force energy - throughout the body. Through a series of practices, your individually tailored Kundalini yoga retreat will offer you the space and the guidance to invite that life force into the areas of your body, your mind, and those areas of your life that you are wishing to empower in order to elicit positive holistic change.

    Benefits of Kundalini yoga

    The personalized Kundalini yoga retreat can help you to: feel happier, healthier; be more productive, more creative, and more relaxed. It will transform your life and relationships, and feel more fulfilled and satisfied! It will boost your energy levels and enjoy greater levels of physical well-being, becoming more intuitive and able to attract new opportunities.


    • 2 meditation sessions
    • 1 aura chakra therapy
    • 3 Desa Seni signature massages
    • 4 private Kundalini yoga sessions
    • 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners
    • 7 nights deluxe accommodation
    • Consultation with yoga teacher

    Skill level

    • Beginner


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: Spanish, English
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    Desa Seni offers unique accommodations in original antique wood homes that have been imported from the many islands of Indonesia. Each house has its own individual history and has been completely restored and refurbished. At Desa Seni, you will live amidst original artifacts and antiques reflecting true Indonesian culture and heritage.

    The deluxe village houses have one bedroom; can be set up with a king bed and or twin beds. There is a spacious bathroom and rain shower, and a sitting area for lounging with a desk for those who want to enjoy wonderful views from the large front porch of the rice fields, the organic vegetable gardens and tropical foliage

    • Daphna Dor

      Daphna brings to her Kundalini yoga sessions a deep respect for, and incorporation of, the body alignment of Hatha yoga traditions, while embracing with great passion and gratitude the sharing of the transformational path of higher consciousness of Kundalini yoga, believing and teaching that we all have the wisdom, the light and the love within to manifest our highest calling!

    Desa Seni is an eco-friendly village resort located in Bali, providing an authentic Indonesian experience through the exploration of culture, art, yoga, organic farming and complete wellness. Travelers to the island will find stunning beaches, expanses of terraced rice fields, together with a wealth of historical sites, temples, art and the culture that Bali has long been known for. The various highlights located across eight different regencies continue to attract visitors with different sights to suit any preference.

    Nearby places

    • Batu Belig beach, 1.3 kilometers - 16 minutes
    • Berawa beach, 1.7 kilometers - 6 minutes
    • Puri Lukisan Museum, 31.4 kilometers - 1 hour and 1 minute
    • Kemenu Village, 27.1 kilometers - 55 minutes
    • Beach nearby
    • Massage
    • Outdoor swimming pool
    • Spa
    • Air-conditioned rooms
    • Restaurant
    • Yoga studio
    • Free drinking water
    • Free parking
    • Room cleaning
    • Wireless internet

    Desa Seni, A Village Resort serves an eclectic Asian-Western cuisine with a focus on organic, healthy and fresh food. Growing almost 80% of their own produce and working with local businesses enables them to focus on bringing great meals direct from farm to table. Their restaurant is open to the public for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you desire a meal or a glass of wine and some nibbles, come relax and enjoy their village setting.

    The following meals are included:

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner

    Desa Seni has selected these must see and do adventures from Balis treasure trove of attractions.

    Bedugul - Highlands, lakes, rice-fields and tropical flowers

    Up north, in the middle of the island lies the Bedugul region, located 700 meters above sea level with peaking mountaintops reaching 2000 meters up towards the heavens. The climate here is cooler which makes it perfect for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. An explosion of colors will be greeting you as we reach the local market where youll be surrounded by tropical flowers, spices, and freshly grown crops. The botanical gardens of Bali are also found here, covering an area of 160 hectares. Make your way through it on one of the six walks or drive through. Colorful birds, beautiful flowers and exotic trees outline the gardens.

    Enjoy the view looking out over the sacred Crater Lake Bratan with the mountains lining up in the background. On the lake you also find the very picturesque Ulun Danu temple. The quiet and luscious serenity up here gives a completely different experience than to the one of southern Bali. On the way down south, you will go to the rice-fields of Jatiluwih, which in 2007 was renowned by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Overwhelmingly beautiful, this is a must see for one wanting to experience some of Balis most famous sights.

    Gunung Kawi and Tirta Empul Temple - Temples, rivers, nature

    Gunung Kawi is an ancient rocky temple situated in Pakerisan River, near Tampaksiring village - Gianyar Regency in Bali. This archaeological complex is carved out of the living rock, dating back to 11th century. The temple with majesty and richness in history has been proposed by Governor of Bali to be listed on the World Heritage Sites. The countryside where the complex is located offers beautiful view of lush and footpath down to reach the temple, passing through spectacular rice terraces. The appealing, mystifying, and magnifying natural sceneries from the footpath, which leads from the road down to the temple will be more impressive, with the sound of water trickling along the irrigation channels at the bottom of a valley. The only sound you hear is that produced by farmers who work on their rice fields.

    Tirta Empul Temple or Tampak Siring Temple is a holy spring water temple located in Tampak Siring Vil- lage, Gianyar regency. Tirta Empul means: emerging water from the land or the holy pool. The wellspring emerges from the land and is believed it is the infinite creation. According to history, this water source is arranged and sanctified by king Indra Jaya Singha Warma Dewa in the year 882 Saka. This pool water is sanctified by the Hindu society in Bali and they believe that this water source can heal various diseases, hence every day; this place is visited by Hindu people as a bathing place, to sanctify them, with the goal of cleansing the body physically and mentally. If you believe in the magical power of spiritual activity, you are welcome to bathe. Please pack a sarong with you for this tour.

    Kintamani and Mt. Batur - Volcanic countryside and the sacred Mother Temple

    This excursion will take you to the holiest place in Bali. You might know Bali as the island of Gods, as religion and cultural beliefs are very much alive here. In Kintamani, one enters the sacred home of the Gods. In the Balinese cosmological order there are Gods, humans and demons. The sky and the mountains belongs to the Gods, the higher world, whereas the lower world, the sea and the below, belongs to the demons. The humans reside in the midst of it all and carry the responsibility to balance the forces between them. Mt. Batur is an active volcano that has erupted three times in the past century, in 1917, 1927 and in 1995. Up here next to the volcano you also find lake Batur, one of the four lakes on Bali.

    The journey continues on to Besakih Temple, located 1000 m above sea level on the slopes of Mt Agung. This is the mother temple of Bali, the biggest and most important temple on the island. The Besakih Temple is a complex of 23 separated temples, and the sacredness of this area follows with the story of how it could have been buried under massive streams of lava. In 1963, due to a series of volcanic eruptions from Mt. Agung nearly 1700 people were killed, but the lava missed the temple area by meters. This was regarded as a miracle and seen as a sign from the Gods.

    Uluwatu Temple and Jimbaran - The Bukit peninsula, seafood and Kecak dance

    Take a drive down to the south west coast on the Bukit peninsula, where the magnificent Uluwatu temple is built on the edge of a 76-meter (250 feet) high cliff. The temple is one of the oldest in Bali and is guarding the island from evil spirits. Made of black coral, this is one of the nine directional temples across the island. The Uluwatu temple offers a fantastic view, especially around sunset when this majestic creation reaches up to the pink, orange and purple sky, magical!

    Right next to the temple is the scene for the Kecak dance, a Balinese dance show with the drama of a Romeo and Juliet story, but with a happier ending. Fire, masks and dance, all in an outdoor setting creates a spectacular scene you do not want to miss! Then head back up north, but before leaving the Bukit, the southern tip of Bali, stop at one of the Jimbaran beach cafs for a seafood-dinner on the beach. Stay barefoot in the sand and enjoy candle lights, sea breeze and the luxury of fresh lobster.

    Tanah Lot Temple - The small island floating on the sea

    This temple truly is a beautiful sight. It was founded by Dang Hyang Nirarth, a religious man of the Saivi- te, a path within Hinduism that reveres the God Shiva as the Supreme Being. Belonging to this part of Hinduism, it is believed that Shiva is in all, as the creator, destroyer, preserver, concealer and revealer. In the 16th century, Dang Hyang Nirarth was on a sacred journey walking from the west to east coast of Bali. When he found this big rock in the water, he went there to meditate. He felt vibrations here of a sacred place, he later suggested it a site for a temple.

    This temple was named Tanah Lot, in Indonesian meaning the small island floating on the sea. Dang Hyang Nirarth is also the founder of the padmasa architecture, a Balinese style of temples that are considered to be the embodiment of the supreme god Shiva, although Tanah Lot is devoted to the god in the form of Dewa Baruna or Bhatara Segara, the powers of the sea. This temple is located only 45 minutes up north from Canggu, and is well worth the drive as this is one of the most picturesque temples on the island. Around the area you might also get to see the see black and white stripy sea snakes, which should not be disturbed as they are said to be protecting the temple from evil.

    Desa Senis Merapu Svaasthya program offers from traditional to holistic treatments, from Western to Eastern therapies. Healing and health are a focus, bringing a team of specialists together to restore and revitalize the body, mind and soul. Merapu means spiritual forces and Svaasthya means wellness.

    Desa Seni, A Village Resort has been designed to be a spa within itself. Whether you choose to relax in an outdoor bale, swim in the salt-water pool, join a yoga class in their Mahadevi Studio or have a treatment at Merapu Svaasthya, the team at Desa Seni will do its utmost to recharge you. Desa Seni is a true believer in the environment and our surroundings. They believe that other than wonderful Svaasthya treatments, eating habits, activities and well-being are all integral parts to a healthier life. Balance is an integral part of health. All of their spa, bath and health care products are made exclusively for Desa Seni. Their inspiration comes from this beautiful island and from our own organic gardens. All of their products are natural, alcohol and wax free. They are available at their gift shop, Rumah Candi or at Rumah Merapu Svaasthya.

    You can avail of these services for an additional fee.

    • 1 aura chakra therapy
    • 3 Desa Seni signature massages
    • 4 private Kundalini yoga sessions
    • 2 meditation sessions
    • 7 nights of accommodation
    • Consultation with yoga teacher
    • Daily breakfasts, 4 lunches and 3 dinners
    • Daily yoga and choice of pranayama and meditation
    • All taxes and service fees
    • Unlimited drinking water
    • Wireless internet
    • Airfare costs
    • Visa and travel document fees
    • Personal items
    • Spa treatments
    • Excursions and other activties
    • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 14 days before the arrival date.
    • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • Review by Faisal Hameed Ahmed from Kuwait

      "The stay was beautiful, the staff were so friendly and nice, the food was amazing and the yoga classes were beyond expectation. We loved it. "

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited


    • Review by a traveler

      "I went for yoga and it was awesome. The place is just amazing with beautiful gardens and really amazing staff. I wanted to try spa, but thought it is just too expensive. The food is delicious and really nicely served."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Sylvia K from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      "Great stay in this amazing place ,the yoga was the reason i booked this place And that was THE best ! And the food (80% of menu is from own garden) is so delicious ,clean And fresh ,its a real treat to your self to stay here!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "We started off our two week trip of Bali in Canggu and stayed at Desa Seni for 3 nights. I could have stayed much longer! "


      "I can't say one thing negative at all about this place. WE LOVED IT!! "


      "Food - Amazing!! We ate breakfast here each day as well as lunch and dinner once each and all was amazing. The ingredients are so fresh and you can tell. I'm still dreaming about the breakfast smoothie bowl!! Best I have ever had. "


      "Staff- Top Notch. All staff is so friendly and welcoming. They call you by your name and are so helpful with anything you may need. I was very very impressed with the level of all employees here at Desa Seni. "


      "Grounds - Immaculate. The setting here at Desa Seni is beautiful! My husband does landscaping and was so impressed with how beautiful everything was. The pool is beautiful and a great place to relax after yoga. Its just beautiful here. "


      "We couldn't be happier with our stay in Desa Seni. I could go on and on. We loved the spa and also the yoga. If you are in Canggu stay here!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Cape Town, South Africa

      "Their philosophy is in line with all they have to offer. Friendly welcoming staff, beautiful gardens, peaceful calm feel to everything. The restaurant was yummy and ingredients freshly picked out their garden. A must visit in Canggu."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Susannah L from Chamonix, France

      "Beautiful spot that looks like it's been designed by fairies it's so beautiful! The sounds of the frogs at night is amazing. The yoga classes were second to none and staying there offers a route to get into clean eating and meditation if that's what you're looking for. Would highly recommend either for solo travelers or friends particularly. The location is also good for going out in Canggu if you have too much healthy living and need some nightlife and wine."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Alice R

      "This place was really quite breathtaking. It's so natural and everywhere you look there's something so beautiful. The staff were so incredibly lovely, I left my sunglasses by the pool and someone came and found them to return them to me, and then I had to pay in four different currencies, as they didn't accept Amex, and they could not have been more accommodating. This is somewhere you want to go to be in touch with nature, so probably not for those who are afraid of insects and geckos. "


      "The only thing stopping me from giving five stars was the spa, I booked in advance, so received a discount (which was great), but the treatment itself was not enjoyable, I had a crystal scrub, which ended with me shivering under a thin sheet, while the therapist left the room, and a facial, which was really average. The whole thing was just not relaxing, but I could have been unlucky. "


      "Apart from the Spa - everything was delightful."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Ariel L

      "Have been to Desa Seni many many times while living and traveling in Bali. The yoga they offer is fantastic, especially with Angela. Grounds are gorgeous, serene and lush with a beautiful pool and homegrown veggies. Truly an oasis. The only thing that stops this review from being a 5 star one is the 90 min massage experience I had, which was average to subpar. Looked great from the outside, but the room itself had no ambience whatsoever and the massage itself felt rushed and although described as deep and tension releasing, felt more like a soft pat despite multiple requests for stronger pressure. Double or Triple the price of places nearby in Canggu, completely not worth it, have tried over 30 spas in Bali , and unfortunately this is not one to write home about .. felt ripped off. Besides that, it's a beautiful place and a great tropical paradise for anyone new to wellness or yoga."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Christina G

      "Wonderful place and lovely people working there. I was there with a group for a yoga retreat I held and they where all delighted. Coming back with my kids in December to show them this beautiful place and then for a new retreat in September next year."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Helle Marie F from Norway

      "I found Desa Seni three years ago and loved it so much! This time I came back- and I loved it even more!"


      "Such lush and beautiful atmosphere, super nice houses and accommodation, delicious food, amazing yoga schedule and lovely spa/treatments. And the staff is just the best! So happy and grateful- thanks to everyone! Looking forward to next time <3"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Amit J from Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

      "Beautiful grounds. Organic veggies, tropical flora as far as the eye can see. Rustic eco-chic, with comfy beds, day-beds, terraces, privacy. We had a wide array of yoga classes to choose from - and a full moon musical event to top off our stay. Lounge about near the saltwater pool. Order food while you're there - Desa Seni salad is tops. Get a spa treatment. Then, book another. Freshly chopped coconuts. Sweet dreams. If you're like us, you'll find it hard to leave..."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Tania R from Barcelona

      "Amazing yoga studio and resort. "

      "The rooms are great and so are the yoga classes."

      "They offer wonderful food, very healthy and at reasonable prices."

      "You can pay single classes. It's good for beginners and for families"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Audrey H from Paris, France

      "I went two times at Desa Seni during 2 different trips. "

      "I loved this place so much! You feel in an other world, full of peacefulness. "

      "Best swimming pool to spend one day, relaxing, great food, and great yoga classes! I went to a community event for Full Moon, it was a Tea meditation, nice experience!"

      "I also did one massage at the Spa: awesome."

      "I deeply recommend!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Melbourne, Australia

      "I didn't stay here but came for a yoga class and ended up doing the ear candling too. The yoga class was great, taught by a very experienced teacher, the place is beautiful and lush, the ear candling experience was very thorough and well priced."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Tony B from Workingham, United Kingdom

      "This is very nice resort which only has 15 separate, detached villas surrounding a swimming pool. There is a nice little restaurant on site plus a spa, a yoga 'house' and a shop. It's pricey to stay but you get absolute top notch facilities and service. "


      "The only slight downside is that the resort is not close to anywhere, a walk is too dangerous (in terms of the heavy traffic of scooters going past) and the Canggu beach is full of rubbish and has strong currents. Having said that, taxis are extremely cheap and the nearby Seminyak beach is clean & nice"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Ciara L

      "My friends and I took one yoga class here (vinyasa 2 with Bernd) and I am in love with the place! I instantly felt the connection. This is a legit yoga sanctuary with good teachers and an awesome yoga community! Ambience is fantastic! I would definitely go back to bali just to visit this place again."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Brad J from Vancouver, Canada

      "My wife and I arrived at Desa Seni five days ago and came for the Tantra retreat (with Angela). We are checking out in a few hours and I wanted to provide a review while its all still fresh in my mind. "

      "I’ll try to cover each aspect of our experience as it was too amazing to not provide details. "

      "A first word to say that this place is very special. The village, the people, the amenities.. everything truly all comes together to provide the visitor with immense warmth, comfort and relaxation. "

      "The Grounds: Immaculate. We are amazed at the detail of the space. Everything here has been taken into consideration. They are always upkeeping the grounds to make sure that it is neat and clean. The location is in Canggu area, not particularly close to anything notable, so we didn’t venture out of the village, but honestly, we were so occupied with what we were doing during our time here, that we didn’t even need to."

      "The Staff: Amazing. Everyone here wants you to enjoy every moment you’re here and it shows. Right down to introducing themselves and remembering your name for the duration of your stay, they truly make you feel right at home and are there for anything you should need. We spoke with many of the servers and hostesses during our stay and they were all so helpful, even for suggestions for places to go and things to see once moving on from the village. "

      "The Service: Also amazing. Every day they come in to clean the room and arrange it for day time and night time. During the day they roll up the mosquito netting around the bed, open up the windows, and then at dusk they place it back down and close up. "

      "They also offer laundry services should you need to have some clothes cleaned (for a charge) "

      "We were really blown away however with the restaurant service. They are all so friendly and helpful, both in the restaurant and when ordering room service. We noticed on several occasions some of them delivering food to rooms during times of heavy rain, at night, with a helper holding an umbrella all the way to their destination. They have an amazing team, and have their service down to a science. "

      "The Rooms: We stayed in the Rumah Widja and quite literally are still in shock by the beauty of this space. The aged furniture and local design touches really make you feel at home in the warm and inviting space, complete with bearskin rug. The bathroom of this room really took our breath away though.. we weren’t aware how the bathroom would be open and sunken from the main room. Two toilets, two sinks and an open air shower complete with foliage was something we will never forget, especially during heavy rainfall! We also really loved the huge front deck, where we ate many of our meals in peace and quiet, listening to the birds and frogs and crickets."

      "The only thing I would say I wasn’t as comfortable was the bed.. it was a bit hard to sleep on for the 5 nights, but I have definitely slept on worse. "

      "Classes: We were fortunate to have many different classes/events featured in with the Tantra package. My wife and I each got 2 massages, 2 acupuncture sessions, a Chakra health service and a Traditional Chinese Tea ceremony, on top of the Tantra sessions each day with Angela. All of this kept us occupied for the duration of our time here, so much so that we often needed to take lunch and dinner at random intervals each day. And I didn’t even mention the round the clock yoga sessions you could attend all throughout the day, if the mood should strike."

      "Every session we attended however were amazing. The massages were excellent, the Tea Ceremony very educational and interesting as was the acupuncture (both with Andy). The yoga sessions were also great in that there was plenty of variety and acceptance of all skill levels. "

      "Most importantly for us were the Tantra classes. Angela is amazing, and taught us SO MUCH during our few days. We were so inspired by our initial three classes that we opted for a fourth! Angela was very kind and really wanted to work with us and our needs.. My wife and I have a whole new set of tools to take back home with us. I’d recommend Angela to anyone looking at their first foray into Tantra."

      "The Food: My wife and I are big foodies.. we love all kinds of cuisine around the world, and had no idea what to expect at this retreat. Well, we were absolutely blown away. The food was one of the best parts of our time here and was completely unexpected. 80% of the ingredients they use for their food and drink preparation they grow and harvest right here on the grounds. The food, using this fresh and organic produce, is turned into fresh and creative cuisine, with plenty of options to have different combinations for a week straight, breakfast, lunch and dinner. "

      "They have options for everyone, but the consistency, taste and effort placed into providing the healthiest and most delicious food possible is evident. If you come here, make sure to try the blueberry pancakes (Fantastic) as well as the Tempeh chips w/ sambals. The chicken pesto sandwich was also great for lunch by the pool or on your private porch, as are the drinks.. juices, coffees.. all of them are so so good. I couldn’t rate the food at this retreat any higher.. We are leaving feeling more healthy and refreshed than we ever expected, and give Desa Seni top marks here. "

      "And after all that, I still haven’t even mentioned the pool, which is simply wonderful to dip in at any time of day, warm to the skin and placed perfectly in the center of the village. "

      "For anyone coming to Bali, I highly highly recommend staying at Desa Seni for a portion of your time here. This place will always be something I look back to when I think of Bali.. the people, the food, the overall experience was magical. Do yourself a favor and stay here. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Elena from Perth, Australia

      "I have been staying at Desa Seni since the beginning when it was just open, I absolutely love this resort it feels like a home away from home, the owner Tom and Howard knows how to make you feels welcome and the staff are so accommodating and always smiling and so kind."

      "Desa Seni is really one of a kind and I'm always so happy to go back and spend time... so much that I m just happy to relax by the pool; reading, swimming and watching the surrounding nature."

      "Food is so clean healthy and so yummy."

      "I practice yoga for many years and they have great teachers offering amazing yoga classes, if you stay please attend one of Angela classes; her yin, fly high and early meditation and breathing are my favorites."

      "The name Desa Seni means artist village, every house is an antique Indonesian house; every each of them is individually decorated in a beautiful and eclectic way. Everything has a story and if you take the time to read the information book in your room you will have a detail explaining of what surround you. one of my favorite touches when you spend time at the resort is in the evening when they prepare the house for the night they leave a poem on your bed with a flowers and the offering in the morning that you can place in the little temple on the veranda of your house, Bali after all is the islands of the many gods."

      "So yet again another amazing stay in paradise and I always leave wanting to go back again and again."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Michael S from Sydney, Australia

      "I've been to several yoga studios across Bali, and the teachers I came across at Desa Seni were the best I encountered (and that's with stiff competition from places like Yoga Barn and Morning Light). The classes were amazing, the villas stunning, the healthy food at the cafe terrific, and it is so pleasant to hang out by the pool, you could easily convince yourself to never leave the compound. The location is also stellar, it's an easy scooter ride to Canggu and Echo Beach to the west, and equally convenient to Petitenget and Seminyak. It helps to like dogs: there are a few on the properly, and one liked to sleep in one of the chairs of my shared living space. Which, for me, made it felt even more like a homey (but luxe) retreat."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Wellington, New Zealand

      "Desa Seni is wonderful and holistically brings together a base of sustainability and eco values, special service and the wonderful things to do. Desa Sena is set in an organic wonderland of gardens and trees with antique Balinese and Javanese houses set in. The buildings nestle amongst palms, hedges, flowing water and bridges, day beds, flags, gazebos and rows of the very food you eat (they say 80% of the food you eat is grown on site). The rooms have wow factor and have special touches. The provenance of each room and literally everything in it are detailed in the room's guest book. It tells you of each panel of the building, all of the furniture, the decorative features. This is indicative of Desa Seni's secret. Nothing happens by accident and the well thought out running of the place is testimony to the owners and management team."

      "Desa Seni is a yoga school, wellness centre and spa and eco-resort. It also has strong link with the community and a lot of this is outlined in the quarterly magazine Kula. In hindsight, the values and karma of Desa Seni are quite fantastic. The Ccangu area is still semi countryside and Desa Seni is flanked by paddy fields on two sides."

      "The yoga standard is world class and is a teaching school for teachers from around the world to come and refresh. Usually five/six classes a day with Hatha, Astanga, Kundalini with flow versions and the always needed Yin. Classes range from wake-up and beginners through to fierce-ish. Each teacher has their own style and and levels of rigour. Also try the Meditation class (or 1-1s if you can). Often better than your yoga studio back home and you can do unlimited classes in the open air yoga pavilion. When you see this place you know why you're there. I had 1-1s with Jess who also specialises in anatomy. Use your one on ones to get your technique brushed or taken to the next level. Thanks Jess. "

      "The spa and wellness centre has a great range of treatments. Andy the Chinese medic will perform acupuncture which I found as a standout. "

      "Depending on the traveller, Desa Seni can become a cycle of yoga, spa and the pool. I threw in meditation on the porch of my Balinese thatched but. What an environment for this."

      "If you wish, for 2.5 USD you can jump a cab into Seminyak to hunt for cocktails and restaurant Try Mamasan, Saigon Street, Sardine or Tiger Palm."

      "The food is stellar and commensurate with the values of Desa Seni. Organic, fresh, vegetable based. Mainly fish and chicken. In seven days I only had one dish twice, the scrummy Fonseca eggs, for breakfast. Food can be served in the restaurant, pool-side, or in-room. No kids this time but I always take a look at the kids menu and that looked perfect for picky 8 year old! Throw in a fruit refresher, smoothie or a cold Bintang with lime. Water, always a worry for travellers is not a problem here. Unlimited drinking water available in-room or around the hotel is a feature so no worries there. "

      "And on top of all this are the people. Naturally you have most touch with the yoga teachers, the restaurant and bar-side team, people on reception etc but every single person is wonderful and catches your eye for a greeting. So many of them know your name which is quite wonderful."

      "I first came here three years ago for a birthday spa and yoga treat. I always wanted to come back and my memories were exceeded. I'll try and come back as on often as I can for a re-centering, just relax and immerse in all the things that make Desa Seni great."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Jessica

      "I couldn't have asked for a more peaceful, beautiful, friendly place that makes you feel like they are helping make the world a better place. I had 2 great yoga classes, an awesome spa treatment, hours at the pool, borrowed a bike to get to the beach, and had 4 pretty good meals here- I felt healthier just being there!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Melbourne, Australia

      "Desa Seni is my spiritual home. I have stayed there so many times, first on my own, then with a friend, on a romantic trip away and as part of a goddess retreat that I organized for my birthday. "

      "It's a haven from the hustle and bustle of Bali life. The setting is rustic and magical. The accommodation is all separate style houses that are old artist community spaces given the luxury touch with style and charm. All the mod cons but it feels like you've stepped into a different era. The salt water pool is the focal point to the resort. The food is all organic and often self grown. Healthy but so tasty. The spa is tucked away and offer great massages and facials to help you really soak up the zen vibe. The yoga schedule in the open air studio is free to residents or you can pay to attend. It is so close to great shops and restaurants of canggu and seminyak, and a short walk to the beach ( be warned they don't really have footpaths) but when you enter the tranquility of desa Seni and they clear away your outside energy with a bang of the ancient gong, all your worries are washed away! A must stay venue! (Tyra banks was a fellow guest on one of my stays) "

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Moraleskid from Ibiza, Spain

      "I first came to Desa Seni back in Dec 2015. From the moment I walked through the traditional vintage Balinese wooden doors, I felt as though I was taking a step deeper into my own soul. The calming energy gently takes hold of your mind, body & soul. "

      "Walking around the grounds, that are impeccably kept with reminders that love is the key & full of beautiful local Balinese flowers and gardens (where in fact, they grow all their own produce)"

      "Before coming here I had only ever tried yoga once or twice and to be honest it wasn't really my thing. But after a few different people telling me that I must try kundalini yoga I took it onboard and decided to jump in the deep end and see where it took me. "

      "Kundalini yoga has since not only changed my life in many ways but allows me to not only be connected with my divine heart, but this great universe I so gratefully live in. It's deep breathing(breath of fire), rhythmic movement and chanting all appeal to me my heart. "

      "The benefits of doing kundalini Yoga are so empowering and spiritually up-lifting. All the teachers I have had the grace of being a student of @ Desa Seni have been so incredibly knowledgeable and very humble. They "care" truly care about teaching and being a part of this amazing community. "

      "I cannot recommend the kundalini yoga classes at Desa Seni enough for any one who is looking to go deeper & further their spiritual connection with them selfs."

      "In finishing I have had the great opportunity of traveling this amazing world and attend some incredible retreats and healing circles at various well known and international centers and communities , the thing about Desa Seni is it's like no other. It's like coming home time and time again. A place to "let go" and completely be you! "

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Maryland, USA

      "Lovely and serene vibe for a relaxing day to enjoy yoga, hangout, eat quality food. You get to feel the magic Bali has to offer at an establishment such as this. Great for family and pleasant environment."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Melanie from Brisbane, Australia

      "This is a tranquil and gorgeous setting, with wonderful wooden huts that make you feel as though you are in a home. The food was fresh, healthy and so good. The staff all knew our names and seemed to remember them daily. The staff are attentive, friendly, and happy. Suada, Gede, Yules, Widi, Yoga, Daisy and so many more. The yoga was wonderful: Hatha, Aerial, morning and sunset flow. All fantastic. This is our second time at this village and will not be our last."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Stefan from Herisau, Switzerland

      "I had four great days in Desa Seni. I had every day a yoga class or a meditation class and it was so wonderful to practice that every day because I've never tried it before."

      "if you want to relax and just getting to know yourself better you should go to this hotel. Try also the aura Chakra therapy, you will feel great after."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from USA

      "I cannot say enough about the staff - their kindness, attentiveness and friendliness. The grounds are exquisitely maintained making one feel at once surrounded by nature and a part of it. It is a perfect environment for peaceful reflection and truly appreciating the moment and all the beauty in the natural world. The architectural accents reflect creativity and a focus on preserving the Balinese feel and spirit of the island. Practicing yoga in the outdoor center added a depth to the practice and promoted grounding. Excellent, fresh, flavorful food, every dietary presence was graciously accommodated and often anticipated once the staff knew you. The hotel team takes great pride in knowing each guest by name. My entire stay was exceptional!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Australia

      "How blissful to wake to the birds in the organic vege garden outside our door, wander up for a sunrise yoga class, a swim before amazingly delicious organic breakfast served to you wherever you like by caring and attentive staff, Suada and the others have service perfected. I'm going to miss this beautiful oasis but I'll be back!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Nicaragua

      "Desa Seni is paradise. I stayed there for four nights in February and I wish I had stayed longer. The staff are very welcoming and always used my name to greet me. The rooms are beautifully put together and I loved my big bathroom with an open shower. I spent a lot of time by the pool, in the wellness centre, doing yoga and eating at the restaurant. To be honest, it was difficult to leave Desa Seni while I was there. You have everything in the one spot and the yoga on offer is pretty incredible. Excellent teachers and a great variety of yoga styles. I can't recommend this piece of paradise enough."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Paulanow from Washington DC, USA

      "I attended a Yoga teacher training for a month in December at Desa Seni, and was there daily, but staying at another place as the rooms were sadly booked up. The staff, food, grounds and facility are amazing! I was finally able to stay at Desa Seni two different times no less, after my teach training."

      "The pool is fantastic, I miss it everyday and dream of returning to it next winter. I fell in love with one of the resident dogs Desa. I enjoy the company of animals, they make me feel at home. I could wax on endlessly about the things I love about this place. The Spa with the very talented masseuse and healer Nyoman. The beautifully curated gift shop, where I purchased several gifts for friends and family. The gardens tended so lovingly by the staff who grow the delicious vegetables that are served in the restaurant. "


      "There are great on going daily yoga classes and lots of great workshops to attend so you can check in and chill out and never leave if you don't want to. But if you do, you are near so many restaurant options and great little shops. The beach is a 10 minute walk away, but do be careful as Bali has limited sidewalks."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from California, USA

      "The owners of this property have paid so much attention to detai, down to the stepping stones on the lawn being placed in such a way that you're forced to slow down to walk across them. the yoga and mediation classes are taught by excellent, thoughtful, unique teachers. the food actually feels nourishing - it's delicious, fresh from the garden on property, healthy and generously portioned. the accommodations have been sweetly designed and constructed to incorporate the Balinese culture - they even deliver you a basket every morning to make your daily offering to the Hindu Gods as the Balinese people do as part of their daily routine. It's a peaceful refuge in the center of what has become a very busy Bali. if you'd like to go deeper into Bali than a stay at an international hotel chain, you'll be happy here - and feel just as happy with the accommodations."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Ottawa, Canada

      "The over 400 reviews pretty much cover everything about this amazing place. It is indeed a serene oasis of greenery & calm. As such I've decided to concentrate on the outstanding support & service from the staff. Before departing from my 1 week yoga retreat at Desa Seni, I found out they employ over 80 people with 2 managers in charge. Saying they take super good care of their customer is an understatement. From the minute you arrive at the front desk you are treated like royalty. They seem to remember everyone's name which is amazing to me. The royal treatment applies to the people cleaning your room, the gardeners and kitchen staff. They are always extremely polite will do everything possible to help with anything and as a bonus never ever stop smiling. The people I had the most interaction were the guys in charge of the kitchen and restaurant. I would like to give extra kudos to our amazing waiter Suada. I've now been in Bali 2 out of 5 weeks and have come to fall in love with the Balinese people. I must say my new friend Suada is a cut above them all. He is one of the most gentle souls I've encountered while in Bali. Kudos also go to Andry Agustafian one of the kitchen staff. I found his enthusiasm and constant big huge smile absolutely infectious. I would recommend this retreat to anyone looking for the full yoga experience!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Rob from Zurich, Switzerland

      "I came to Desa Seni for the yoga classes. Staying as a single traveler and booking on short notice, i received the Single Village House, just across from the pool, which is a traditional Balinese house with a small terrace and an en - suite bathroom. It reminded me a bit of small cottages i rented on Thai beaches. But what made a difference are the details. Desa Seni Staff are authentically friendly and professional. The little cottage provided air conditioning which was a relief sometimes. The details in and outside of the cottage made it more than that, i felt like at home after a while. The peacefulness and quietness at Desa Seni truly re freshens your senses. Join the complimentary yoga classes in their open shall - and you re set and centered."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Herisau, Switzerland

      "I had 4 great days in Desa Seni. I had every day a yoga class or a meditation class and it was so wonderful to practice that every day because I've never tried it before."

      "if you want to relax and just getting to know yourself better you should go to this hotel. Try also the aura chakra therapy - you will feel great after :)"

      TripAdvisor Website, edited

    • Review by Melanie from Brisbane, Australia

      "This is a tranquil and gorgeous setting, with wonderful wooden huts that make you feel as though you are in a home. The food was fresh, healthy and so good. The staff all knew our names and seemed to remember them daily. The staff are attentive, friendly and happy; Suada, Gede, Yules, Widi, Yoga, Daisy and so many more. The yoga was wonderful: hatha, aerial, morning and sunset flow....all fantastic."

      "This is our 2nd time at this village and will not be our last."

      TripAdvisor Website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Oxon Hill, Maryland

      "Lovely and serene vibe for a relaxing day to enjoy yoga, hangout, eat quality food. You get to feel the magic Bali has to offer at an establishment such as this. Great for family and pleasant environment"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Gayle G.

      "Desa Seni has the sweetest people in all of Bali. They'll bring you flowers for your ear and coconuts with hearts carved in them for your bamboo straw. The food at the restaurant is delicious and the servers are all friendly, especially Sauda! The accomodations are unique, culturally historic, and have luxurious outdoor showers. The grounds are magnificent: you have never seen so many beautiful offerings, enchanting decor, and magnificent displays of colorful, fragrant flowers of all kinds. The vegetable gardens make the place paradise. The spa, the grounds, the pool, and yoga studios are the best in all of Bali. The people make Desa Seni a place you never want to leave and you always want to come back to. I really recommend Desa Seni over any beach village you may find in Bali. Check it out! "

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Jessica from Australia

      "I recently stayed at Desa Seni for 7 nights on a private therapeutic yoga retreat. From the moment I was greeting at the front desk, to when I regretfully had to leave, I was treated with kindness and friendly smiles by all the staff. The 1:1 yoga and meditation sessions with Bernd opened my eyes to the infinite possibility of experience through both practices. He was a wonderful and gentle teacher. I walked away with not only an incredible experience in Bali, but with a program I have brought back to Sydney with me. The food was amazing and had such an extensive menu. The room was spacious and well looked after, I loved how every piece of furniture told a historic story. I would recommend Desa Seni to anyone and very much look forward to visiting again! "

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Bashiwb from Singapore

      "We felt pampered from beginning to end. Every detail is considered visually, spiritually, and decadently. Simple and rich, beautiful, down to earth and elegant. We stayed for one week and wished we could have stayed longer. The yoga classes were amazing, the staff attentive and the room comfortable. We loved walking through the gardens and hearing the birds chirping each morning. We recommend highly! "

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Australia

      "This is simple still one of the best if not the best for yoga in Bali. The holistic living approach, the gardens, healthy menu restaurants and the teachers of the yoga make this resort a stand out in Bali. If you are abel to ensure you book in for the yoga course retreats they hold! "

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Australia

      " My 7 night stay at Desa Seni on a private Kundalini retreat was magical and amazing and the best thing I have done in years. The staff are all extremely friendly, accommodating and helpful. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Being a solo female traveller, first time in Bali I was a bit apprehensive but I felt at ease straight away and extremely safe. The traditional Indonesian bungalow I stayed in was incredible. So spacious, a large bathroom, huge bed, a day bed inside and also on my private balcony. The air con worked beautifully and the huge mozzie net ensured I was protected when I slept. There were so many small but meaningful touches such as the lovely natural home made mozzie repellent (which did work!) and bath/shower products, fresh flowers, incense and other little lovely surprises which I won't list here so they are special for you too. The pool was awesome - salt water and large enough to do laps if you wanted, with a smaller and shallower one perfect for little kids. The pool lounges are huge, wooden day beds almost where you can lounge for hours under palm trees, umbrellas or in the sun if you like. And then there are the lovely 'bales' if you want a little more privacy tucked away around the gardens. It was like staying in a beautiful tropical jungle - at Desa Seni nature is loved and cared for and this is evident wherever you look. The spa is fantastic - I had 4 massages, a pedicure and an aura chakra therapy - all of which I would recommend to everyone. The massage therapists were all incredible. Extremely professional but also genuinely caring in the treatments they provided. The food was beautiful - organic and mostly from the Desa Seni gardens with a large choice and plenty of vegetarian options. The yoga was incredible. I was there to do a yoga retreat so I did as many classes as I could and they were all fantastic. I love how Desa Seni provide a number of classes each day of different types of yoga and meditation. It was great being able to experience the different styles and do as much as you wanted. All of the teachers are so skilled and passionate about what they do, encouraging you to integrate the mind, body and spirit in a beautiful flow of breath and movement. They are the best yoga classes I've ever done. A special mention to my Kundlini teacher Daphna who is a beautiful teacher and person. I would recommend Desa Seni to anyone. A true paradise on earth, perfect for a relaxing holiday especially if you like yoga or just need a place away from the hustle and bustle of life for a few days. "

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Mirella S from Lima, Peru

      "No words could possibly express how impressed I was with my stay at Desa Seni! From the moment we walked in, to the moment of check out, everything was excellent! The staff was very courteous and always smiling, the location was superb, the rooms offering all the comforts of a 5 star resort, the food very delicious, but most of all, it was the overall atmosphere of serenity! We were there as a group from Turkey on a yoga retreat and I don't think we could have chosen a better place for the purpose. Desa Seni made all the difference. I took advantage of the spa and had a hot stone therapy massage, which was fantastic and my roommate had a facial, which she also loved. We loved our villa overlooking the pool, for which they use the sea water, by the way! Being a hotelier myself, I highly recommend this piece of paradise to anyone visiting Bali!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from London, UK

      "This resort is heavenly! It feels like you've stepped into Wonderland. The gardens are lush with paths lit by colourful lanterns. The pool is gorgeous and the food is heavenly! Everything on menu is fresh, flavoursome and delicious. A lot of the food comes from the herb and veggie patches dotted around the resort.The yoga classes included with the stay were of a very high quality. I even tried a few classes that I wouldn't have gone for normally!Lastly, the staff make the place. They are friendly, fun and helpful. Thank you for an amazing stay, I will be back!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Sophie S from Melbourne, Australia

      "I stayed at Desa Seni about three weeks ago on a Yoga Retreat. I loved it everything was just beautiful the grounds, pool, beautiful tasty food, friendly staff and great service.The accommodation is unique, mine was very small, but comfortable and clean, mine was I thought a bit too pricey compared to the other accommodation. The day Spa was amazing I had one of the best massages! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for peaceful relaxation."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Nanakins from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

      "I spent one week in Desa Seni for a yoga retreat. Couldn't have asked for a better resort. Everything was perfect. I felt so comfortable and blissful at the resort that there was no need to leave the resort at all. It is such a green, peaceful and idyllic location away from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak. I was so relaxed that I slept so well each night. I had all my meals at the resort and the food was simply superb! The staffs were ever so helpful and friendly and are always there to make your stay even better. "

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from St Kilda, Australia

      "I came to Desa Seni on a retreat and I was so sad to leave. A week is not long enough in this secluded, peaceful and stunning village resort. Our room was gorgeous, with an outside shower and an air-conditioned living room upstairs. The staffs are absolutely wonderful. Ayu was just fabulously helpful and always smiling and Christian was the perfect host. Everyone we encountered, from the restaurant staff to the front desk attendants and the grounds keepers were lovely."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Brionio from McLaren Vale, Australia

      "We stayed for 3 nights and what an amazing place! We had 2 private sessions with Angela and she was amazing! The yoga classes and teachers were great. Such a beautiful and peaceful setting. It was like a little village with everything you could possible need! I love the free water stations in the room and by the pool so you could just fill up your drink bottle. The food was amazing! So healthy and delicious, we didnt want to eat anywhere else!Only issues we had were that the staff at the front desk where very slow and didnt really seem to know what they were doing. And nearly every time we left and came back or signed in for a yoga class they would ask if we were staying here or asking for payment for the yoga class, no big deal but when you pay a lot of money to stay somewhere you kind of expect that welcome home treatment. The restaurant and maintenance staff where really good with this we knew each other by name which was nice. Also the spa was really hard to get into so I would recommend booking before you arrive or just head into body works in seminyak to get your pamper on!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Jeremy M from Hong Kong, China

      "Just stayed 4 nights at Desa Seni and it was exactly what I had hoped for: a beautiful resort, with friendly staff, lovely balinese villas and tasty local organic food. On top of this, the yoga classes were varied and all super interesting. I highly recommend this to couples, families and people looking for a quiet retreat to realign, relax and rejoyce."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Kirsten B from Morington

      "My husband and I stayed here for a week, and it was the most perfect place for us. We left feeling refreshed and relaxed which is what we were hoping for. The yoga classes were all really well led, by exceptional yoga instructors. I really enjoyed being able to try different styles of yoga in the one week, along with meditation and pranyama. The staff are so thoughtful and are so happy to accommodate. A special mention must go out to Suada who is a great personality, his service uncompromising, he has a great way with people. The accommodation is incredibly relaxing, it's great having filtered water on tap, organic food, and the most divine massages. We plan to go back together again, and with friends."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "Quaint and tranquil, the classes were conducted in a shala that faced an open field, so you truly feel the serenity in your bones with every sun salutation. The resort has some dogs that seem to live there, and it was a pleasure hanging out with them poolside after classes. They are so sweet natured and are happy just to sit by your legs or share your sunbed for the afternoon. Gorgeous pool that is open for use by yoga visitors and resort dwellers, and the food menu is extensive. we love the blueberry lassi and the lemongrass chicken salad. Bernd's Hatha class is tough but highly rewarding, and Jess' Embodied flow class is a good test of physical stamina. The classes are held in good humour and everyone, albeit having a certain level of yoga experience, took the classes in a relaxed manner and we had such good fun. Recommended!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Laura A from Barcelona, Spain

      "I did yoga once long time ago but didn't really enjoyed it, I tried again in Desa Seni and it absolutely changed my life. My back and me have so much to be thankful for to this magic place full of amazing teachers and wonderful professionals. I keep dreaming about this place, can't wait to go back."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Xuan from Barcelona, Spain

      "My favorite place in Bali. An eco chic resort with yoga, pool, organic food and amazing bungalows made of old traditionnal Indonesian wood houses. A little paradise in Canggu next to Seminyak. Avoid the bungalow in front of the pool, there are tons with more privacy."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Genevieve G from Manila, Philippines

      "This is a really peaceful and exquisite place that one must visit when in Bali! The sign boards, villas, restaurant, pool, social area and yoga all go together well. Plus the service and staff were all accommodating and helpful."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Chiarina

      "I have been recommended from a friend to stay overnight at Desa Seni, we tried to book but was already full, hosting a Yoga training (small capacity of rooms). We decided anyway to try to spend some time there and we decided to reserve a table for lunch and to spend the afternoon there ending the day with a sunset yoga class. The full experience was amazing, we arrived and the friendly staff brought us to the pool where we decided to have lunch, surrounded by yogis and in a incredible land scape we had a great healthy meal. At 6pm we join the class, 1 hour of vinyasa flow very gentle and perfect for the moment. I highly recommend this paradise!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Julia J from Graz, Austria

      "We just went there for two yoga classes with Bernd and if we had had the time we definitely would have done more! Its an beautiful and lovely arranged area with a nice place for doing yoga. Bernd set up well balanced classes and does great hands on adjustment, which gave us some Aha- experiences. Thank you! "

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Rolands M

      "Desa Seni is exquisite. Very inviting. It's a world on its own, tucked quietly into a busy, densely populated area of Bali, and directly behind a rice paddy. A somewhat hedonistic yoga retreat but I deserved it. Perfect outdoor roofed yoga studios, where you may wish the yoga class was longer than the appointed hour. If I returned to Bali, I would stay here for several days and absorb more yoga classes, massage and food. I was lucky to attend special healing and dance evening events. The pool is wonderful. Of course, it helps to have little expectations, so I was susceptible to its seductions. I almost didn't want to review Desa Seni since too much popularity could spoil its intimacy and ambience."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Revi K from Sydney, Australia

      "Stayed at the Desa Seni for a week and attended over 14 yoga classes . All were delivered with expertise. I learnt in one week what I haven't learnt in years of practice. Thank you! Angela is a true teacher."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

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