DePura Ibiza

DePura Ibiza offers transformational holidays with health and wellness programs which include yoga, detox, meditation, massage, Reiki, and hiking.

Instructors 6

Mapi Galán

Mapi is an actress and a director at DePura Ibiza. She has traveled around many countries where she explored different cultures and societies. It gave her opportunity to see and partake in various life techniques. The awakening and the beginning of her spiritual life occurred 20 years ago, when for the first time she heard the word harmony and something resonated deep inside her. Mapi continued to participate in courses and yoga retreats, meditation, and alternative practices of self discovery and healing.

Afar Rafa Bravo

Afar desire for experiencing personal development and inner peace is his passion. A fan of nature, of the ocean, and of life and its messages, he has found, in this project, the ideal framework to share and offer something valuable to the world.His professional activities led him to travel all over the world where he interacted with different sectors of society, always with respect, and appreciation of the cultures and its people. As a practitioner of yoga and meditation for the last six years, Afar lives his life in balance with the discipline that this ancient practice offers.

Arantxa Areta

Arantxa has learned about energetic and emotional nutrition from Montse Bradford in Barcelona. This is where she integrated and experimented with different foods. It helped her to become healthier, physically fit, mentally and emotionally stronger person. She believes that visible body is a direct reflection of what is happening inside. Arantxa promotes natural and organic food which helps to stabilize emotional states of beings and helps to purify the blood. She has other skills such as Thai massage which helps to align the emotional, mental, and physical parts of the body.

Benoit Craen or Bubu

Benoit was trained as a chiromasseur at Centro Holstico Ibiza. He is well versed in providing services for well-being. He is a master of Reiki, practitioner of metamorphic technique, and chakra cleansing with aromatherapy. Benoit offers holistic massage, based on traditional Chinese medicine and different western massage techniques. All focused on general relaxation, unlocking both the physical and energetic bodies.

Carolina Wilkins

It was not a casualty that life brought Carolina to Kundalini teacher training, it is an open door to self knowledge and a path that brought wide range of interests which led her to travel and immerse herself in deep growth experiences to share from the heart. Carolina practice Kundalini yoga (Barcelona y Francia), Hatha yoga (India), Thai yoga massage in Lahu (Thailand), and Thai oil massage in Koh Phangan. She also has a personal project called “Aquí Ahora”, collaborate with magic, beautiful beings, and be part of a team that creates connection and touching the hearts of the people.

Bianca Hanika

For Bianca, yoga and meditation means to be in peace and love with everything that surrounds you and your inner self. It is a gift and a tool to achieve your goals, purposes, and dreams in life. Her dream came true as she found big passion in her profession, since then, she travelled the world to share and teach yoga, as well as further her educations and explore sustainable ways of living. She also travelled to South-East Asia and did her first teacher training in Bali, that is based on yoga therapy and Vinyasa flow. After that, she immediately started to teach in Indonesia and Thailand.

Reviews 60

Amber Finch-sortain

from Great Britain, August 2017


The location was great and the resort was beautiful. The food was also really well thought out and nutritional.

Sonakshi Bagla

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Great Week!"

The villa was really nice, it was in a beautiful location. The vibes of the place and people were wonderful! The yoga deck was stunning. The beaches they took us to were really beautiful. The food was good. Rafa and Mapi were the nicest! They both had great energy and were very friendly.

Fanny Moreau

from France, May 2018

Le site est magnifique et la nourriture excellente

Melanie Atkinson

from France, August 2017

"Incredible week of relaxation and nature "

This retreat is a truly incredible and authentic experience. The location is fantastic and the grounds of the retreat are stunning. Rafa and Mapi are beautiful teachers. They really do care about each individuals experience at Depura and put their heart and soul into it.

The week gives a good balance between activity and calm, making new friends and silence. There are plenty of places around Depura to chill in silence. The countryside is beautiful for an early morning walk. On two days we had day trips to the beach which was a great contrast to the countryside.

I stayed in the bell tent which was brilliant. Amazing to feel so close to nature and the showers and toilet are nearby.

Thanks Rafa and Mapi, can't wait to return

Alice Roberts

from United Arab Emirates, July 2017

"Beautiful trip"

The food was incredible, the location was serene and relaxing, a good balance between relaxing in a hammock all day or going down to the stunning local beach and swimming in the crystal seas.

Estelle Eeckhout

from France, August 2017

"Ressourçant "


Djenna Gomis

from Netherlands, July 2017

"Heerlijk rustgevende plek!"

Erg fijne locatie om je in terug te trekken en tot jezelf te komen. Heerlijk eten en goede activiteiten.

Severine Boer

from Netherlands, June 2017

"Fantastische locatie, het voelde gelijk goed bij aankomst! "

Het eten was heerlijk, moest wel wennen aan de ruime tijd tussen de maaltijden in, vooral van diner naar onbijt, maar was uiteindelijk goed. En geeft me n andere kijk op mijn eetpatroon.

Goede begeleiding bij de yoga.

Leuke afwisseling qua planning.

Nadia Serridj

from France, May 2017


Accueil, site, activités, les repas délicieux. ..

Tout est au rendez-vous pour se ressourcer.

Mapi et Rafa, 2 personnes attentionnées et à l'écoute

Magali Sauget

from France, April 2017

"Retraite yoga "

Les repas

La beauté du site

Testimonials 3

Heloise France

DePura Ibiza website

Dear Mapi and Rafa, thank you for this amazing week, your warm welcome, the delirios food, for the love and light that you sharedwith us. We loved everythig about this retreat, always aligned with what we needed. In one word: it was perfect! After this week my brother and I are feeling peaceful, happy and ready to come home and share all this love& peace we gained thanks to you. It was a beautiful dice into our innerbody & selves in your paradisiac place; where Sea & Mountain, Sun & Moon, Ying & Yang, Ha & Ta meet each other every single day. We finally succeed to free our mind for a while, we have reached a new step of conciousness... Thank you to both of you again.

With all my love,

Claire Elden England

DePura Ibiza website

Dear Mapi and Rafa, this place is amazing! It´s hard to put into words how special of an experience you two have created here. Thank you for the scenery, tasty juices, your openest and love in sharing your knowledge and experience in yoga practice, meditation, detoxing juicing, live.... It has been pure paradise to relax in. The best massage I have had. Just heaven!



Je suit arrivé ici tiree par un fil invisible. Et come par magic jailed recurring tout ce que j’ättendais sans l’avoire reallement formulé.Un lieu tres beaou, super chaleueaoux. un esprit bienveillant. J’ai au l’impression d’arriver dans une famille.

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