Del Mar Surf Camp

Jaco, Costa Rica

Del Mar Surf Camp offers thrilling, all inclusive surfing packages and daily surfing lessons and provides a vacation at Costa Rica's top rated surf camp.

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from US$2,510
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8 days / 7 nights

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  • Megilla New Jersey, USA

    Tripadvisor website

    My daughter and I wanted to try SUP for the first time and we had a blast! Our instructor was great we were up really quickly and yes we fell but it was so much fun! We were picked up at our hotel and back. He gave us rash guards to wear which was needed for climbing back onto the board! Can't wait to go again!!

  • a traveler United Kingdom

    Tripadvisor website

    I'm not sure why, but there were several errors made on the part of Del Mar Surf Camp throughout the process of my trip, which I found rather unprofessional. I booked the "self-guided swell" tour (from their website) and was charged 50% of the trip up front, but when it came time for them to charge my card for the last half I had to chase them down for it (I was leaving in under two weeks and still I had no confirmation, which, as a traveler, is rather discomfiting). However, this was minor and I was very willing to overlook it, however, upon review of my entire experience, feel it necessary to add in for future travelers' sake and for the company's sake to improve service.

    I would like to point out, however, despite this, the hotel accommodations and breakfasts were great, and the lessons were outstanding. When I booked Del Mar Surf Camp I had read the raving reviews before mine about the instruction, and to everyone who is interested in booking, it's really great so you should have no worries about that. However, there was a scheduling error on the second day, which, when you're on vacation, can really add a lot of stress (added on to the fact that the accommodation's wifi was pretty terrible -- not Del Mar's fault for that, but it was virtually impossible to check my e-mail).

    On my second lesson I arrived 15 minutes early only to be told that the schedule was CHANGED on me. The instructor was nice about it and gave me a short lesson instead, and the time was "made up" later on-- but because the lesson had been changed to a HALF HOUR before, I ended up still in a time deficit at the end of my tour... Which I realize is not the instructor's fault, but a serious scheduling communication issue. I was given no heads up (when I got back to the hostel I immediately checked my e-mail to make sure I wasn't crazy). However, after this incident, everything was fine.

    In retrospect much of the trip was great but I can point the major stresses of the trip to the scheduling issues. This is a good surf school but I can see they likely don't have too much experience with the packages they offer. I struggled for quite a few days about how to rate this camp, and despite how they tried to make up the problems that were created, I cannot bring myself to give it a five star rating.

  • a traveler United States

    Tripadvisor website

    I can't say enough great things about the staff-David, Yor Urena, Jesus, Juan Carlos, Maria, Nester (photographer), and Regita (yoga). I hope I am not missing any one! They were kind, flexible, and always helpful. The condo was beautiful, and the surfing was UNBELIEVABLE. We felt safe and I even was up on my first try! The restaurant was also wonderful. Working with Maria on the package is a must. She, David, and Yor Urena were so patient with any changes. I would definitely go back!

  • Diana E United States

    Tripadvisor website

    First trip as a solo female traveler and signed up for a week of surf and yoga through Del Mar Surf camp and staying at the Del Mar Hotel & Resort. It was the best week ever. My surf instructor Jefferson (WHAT UP!) is a real pro - legit, a Costa Rican pro - and got me up riding and ripping it and feeling comfortable on the water very quickly. The whole package of surfing and yoga made my stay a real treat as I was never bored and always had something to look forward to whether it was surf in the am/yoga in the afternoon or vice versa.

  • ElisaDVM United States

    Tripadvisor website

    Wow. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Del Mar Surf Camp. The staff is professional and overly helpful. This trip was all that I could have asked for and more. Thank you for an amazing week and an unforgettable experience.

  • Anne D United States

    Tripadvisor website

    We loved this place. The website really does not do it justice. The hotel was beautiful, with carved wood doors and a great tropical feel. The surf instructors were awesome, very patient and fun to hang out with. The surf conditions are so ideal; it's surprisingly easy to learn to surf. I highly recommend this surf camp and hotel to anyone interested.

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