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3 Days Cleansing and Yoga Retreat in USA

  • Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Health Spa, Deer Lake Lodge Road, Montgomery, Texas 77316, USA


Yoga Retreat in Texas

  • 3 days with instruction
  • Imagine spending the rest of your life happy and healthy. The way Deer Lake Lodge Spa and Resort figures it, the more you take care of your body, the more it will take care of you. Be happy and be healthy! Allow them to guide you on a journey to physical and spiritual cleansing, rejuvenation, and balance. Their program of fasting, juicing, cleansing, and colonics is designed to energize, strengthen, and enlighten.


    • Daily access to yoga classes
    • Breath work and meditation sessions
    • Unlimited daily access to cleansing therapies
    • Life enhancements on healthy living
    • 1 colon hydrotherapy treatment
    • 2 nights accommodation


      • Instruction languages: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Health Spa offers one the best accommodation and amenities in Texas. All suites and cabins come standard with luxurious organic linens, flat screen TV, fireplace, telephone, and wireless internet. All rooms are stocked with organic cotton towels, bedding, pillows, robes, and slippers. All mattresses are made of natural materials.

    All cleaning products and pest control are also organic. Their suites feature two full size beds and are conveniently located overlooking the pool. Their cabins offer your choice of two queen beds or a king bed in a secluded cabin with screened porch and wooded vistas.

    In just three days, you’ll get a taste of how a healthier lifestyle can change your life! There will be an orientation class, one colon hydrotherapy treatment, unlimited access to daily yoga classes, life enhancement classes, nutritional classes, cleansing therapies, breath work and meditation, nutrition, and raw food classes.

    This retreat will take place in Montgomery, Texas.

    Nearby places

    • Houston - 40 minutes
    • Massage
    • Outdoor swimming pool
    • Reiki
    • Sauna
    • Shopping nearby
    • Spa
    • Swimming
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Fireplace
    • Garden
    • Lobby
    • Lounge
    • Beauty salon
    • Convenience / grocery store nearby
    • Free toiletries
    • Toiletries

    During this retreat, you can enjoy complimentary products from the fasting lounge, which include:

    • Aloe vera juice
    • Barley, wheat grass
    • Blood purifying tea
    • Chlorophyll
    • Detox Drink
    • Enzymes
    • Fiber regulators
    • Garlic
    • Ginger
    • Herbal sleep
    • Liver and kidney tea
    • Organic vegetable juices
    • Power greens
    • Probiotics
    • Psyllium
    • Puréed single vegetable soup daily
    • Spirulina
    • Arouse your senses with a relaxing massage
    • Detox your system with harmonizing Deer Lake Lodge holistic ritual
    • Have a facial done in the spa to refresh and revitalize your skin in a snap
    • Treat your hands and feet to a hydrating rejuvenating treatment
    • Unclog your skin by having a body scrub or body wrap
    • 1 Deer Lake Lodge tumbler and tea mug
    • 2 nights accommodation
    • Breath work and meditation sessions
    • Daily cleansing program
    • Himalayan rock salt
    • Life enhancements on healthy living classes
    • Nutrition classes
    • Organic toiletries
    • Orientation class
    • Products from the fasting lounge
    • Raw food classes
    • Unlimited access to yoga classes
    • Additional spa treatments
    • Airfare
    For information about the booking conditions, please send Deer Lake Lodge Spa and Resort an inquiry.


    • Review by Traveler

      "How can a re-set detox retreat be elegant. This place really gets it right. There are plenty of spa pampering services to help pass the time with no meals or wine!! I did a magnesium wrap which I highly recommend. A foot detox, a full body tropical scrub which was heavenly, a facial and a mani-pedi. I also did 4 colonics for each of the four days I was there. Yep I am squeaky clean! The staff was very professional and helpful. Call them and discuss your personal program. I plan on making this a once a year regiment. It was a little pricey for me but I think our health is worth it. There are options if one does not want to do the total detox programs. I felt incredible after and after 7 days from my check out I still feel the positive effects of my re-set. April Ree aka Sweet Mama does some raw food and soup classes, there is soup in the evening in the fasting lounge. A true retreat!!!"

      Deer Lake Lodge Spa and Resort Trip Advisor , edited

    • Review by 9

      "This was my husband and my first time visiting a health spa resort. We went into this trip not knowing what to expect. Not because we've never detoxed, but because we've never visited a place where detoxing was life for that moment in time. Detoxing amongst people with a similar goal makes everything easier. Deer Lake Lodges Suites and Cabins are beautiful! You'd never know that these buildings are ship containers. The staff is wonderful. Everyone is nice. I like that we didn't feel rushed or pressured. Everything we did was at our leisure. Definitely make a visit if you're in the area."

      Deer Lake Lodge Spa and Resort Trip Advisor , edited

    • Review by John from USA

      "I was here for about a week to do a detox. I wanted to see what it was like to do a detox from a professional place. My idea in that was to remove a lot of toxins from my body and to then eat a lot more healthy. I would call this an extreme detox, as you are limited to one fresh juice per day, but being able to do it with others made it a lot easier. All of the staff were professional and kind. What I liked most was how knowledgeable they were in all aspects of health. From the other spa services they offered, to the quiet and peaceful surroundings to the awesome yoga instructors. I left this place feeling full of energy, and most importantly, clean on the inside. The program they offer for detox truly works. They have a wonderful chef there that can make almost anything healthy and her advice was just another boost. I highly recommend, if coming here, to take a few minutes and talk to April. The front staff was also kind and did everything to make my stay that much better. I cannot recommend this place enough. Even if you are not doing any of their detox programs, it is a great place to stay to get away from the everyday grind of life."

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from USA

      "The property is designed in beautiful rustic Texas style. Lovely pool area with a quaint cabana for quiet reading and reflection. The private cabins are comfortable and quiet. Great yoga instructors arrived each morning to start your day. The hydro colonics therapist that administered the colonics to guests was very professional and the facility was very clean and private. There were also an iridologist instructor that gave a talk on iridology to determine the state of one's health. For lunch, we had a fantastic raw vegan instructor named April, who demonstrated how to prepare a delicious raw vegan coconut soup. For an extra charge, we accompanied April to the local grocery store to learn more about how to shop for organic and vegan foods and what to avoid. There were many offerings from the staff for facials, massage, body wraps, etc. The front desk staff were quite helpful with any questions or concerns you might have during your stay. The best part was the cleanse itself, which included a protocol drink to keep the "die off" symptoms at bay so one could enjoy the facilities, instead of lying indoors in pain or misery. This facility truly understands how to do a proper cleanse without harming the body."

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from USA

      "Great little hide away about one hour drive out of Houston, Texas. A unique place where they have committed to the use of recycled materials, yet other than noticing some some of the rustic look you could easily think you are in 4 or 5-star resort. The staff are loving and helpful for you to meet your needs to relax and rejuvenate. It is juice fasting, the daily schedule is not over allocated, so plenty of time for time out for yourself. They also offer other things like raw food weekends etc. I left feeling great."

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by Melissa from Indonesia

      "Prolonged stress and excessive travel meant I was lacking energy and generally not feeling myself. I checked in for the week package and I cannot thank Deer Lake Lodge enough. I'm completely revitalized! The tranquility, landscape, yoga, detox, and health programs were exceptional. Having experienced professionals at your fingertips to coach and educate on health and well-being is a luxury I've never experienced. I've slowed my mind and focused on me for a change, which is heaven!"

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by Kelly from USA

      "This place is awesome. Everyone there is wonderful, I learned so much and feel really good after staying for only three days and two nights. I never felt hungry and I lost 7 pounds. Losing weight is great but what you take away from there is priceless. The way they care for you is really special!"

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from USA

      "This was an excellent stay for me. Extremely relaxing. The staff was wonderful and very pleasant. I was given a tour of the spa and then introduced to the detox program. I thought it would be hard, but it was fairly simple for me. I was not hungry at all. The juices, teas, detox drinks, and soups kept me pretty full. The detox drink was slightly hard to swallow but you can adjust it to taste a little better with a couple different choices of ingredients to choose from. I found if I put a little less water I could drink it faster."

      "Serenity was awesome. She gave me the royal treatment, very professional, upbeat, and genuinely sweet. Deb was so caring and always concerned about how I was doing and feeling; she is an exceptional masseuse. I loved the classes they offered, they were highly informative and the instructors answered all the questions asked of them. April and Zach are very friendly and knowledgeable, both are delightful to be around. I learned a lot more about organic and raw foods."

      "I did not do the colonics, as my doctor advised against it because of a certain health issue I have but I did go to the iridology class and had my eyes read; very interesting. "

      "The detox worked, I lost about 10 pounds in 4 days while I was there and lost about 20 more after that, as I continued to use the advice and teachings of the instructors in my eating habits. Cheryl, the amazing iridologist, recommended certain vitamins and minerals for me, according to what she found while reading my eyes, and I know this also helped. My doctor actually called me (after my stay at the spa) in disbelief with my test results on my thyroid. She was in shock of how much better my health was and asked what I had done because she hadn't even started my medicine yet. She told me she has never seen a case like mine, going from extremely beyond what was even functional to perfect! Especially in such a short time!"

      "I can't forget Carrie and Shapel, they were wonderful and helpful and made me feel very welcome. I am looking forward to my next stay and highly recommend it."

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    Texas, United States

    Deer Lake Lodge and Spa is an exclusive destination health resort and holistic spa, which offers juice fasting, colonics, body works, and energy works.

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    This vacation is available all year round with arrival on Friday, departure on Sunday.

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