Deacra Villas

Vilanculos, Mozambique

Deacra Villas is an ultimate luxury rentals in Mozambique with views of the ocean & outstanding features. It offers rejuvenating Hatha retreat & other programs.

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    • Ewa K


      Vilanculo is a stunning place. Accommodation wise - I could not ask for more. I used to travel a lot from SA to Mozambique, but never seen such high standards! Susana was taking a very good care of us, ensuring each day that we have everything we need. And we always did. Food was absolutely delicious, you could not get bored of the menu and each meal I tried was 15/10! Rooms were very tidy.The only thing I am not entirely happy about was our teacher. He came across as an inexperienced teacher - was unable to explain medical benefits of the postures, used swear words during classes (which when you are trying to meditate really throws you out + sounds rather aggressive in a German accent), cancelled 2 classes without discussing it with me and cut few of them short. He also shared his dream of becoming an estate agent because of the pathetic amount of money he makes from teaching yoga. It was really difficult to learn from someone who has no passion for it.I came to the retreat with an open mind. I practice Bikram yoga but wanted to try something new, get to know new postures. During the first group discussion the teacher told me that he would never try Bikram and each day since he was trying to put me off it and prove how his postures are better for me. Absolutely unnecessary.I did in fact enjoy few new postures. Although I had to use Google to learn the correct alignment, I practice them at home now.Atmosphere in the villa wasn't the best, but there is plenty to do In Vilanculo and I was never bored- villa is just 1 min from the most stunning beach where you can do kite surfing, diving, go on various trips and meet some really lovely people.The organization was 5 stars and I came back well rested.

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