TAYSP organisiert Kurse und Programme, welche sowohl für Fortgeschrittene YogiNis, die ihre Praxis vertiefen wollen, als auch für Anfänger, die Ashtanga Yoga kennenlernen wollen, ideal sind.

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28 Tage Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Phuket, Thailand

Okt | Nov | Jan | Feb | Mär, 2019–2020
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7 Tage Yoga Therapie in Phuket, Thailand

Von September bis Mai verfügbar
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21 Tage Intensiver Ashtanga Yoga Urlaub auf Phuket, Thailand

Okt | Nov | Dez | Jan | Feb | Mär, 2019–2020
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14 Tage Yoga Therapie in Phuket, Thailand

Von September bis Mai verfügbar
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21 Tage Die Kunst der Ausrichtung Yogakurs auf Phuket, Thailand

Oktober | November | Januar | Februar, 2019–2020

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Sofya Linkova


Sasha Kerimova

Bewertungen (22)


aus Japan, August 2019

"One of the most amazing experience in my life"

I liked everything I expected in TAYSP, amazing teacher and students who shared experiences and nicely quite location.

I asked TAYSP to organize a pickup taxi from the airport so I had no problem to get to the accommodation. I arrived there on Sunday so I had no practice and food prepared but staff took me around the neighborhood and recommended me a restaurant so I had no problem. There is a convenience store and some restaurants, a famous temple by the accommodation. You can also find ATM at the temple but there is no money exchange place near by.

The practice were very intense and hard for beginner like me for the first day but I really enjoyed at the same time. The time schedule is well made and I could focus on Yoga every day. I also enjoyed my first time learned about yoga by lectures and did meditation.

The food was fine to me but it maybe too plane for non vegetarians.

The location of the Shara is far from the tourism places so this was good to me to relax and focus on Yoga practice.

Queenie Tso

aus Hongkong, Juli 2019

"Authentic traditional Ashtanga Yoga experience!"

As I was looking for a yoga getaway trip that could enrich my limited knowledge in Ashtanga, this place has well-fulfilled the purpose via a balanced structure of theoretical and practical workshops. When they said the programme is intensive, they meant it by all means! While there’s no obligation to join all the classes like a TTC, the building of internal energy through regular (physical & mental) practices and the encouraging attitude of Rich and Sofya as instructors would motivate you to crave for more. After 7 days of concentration on my own breath, muscles, diet, thoughts, under their strict guidance, not only did I feel healthier, I found the lost clarity in my mind which was the most rewarding take-away from this trip. If you’re looking to improve your wellbeing rather than simple relaxation, here is the place to look for.

Dana Kirshon

aus Philippinen, Januar 2019

"Powerfull, challenging, open minded week. "

Rich and Sofia are amazing teachers who take you to another level of yourself. I had an amazing experience this week.

Wen Tey

aus Singapur, Juli 2018

"Good programme to stay focus in yoga practice "

(1) location: away from tourist distractions;

(2) food: good for the body

(3) morning pranayama: learning new techniques, re-enforce learning; fire up the energy;

(4) morning yoga: challenging and hard;

(5) good afternoon lectures&workshops


aus Niederlande, Mai 2019

"A surprising journey!"

De Astanga lessen.

Botton Emilie

aus Frankreich, April 2019

"Un voyage intérieur magnifique "

Rich et Sofya sont fantastiques et m ont transmis tellement de belles choses aussi bien sur le yoga, la meditation que sur le chemin vers mon bonheur.

Leur soutien et leur réconfort m ont permis de me dépasser aussi bien physiquement que psychiquement.

Leur profonde connaissance et leur volonté sans faille de vouloir nous transmettre me laissent un souvenir indélébile et je compte bien retourner les voir pour avancer encore sur mon chemin...

Merci encore

Cecile Boussier

aus Nepal, April 2019


It was all really good and I would recommend this retreat to anyone, many teachings and amazing people.

Maria De Los Angeles Mangas

aus Argentinien, April 2019

Muy profesionales los Instructores Richard and Sophia....aprendí a respirar...una rutina de Asana buenísima...meditaciones diferentes. ..Yoga Nidra...me enseñaron a limpiar mi cuerpo y a entender q Yoga es cuerpo y mente.

Natalia Garcia

aus USA, März 2019

"Life changing experience"

The knowledge passion, enthusiasm and professionalism of the instructors Rich and Sofya are contagious.

Their instruction improved my practice and my understanding of yoga philosophy in ways that I had never experienced before with any other teacher.

Feng Chang

aus Hongkong, März 2019

"Best yoga practice I have had "

My friend ( from Belgium) and I ( from HK ) decided to do a two week yoga retreat and we came to this traditional ashatanga yoga Shala Phuket. We are so grateful to have met Rich and Sofya who have guided our practice and we have learned a lot from them about how real yogis live their life. They are such good hearted people and so dedicated to sharing their yoga knowledge and practice to help others improve. This two week made me realise so much about how excessive we normally lived our life and how much pressure we put on ourselves. In this Shala, we practiced yoga, ate simpl yet very delicious food, learned how to medicate, sip lemongrass tea with snacks made by Sofya, sing mantra together with Rich and Sofya. Simple and felt so content !

If you ever think of giving yourself a chance to practice yoga and meditate, this place is the best place to go. I also observed lots of people come to morning practice are from the neighborhood, I really feel they are so lucky to have teachers like Rich and Sofya in their yoga journey.

Salma Altabari

aus USA, Februar 2019

"A Rare Yoga Experience"

The ashtanga intensive course exceeded my expectations. I was taught by exremely knowledgable and experienced instructors (Sofya and Rich) who taught me more than I ever learned during my 200 hour teacher training. Honestly wish this was where I had gone for my TTC! They are truly dedicated individuals who always make sure each student is catered to in accordance with his/her own needs. One of the best things about TAYSP and this course is how strict and disciplined Rich was. He genuinely inspires you with his disciplined encouragement. Also, Sofya's knowledge of yoga history and philosophy was very deep and broad. Both of their combined experience made me feel that I was in such good hands.

If you are a serious yogi/yogini looking to genuinely deepen your practice and broaden your knowledge of yoga, this is definitely the place for you.

During my time at TAYSP, I have learned things and adopted healthy habits that will stay with me for a very long time. I will most certainly return to TAYSP for future courses.


aus USA, Februar 2019

The program was packed with 6 to 7 classes a day covering all aspects of yoga. The teachers are knowledgeable and dedicated to their work.

Bernadette Millard

aus Oman, Mai 2018

"Great intro to Ashtanga plus detox"

As an Ashtanga newbie, I appreciated the care and attention from expert teachers, Sofya and Rich, which instilled a great deal of confidence as well as some 'tough love' motivation to make progress with pranayama and asanas as well as some overdue lifestyle adjustments. A variety of treatments were included as part of the 3 week detox, acupuncture, enemas, massage kriya and my favorite, the morning ice bucket shower! Enjoyed my bike, early morning sunrises cycling to the 6am class, all-inclusive vegan meals served by friendly staff in the lakeside clubhouse, brand new ensuite accommodation in the shared house and the big airy shala. Left feeling rejuvenated, 3 kilos lighter and motivated to do yoga - almost daily and still not eating meat. Also enjoyed Sundays off on lovely beaches, Karon and Nai Harn, bth a 20 minute taxi ride away. Recommend for anyone who seriously wants to improve yoga practice and looking for peace and quiet. Would not hesitate to go again 'out of season' when the shala is not so busy. The temperatures in the early 30C was bearable and the rain when it comes is refreshing, doesn't last long and quickly dries.

Ariana De Leon

aus Spanien, April 2018

"ConocimienTo, experiencia y amor en la labor"

La preparacion, devocion y conocimientos de los profesores te motivan, te preparan y hacen del curso un verdadero aprendizaje a nivel fisico, mental y emocional!


aus USA, März 2018

"Welcome Challenge & Reset"

I liked the structure of the program (mix of classes, massage, acupuncture, meals),

the repetitive and challenging aspects of Ashtanga yoga, and developing a daily practice that I can easily continue in my daily life. Every day, I felt better and better both physically and mentally.

Karen Mundy

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, März 2018

"Intense Ashtanga teacher training course"

Full schedule. Knowledgable teachers. Dedication to Classical Ashtanga training. Very friendly, helpful regulars to the school. Weather great. Food tasty and plentiful. I feel that I learnt a lot about all aspects of teacher training.

Wanunya Maneekham

aus Thailand, Dezember 2017

Intensive practice. Good for preparation to be Ashtanga teacher training course.

Eliza Chan

aus Hongkong, November 2017

"A fulfilling yoga journey"

I joined a 7 days intensive Ashtanga yoga course of TAYSP. I am new to Ashtanga yoga and this course is a challenge to me in many ways, eg I had little idea of what Ashtanga yoga is, I never got to get up so early in the morning; I am not a vegetarian and I used to eat 3-4 meals a day. Therefore, before the trip, I was a bit worried if I would be able to make it. I am glad that I chose TAYSP which is a perfect place to practice Ashtanga yoga. The environment is tranquil and serene. The accommodation is comfortable and pleasant as it’s spacious and overlooks a beautiful lake. I like the course program which is well thought-out and embraces all physical and mental aspects of yoga. The food is nutritious and healthy. Most importantly, the teachers are great. Sofya and Rich are experienced and knowledgeable. They are also very caring. While they help students to get to their full potential, they put safety first. Their skill in giving adjustments is admirable. I can totally leave myself to them as I know that I am in good hands. I am glad that I made this trip. I got more than I expected. I felt stronger, fitter and purified as I walked out the yoga shala!