15 Tage Günstiger Surf und Yoga Urlaub in Marokko

  • Surf Coast Marokko, 13 km Route Essaouira, Taghazout Center, Taghazout 80000, Marokko

15 Tage Günstiger Surf und Yoga Urlaub in Marokko

  • Surf Coast Marokko, 13 km Route Essaouira, Taghazout Center, Taghazout 80000, Marokko

Surf and Yoga Holiday Morocco in Taghazout

This surf and yoga holiday package is a unique experience that combines great surf sessions with yoga classes, ideal for enhancing your wave-riding experience in an idyllic environment for the exploration of nature, body, and mind. You will learn and enter the surf spirit, improve your surf level, and correct some technical errors. This retreat is a mix of surf and yoga refreshment with a full support of the best-qualified surf and yoga teacher.

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  • Daily surf lessons and surf guiding
  • 1 daily morning or sunset yoga session
  • Surfboard, wetsuit, and surf spot transfers
  • A barbecue, Agadir club night, and visit a market in Agadir
  • Free professional surf photos and videos
  • Free airport and bus station transfer
  • Daily delicious full board meals
  • 14 nights accommodation
  • Kurse an 14 Tagen
  • Englisch
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The hostel offers comfortable and simple rooms for an excellent price. The hostel is facilitated with one quadruple room, two single rooms, four double rooms, four twin rooms, six bathrooms with shower and toilet, beach and ocean view terrace, free Wi-Fi, kitchens, and living rooms.

Renovate your energies with a spectacular experience by connecting to nature through surfing and yoga. You will take your practices in a community of ecologically minded people who see yoga and surfing as healthy lifestyles than just sport activities. The ancient tradition of yoga, which means to yoke or create a union, is a philosophical system and a science that offers you the opportunity to deepen your self-awareness through physical movement, breathing, and meditation.

Improve your surfing performance through a well-balanced yoga practice that develops strength, balance, and flexibility. The core of the surfers is based on creating a flowing practice using poses geared to open shoulders and hips, strengthen the back, and safely stretch the entire body, helping to prevent injuries.

Even the most moderate dose of a yoga practice will improve flexibility, promote better breathing, increase blood flow, and help you recover faster between sessions. A basic pre and post-surfing routine together with a regular yoga practice will improve your surfing, help you keep a strong, and healthy body that will enhance every aspect of your life.

You will take an excursion to visit the souk (local market) and Agadir club night during your stay in the retreat.

The Surf Coast House is located in Taghazout, about 19 kilometers from the city of Agadir. Close to the surf spots panorama, hash, and anchor point, perfect for surf beginners to intermediates and professionals. The Surf Coast House has a cool and easy-going atmosphere surrounded by traditional Moroccan houses and a stunning beach and ocean view.

The location is perfect for getting in touch with young locals and surfers from all over the world and chilling in one of the many beach side cafes and restaurants. A prime location with a large beach and ocean view terrace.

Surfing spots

11 kilometers

Left-hand wave which is close to the surf house and most of the time it is not busy. 11 Kilometers is a point break where you can improve your surf in low and high tides. The first Australian who surfed this place was the famous surfer Taj Burrow. This beach is long and sandy. If there is no surf, you can make other kinds of sport like running and yoga or just relax in the sun and charge your batteries for the next surf session.

12 kilometers

It is a nice wave at a sandy beach and not too powerful. In 12 kilometers, you can find an easy left and right-hand wave for beginners and intermediates.

Anchor point

A great surfing point and the most crowded. Very big waves that are known throughout Morocco, which produces a long right-hander peeling off the rocks. An endless succession of long mellow speed walls.

Banana beach

A long right hander breaks from this small beach, often sheltered from the northerly winds. It provides an all level wave more consist at low tide. When you have finished up on this wave, you are a hundred yards away from Banana village. This little town is famous for its tajines and sweet bananas.


This place is a right-hand reef break with different conditions onshore and offshore with clean conditions. It is next to Draculas. You can surf Boilers in high tide and in low tide.

Devil's Rock

This point is right in front the village of Tamraght. Good waves for all surf levels offering punchy lefts and rights with a mainly sandy bottom. When big swells wash the sand banks away, you can notice the rocks for a couple of weeks before the sand banks build up again. It can get very crowded.


Vampire teeth shaped rocks give the name to this big swell handler. A fast right-hander pushes some punchy often large sets definitely not for the faint-hearted. Known as Boilers evil twin!

Hash Point

Hash Point got its name over people being lazy from smoking too much of the whacky backy and could not be bothered to walk up to the Anchor Point. In all honesty, there are better waves in the region and this is one of the most fickle breaks out there (working only on a westerly swell and at mid to high tides). That being said, the fact that it is in the center of Taghazout means that it is so easy to get to that you will always find yourself having a cheeky little session on it.


Sharp rocks and sand, very good waves for all levels. A right-hand point break and high tides with north-easterly winds. If the spot works well, it is beautiful. Sometimes the whole beach works, not just the point, so there will be space for everyone.

Killer Point

Named from the Killer whales that come occasionally to enjoy the calm of this bay. Sharp rocks and sand, deep water right-hand point break, best on large north-eastern swells and low to mid tides with long walls breaking from the outside across the bay. The waves begin opposite of large rocks then come in. If you are staying at Surf Coasts luxury Killer point apartments, the waves bring you till your door steps.

La Sourse

Fresh water springs bubble up from the onshore rock formations forming the well-providing performance walls and a high lifting reef for all levels of surfing abilities. On the push on a small swell, the right-handers hold up towards the cliffs while the rarer lefts break out towards the beach section. Small reef sections combining with sandy sections provide a clean wave mostly.


A surfing point where anyone can hang out in a friendly atmosphere. Along with sharp rocks and sand, the right-hand section provides a nice ride especially on the incoming high tide, the ideal swell angle is from the northwest.


A sand bottom point break, quiet and very beautiful place, great for beginners. With its fast hollow right-hander sections, be sure to get a good rush at this spot.


A sandy beach break and strong currents. For beginners, just be aware of how far you have drifted down the coast. Works on a different tide and depends on how the banks and also on the swell are.


Tifnit a great local fishing village famous for its cave houses and probably one of the best swell magnets in the area of Agadir. This little gem can make your trip worthwhile with its miles of empty breaks and wild beaches. With a number of reefs beaches and slabs along this coast, there is a wave for everyone!

  • Camel riding / rental
  • Cooking classes
  • Cycling
  • Horse riding / rental
  • Massage
  • Sauna
  • Shopping nearby
  • Surfing
  • Table tennis
  • Bar nearby
  • Barbecue facilities
  • Beach nearby
  • Caf nearby
  • Dining area
  • Multilingual staff
  • Night club
  • Restaurant nearby
  • Special menu request
  • Terrace
  • Car rental
  • Free bicycle
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Local market
  • Tour assistance
  • Wireless internet

During the retreat, you will be served three daily meals. For your breakfast, let the sunshine in your heart start your surfing day with a delicious Moroccan and continental breakfast on the terraces. The menu will consist of sweet Moroccan mint tea, fresh coffee or milk, Moroccan harira soup, freshly baked bread, omelets, pancakes, honey, jam, fresh fruit, cereals, cheese, olives, and eggs.

For the lunch, the meals will be served at the beach. Enjoy a fresh made salad or sandwich filled with fish, meat, cheese, and vegetables. Take a good break and listen to the sound of the waves while eating!

For dinner, after a long day of surfing and activities at the beach, a delicious dinner of international and Moroccan cuisine with hot tagines, fish or meat, veggies, fresh bread, and salads will wait for you on the beautiful terraces.

There will be also a barbecue party once a week for all of the guests. The barbecue will use fresh and healthy ingredients so you can start your next day with a smile and full of energy. If you have any food intolerance or allergies, please feel free to inform Surf Coast Morocco upon registration.

Cooking class

Learn the art of cooking with this cooking class. Choose from a range of hands-on cooking classes taught in English. Take your class in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


If your arms are hurting and your body feels tired after all the surf, try to relax and visit a traditional Hammam. In a Moroccan Hammam, you will usually find a series of rooms from hot to cool.

Horse and camel ride

Experience the sunset on the beach on a ride setting out from Banana beach towards Taghazout. An extraordinary and compelling experience.

Jet ski

Come make your own waves with the jet ski service. The jet ski experience will leave you feeling in the sky and prepare yourself for an adrenaline rush.


Paintball is a sport and leisure in general between two teams whose players are equipped with a protective mask and a pitcher propelling balls colored gelatin.

Quad and buggy

Tear your way through the countryside in a two-seater buggy. A fantastic way to get the adrenaline pumping and show off your skills.

Racer car

Karting is a discipline of motorsport which takes place on circuits 700 - 1,500 meters and a width of eight meters on average up to forty karts simultaneously during a race.

Rent a car and explore the surroundings

The car rental service offers you at low prices. Enjoy the vacation, do yourself a favor, and rent a car with Surf Coast Morocco.

Visit Agadir (Souq)

Agadir is a major modern city in the southern part of Morocco. It is surrounded by the Anti Atlas, the Sahara desert on the Atlantic coast with many national parks and secluded beaches which are all easily accessible.

Visit El Gezira

Amazing red cliffs of El Gezira in Mirleft, a tiny town with beautiful sandy beaches.

Visit Essaouira

A large fishing harbor, the old medina with its fortified walls and a long sandy beach. Enjoy the French flair and take your time to explore Essaouira's rich culture, diverse art galleries, spice markets, and the easy-going local people

Visit Marrakech

Feel the magic and oriental vibe of the red city where Moroccan tradition meets modernity.

Visit Paradise Valley

This inland gorge is another great outdoor recreation destination near Agadir. Mountain trails lead to Berber villages, and waterfalls at Ida Ouatanane tumble off the cliffs during the spring. The winding gorge is filled with palm trees and the chance to visit a traditional Berber village. It is a full day trip, but will worth the effort.

Various massages and healing treatments are available at additional costs upon request.

  • 1 daily morning or sunset yoga session
  • 14 nights accommodation
  • Agadir club night
  • Airport transfers
  • Barbeque night
  • Beach party
  • Daily surf lessons or surf guiding
  • Free professional photos and videos with your training
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Full board breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Hammam
  • Ping-pong-table, games, books
  • Surf equipment surfboard and wetsuit
  • Surf spot transfers
  • A visit to the souk
  • Additional activities
  • Car rental
  • Extra excursions
  • Massages

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flights to arrive at Agadir-Al Massira Airport (AGA). Surf Coast Morocco will pick you up at the airport. The pickup is included in the price.

  • Eine Reservierung erfordert eine Anzahlung von 40% des Gesamtpreises.
  • Ihre Anzahlung ist vollständig erstattbar, wenn Sie die Buchung bis zu 30 Tage vor der Anreise stornieren.
  • Der Restbetrag ist am Tag der Ankunft zu zahlen.

Bestätigte BookYogaRetreats.com Bewertungen

  • C
    Bewertung von Clara Leibenguth aus Frankreich

    Perfect holidays !

    PROS Positives: Definitely one of my best holidays. I didn't expect that it would be soooo nice. Perfect organization, perfect food. Thanks to Mohammed who taught me some many new things in surf so I really improved my surf level in 15 days. Thanks to Kris who taught Yoga in a so nice way <3. The beach house towards the ocean allowed me to fall asleep in a perfect mood every night, listening to the waves (and I miss it soo much in Paris), every end of afternoon enjoying the sunset of the rooftop with the others guest and this AMAZING staff team that paid a lot of attention to everyone. We had a looot of fun together and I will miss them (until the next time I come back :D). Every day a new day a perfect day. Go for it guys.

    2017-Aug-19 13:57:22

  • F
    Bewertung von Futaba Kono aus Japan

    2017-Sep-21 10:49:11

  • S
    Bewertung von Sarah Davis aus Vereinigtes Königreich

    Great place with great people

    CONS Negatives: We missed a few yoga classes at the beginning as there was no teacher available. Not a huge problem as I was more there for the surf.

    PROS Positives: I had an amazing time at Surf Coast Morocco. Reda and Julia were super helpful and went way above and beyond what I expected, the hosting was awesome. Samira's food was also amazing and it was great to eat authentic Moroccan food. Mohammed made the surf lessons very fun and really helped me with my surfing. Loved the roof terrace and Julie's yoga classes.

    2017-Sep-17 18:15:03

  • A
    Bewertung von Aude Tallaron aus Marokko

    que demander de plus ?!

    CONS Negatives: ... que même s'il y avait des petits ratés on ne les remarque meme pas

    PROS Positives: rien a redire,l'equipe se plie en 4 avec tellement de gentillesse...

    2017-Sep-17 13:38:01

  • B
    Bewertung von Briana Gepford aus Vereinigte Staaten

    Phenomenal retreat in Taghazout!

    CONS Negatives: That I didn't book my trip for a longer stay because I didn't want to leave

    PROS Positives: Everything was top notch at Surf Coast Morocco from the yoga taught by Kris/Amy on the beautiful rooftop terrace morning and night, to our awesome surf instructor, Mohammed. Both instructors were patient, and I learned so much about myself. It was the perfect setting to relax and take it at your own pace. You definitely have to go with the flow with things and just embrace the culture because its a super chill place and I had to learn to just trust that it will work out. I was also very impressed with the food at every meal. You definitely won't go hungry and there's always a huge variety of things to eat. I came to Taghazout to relax and not have to worry about anything, and that's exactly what happened. The beach house is absolutely stunning and I had my own room on the top floor. I fell asleep to the sound of waves on the beach and woke up to the same sound with brilliant sunshine, it was blissful. Anything we needed was always handled by Reda and he made sure we were always comfortable and well taken care of. He went above and beyond to meet our needs, always driving us to different surf spots and day trips (in the coolest Back to the Future car you have ever seen!), and I can't thank the Surf Coast Morocco team enough for such an unforgettable experience.

    2017-Sep-14 07:14:44

  • C
    Bewertung von Clothilde Veniere aus Frankreich

    CONS Negatives: Logement un peu vétuste et peu confortable (une seule salle de bain pour la maison entière, pas de draps ni de taie, d'oreiller, seul un drap housse), vol d'une grosse somme d'argent dans ma chambre (qui m'a ensuite été remboursée quand je l'ai signalé), manager peu sympathique et toujours en retard

    PROS Positives: Super cours de yoga avec Kris sur la terrasse avec une vue magnifique 😍 Super cours de surf avec Mohammed, très bon instructeur, nourriture délicieuse

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Merci beaucoup de prendre le temps de laisser une critique. Je suis très content d'apprendre que vous avez apprécié vos cours de surf et de yoga ainsi que la cuisine marocaine. Tout cela est une partie essentielle du surf et des vacances de yoga. J'apprécie les commentaires sur les installations. Je tiens à vous excuser que quelques points ne vous soient pas satisfaits. Nous rénotions constamment et essayons de garder la maison en bon état et nous améliorerons le mieux possible. Notre deuxième salle de bains a été récemment terminée et est prête à l'emploi à nouveau. En outre, je regrette d'avoir perdu vos objets de valeur. En tout cas, nous ne pouvons être tenus pour responsables de toute perte d'objets de valeur. Toutes les chambres privées peuvent être verrouillées avec une clé personnelle et tous nos invités sont invités à garder leurs chambres verrouillées pendant leur absence, afin que personne ne puisse entrer. Malheureusement, vous nous avez informé que votre chambre n'était pas verrouillée au moment de l'incident. La raison du remboursement du montant manquant par nous était pour des raisons de bonne volonté et pour rendre vos vacances aussi agréable que possible. Ce n'est pas parce qu'un invité ou un membre de l'équipe ont avoué.

    2017-Sep-09 12:16:17

  • N
    Bewertung von Anonym

    Amazing Surf- and Yoga Holidays

    CONS Negatives: We only had bathroom, which was a little difficult in the beginning but I got used to it very soon.

    PROS Positives: I loved the atmosphere at Surf Coast Morocco. The group was small and the staff took really good care of us and always tried everything to fulfill all our wishes. The days typically started with a morning yoga class and breakfast afterwards. When we were finished we went to look for the beach with the best waves and surfing conditions and stayed there till the evening. Our surf teacher Mohammed was amazing and did an excellent job explaining us everything we needed in order to get started in the water and improve our surfing skills. The evening yoga class usually took place at sunset time with an amazing view over the ocean and ended with a Shavasana under the stars. The yoga teacher Kris was simply the best - she adapted all the yoga classes perfectly to our needs. Being very passionate about what she is doing, she even offered 1:1 sessions for those who have had some injuries or needed special assistance. Another highlight was the food, we had a different dish every day and it was always very delicious.

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Thank you very much for your review! We are happy to hear that you had so much fun and enjoyed your time. :) We also recently finished the renovation of our other bathroom and it is ready to use again.

    2017-Aug-21 11:47:40

  • M
    Bewertung von Marta Garcia aus Spanien

    Great days with Moroccon people

    CONS Negatives: The hostel was fixing things, so it was a little uncorfortable to have people working upstairs. Also, as summer is low season, there were not people in hostel, just me and another girl. So I expected to meet more people. Good thing is that I spent much time with local people which also was a good experience!

    PROS Positives: The village is a nice place for vaction, beach for surfing was really good. My instructor was funny and I enjoyed surfing with him, as a begginer. People in the hostel were nice and they helped for everything. And food also really nice. Good breakfast and dinners.

    2017-Jul-30 04:10:13

  • I
    Bewertung von Ivanne Rivera aus Vereinigte Staaten

    All Wanderlusts Must Visit Here!!

    PROS Positives: Tucked away in an ornate coastal town you will find Surf Coast Morocco perfectly located on beach. Fall asleep every night to the peaceful waves crashing & wake up every morning to the most spectacular sunrises. This location is everything to live for. A true must visit. The staff became more like family to me as I was travelling alone. Reda, Khalid, Mohammed (both of them), surf instructor Abash, and yoga instructors Nastya & Amy. A gentle group who embraces everyone. They made sure that every aspect of my stay was comfortable from food, to linens, to atmosphere, to cultural experiences, to laughs and everything in between. I was inspired and will definitely be back to visit this beautiful country! Thank you so much Surf Coast Morocco!

    2017-Jul-21 12:07:08

  • V
    Bewertung von Anonym

    Amazing holiday

    PROS Positives: It was one of the best holidays. Accommodation is cozy and comfortable. Food is good. But the best part was to meet great people. It was my first surfing experience. I had help and support all the time. Now I am waiting for next holidays to come back there to surf and see again my new friends.

    2017-Jul-14 01:25:49

  • B
    Bewertung von Brenda Spaan aus Südafrika

    Surf coast morocco Rocks

    PROS Positives: The staff went out of their way to accomodate every one Lovely relaxed beautiful location with magnificent sea view Food was delicious Yoga on the deck over looking the ocean was just bliss

    2017-Jul-08 07:39:44

  • J
    Bewertung von Joanne Irvine aus Belgien

    CONS Negatives: The rooms are very basic, it would be great to have at least some shelves or somewhere to hang clothes.

    PROS Positives: Staff were lovely, friendly and very accommodating. The place is clean and has a lovely roof top terrace to chill out and where you can spend time with other guests, play cards, listen to music etc. The yoga teacher was also excellent (and I do yoga).

    2017-Jul-08 06:48:15

  • E
    Bewertung von Anonym

    PROS Positives: Very nice experience. Great food and location. Very friendly staff and great yoga and surf teacher.

    2017-Jul-05 05:43:09

  • S
    Bewertung von Anonym

    Urlaub wie er sein soll

    PROS Positives: Meer vor der Haustür, gesundes Essen, wunderschöne Strände und sehr herzliche Gastgeber! Nur der Abschied fällt schwer.

    2017-Jun-24 18:40:17

  • O
    Bewertung von Oliver Clark aus Vereinigtes Königreich

    Living The Dream

    CONS Negatives: Coming home! Cooking and cleaning for myself. Rain. Duff waves that take the same time as the flight to Morocco to go and play with. WORK haha

    PROS Positives: Food, waves, sun, yoga, places and above all people! All good

    2017-May-01 10:38:45

  • L
    Bewertung von Louise Tester aus Vereinigtes Königreich

    2017-Apr-13 18:52:16

  • Bewertung von Marjon Oostveen aus Niederlande

    "I had a great time at Surf Coast Morocco. Reda and Julia are very helpful and really make you feel at home. The atmosphere is very relaxed, lively, cheerful, welcome, open, flexible."

    "Samira cooks the most delicious meals (you wont stop eating), Mohammad is the greatest and patient and funny surf instructor and I got great yoga classes from Anna, who is also a wonderful, warmhearted person. Amira is the cutest little surfcoast cat around town. "

    "Also the trips to Paradise Valley and the Agadir Market made it all together a great week that I definitely will remember. Keep up the good work guys! Love from Holland, Marjon"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Alex Shearn aus taghazout
    10 von 10

    "My stay at surf coast morocco was great!! The place is amazingly located - couldn't get closer to the sea! It's super relaxed, staff don't feel like staff - more like friends of friends who become your friends. Reda met me at the airport and dropped me off, as well as constant trips to the beach, paradise valley and the souk. Julia is a great host and there's a cute cat."


    "Anna taught yoga every morning and evening - she was fantastic. I didn't take surf lessons but Mohammad gave me some tips. Samira made all the food - it was all delicious and there was plenty."


    "There are some tiny things that could be made even better, like maybe having more attention paid to lessons for non-beginners. It would be great to have something to keep the Mosquitos away when sleeping - maybe mesh to put over windows at night? and I think there are plans for a movie night on the terrace once a week... all in all it's a fantastic place with really friendly people and I'm really grateful for the week I spent there!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Angelo
    10 von 10

    "Surf coast Morocco is a amazing place with nice people. Julia is a perfect host always trying to help you . An illuminated soul. Reda and Abdul became my friends. "

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Maebh
    10 von 10

    "An easy going and quality place. I loved my time with Surf Coast Morocco. It is a fantastic setup right on the beach. The food, surf, and yoga were all brilliant. I would recommend staying here. The place really has that personal easy going touch."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Celine
    10 von 10

    "My retreat with Surf Coast Morocco was great. They took really care of everything, driving us to the surf lessons everyday and arranging everything that we may need. Surf lessons were great. We were changing surf posts almost everyday. Yoga was taught mainly in a lcoation nearby where you could hear the sound of the waves so that was a perfect location fo meditation. It would probably have been better if we could have had the same yoga teacher during the whole week but at the same time, that gave us the opportunity to explore different teaching styles. And one important thing: the cooking from Ahmed (who was cooking us dinner every day) was delicious."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Yvonne aus Newfoundland, Canada
    10 von 10

    "My time in Morocco with Surf Coast Morocco was amazing!! Reda took such great care of me, making sure I was in need of nothing the whole time I was there. I'm spoiled!! The surfing was great and he took me to different beaches almost every day. The yoga was a perfect match with the surfing. The food was delicious, the accommodations were perfect and I met so many people from all over Morocco, Europe and Canada. Can't say enough about Reda and the great retreat he provided. He's so good at his job and a great guy!! The staff at the hostel were amazing, especially Ahmed!! The surfing instructors were so much fun, Khallid, Yusef (spelling?)!! One of my top vacations and I would highly recommend it to everyone!!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, bearbeitet


  • Bewertung von Doug aus New York

    "Had one of the best trips with Reda at Surf Coast Morocco, he went over the top to be accommodating to all requests and help to arrange other activities outside of what was included in the package. Youssef our surf instructor was absolutely great at giving out pointer and even showed off a few of his own tricks. The day trip to Paradise valley was one of the high points of the entire trip. Could not more highly recommend this trip."

    Traveler provided, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Laura aus Belgien

    "My stay with surf coast morocco was amazing. I was there for two weeks at the beginning of September and I had the best time. I was looking for a yoga retreat and found this one which offered yoga and surf so I thought I would give surf a go too and it was the best decision I took. I wasn't very lucky at the beginning as I was supposed to land in Agadir and my plane got diverted to Marrakech because of a sandstorm.The manager of Surf Coast Morocco, Reda, waited for me in Agadir from 5pm to 1am, he didn't even seem to be annoyed, he drove me to the hostel in Taghazout and stopped on the way to buy me food as I hadn't eaten all evening. The people in the hostel were so nice, they cooked amazing traditional Moroccan food every evening and they even asked what we wanted to eat and followed our requests. It was delicious every time. "

    "We had yoga in the morning at 8, then breakfast, then we would go surfing from about 10:30 to 4 pm, then yoga again at 6. One day I had surfed for so long (I chose to do that, they let you rest whenever you want) that the next day my legs were so sore I couldn't surf. Reda drove me to a massage place where my muscles could relax while the others went surfing. He was always doing his best to make everyone happy and he always drove us wherever we wanted to go. "

    "I didn't feel like I was part of an organized trip as everyone was so cool, I felt like I was on holidays with friends. "

    "We had a lot of different yoga teachers which allowed us to explore different styles of yoga."

    "I can't believe I started with any experience at all in surfing and after two weeks I had learned how to turn and I surfed a couple of big waves."

    "I am really happy I did this retreat. It was the perfect holiday: sport, fun, some night outs and I got to discover and experience Moroccan culture which is beautiful. People are so nice and welcoming. Reda and the others at the hostel take very good care of their guests. "

    Traveler provided, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler
    10 von 10

    "I didn't know what to expect, when I started my trip, and a lot of things were different to what I imagined, but I had the best time on a vacation EVER. I was a little confused after my long journey when I was dropped off at the hostel, which looked different to the pictures of the retreat, I saw before. But since I was traveling alone and booked a shared room, it was the best way to feel like being part of the community from the first moment on. I stayed a whole week to do some Yoga and learn how to surf but I got a lot more. Reda was the best host, you can imagine. We were talking every day about what to do or what to see and he was taking care of everything. It felt like having a djin with unlimited wishes. We had trips to the souk, hammam, paradise valley or a party at a nearby beach hotel. We always had a great time at the beach, although it was off-season and you had to be patient to wait for the good waves. The food at the hostel was always fresh, local and very tasty. Every night we finished dinner with a tea ceremony and the cook was always interested in what cravings the guests had (since I'm a dessert-person he made us fruit salad some of the nights!) Although I was travelling alone for the first time in my life, I never felt alone or lonely. I met so many nice and interesting people and everybody else felt the same hospitality as I did. I will for sure come back some day."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Ägypten
    10 von 10

    "Amazing place for surfing very clean equipment are new I really like the place best time to surf from September till April the rest of the year you can enjoy the sea and other water sports and Rada the instructor took good care of us we is really nice and good surfer."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Emily L. aus Australien
    10 von 10

    "Taghazout is magical. It was my favourite place in Morocco by far. The hostel I stayed in was less than a 10 second walk to the main street, from the terrace you could check the surf at 3 different beaches. The atmosphere was great too with communal dinners every night with the most delicious Moroccan meals being prepared so freshly. What made this experience so outstanding was the unbelievable hospitality that was shown to me by all the staff including Reda, the surf instructors, the hostel staff and the yoga instructor. As a solo traveler they welcomed me so graciously and made me feel like family. They were able to help me with anything I needed and were so happy to do so. I was driven anywhere I needed to go including which beach was best to surf on that day. Some of my best memories are cruising down the coast with the windows down and a stack of about 5 boards on the roof of a small car. I spent a day out in Paradise Valley jumping of the high cliffs into deep blue swimming holes. On the way out there we stopped in at an Argan oil farm and saw how it is made which is something you need to do if your going to by any of this magical oil. The surf in Taghazout was perfect for me to learn on when I was there (in May) and the boards and wetsuits were in good condition. Taghazout is such a small place it only took a few days for me to feel like I already knew most people. Overall this was the high light of my trip and I loved every second of it. It had a very relaxed feel so I could choose what I wanted to do each day. Would recommend it to anyone visiting Morocco. "

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Maximilian
    10 von 10

    "We had a really great time in Tagazhout. Awesome staff! The guys showed us amazing places to go surfing and hiking. I can absolutely recomend them."

    Surf Coast Morocco Facebook page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Leonardo
    10 von 10

    "I have had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I Initially planned on only staying for two days to check out other small cities but my time was so good that I ended up staying for the rest of my trip! Haha. I'm definitely coming back for the unbelievable friendliness and amazing accommodation. I will be back!"

    Surf Coast Morocco Facebook page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Rob
    10 von 10

    "Best surf hostel in Taghazout. Great service, beautiful place, and awesome people. Special thanks to Reda for taking us around and making us feel at home!"

    Surf Coast Morocco Facebook page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Lewis
    10 von 10

    "Beautiful place, beautiful people! Had an awesome time and I highly recommend this place! Would 100% come back!"

    Surf Coast Morocco Facebook page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Steve
    9 von 10

    "Lovely people, great food, and good times. Great local knowledge of surf spots, so went to the right location every day. Also took me up to paradise valley and a botanic garden. Throw in rooftop yoga with sunshine and a fantastic view and all is good."

    Surf Coast Morocco Facebook page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Kate aus Europe
    10 von 10

    "I stayed with Surf Coast Morocco as a solo traveler - my first solo holiday abroad and my first time surfing, so I was unsure of what to expect. I couldn't have been made to feel more at home. I stayed at the camp's (much smaller / quieter) accommodation in Tamraght, which is a nice little fishing village on a hill a few minutes away from Taghazout, where the camp's busier and bigger house is based. The Taghazout house is from what I understand a bit more of a party or communal experience, with more organised events based from there in the evenings, and may better suit people who fancy the fun of staying in a backpacker dorm with a large crowd. For my money though Tamraght is a more idyllic location and the smaller group in the house (just one other visitor plus me, at the off-season time I went, together with our live-in host Julia) was for me the perfect size (helped by the fact that we all got on so well!). The house is clean and cozily furnished and a quick drive down to the beach. What really sets Surf Coast Morocco apart however is the hosting. You are treated absolutely as if you are a family guest. My booking, for example, included all three meals - this turned out to mean that our host Julia or others from the camp would prepare us a different spread each day of fresh traditional Moroccan food, often on request, with snacks of our choice. We were driven everywhere by the extremely accommodating staff on the team - from the beaches to the souks, to the Taghazout house for classes - and again the attitude taken was that if you say you want to go somewhere (within reason!) one of the hosts will be happy to make it happen and drive you there. There was no additional charge whatsoever for these kind of outings, which I'm sure must be unusual on camps of this kind. Overall a really special stay, and one I would highly recommend. The Tamraght house in particular was perfect for a solo traveler looking to discover a new hobby (unlimited surfing and classes all day!) and make new friends."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Gemma
    10 von 10

    "Fitted us in just for a couple days whilst we explored Morocco and picked us up from where we were staying. Great team. Definitely gonna miss them as they were great to be with even for short period."

    Surf Coast Morocco Facebook page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Gemma
    10 von 10

    "Fitted us in just for a couple days whilst we explored Morocco. They picked us up from where we were staying. Great team.Gonna miss them as they were great to be with even for only a short period."

    Surf Coast Morocco Facebook page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Betine
    10 von 10

    "The rooms are clean and nice. Good location and nice breakfast. Perfect ocean views on the terrace where you can spend time and relax. The staff is the best about this stay. They will help you with everything you need. Very warm and friendly people who made my stay amazing. I would defiantly recommend this! The surf instructors are very good and experienced too. I will come back here!"

    Tripadvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Olga M. aus Italien
    10 von 10

    "If you want to fully enjoy your holidays in Morocco, Surf Coast Morocco is the best choice to stay during your vacation. Breathtaking view from the terrace where you can enjoy amazing sunset everyday or just contemplate endless ocean, clean and nice designed rooms, helpful and friendly staff, surfing and yoga classes are waiting for you if you choose Surf Coast Morocco. It was a pleasure for me to spend my holidays there and I definitely recommend you Surf Coast Morocco to get the most from your Moroccan journey."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Kuba S. aus Polen
    10 von 10

    "It was really nice to stay over at Surf Coast Morocco. Rooms with bathroom are clean and equipped in necessary stuff (wardrobe, sheets, etc.). We also had terrace with ocean view, Wi-Fi, and AC in our room. Food is delicious - you can be sure that you will have chance to taste variety of local specialties (tajin, couscous, berber omelets, mint tea, etc.). Beach is 5 minutes from hostel. Last but not least - people. We had a great host - Rida who is really easy going and helpful fellow. You can be sure that everything will be settled and any additional request most likely will be fulfilled."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Laurentiu Marius Osadci aus Rumänien
    10 von 10

    "I love this and I am sure you would also. A natural clean environment."

    Surf Coast Morocco Facebook page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Laurentiu
    10 von 10

    "A good option to enjoy the wind, all superlative, a good team with good sports equipment, congratulations keep it that way!!"

    Surf Coast Morocco Facebook page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Fiona aus Deutschland
    10 von 10

    "Hello, I am Fiona from Germany and I really love Surf Coast Morocco! I had a great time with the surfers eating delicious Moroccan food. I just wanna go back right now."

    Surf Coast Morocco website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Vera Rasskazova aus Russland
    10 von 10

    "My stay at the Surf Coast Morocco was nothing but enjoyable. The staff were amazing, the place was really clean, and the food was unforgettable. The home style feel of the place was my favorite part, with all guests having dinner together; it was a really good vibe."

    Surf Coast Morocco website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Stefa Unsal aus Dänemark
    10 von 10

    "The best trip ever to Morocco. Thank you guys for your wonderful job! I really miss your surf camp, the good food, the yoga, the funny trips."

    Surf Coast Morocco website, bearbeitet

Taghazout, Morocco

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