7 Tage Hatha und Restorative Yoga Retreat in Murcia, Spanien


Der Weg des Herzens Yoga Urlaub in Spanien

  • Kurse an 6 Tagen
  • Dies ist eine kreative Yoga Reise, um durch Yoga und intuitive Bewegung wieder in Kontakt mit Ihrem Herzen, Ihrer Leidenschaft, Ihren Zielen und sich selbst zu treten. Sie werden die altertümliche Kraft des Yoga nutzen, um ein tieferes Bewusstsein für Ihren Körper zu erlangen. Kreative Übungen und experimentelle Bewegungen fügen etwas Farbe, Kreativität und Würze hinzu. In diesem Retreat geht es darum, sich selbst kennenzulernen und jede Facette Ihres Seins zu lieben. Sie werden mit Ihren Wurzeln und Ihren Flügeln arbeiten, beide Energien zusammenbringen und einen Weg durch Ihr Herz suchen.

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    • Twice daily meditations
    • Morning and evening yoga sessions
    • Daily workshops on a variety of subjects
    • Yoga platform nestled into the side of the mountain & beautiful meditation log-cabin
    • 6 nights accommodation in beautiful surroundings and eco-friendly
    • Massage and other treatments available on request
    • Daily breakfasts, lunches, dinners, juices
    • Use of beautiful swimming pool


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    Die maximale Teilnehmerzahl pro Gruppe ist 11.


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    • Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch
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    Accommodation is provided in beautifully furnished 5-metre bell tents. Nestled amongst the lemon and orange groves, the bell tents are simple but sumptuous, with electricity and comfortable beds. Each tent can sleep up to three people. Crisp bed linen and pool towels are provided. There are solar hot and cold powered showers facilities. Internet access is available. There is a small shop on site for all those little essentials you might need.

    Style of yoga to be taught

    Yoga style to be taught during this retreat is mainly Hatha and restorative with small doses of flow, plus introducing practices of Animal Yoga™. In Jenny's sessions you can expect to linger luxuriously in some postures to really reach those deeper places in yourselves on all levels and to delve into a deeper relationship with each posture too. The morning sessions shall focus on an energizing Hatha practice with the evening sessions focusing on a soothing more restorative practice – a perfect balance. For Jenny, the philosophical aspect of yoga is just as important as the physical so you can expect to hear words of wisdom and inspiration as you make your way through your postures. You will of course be paying close attention to your breath during your practice and exploring its use in different ways.

    ​%What students can expect in Jenny's yoga sessions: Variety! Sure, you'll be working hard to your own "edge" but also there'll be ample relaxation and stillness in decadent doses as well as much needed opening, lengthening and releasing of many nooks and crannies within the body – all complemented by contemplation, knowledge, compassion, imagination... and many a smile! Jenny aims for authenticity in each session and to create an atmosphere conducive to listening to and respecting your own body. In short, you'll be enchanting all the senses and basking in the widest possible glory of what yoga can offer for the opportunity of silencing, soothing, strengthening, stretching, softening and serving the mind, body and soul. All yoga sessions take place on the beautiful Bagend platform which boasts a heart-warming and remarkable story of creation and surrounding sensational views! Prepare to be bedazzled!

    Sample daily timetable

    • 07.30 Pranayama or morning meditation
    • 08.00 Morning yoga practice
    • 09.30 Breakfast buffet
    • 11.00 Workshop (practical/theoretical) or free time
    • 13.00 Lunch
    • 15.00 Free time
    • 19.00 Evening yoga practice
    • 20.30 Meditation or Yoga Nidra
    • 21.00 Evening meal

    This is a sample timetable and may be subject to change. There will be one workshop a day, it may be in the morning or afternoon. There is also the option to visit local markets on Wednesday and Sunday.

    ​Your Rustic Retreats Journey

    The theme of this retreat is The Creative in Yoga. You will explore the meaning and relevance of creativity to your yoga practice – both on and off the mat. One way of interpreting yoga is as a method to foster – or create – more unity in the world. Also, yoga refers to a trinity of forces in our practice and life, one of which is the creative force (the others being preservation and dissolution). We create our breath every time we enter our practice; and our breath quite literally creates us. We create each posture – and in turn, with practice and knowledge – each posture can create some kind of effect on ourselves and even the wider world. This holds true for wider yogic practices such as mantra recitation, holding mudras, meditation and meditative dance. In every yogic activity we are consciously shaping and creating a practice and receiving the resulting effects. It could be said that we are, ultimately, the creators of our lives (at least the aspects we can control). On this retreat, we will approach our yoga practice as both an art and a science. In addition to the theme guiding our yoga sessions, the theme will expand into our meditation practice and workshops too.

    There shall be two sessions of meditation each day: first thing in the morning, bright and early in Bagend’s lovely homely little cabin (or indeed in a nice little corner on the land somewhere if that takes our fancy), and then another session post evening yoga. Let us start and close the days in peace. Jenny really loves sharing diverse styles of meditation so that everyone can find a style that works for them. Meditation is all about creating spaciousness in the mind. It is often defined as one-pointedness within yoga. So, one can be meditating whenever they are focusing purely on one thing and on nothing else – so much so that they feel they are even becoming that one thing they are focusing on. Jenny personally finds the definition from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying helpful too: “meditation is the space between two thoughts”. We’ll be exploring trataka (candle-gazing), sound meditations (using our own sound and external sounds), sitting meditation, walking meditation and yoga nidra too.

    There are ample cushions to help make everyone comfortable and you can also lie down if you really feel the need. We can also support ourselves sitting against a wall. It’s important that we are comfortable when meditating otherwise we’ll just be distracted by the discomfort and not return to the practice. Little and often will be the approach to the meditations, each session lasting between 10 and 20 minutes.

    Workshop programme

    Intention Setting and Energy Manipulation–(talk)

    We may have heard our teachers asking us to set an intention or san kalpa at the start of a yoga session. Do we know the background to this and how it links into the manipulation of energy within our yoga practice? We have heard about prana, but do we know what this really is and other connected energies? We will learn about how yoga is believed to channel energy in certain directions and how this connects to various aims within yoga of creating more peace, more compassion and more unity.“The frame has to hold the inner energy properly. Work from the energy body. The energy body, not the physical body, holds the poses.” (Iyengar)

    Mysterious Mandalas–(talk and practical)

    Mandalas are often associated with yoga and the word may be familiar to us… but what are they? Mandalas symbolize the cosmos in a creative visual format. We will learn more about these artistic pieces and how they relate to yoga. We will engage with them in a way we feel drawn to – mindfully coloring-in and decorating pre-created mandalas, mindfully creating our own mandalas or even meditating on a mandala (all equipment supplied). "Each person’s life is like a mandala – a vast, limitless circle. We stand in the center of our own circle, and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life" (Pema Chodron).

    Storytelling within Yogic Mythology–(talk)

    Many of us may have heard of Ganesh or Hanuman. But do we know anything more than the names? What relevance does ancient yogic mythology have to our yoga practice? We’ll look at a few mythologies in detail, see what inspiration and other relevance we can draw from them and see how they can be incorporated into our yoga practice. “Yogic myth has a genius to clothe the infinite in human form” (Eknath Easwaran).

    Creating your own (home) Practice– (talk, discussion and practice)

    Something all yoga teachers are often asked about is how to establish a home practice. It is something that many of us may have a fear of to begin with. Or it may be something others among us find relatively easily to begin, but then find sustaining it is somewhat trickier! We will discuss the benefits of a home practice as well as some of the apparent obstacles to a home practice and how these may be overcome. We will discover some handy hints and tips about how to approach the beginnings of a home practice, the continuation of a home practice and the enhancement of a home practice. You will have the opportunity to devise a short practice for yourself, ready for your home-coming. “Start slow and discover your own inner teacher” (Kreg Weiss).

    Dance of Being(blindfolded)–(practical)

    A meditative dance workshop exploring our species’ unique and mysterious relationship with rhythm and music! As in yoga, it all begins with the breath drawing us into the present moment and exploring how the body wishes to respond to the sounds and rhythms we will begin to hear. Drawing inspiration and guidance from my training in Ecstatic Awakening Dance, we’ll work toward building a peak in energy and cooling back down to a grounded energy. Being blindfolded (in a safe way) encourages our attention inward and away from external appearances of ourselves and others. Let your body go!"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good" (Edwin Denby).

    • Jenny Mace

      Jenny liebte seit dem ersten Tag die sanfte Herangehensweise von Yoga. Als sie ihre mentale und emotionale Stärke wiedererlangte, machte Sie Yoga mehr und mehr zu ihrer Priorität und begann von den Vorteilen von Ashtanga, Flow Yoga, Bikram und Hot Flow zu profitieren. Sie praktizierte an verschiedenen Orten, einschließlich Retreats, Studios, Stränden, Parks, Ashrams und zu Hause. Jennys Yogapraxis wird durch ihre Liebe zu Gesang und Tanz ergänzt und natürlich knüpft sie auch den Geist des Yoga an.

    Rustic Retreats is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Espuna Mountains, southern Spain. This beautiful site has so much to offer to so many, they have an organic vegetable garden, fresh mountain spring water, solar power throughout, a beautiful swimming pool, earth-bag dome, stunning yoga platform on the side of the mountain, hammocks, orange and lemon trees, a tailor made pinewood meditation / relaxation cabin with views across the valley, outdoor showers so you can shower under the stars, and so much more. Totally off grid, zero light pollution. Stunning surroundings, beautiful, and simple accommodation are part of the Rustic Retreats charming environment.

    Diese Anzeige ist Vegetarier freundlich Klicken Sie hier für mehr vegetarische Angebote

    Stimulate all your senses whilst you absorb the bright colors, beautiful textures, tantalizing flavors, and sublime aromas of the fresh food served at Rustic Retreats. The chef will create a myriad of fresh, healthy vegetarian meals to tantalize your pallet, all using the ripest, freshest, seasonal ingredients that are locally produced either from their very own organic garden and vegetable patch or from the local market and farmers.

    Varieties of fruit are growing freely on the site such as lemons, oranges, almonds, pomegranate, and carob to name but a few. All vegetarian meals are lovingly prepared by a trained chef in the outdoor kitchen and are served 'al fresco' whenever possible. All meals are included in the price. The meals have been so popular with the clients that they are looking at producing a recipe book for next season.

    Example menu:

    • Start the day with a fruit smoothie or refreshing mint tea.
    • Breakfast baby spinach omelet, cereals, fruit and French toast.
    • Lunch bell pepper frittata, bean and yogurt salad, and pumpkin bread.
    • Evening meal squash and zucchini casserole with wild rice and lemon tart.


    All day snack menu is available but cost is not included in the price. Alcohol is available at a small extra charge.

    Folgende Mahlzeiten sind inbegriffen:

    • Frühstück
    • Mittagessen
    • Abendessen

    Die folgenden Ernährungsweisen stehen zur Verfügung und/oder berücksichtigt werden:

    • Vegetarisch
    • Vegan
    • Glutenfrei
    • Vollwertkost
    • Weitere ernährungsspezifische Anforderungen auf Anfrage
    (Wenn Sie besondere Ernährungsbedürfnisse haben, empfehlen wir Ihnen diese dem Veranstalter bei der Buchung mitzuteilen.)
    • Play plenty of board games
    • Relax or read books on the hammocks, shaded terrace, and sun loungers
    • Take a dip in the swimming pool
    • Use the outdoor shower block to literally shower under the stars
    • Take a hike in the surrounding mountains
    • Contemplate life in the beautiful wooden meditation cabin
    • 6 nights accommodation
    • All meals, including daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and juice
    • Bed linen
    • Daily workshops, talks and mountain walks
    • Meditations twice daily
    • Stunning yoga platform nestled into the side of the mountain
    • Towels
    • Use of beautiful swimming pool
    • Yoga mats
    • Yoga practice twice daily
    • Airport transfers
    • Flights
    • Alcohol and snack menu (small extra charge)

    Arrival by airplane

    Fly into to Alicante, then it's a 2-hour train journey (6 EUR) through the beautiful Spanish countryside down to Totana station where Rustic Retreats will collect you.

    Arrival by train

    Arrive at Totana station where Rustic Retreats will collect you.

    Arrival by taxi

    You can get a taxi from the airport which would cost 170 EUR and upwards. Also, there are car hire options at the airport.

    Murcia, Spain

    Rustic Retreats bietet Yoga Urlaube und Workshops von beispielloser Einfachheit in der Sierra Espuña in Spanien.

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