12 Tage 100-Stunden Hot Vinyasa Flow Yogalehrer Ausbildung in den Niederlanden

  • Soulbreath, Hilversum, Albertus Perkstraat 5, Netherlands

12 Tage 100-Stunden Hot Vinyasa Flow Yogalehrer Ausbildung in den Niederlanden

  • Soulbreath, Hilversum, Albertus Perkstraat 5, Netherlands

Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Netherlands

Dare to dream big and become a yoga teacher to change lives! Be empowered to bring your practice, understanding, and experience onto a deeper level. Learn to teach, share, and transmit a rich offering to your students through your own journeys, discoveries, knowledge, and wisdom from the source. This rich yoga teacher’s training offers you a variety of different classes from which you will receive the gifts and blessings of different styles and arts of yoga. This training is the second module of a two-modules training of a full curriculum of 225 hours. The training consist of a 100 hours hot Vinyasa flow training and a 25 hours hot core fusion training. The first module is a 11 Days Hot Bikram Yoga Teacher Training starting on February 17, 2017 or November 10, 2017. If you are interested in participating in both modules, please take a look at the listing 23 Days 200hr Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Netherlands (https://www.bookyogaretreats.com/rise-shine-yoga/23-days-200hr-hot-yoga-teacher-training-in-netherlands).

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  • 25 hours hot core fusion
  • 100 hours hot Vinyasa flow
  • Discover the transformative, healing power of yoga and learn how to take your yoga off the mat
  • Learn how to find your unique authentic voice, skills, and talents for your and your students benefit
  • Learn how to create and hold a professional & safe inspiring space for your students
  • Learn to teach hot yoga in a safe, mindful, empowering way
  • 12 nights accommodation
  • Kurse an 11 Tagen
  • Niederländisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Englisch
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If you are coming from outside of the Netherlands, you will need a place to stay. Rise & Shine Yoga has arranged it for you.

This yoga teacher training is the second module of the two modules of a 225-hours program that has been approved by Yoga Alliance. You will receive a 100 hours Participation certificate after participating in this training. If you participate in both modules, you will receive a 200 hours Yoga Alliance certificate. After participating in both modules, you are able to teach Hot classic or Bikram style classes, Hot flow classes, and Hot core fusion classes. In this training, you will find time to dive into some yoga philosophic lectures, meditations and explorations of values, and root teachings of ancient yoga lineage.

This whole training aims to create a space where you can all grow together and connect deeper with yourselves. You are going to learn how to create that sacred space for transformation, healing, and awakening for others. You will also learn the tools to enhance that space.

You will have time for teaching lab, or practice teaching hours, and a couple of work to support you in gaining experience even if this is your first teacher training journey. You will also have a session about marketing, and the business part of being a yoga teacher. These sessions will inspire you in finding your creative ways to build love, abundance, and joy with teaching yoga.

Training module 2: 12 Days 100-hours foundations of Hot flow and Hot core fusion sequence

This training will actually last for 13 days, as there is a day off on January 26, 2018. You will practice Hot Vinyasa flow in a room heated between 32 to 34 degrees Celcius. The essence of the class is the breath and movement connection. One breath is one movement that creates a continuous flow such as the flow of movement, flow of breath, and flow of energy. Besides energizing the body and heart, as well as calming or inspiring the mind, the flow practices are also increasing your fluid nature. It helps you to release blockages and create openings as well as fresh blood and energy flows in the body and in your life. In this class, you will also learn a Hot core fushion sequence that is created by Kata van Doesselaar based on the classic Hot poses, some flow elements, and special core practices. It is incredibly empowering and energizing class that is usually very popular as we all need more core strength. You will learn a unique sequence to cultivate core strength that is supporting a healthy spine and which, you need for all yoga practices and life in general; specially, if you are working a lot in an office.

In this module, you will have two Hot flow practices a day. The morning practice is an activating, invigorating solar class. You will have a slow, relaxing flow in the evening or lunar class, as in connection to the sun and the moon, learning to create the balance between yang and yin, which are the two polarities that you carry.

You will learn from an experienced teacher trainer, Kata van Doesselaar, the basics of a Hot Vinyasa flow practice, which includes:

  • Elements of flow such as asanas, sun salutations, sun salutation variations, breathing practices, and relaxation
  • Anatomy of the movement, physical, and energetical alignment principles
  • Learning how to sequence using the principles of Vinyasa Krama, a step by step progressing approach, using the map of the body and working with the family of hip-openers, heart-openers, shoulder-openers, core strength developers, inversions
  • Learning to feel and sense your students and your group; then, communicate with them according to the now moment and learn how to adjust as well as to assist in their experiences, if needed
  • Learning how to modify poses to specific needs of each of your students and how to avoid injuries including support for their healing
  • Learning how to work with intentions that has a higher purpose on your mat and in your life
  • Learning how to take your yoga off the mat and how to transmit the transformative, healing power of yoga to your students
  • You will receive support from Rise & Shine Yoga in finding your authentic voice, the teacher in you, the wisdom that you have to share to the world, and your unique gift
  • You will learn how to teach hot core fusion classes and how to give modifications of the sequence according to your students’ needs
  • You will learn how to follow your intuition and create your own sequence that you can use for your own practice and for your students
  • You will learn how to choose the right words, cues, and enthusiastic message to empower and encourage your students
  • You will practice the hot core fusion class every day twice in the last part of your training
  • On the last week, you get the chance to memorize all the poses, the important instructions, and find your ways to make it yours

This yoga teacher training is recommended for

  • Committed yogis who wish to deepen their own experience and knowledge but may not be sure if they want to teach it to others; or, maybe they don't want to teach for now
  • Hot yoga lovers with at least one year yoga experience
  • Yogis who love practicing in the heat; enjoying the detoxifying and empowering effect of Hot yoga
  • Yogis who wish to teach Hot yoga, Hot flow, and Hot core fusion
  • Yogis who wish to open their own Hot yoga studio; you may also request for details from Rise & Shine Yoga about the franchise program and receive support with everything connected to setting up your studio
  • Kata van Doesselaar

    Kata van Doesselaar ist eine erfahrene Yogalehrerin, Atem- und Massagetherapeutin, Heilerin und Coach. Sie praktiziert seit 12 Jahren Yoga und unterrichtet es seit sieben Jahren. Sie hat verschiedene Stile trainiert, unter anderem Iyengar, Ashtanga, und Vinyasa, bis sie ihre Maha Lehrerin Shiva Rea gefunden hat, von der sie sich am meisten inspiriert fühlt. Dann wurde Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Krishnamacharya), von Shiva Rea in Los Angeles erfunden, zu Katas primärem Yogastil und sie lernt ihr ganzes Leben lang mehr darüber.

  • Erin Terziff

    Erin ist zertifizierte und erfahrene Yogalehrerin aus Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA. Sie entdeckte Yoga für sich als sie nach einer Alternative zu Langlauf und Fußball suchte, wobei sie sich die Archillessehne verletzt hatte.

This yoga teacher training will take place in Hilversum, Netherlands.

You can use your free days to relax, recharge, and allow everything to sink deep. On those days, you are welcome for nice optional programs such as a day at a wonderful spa, a day in Amsterdam to explore the channels, or a day by the sea to connect with the elements and recharge your batteries.

  • 12 nights accommodation
  • 25 hours training on hot core fusion for stamina, cardiovascular, and mental strength
  • 100 hours training on the fundamentals of hot Vinyasa flow
  • A session on business and marketing to kick-start you into the commerce of teaching yoga
  • Airfares
  • Airport transfers
  • Excursions
  • Meals

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request. The train leaves for Hilversum every 15 minutes from platform three.

  • Die Anzahlung wird nicht erstattet, wenn die Buchung storniert wird.
  • Der Restbetrag ist 60 Tage vor der Ankunft zu zahlen.

Bestätigte BookYogaRetreats.com Bewertungen

  • I
    Bewertung von Anonym


    PROS Positives: As it was one of my first steps into this kind of experience, I can tell you, I'm a lucky person, that I found Kata and Erno offering their knowledge and enthusiasm in teaching on beautiful Ibiza. I felt safe accompanied by them during the whole stay. By taking us to magical spots like calm beaches and wood surrounded roof tops to feel the energy of the elements in meditation to dive deep into the Yin Space, I opened up to allow transforming inner and outer experiences. All in a joyful atmosphere, through feeling, they love what they do. Not enough space to mention everything here ... a private concert from their friends from Hang in Balance, accompaigning one of our sessions, super delicious organic food 3 times a day by wonderful chef Jila energized me, beautiful villa, lots of knowledge about meridians, anatomy and energy, soulbreath- & yoganidra-sessions by amazing Erno helped me to calm down, guidance through Yin Practice by passionate shining teacher Kata...I loved it...helping through her wisdom and presence to connect deeper to myself! Wonderful! Thank you! Ingrid

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dear Ingrid, thanks you so much for having taken the time to leave such a detailed review about our last Yin yoga teacher Training. Indeed we do put all our heart, passion in these trainings, and feels so wonderful when someone is really happy about it:) It was beautiful to have you with us, and we are happy that you had an inspiring first yoga teacher training:) To a few more to come!! ;))) Wishing you all the best. And hopefully seeing your beautiful shining face soon! :) Love, Kata & Erno van Doesselaar

    2017-Aug-29 10:24:57

  • H
    Bewertung von Hannah Noble aus Vereinigtes Königreich

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dear Hannah, I am really surprised to read this review as you repetitively told us at the closing ceremony how our training was amazing for you. We made our best to accommodate you with your discomforts in many ways. Wether it was for medications that you needed from pharmacy, or to change your room to make you more happy. But as we know happiness is an attitude of appreciation that comes from within. I think it's important to become aware of our intentions &expectations when you choose a teacher training: - If you wish to get everything super cheap, go to India or Indonesia..Ibiza is really expensive place to be, to go on holiday and even to live. The rental fees for houses, meals that you pay for in restaurants will tell you how much effort we make to keep our prices reasonable ON IBIZA. It's not easy.. why we still choose to offer our trainings here? Because the energy is so special& high vibrational that it will deepen the transformational&healing aspect of our trainings on the individual & collective level. -If you wish to get everything luxurious: go for a yoga RETREAT organized in a 5star Hotel.This is a teacher training.Our focus is to offer an inspirational in depth training away from any superficial fancy stuff in a quality setting where people can fully let go, focus on themselves,eat clean for a week, free their mind, heart& body to become enriched, more embodied& gain deep insights that they can share as teachers. Wishing you all the best on jour journey! Kata

    2017-Aug-27 17:46:19

  • B
    Bewertung von Anonym

    To be improved

    CONS Negatives: Villa too isolated from city/sea/shops/services. The food was nice but we had too much carbohydrates and we hadn't any choice. Rooms were small and we had shared bathroom (that was not specified)! I also would have liked to have more yoga practice

    PROS Positives: Teachers are great! I really enjoyed the topics and yin classes

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dear Miki, I am sorry to read this review. It seems that you had a mixed experience. I am happy that at least you were happy with our teachings & us as teachers. For me that is one of the most important things. In this world where almost everyone can become really fast a yoga teacher it can be quite a challenge to find really experienced , authentic, knowledgable teachers who can also transmit their knowledge good, besides having their committed & dedicated self practice. We do respect your experience & you have the "right" to not be as satisfied as others in your group were. We all come from different background& different stories that will affect our perception of our reality. You had some health issues (ear inflammation) as you came to the training , I am sure it affected your experience as well, maybe would be important to mention this. But again, we also did our best to accommodate your needs, to offer you a new room at our costs, get medications from pharmacy etc. This retreat house that we used only for the August month was in a very beautiful remote part of the island, ideal for the inner work we wanted to do with our training. However we offered daily transfers to shops, beaches, etc for those who wanted more movement and stimulation. Meals:we always ask in our welcoming mail about the diet preferences of each, but you didnt mention anything. We put a lot of effort in establishing a balance with everything so all can be happy, hopefully next time you will be.

    2017-Aug-26 10:29:14

  • A
    Bewertung von Alex Franklin aus Vereinigtes Königreich

    CONS Negatives: Nothing

    PROS Positives: Kata and Erno went out of their way to make the experience great for us. They held the space so well and allowed us to feel relaxed and comfortable in the group. They work really well together as a team.

    2017-Aug-26 09:31:58

  • A
    Bewertung von Angela Gannon aus Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

    The description of this course is very aptly described.

    CONS Negatives: Nothing

    PROS Positives: Practice, discussion, the allowing of space in a safe space to explore the teachings and the confidence and skills this brought to thoroughly understand and experience the essence of the course and feel equipped to share it with others.

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dear Angela, thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a kind review to us. Thank you for having the eye and heart to feel and appreciate how much we put in these trainings in order to offer an inspiring, enjoyable and transformative experience for All. There is no better joy for us then to hear that you enjoyed the journey. We loved having your sweet and enthusiastic energy on our Yin Yoga training. And we are very much looking forward to meeting you again! We stay connected through the beautiful blessings of Yin Yoga. Wishing you a lot of joy in practicing it and teaching it. See you soon! With Love, Kata & Erno

    2017-Aug-26 06:07:42

  • S
    Bewertung von Anonym

    CONS Negatives: In this Remote location, it was very difficult to get transport after the course. Address was difficult to find for taxies. Some visual help in the teaching would have improved the learning experience.

    PROS Positives: Erno's wisdom and reaching giving respect and space.

    2017-Aug-26 03:50:00

  • K
    Bewertung von Koula Terkessidis aus Belgien

    Great Yin Yoga Course with great teachers

    CONS Negatives: Minus: The lightweight yoga mats were too thin and uncomfortable for me. Sоmе people are used to doing yoga on the floor, or do yoga on a thin mat. But I have sensitive wrists, elbows, ankles and knees. For me, the thin mat was an obstacle to relax and to hold the poses for a long time. The teachers Kata and Erno listened to my complaints about the mat immediately, and they tried to make it better by gathering cushions from the couch. Anyway, I recommend to bring your own (thick) yogamat if you have sensitive joints to reduce impact on your joints.

    PROS Positives: The Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza was great! In a beautiful place with great yoga teachers and healthy food. The course was truly revealing, both physically and mentally, and Kata and Erno have a clear and inspiring way of teaching. I learned a lot about Yin Yoga. Theory and practice were well balanced. After I completed the course, I felt well prepared to teach. I already started teaching, and sharing Yin Yoga with other people, brings me a lot of joy. Thank you very much, Kata and Erno. You are great teachers.

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dearest Koula, thanks so much for taking the time and energy to leave us a kind review. We enjoyed a lot having you in our training and wishing you a lot of joy in your teaching & self discovery Path.. Love, Kata & Erno

    2017-Aug-16 08:58:08

  • A
    Bewertung von Anonym

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a nice review. Namaste.

    2017-Aug-14 19:13:22

  • H
    Bewertung von Hannah Norvall aus Vereinigtes Königreich

    Wonderful teacher training experience

    CONS Negatives: Nothing! Could not get the 'rate your instructor' section to work on this page so for the record I highly rate Kata and Erno.

    PROS Positives: Erno & Kata are fantastic teachers - so knowledgeable, caring and enthusiastic. The course was interesting and the setting was perfect. A nice balance of learning and free time to enjoy the island. The food was absolutely delicious! I left feeling like I'd been on a retreat but with the bonus of achieving a new teaching skill.

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dearest Hannah, it was such a pleasure to have you with us for the Yin Training. We thank you for taking the time to leave such a sweet, kind review. We wish you a lot of joy in teaching Yin Yoga to your students. They are very lucky with You! Hope to see you again soon. Blessings, Kata & Erno van Doesselaar

    2017-Aug-09 19:56:51

  • A
    Bewertung von Alison Sheeley aus Vereinigtes Königreich

    CONS Negatives: Nothing of note

    PROS Positives: Everything

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dearest Alison, Thanks so much for taking the time to write us such a kind review. We are happy that you enjoyed our training. It is mutual, we loved having you with us! Wishing you a wonderful journey for yourself with the Yin, really nurturing yourself with it...and also on your teaching path...blessings <3 Love, Kata van Doesselaar

    2017-Aug-06 20:40:17

  • S
    Bewertung von Sherine Wong aus Frankreich

    I had a wonderful time!

    CONS Negatives: One Mosquito 🤓

    PROS Positives: I like and highly satisfied with the selection of the venue, the food, our private chef, my peers and our instructors, I would recommend this TT to everyone that would like to discover Yin Yoga. Everything was well organised 👍

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Awww sweet Sherine..it was a real pleasure to have your bright, light and funny Soul with us for the Yin training. Thanks for coming from so far, and we are really happy that you enjoyed the journey with us. Keep spreading your beautiful natural gifts of stillness and relaxation...And we hope to seeing you somewhere on the Path rather sooner then later:) Thanks for taking the time to leave this beautiful review.. Blessings on Your Path, Kata van Doesselaar

    2017-Aug-06 08:12:10

  • L
    Bewertung von Liliane Belyavsky aus Belgien

    PROS Positives: Amazing experience with amazing teachers, Kata and Erno are beautiful people so generous, very professional teacher ,.... I could not dream to live such an amazing week, the training was very interesting I learned a lot , surrounded by a very nice group in a beautiful villa I would recommend to everyone to do it and to live this beautiful experience

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Oh dear Liliane, such a pleasure to have met you.. and so wonderful to seeing you opening up for the Yin energies, and receive the relaxation and soft nurturing that you were aiming for. Thanks so much for your kind review, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing you again soon..for some more yummy yoga together..until then keep enjoying the gifts of Yin Yoga for you..and I am so proud of you, how you already share it with others! In this crazy world we all need that so much! Blessings, Kata van Doesselaar

    2017-Jul-31 16:47:17

  • A
    Bewertung von Amanda Bowen aus Vereinigtes Königreich

    Amazing unforgettable experience

    CONS Negatives: When it ended! I wanted it to last forever. It was so emotional saying goodbye! The week went too fast!

    PROS Positives: Everything about this course was fantastic. Kata and Erno are the most lovely people and cannot do enough to make your experience the best possible. They are really genuine people and I can't wait to do another of their courses and a retreat. Our group connected so well and really embraced the teachings, supported each other throughout and great friendships have been made. Delving deeply into yin yoga through this course has been money well spent and I would highly recommend it.

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dearest Amanda, thanks so much for your wonderful review. Thanks so much for your bright, sweet and REAL presence in our Yin training. We can't wait to see you again. Blessings, and a lot of joy on your Yin yoga Path : Kata & Erno van Doesselaar

    2017-Jul-23 20:32:15

  • A
    Bewertung von Angelique Fox aus Niederlande


    PROS Positives: Alles. Een zeer fijne opleiding met 2 zeer lieve docenten. Een ervaring om nooit te vergeten. Het is niet in woorden uit te drukken hoe het was. Ik raak niet uit verteld en krijg kippenvel als ik erover spreek. Emoties, tranen, lachen, liefde en zoveel meer.

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Lieve Angelique, , thank you so much for taking the time to leave this beautiful review for us. It was a really love filled journey to share the Art of Yin yoga with you. Wishing you lot of joy and sweet experiences with your life and teachings.. We hope to see you again very soon. With LOVE, Kata & Erno van Doesselaar

    2017-Jul-10 15:51:57

  • G
    Bewertung von Gola Narold aus Niederlande

    CONS Negatives: De vliegen en mieren waren minder.

    PROS Positives: De opleiding was top.

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dear Gola, thanks so much for taking the time to leave your review. We really enjoyed having you as part of this Yin journey. We are really looking forward to meeting you both again soon. Blessings Dear Gola, keep your beautiful Spirit shining with that radiant warm light that brings happiness into others Hearts <3 Love You! Blessings, Kata van Doesselaar

    2017-Jul-10 08:15:44

  • K
    Bewertung von Kirsten Durward aus Katar

    Very meaningful experience

    PROS Positives: Kata and Erno are very dedicated to their work and are very supportive of everyone's learning experience. Between them they have a huge amount of knowledge about yoga, breathwork, Chinese, medicine, healing, and more. The days were well planned to give a balanced learning experienced and personally I liked that there was some flexibility to adapt to the mood of the group and the weather. I certainly found the experience to be a worthwhile step on my spuritual and physical journey. Plus I learned a lot about mudras that I didn't know or expect. I left feeling empowered to teach Yin, putting a focussed sequence together with intent, also deepened in my own practice,

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dear Kirsten, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review for us. We were really happy to share the beautiful transformative and healing journey of Yin Yoga with you. We wish you all the best on your new adventures and hope to see you soon again! Blessings, Kata & Erno van Doesselaar

    2017-Jul-06 08:21:00

  • B
    Bewertung von Benny Lamotte aus Vereinigte Staaten

    Phenomenal Experience *

    PROS Positives: Where to even begin ! I took this training for more than one reason, but mainly to learn how to heal my body after living with a lot of pain for too long. A friend who does bodywork recommended it to me, and I cannot say enough how blown away I was (and still am) of the entire experience. Life changing doesn't even touch it ! Kata and Erno are unbelievable teachers, but more importantly, unbelievable people. They both lead by a grounded example in a way that is both inspiring and healing at the same time. They were incredibly supportive for each one of us, and we were a big group. They were 110% available for us whenever we needed anything or had any question or issue or simply needed a listening ear. They were able to hold space masterfully individually and for the group. I learned more in this training than I had expected, and just after a week left feeling like I was finally ready to fall back in love with myself. Yin yoga was new for me, and even though most of the woman there had more experience than myself, we all flowed very well together and I was able to metabolize the information with ease. Kata and Erno paced the training really well- it never felt like too much information or too much practice- it was all very balanced. All of us taking the course became connected very quickly- friendships that will last a lifetime. There really are not enough great things I can say about it... An irreplaceable experience, I am forever grateful for my new teachers and friends :)

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dearest Benny, Thanks so much for your kind words. It makes our heart sing that we can offer a loving , inspiring space for people to grow , to heal and become genuine yoga teachers. Thanks for taking that long journey to us from the States, and we are truly looking forward to having you back again. Blessings, Kata van Doesselaar

    2017-Jul-02 22:21:45

  • T
    Bewertung von Teresa Mccreesh aus Vereinigte Staaten

    Amazing experience

    PROS Positives: Kata was a wonderful, positive and approachable teacher. The yin teacher training was informative, inspiring and I left Ibiza feeling confident in my ability to teach yin yoga to others. It was lovely to also experience yoga nidra and some flow, in addition to the yin practices. The accommodation was stunning and fully equipped with all the essentials that you needed! I left Ibiza feeling calm, relaxed and empowered. I cannot recommend this teacher training enough!

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dearest Teresa, What a beautiful review you left us, thanks so much for taking the time for it. It was a real pleasure to have you with us on our Yin training and honestly we would be happy to be able to take your class somewhere someday! Hoping to see you soon beautiful Lady, with love, Kata & Erno van Doesselaar

    2017-May-31 08:28:37

  • E
    Bewertung von Anonym

    Still in Bliss

    CONS Negatives: I can't really say any because if something didn't feel right for me, there were always alternatives..... and opportunity for growth in reactions :)

    PROS Positives: I felt immediately peaceful with arrival at the location, my room was amazing and I looked forward every morning to sit in our area by the pool to meditate & practice... even tho I'm not a morning person :) I found Yin Yoga to be exactly what my mind & body needed, and Kata such a strong, loving, knowledgeable open teacher & facilitator. I usually shy from connecting with others right away (my own guarding myself issues) but loved how the process unfolded and I felt comfortable opening up, and then interacting with so many different but important personalities and personal journeys. I miss my temporary family...

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Thanks so much, we love what we do..and we love to see people glowing after our training. Blessings on Your Path! Kata van Doesselaar

    2017-May-28 21:24:53

  • M
    Bewertung von Anonym

    CONS Negatives: de organisatie van alles verdient een aandachtspuntje

    PROS Positives: de mogelijkheden dat er ook yoga nidra werd aangeboden

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dear Marle, Usually every teacher training goes deep. It might seem we learn new techniques, new information, new tools to teach others. But it is mainly about ourselves wanting to connect deeper with ourselves and giving ourselves time and space to explore ourselves , so we can grow from there. A real teacher is a teacher because she shares the path that she has been walking herself. The ups and downs that she overcame, the wounds that she healed in herself the tensions that she understood and recognized, and transformed in herself. In our opinion. We are all walking a path towards awakening, we are all working on finding new ways to be. Releasing whatever is not serving us anymore in order to grow into what is joyful, what is expressing our true nature. From the first moment you arrived at the training you carried a huge tension. You didn't communicate anything about it, there was just this huge tension, towards everybody. I just heard that you didn't talk to your room mate for a week. Without apparent reason. The first thing you said to me on your arrival was that you need a tooothbrush and toothpaste because you forgot yours. In a second I came back to you, as I accidentally had a new set of toothbrush in my bag and put it down in the kitchen for you together with a toothpaste.You never said thank you, never asked if you awe me something for that. The last day you expected us to bring you at the airport totally out of the shuttle hours that we offered, when i said it is not possible but i can just give you a refund for that transfer so, you can comfortably get there with a taxi, you were again about to explode without saying anything. Just starring at me like i would be a criminal. I even explained you how to get the bus , for only 4 € to save your taxi money. And again, this was already an extra attention, as training finished at 10am...and I was taking care of you at 6pm in that evening. Rating our organic vegan clean catering meals at 2,5 is outrageous, as they are coming from the most clean vegan rastaurant rated 5stars of Ibiza. The meals might not be so comforting as a nice beefsteak, but we have chosen these meals so they support the energetical transformation that is taking place usually in our training, so that the body doesnt spend a lot of energy on digesting. We did added eggs, tofu and cheese and bread and avocados, tahini, cereals, and fruits, joghurt,as extra if someone wanted to have something more filling, so there were options for that as well. Again, this is not an all inclusive holiday where we have the all you can eat buffet available, as it wouldn't serve the purpose of our training. Usually people say they feel really energized after a week of mostly raw organic vegan eating. I can understand if you are not used to that it can be a bit of a challenge, but again, rating it 2,5 is outrageous. Sorry. A teacher training will always confront people. Some people take the journey and they are transformed and grateful at the end, and some people resist and they will blame you for everything in order to admit that they need to face something. We have been teaching teacher trainings for more then 10 years. We know what we do. And we know that there will be always people freaking out. Even if we give 200% it won't be enough as then they will complain about something else.. to distract themselves from what is really going on inside of them. I keep learning from my teacher in trainings and every time i will meet something inside that might be difficult, that is why i was hiding it under the carpet.. but i came to the training to sort myself out, to feel better, to grow! So i am ok with that. I know it's for my own benefit even if it hurts, things need to come to the surface. And I don't project it on others. Well some people are not that clear. And that is also fine. It is sometimes good to stop for a moment take a breath..and explore what is really taking place here. You never communicated anything with me about your tensions, that you already carried when you arrived. As during the training you also didn't share anything even though there was several invitation to do so, I can say, that I honour you and your tensions. But it doesn't surprise me that it manifested in such a review. As tension needs to come out. I wish you a beautiful healing journey with yin yoga. And I am happy that you enjoyed yoga nidra. It is a wonderful technique to release deep stress and traumas. Blessings, Kata van Doesselaar (lead teacher & co-founder at Rise&Shine Yoga)

    2017-May-22 08:25:50

  • C
    Bewertung von Clotilde Martin aus Frankreich

    CONS Negatives: la nourriture

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dear Clotilde, it was great to have you with us. I am sorry that you didn't like our vegan organic food, that is explicitely chosen, so that it supports energetically the training, and keeps us light... Best wishes, Kata

    2017-May-16 09:28:04

  • A
    Bewertung von Aurora De Leeuw aus Niederlande

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dear Aurora, What a joy to have you with us, young Lady! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review for us. We wish you joys and blessings on your Yin journey and teaching journey and we hope to see you again soon! Love, Kata & Erno van Doesselaar

    2017-May-13 15:16:19

  • U
    Bewertung von Ulrike Seidler aus Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dearest Ulrike, thanks so much for your kind review. It was so amazing to witness your transformation and home coming with the Yin Yoga. We wish you a lot of joy with it, and hope to see you soon again! Love from Kata & Erno van Doesselaar

    2017-May-13 05:42:11


  • Bewertung von Kari

    "I attended the May Spring Detox retreat in Ibiza. It was a welcome break from my fast paced life. What a wonderful blessing to be in Ibiza, housed in a tranquil villa with a gorgeous swimming pool. I had 5 star beautiful meals put in front of me 3 times daily, with an option to a juice cleanse. I met and connected with a group of incredibly special people and left the retreat feeling thoroughly uplifted, recharged. We focused in different yoga practices and a variety of meditations. I can highly recommend Kata and Erno as teachers and the retreat as a whole. I will definitely book again in the future!"

    Rise & Shine Yoga, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von L. (yin training)

    "Dearest Kata"

    "Our great teacher! Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed your training, style and personality and it was beautiful to see how Erno and you do this as a team. Very very nice and heartwarming. For sure keep me posted on your trainings, events, outings ..... everything ;) "

    Rise & Shine Yoga, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Lina

    "I landed on Ibiza on 21st April with so many clouds over my head that I was in fact doubting if another yoga teacher training was the right thing to do just now. It turned out that it was exactly the right thing to do. More than other lines of yoga, yin yoga invites you to go within and find that internal and eternal source that knows all, sees all and feels all. It was at times overwhelming but more so it was magical to be guided through a week of learning and introspection by Kata and Erno. Adding elements of yang and yoga nidra to the yin training brought everything together and I really look forward to starting to share yin with my student. And the clouds in my head more than lifted. Remember: you are the sky not the weather :) "

    Rise & Shine Yoga , bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Guest

    "i will say good experience , where we can learn about ourself and learn about our behaviour with the world and earth . Really good vibes and good teaching ,really good sensations, and a good way to understand what is yin Yoga and a good way to be involved insight on ."

    Rise & Shine Yoga, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Guest

    "Yin-Yoga Teachers Training .. Stunning Location - World Class Trainers - Delicious Souls .. YumYum"

    Rise & Shine Yoga, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Customer

    "This course was one of the most fabulous experience in my life."

    "I'll be grateful for the rest of my life... Thank you!"

    Rise & Shine Yoga, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler
    10 von 10

    "What a wonderful yin teacher training. Huge transformation, deepening of my understanding and learning from the best teachers! We became a beautiful family at the end, so much love and care has been shared. Amazing great organic vegan meals, and special care of our organizers."

    "And a plus of the teacher training, so much has been shared about how to create sequences, and that is usually never explained. We gained so much, i feel confident to start o teach Yin yoga in my own studio, and i feel joy sharing the healing power of yin yoga."

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler

    "I loved the atmosphere in the group, even though everybody was so different in character. That’s the magic about a yoga group. The house was great too, so old and wonderful. It felt great. Enjoyed the pool a lot, every morning doing my laps. The food was nice too, for everybody you guys had something!"

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler

    "Loved the hot yoga studio and your lessons there and the Spanish one too. Loved the different beaches and the zonsondergang, and the meditations. I would certainly recommend to all, was a great experience in all!"

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Vera
    10 von 10

    "Last week i joined the ibiza retreat and after a week in my busy life i still feel the energy that i got from the retreat and the island. Any body and everybody will benefit from doing meditation in the sun, feeling your feet in the sand and experience the sweat dripping on your yoga mat during a hot yoga session. Although i am at novice yoga level, i enjoyed this experience a lot! Both kata and erno were really doing their absolute best to organize a trip that suits everybody (glutenfree and diary free food, trip to a fish restauarant, mindblowing sunsets etc)."

    "I can really recommend this trip to anyone who want to enjoy the sun, improve their yoga postures, get more in balance or simply to feel alive again"

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Ilda

    "I wanted to take a moment and allow myself to express my gratitude towards the both of you for not only teaching me the inside-out of this lovely yin and a bit of yan practice, but, to be those anchor who help me to ground inside myself. Magic had happened inside of me and baby steps will soon be steady and strong. I could find the most wonderful combination of words to express how I feel, however, a deep Thank you - without the ocean of details - will be as much explicit. See you soon and around"

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler

    "I can only say that I gain myself back. As a whole me, My Dragon part as well as my human sole! It’s been one of the most eye opening journeys in my life!"

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Europe

    "It was so energizing! I felt with high energy that I couldn't sleep till 2:00 am! I was really happy until I got asleep. The next day I felt energized, so I'm really looking forward to continue with Bikram yoga. I really enjoyed the yoga session a lot. Thanks for being so professional with the class, you really got me concentrated into my breathing, my moves, and I start listening to my body. See you soon yogi."

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Europe

    "Thanks Kata for your enthusiastic hot classes! Although it is a challenging practice, I definitely see my improvement week after week and that feels great."

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Europe

    "I had a wonderful experience on this retreat. I arrived quite stressed and tired. I went home energised and very relaxed. Kata is an excellent yoga teacher and was very intuitive to the problems I was having in the class. She offered a variety of yoga styles, which made the retreat more diverse. I was grateful that she introduced me to Yin yoga, which I felt suited me quite well, therefore proving Kata's great intuition.Her partner Erno offered peaceful meditation sessions in the evening which further added to the retreat experience and blended well with the experience. I look forward to attending another retreat with these guys soon."

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Marian

    "I had a wonderful experience on this retreat. I arrived quite stressed and tired. I went home energised and very relaxed. Kata is an excellent yoga teacher and was very intuitive to the problems I was having in the class. She offered a variety of yoga styles, which made the retreat more diverse. I was grateful that she introduced me to yin yoga, which I felt suited me quite well, therefore proving Kata's great intuition.Her partner Erno offered peaceful meditation sessions in the evening which further added to the retreat experience and blended well with the experience. I look forward to attending another retreat with these guys soon :)"

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Sylvie

    "I had never been on a yoga retreat before so was not sure what to expect but the soulbreath hot yoga retreat was wonderful from beginning to end. The venue was stunning with great facilities, good bed, and wonderful food. The yoga platform on the top of the hill overlooking the valley is the most beautiful spot to practice and the pool, sauna and steam room provided so great relief after the intensive yoga.Kata and Ernos classes were amazing. Great instruction with a real understanding of each of the participants needs. With their wonderful guidance, I was able to further my practice but also explore new postures and even try other types of yoga. The highlight of the retreat for me was the candlelight hot yoga! what a wonderful experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend the retreat to anybody no matter what level of practice they have. The perfect blend of Yoga and Relaxation. Thank you."

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Europe

    "Thank you Kata, for having started to offer teacher trainings. I think I found the person that gave me exactly what I was looking for! It is during your training that I first ever experienced how it is to accept myself fully as I am, accept my limitations, my body's limitations, and not feel bad about that.I feel such a deep gratitude, the whole experience feel like a homecoming to me. The space that you created was so non-judgmental, and the yin yoga is teaching us the acceptance as well, so I could finally let go of my concerns of me not being good / flexible / young / slim enough. Thank you for this wonderful training!"

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Europe

    "I thought that this Yin yoga teacher training is going to be like all the other yoga trainings, we learn some new asanas, alignment, etc. but this goes way beyond that! These are just the first three days that we experienced together, but it goes so deep, it brings so many realizations, I am learning so much about who I am, and how I am, and it really feels like a psychological therapy, very enriching and empowering."

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Maestro Saint-Germain

    "When you see how you create and live your life from your divinity, you suddenly understand what truly matters for you and that your soul was always helping you to get that view, channeled by Erno van Doesselaar."

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler

    "The past three weeks have brought me an incredible opening, learning, and discovery and even better. It went a lot easier and more enjoyable than ever before. I seriously feel like I'm not the same person as I was before, and I did not even have to force myself to do so."

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Europe

    "From a totally exhausted body (legs) and mind to a relaxed, glowing body and mind. Thank you Kata van Doesselaar (Sznasi) for such a wonderful Yin yoga class!"

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Europe

    "Dear Erno, I just wanted to share with you that yesterday's Soulbreath session has brought me so much! I am fully present in my life again and feel different. I am full of inspiration, enthusiasm, energy, and curiosity. So, I am ready for new creations that come from joy! My deep gratitude for this, you truly do a fantastic job."

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Europe

    "Wow, what an energizing amazing hot yoga class tonight! Thank you Kata, I really enjoyed it! I am looking forward to join your workshop this weekend."

    Soulbreath website, bearbeitet

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