12 Tage Reinigender Detox und Yoga Urlaub auf Koh Phangan, Thailand

  • Orion Healing Center, 15/2 Moo 8, Srithanu, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani Province, Thailand

12 Tage Reinigender Detox und Yoga Urlaub auf Koh Phangan, Thailand

  • Orion Healing Center, 15/2 Moo 8, Srithanu, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani Province, Thailand

Purifying Yoga Retreat Thailand

Experience a versatile detox and yoga retreat in Koh Phangan, Thailand! With this retreat, you can choose classes at your own level and practice refreshing yoga class every day, guided by experienced instructors. You will also cleanse your body and mind through gentle fasting detox programs, relax in the steam room, rejuvenate yourself with massages, and come home with your fresh new self.

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  • One daily yoga class
  • 3 yoga philosophy classes
  • Daily meditation or Nidra practices
  • Self-administrated colonics sessions
  • 2 Thai massages and 1 Reiki treatment
  • Raw food, liver flush drinks, and detox drinks
  • Daily access to the steam room
  • 11 nights' accommodation
  • Kurse an 11 Tagen
  • Englisch
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All of Orion Healing Center's accommodation options are situated amidst peaceful surroundings on or within walking distance to the beach. The bungalows have sea views - either overlooking the beach or the beautiful bay of Srithanu. The area boasts private and magical beaches that feature a beautiful coral reef, perfect for exploring marine life.

The accommodation will ensure you peace and quiet during your stay. The Orion garden bungalows are located in the tropical gardens of the main Orion Healing Center campus, where swimming points are located within a 5-minute walk. Wi-Fi is available at the main center and restaurant.

Type A - Orion backpacker

This is a basic fan room with hot water shower. Choose the simple life in Orion’s basic accommodation, a rustic bamboo room, equipped with a double-sized bed, a fan, and hot water shower. Situated in Orion Healing Center’s garden, a few steps away from the restaurant, yoga halls, and herbal steam room, this room is a typical Koh Phangan backpacker bungalow.

Type C - Orion terrace

This is a standard air-conditioned room with hot water shower. Surrounded by coconut trees and plants in the second garden, this standard terrace room is equipped with air-conditioning, a fan, a queen size bed, and a hot water shower. Enjoy the tranquility while being just a short walk away from the yoga halls, restaurant, and herbal steam. You may choose the option of two twin beds or one large bed.

Type D - Orion sunset

This is an air-conditioned room with hot water shower and garden or sea view. Choose a room with a sea view, a few steps away from Orion Healing Center’s restaurant, yoga halls, and herbal steam room. The room offers air conditioning, a fan, double-sized bed, hot shower, and a balcony surrounded by beautiful plants.

Type E - Orion serenity

This room is an air-conditioned room with DVD / TV and hot water shower. Orion’s superior garden bungalow is equipped with air conditioning, a fan, queen size bed, hot water shower, and TV / DVD player. A few steps away from the restaurant, yoga hall, and herbal steam room, this room offers a large balcony with cushions and table and is surrounded by beautiful plants.

Type F - Orion zen

This room is an air-conditioned room with DVD / TV, living area, and hot water shower. Treat yourself with Orion Healing Center’s best room surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. Its large balcony equipped with hammock will make you forget about your hectic life. The room offers air conditioning, hot water shower, flat screen TV / DVD player, queen size bed, refrigerator, safe box, and a large living area with cushions and table.

Pack your bag, book your ticket, and join this 11 nights detox and yoga package! Orion Healing offers a safe and supportive setting to detox, cleanse, and restore your body to a place of harmony. This package incorporates the pre and post-cleanse as a part of the 8 nights fasting and colonic cleansing package.

In addition, it also includes one yoga class of your choice, afternoon meditation or Nidra (yoga sleep) classes, 3 weekly yoga philosophy classes, 2 Thai massages, 1 Reiki treatment, introductory lecture on colonics, colemas, and post-detox information and guidelines for re-introducing foods after your detox. This complete program offers more support, comfort, and guidance in the preparation for prolonged fasting period.

Through this detox retreat, you will continuously be given personal attention and care by a team of healers and yogis with many years experience in living naturally and in harmony with the earth. The instructors will work personally with you to release the body of the emotional and physical blockages. Self-healing and empowerment through the combination of healing work yoga and detoxification are encouraged.

The foremost priority is the healing process of each individual, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual, and the connection between each of these are embraced. With many years of experience in a plethora of healing techniques, many different treatments to suit the particular needs of each person are offered.

The dedicated and helpful staff will offer introductory information about the benefits of fasting, the system cleansing, and day-by-day dietary guidelines post-detox. They will also support and give you attention throughout the program. You will feel comfortable and relaxed as you take the steps towards a healthier, happier, and more balanced lifestyle.

The experienced yoga teachers will support you on your journey into yoga. Allow the mat to become your own personal laboratory. You will discover and feel the effects of detoxing combined with the incredibly insightful yoga classes. During your stay, you will get to choose from many different styles of yoga. The teachers will assist you day-by-day and guide you to the right class depending on your energy level.

In this retreat program, detox yoga is also included in order to revitalize you each morning and the amazing detox massages will leave you feeling completely relaxed and at ease. Being one of the oldest Asian purification technique, daily steam that is made with local herbs, will add a further dimension to this healing and will ensure that your skin releases toxins and feels great.

What is detox?

Detox is a mean cure the many diseases and imbalances that occur due to our busy modern-day lifestyles and diet. A detox is an extremely effective way to deal with illnesses that conventional medicine cannot cure. Fasting and detoxing is also an excellent preventative cure. Detox difficulty depends on your lifestyle and your reasons for detoxing.

Every day will be different; some days you will have more energy and there will be a slump on the other days. Additionally, buried feelings and emotions may also surface, so being open and ready for this will make the detox easier. This program has a wide range of holistic therapies to help you through the more difficult days. Most people have a very positive experience during their detox and many people who choose to make detoxing part of their yearly routine return to re-join the program.

If you are a smoker, you can still detox. However, it is recommended that during the cleanse, you cut down on your cigarette intake or try to give up. It is very common that people have no desire to smoke during the detox.

Why fasting?

A full detox is such a powerful and unique spiritual, emotional, and physical experience. It is recommended to do it in a supported retreat environment, away from the conditionings, and patterns that usually limit you for the duration of the fasting process. It is also good to distance yourself from the distractions of home and work. During the retreat, you will be supported throughout the fasting process in a beautiful environment close to nature.

What is a colema?

Colema, also known as a 'colonic', is a safe and effective method for cleansing the colon from waste material, hydrating and supporting the release of physical, energetic, and emotional tension by repeated and gentle flushing of the colon with water. It is literally a water massage of the tummy and colon from the inside out. %Colemas use 10 liters of water in each treatment. Waters flows in and out of the colon naturally and without discomfort, the whole process is done by lying down on the colema board. The colema board procedure frees your hands to massage the abdomen as the water is let into your bowel. When you want to release the water, you have to relax and allow the loosened fecal matter to fall into the toilet. This procedure is repeated until the entire contents of the bucket have been exhausted. This system is extremely effective in removing mucoid plaque from the walls of the colon.

Although herbs can help clean out the colon, it can be harsh and stressful on the organs and immune system. The cleansing process should give the body rest, not add undue stress to it. In this retreat, you will be provided with herbal supplements to aid the detox process, add nutrients to the body, and ensure that the body’s natural bacterial balance is not compromised. Colema sessions take about 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Colemas should not be painful. Most people actually enjoy the process and are especially pleased with the sensation of feeling both lighter and cleaner. Although some people occasionally may feel some discomfort, these experiences are usually the result of resistance and tension. The water flows in gently and is controlled by the user.

Colemas allow for gentle intake and exit of water without the necessity to get up or move. This gentle process guarantees an effective, calming, and healing experience. In the process, purified water is used because it is capable of absorbing and flushing more toxins out of the colon, drawing out solid particles, chemicals, and other matters.

Most of us have a considerable amount of impacted feces in the colon; a hardened, rubbery, or wallpaper-like material. Substantial work must be done to remove it. Additionally, Western diets are filled with toxins, which are released into the bloodstream immediately a detox program begins. Two colemas per day help to flush out this waste at a faster rate and avoid auto-intoxication (excess toxins from your organs moving around the blood stream in large amounts before being eliminated).

It is recommended that you use filtered water as a base for all the colemas. If needed you can have coffee, garlic, or apple cider vinegar added to the colema. What is best for your individual needs will be discussed during your introductory lecture on colonics. If you know of any predisposed condition, such as parasites, please let the organizer know in advance. It also has to be noted that instructions on how to best relax during the process to minimize any discomfort are provided.

Colon cleaning

Colon cleaning offers better elimination, stress reduction, increased assimilation of foods, toxins release from the system, organs and blood cleaning, increased vitality, clarity of mind, receptivity, and heightened intuitive ability. It also heals irritability, arthritis, bad breath, skin problems, headaches, depression, allergies, abdominal discomfort, bloating, digestive ills, menstrual problems, problems in conceiving and eliminate fatigue.

Pre-cleanse dietary guidelines

Before arriving at Orion Healing Center, it is advised that you do a minimum of a week pre-cleanse. A good pre-cleanse ensures an easier fasting and will prepare your body for the full fasting program. If the body has been on a good pre-cleansing program, the first few days of your detox will be much easier, as the body will have gradually been prepared. This will increase the effectiveness of the cleanse. Several foods to avoid during your pre-cleanse are:

  • Meat and all animal proteins, including eggs
  • Bread and complex carbohydrates
  • Dairy
  • White sugar and white flour
  • Carbonated drinks, caffeinated tea, and coffee
  • Heavy or rich food / fried or processed foods
  • Alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes

While on your pre-cleanse, eat mainly fruit and veggies, preferably raw, 'live' foods. Stick to a diet of fruit, steamed veggies, soups, and salads, perhaps with a few nuts, yogurt, tofu, and grains such as quinoa, millet or other whole grains added in your pre-cleanse. Salads should be made with simple dressings such as lemon, olive oil, or apple cider vinegar.

It is also advisable for you to drink a minimum of 3 to 4 liters of good quality filtered or mineral water each day before your fast. It is a powerful way to begin the flushing process in the body.

Please make the necessary food preparations for your travel to and from Orion Healing Center. It is recommended that you travel with fruit, dried fruit / muesli bars, and pre-order a fruit plate for your on flight meal (this needs to be done 48-hours prior to the flight).

Daily schedule example

  • 07:00 Detox drink
  • 07:30 Morning colema
  • 08:30 Yoga
  • 10:00 Detox drink
  • 11:00 Daily detox meeting
  • 11:30 Juice and supplements
  • 13:00 Detox drink
  • 14:30 Juice and supplements
  • 16:00 Detox drink or afternoon colema
  • 17:30 Herbal tea and vegetable Broth
  • 18:00 Juice and supplements
  • 19:00 Detox drink
  • 20:30 Supplements
  • Ari Barkan

    Ari ist ein Reiki Meister, der sich schon seit 15 Jahren dem Verständnis und der Praxis dieser esoterischen Kunst widmet. Er unterrichtet international die Themen Energiefluss und Heilung und möchte Menschen dabei helfen, ihr volles Potential auszuleben und die wahre Bestimmung ihrer Seele zu entdecken.

  • Daliah Barkan

    Daliah ist eine Reiki-Meisterin, CranioSacral Praktizierende und Yogalehrerin, die ihren spirituellen Weg schon sehr früh im Leben begann. Seit 2003 leitet sie Entgiftungs- und Heilungs-Retreats in Thailand.

  • Moti Wainer

    Moti is a yoga practitioner who has studied under many great teachers including Dharma Mitra. Following study at New York’s Centre of Integrative Nutrition, Moti came to Asia to share his knowledge of the transformative potential of yoga and holistic diet. His knowledge of nutrition and extensive experience sines through and inspires,

  • Ewa Juszczyk

    Ewa has been practicing yoga for 16 years and teaching since 2004. Her yoga journey began with Iyengar yoga in 2000 when she studied with Geeta Iyengar. Her yoga journey continued when she discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and studied under an authorized level II teacher, Basia Lipska. Further studies brought her to Mysore to study with BNS Iyengar in 2012. In the same year, Ewa studied intensively with Kamal Singh in Rishikesh, India. Other authorized teachers Ewa has studied with are Maty Ezraty, Tim Feldman, Petri Reisenen, Noah McKenna, Ajay Tokas, Kino MacGregor, and Bela Lipat.

  • Ben Makosch

    Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Hatha Yoga)

    For Ben, yoga has been a practice that very quickly became a passion, and, soon after, a way of life. His practice started in 2008 with Iyengar yoga under Joey Mascarenhas in Zurich. Joey’s precise style, teaching, and careful guidance set Ben upon his path. After three years of Iyengar yoga, he felt ready to dive deeper into yoga and become a qualified teacher. Swapping his career in club management for a full-time life on the yoga mat, Ben completed an intensive 500-hour Hatha yoga teacher training in Thailand and began his teaching journey.

  • Swami Pujan

    Swami Pujan (Stephan Kahlert) is a German-born psychologist who studied yoga philosophy (Jnana yoga) in India and Australia for many years. He received the title of “Swami” after initiation with his teacher, Bhagavan Shree Rajneesh, who is a world-renowned spiritual guide and teacher from Puma, India. Through his first teacher, he continues to transmit the message that spirituality is a joyful journey, filled with passion and the celebration of life. His teaching style is fun and engaging, and he has the ability to explain complex Eastern philosophical concepts in an easy-to-grasp way.

  • Ariane Grigo

    Yoga Maya in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Sivananda Yoga)

    Over the last eight years, Ariane has enjoyed the practice of yoga, following many workshops and trainings. She is certified in the tradition of Sivananda yoga. She is deeply knowledgeable when it comes to working with the body as a source of information and guidance. Meditation, pranayama, and yoga are part of her daily practice and work. Her deepest passion is to bring freedom and healing into the lives of others and to support every student on his or her level of being and understanding. As a teacher, Ariane shares her knowledge with love, humor, and depth.

  • Kat

    Kat yoga journey started 16 years ago when she fell in love with the practice in Austin, Texas. She moved to New York City in 2005 to continue practicing and training with some of the yoga’s greatest teachers in the Big Apple including Leslie Kaminoff, Schuyler Grant, Dana Flynn, Amanda Smith, and Ariel Karass. After completing her 200-hour Vinyasa teaching certification at Laughing Lotus in 2007, she began a rigorous practice at Kula Yoga where she learned from the best of the best in New York City.

  • Katherine Bennett

    Katherine first studied traditional Hatha yoga in Kerala, South India and after spreading the love of yoga in her small hometown in Wyoming, USA, she headed back to India to study traditional Tantra yoga at Shri Kali Ashram in South Goa. Katherine teaches meditative Tantra yoga and yoga philosophy classes at Orion.

  • Lisa

    Lisa is a dedicated detox yoga teachers. She is also a therapeutic yoga consultant and a yogini in constant training. She loves learning, exploring, reading, writing, moving, and creating. Her passion for self-discovery has led her to the exploration of the psychosomatic benefits and spiritual aspects of the yoga practice. She now takes great joy in sharing the healing power of yoga with others; helping to facilitate a deepening of their own journey and development.

Orion Healing Center is nestled in the serene Srithanu Bay in Koh Phangan, Thailand. The village of Srithanu is only a 500-meter walk away from the center. The place is set in a natural tropical garden full of butterflies and exotic flowers. The tranquil and friendly environment of the center and surrounding village allows all guests to feel completely at ease.

Srithanu Village on Koh Phangan Island, Thailand, has become a hub for yogis and those on their spiritual journey. The area attracts healers, teachers, and students alike who all come together to create a real community feel. Many guests find themselves staying on after finishing their retreat at Orion and many more return each year, reaping the benefits of the relaxed pace of life, availability of healthy vegetarian food, and of course, the majestic sunsets that characterize this beautiful beach village.

Nearby places

  • Srithanu Village, 500 meters

On this retreat, Orion Healing’s staff will take care of your diet with healthy and delicious raw fruits, vegetables, and juices to balance the alkaline in the body and increase your vital life force energy.

2 nights pre-cleanse

  • 2 liver flush drinks per day (made with fresh orange juice, lime juice, garlic, ginger, and olive oil)
  • Raw food diet (1 fruit salad, 1 garden salad)
  • 1 fresh coconut per day

7 nights detox

  • All supplements (green plus, mega vitamin and mineral complex, intestinal cleaner, pro-biotic healthy bacteria replacement)
  • 5 detox drinks with bentonite clay and psyllium husk per day
  • 1 coconut per day
  • 1 herbal tea per day
  • 1 healthy broth per day

2 nights post-detox

  • Papaya and bee pollen to help you break the fast in the best way
  • Raw food diet (1 fruit salad, 1 garden salad or steamed vegetables)
  • 1 fresh coconut per day
  • Diving
  • Elephant trekking
  • Holistic therapy and treatments
  • Snorkelling
  • Spa treatments
  • Visiting beautiful waterfalls
  • Visiting the famous Chinese temple
  • 1 coconut per day
  • 1 meditation or Nidra yoga class per day
  • 1 Reiki healing treatment
  • 1 yoga class per day
  • 2 daily colemas (self-administrated colonic) for 7 nights of coffee, apple cider vinegar, and garlic colemas
  • 2 Thai massages
  • 3 yoga philosophy classes per week
  • 11 nights' accommodation at Orion Healing Center, Koh Phangan
  • Daily use of the herbal steam room
  • Filtered water for the colemas
  • Introductory lecture on colonics
  • Liver flush drinks, raw food diets, healthy broth, herbal tea, detox drinks, and supplements
  • Post-detox information and guidelines
  • Use of private colonic equipment in the bungalow

Driving directions from Thong Sala Pier

  • From Thong Sala, drive straight ahead.
  • Take a 6-kilometer drive to Srithanu Beach.
  • Take a short walk along the beach road and you will see a Thai restaurant named Ladda and J & P massage shop.
  • It is a way to go to the Moon Moon Resort, about 100 meters you'll see the Orion Healing Centre on the right before the hill.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Samui Airport (USM) or Surat Thani Airport (URT).

From Bangkok, you can arrive at Samui Airport (USM). Between Bangkok and Koh Samui, there are many daily services ran by Bangkok Airways. The flight time is about 1 hour. Afterward, you can get a connecting ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan.

Alternatively, you can book your flight to arrive at Surat Thani Airport (URT) (the closest mainland point) that has a ferry connection to Koh Phangan. Air Asia, Nok Air, and Lion Air all fly from Bangkok to Surat Thani daily, the flight time is about 1 hour.

The transfer from Surat Thani Airport (URT) to Donsak ferry port is by coach or taxi and takes about 1 and a half hours. At Donsak, transfer to the ferry to Koh Phangan, which takes 2.5 hours. Prices for flights can be as low as 1200 THB.

Arrival by bus

There are many bus services from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. Most of these are sleeper buses. They can be booked from travel agencies in Bangkok or by going to the central bus station, Sia Thai. The journey to Donsak, the ferry port for boats to Koh Phangan, takes about 10 hours. From Donsak, the journey takes around 3 hours to Koh Phangan. Usually, the ferry is included in the price of the bus.

Arrival by ferry / boat

Below is the ferry schedule from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan. Please note that times may vary seasonally.

  • The Seatran ferry leaves Koh Samui at 8 a.m., 12.30 p.m., and 3 p.m.
  • The Lomprayah ferry leaves Koh Samui at 8 a.m., 11.15 a.m, 12:30 p.m., and 5 p.m.

The Seatran pier is located near Samui Airport (USM), approximately a 10-minute drive, and the Lomprayah pier is located a 50-minute drive from the airport. Please take this into consideration when booking the rest of your journey. Ferries arrive in Koh Phangan at Thong Sala Pier.

From Samui Airport (USM), there is a shuttle service to the ferry ports for Koh Phangan (this is usually available as a free service). Please ask for this service when you purchase the ticket for the ferry at the Seatran or Lomprayah ferry counter as you exit Samui Airport (USM).

Arrival by train

Trains leave Bangkok several times daily, the journey time is about 12 hours, sleeping booths are available for some services. After leaving the train at Surat Thani, the transfer by coach or taxi from Surat Thani station to Donsak Pier takes about 1 and a half hours. From Donsak, the ferry journey to Koh Phangan takes 3 hours.

There are 2 companies that run luxury coach services from Bangkok to Chumphon, which take about 6 hours. At Chumphon, you transfer to a large express boat that stops at Koh Tao before arriving at Koh Phangan. The boat journey from Chumphon to Koh Phangan takes about 2 and a half hours.

Arrival by taxi

Local taxis are available from Thong Sala Pier. Please inform the taxi to go to Orion Healing Centre in Srithanu. The taxi fare is approximately 200-300 THB per person.

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    Bewertung von Judy Wong aus Hongkong

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Thank you very much for giving us such a nice feedback following your recent stay with us here at Orion Healing Center Koh Phangan on BookYogaRetreats. We are very pleased and proud for being able to provide service up to your expectations. It is always encouraging to hear that our guests enjoyed with overall our restaurant, our facilities, our yoga class, our class instructor. It is much appreciated and I will forward this your review to all the team. Please do let us know when your travels bring you back to Koh Phangan and we would love to have you with us again in our sunshine paradise. We look forward to your return! Warm wish, Orion team

    2017-Sep-18 10:18:45

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    Bewertung von Bebee.workroom aus Thailand

    Good Food Good View for praticing yoga.

    CONS Negatives: A class might be a little bit too gentle. (Better to bring your own travel mat) Staff maybe a little bit confused and can't give much informations ( Better to be open-minded)

    PROS Positives: Food and accomodation.

    2017-Jul-28 06:33:53

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    Bewertung von Sami Smith aus Vereinigtes Königreich

    Great food and yoga!

    CONS Negatives: Would be helpful to have yoga timetable in more than one place and a bit more information on what's around the retreat etc.

    PROS Positives: I liked my little hut and it was well equipped. The food was out of the world, every time I ate. Great choice of classes.

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Thank you for choosing Orion Healing Center, Koh Phangan for sharing your experience on BookYogaRetreat. It is always encouraging to hear that our guests enjoyed with overall our restaurant, our facilities/our classes It is much appreciated and I will forward this your words to all associate we are sure that they will be very happy to hear this. We also would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing the issues to our attention. Your comments are very valuable in order for us to improve our services. We have taken you comments on board and discussed this with the team. With regards to your comments on yoga classes schedule’s board. As we have put the schedule board at reception office, in front of 3 main yoga halls, and update online both on our official website and Facebook. We will also send the weekly update schedule file to our resident guest every Sunday during their stay so they would able to easily check via their mobile, stating from this upcoming week ^_^ The Team looks forward to welcoming you back to Koh Phangan again, in the hopefully not too distant future. If the next time you come back again please direct contact to me for program reservation I can handling personally. We looking forward to welcome you again in our sunshine paradise. Warm regards, Pom Orion Healing Center, Reservation

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    Bewertung von Simona Livia Pfister aus Thailand

    2017-Apr-21 00:11:38

  • Bewertung von Ester Jimenez aus London
    3 von 10

    "The experience was bad, very bad. We didn't enjoy the whole package paid in bookyogaretreats website because the said us that they didn't have this offer in Orion Retreat, so they just offered us classes, food and accommodation, in bad conditions, close to a farm where the roosters did not stop singing every hour."


    "So I don't think I will repeat the experience with you. Not professionals at all, we felt maltreated in Orion Retreat because we were claim for a misleading offer."


    "I hope you would know how the retreats work and not offer things that are no right."

    March 26, 2017. BookYogaRetreats.com, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Rebecca B. aus Deutschland

    "My time at Orion was fabulous. I did the 11 Day Detox and felt well supported and informed during the entire process. One of the detox consultants is always around if you have a question and during the daily detox meeting, sharing your experience with other detoxers and feeling their support is really motivating. The facilities are beautifully kept and clean, the vegan food is breathtaking and the staff are all lovely. The equipment is clean and well-organised. Orion has a special something, a unique atmosphere fed by the enjoyment and passion the staff have for their work. I especially enjoyed the wide variety of yoga courses taught by amazing teachers. I could feel my technique improving in leaps and bounds every day. There are also "extras" available - I did a transformational healing session and had truly life-changing revelations, as did everyone else who tried the session. Orion really is a place to let go of old wounds and pains and move forward into the new. Every single detoxer had shining eyes and skin at the end of their stay, as well as a lightened heart. To sum it up: if you are thinking of doing a course at Orion, book your flight right now and just go. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could. In terms of value, the detox program is a perfect blend of everything Orion has to offer at a very good price."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Erica Bonanno aus Kenia
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    "I had an absolutely incredible week at Orion. I did the detox program and learned a ton about my body, nutrition, and how to better take care of myself. The staff have such incredible energy and it was wonderful to have met everyone. The yoga was great too. I hope to be back soon!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von William Pandocchi aus Vereinigtes Königreich
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    "I had a fantastic time at Orion. The staff, the yoga teachers, the surrounding, the food, all truly amazing. I'm very grateful indeed. Their location on the island is also second to none."

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  • Bewertung von Sharda aus Singapur
    9 von 10

    "It was really good! I’m glad I booked it thru u guys! I feel totally blessed for booking my detox holiday at Orion! I booked for a 11 days detox and stayed in the dorm. It was a complete new experience for me to stay in the dorm, I was not able to adjust for the first 2 days as everything was completely alien to me including the colema! But gradually I felt happy that i stayed in the dorm, i met so many beautiful souls from around the world and my dorm mates were super encouraging!! As sometimes I just wanted to drop the whole detox thingy. The dorm was cleaned everyday with all beds arranged, I really appreciated the housekeeping ladies for their hard-work. I was impressed by the Myanmar staffs working at Orion, humble and they do their best to help you. Well there were language issues but hey I was not England! ;) And also I was glad there was an introduction of the whole program and I have to say the staffs at Orion were very informative and answered all my curiosity :) A big Thank you to Dominique and Natasha! lots of new knowledge on my digestive system! If you are heading down to Orion, you have to remember, it is an Tropical Island and mosquitoes and flies are part of the island. Also, Adjustment and Flexibility is needed here and that's what i have learnt, and you will definitely feel close to Mother Earth! I love the beach yoga hall! Overall it was a great experience living there and I will definitely head back again."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Michelle aus USA
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    "I did the 11 day Alchemy detox/yoga retreat. The experience was life changing. The location was beautiful ad peaceful. The perfect place to think and change your life. I learned so much from yoga, to alternative healing to how to properly feed my body from a plant based diet. The fast itself was not too hard as all of the guests were fasting at the same time, so we could support each other.The program is well planned and laid out. The staff are great, but the kitchen staff was slightly unfirendly most of the time. Once the fast was over, the food at the Cafe was incredible. Learning yoga with Akari (instructor) was of great value to me. Hope to come back to Orion again next year!!!."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Thomas
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    "Ort und Unterkunft 10"

    "Essen und Bewirtung 10"

    "Yoga Lehrer und Betreuung 10"

    "Preis Leistung 10"

    "Ich kann Orion Healing für Yogis nur sehr empfehlen und habe meinen Retreat vollstens Genossen, bin an meine Leistungsgrenzen gestoßen, genau was ich wollte."

    "Falls jemand einen Fitnessaufenthalt sucht (russische Touristen) dann sollten sie fern bleiben, die zerstören das wunderbare harmonische Klima des wundervollen etülischen Platzes. Schminke, Schmuck und Stöckelschuhe (Kaviar mit Champagner Mentalitäten) für den Yoga Untericht nicht bezahlen sind dort fehl am Platz"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, bearbeitet


  • Bewertung von a traveler aus UK

    "I did an 11 day detox here. I was underwhelmed by the whole place and experience. My accommodation in a C class room was dire. I really don’t mind basic, and I’m not expecting 4 star or even 2 star hotel-quality standards, but my room was dark, gloomy and grubby. It also turned out that there have (allegedly) been thefts in that C block. The other ‘problems’ with the place (from a ‘detox experience’ point of view) are evident within 48hr of arriving: "


    "Aside from the restaurant, which is often full of people chatting loudly and kids screaming (fine, it’s a restaurant) and a few beachside cabanas (which are often taken for long periods by ‘digital nomads’ working), there is nowhere to relax and read a book or whatever. No beach loungers, no comfortable seating, nothing. So you can’t even really escape from your room. Some people paid 150BHT (about $5) to spend the afternoon by a nice pool at a hotel up the road but – isn’t the point to coming to a relaxation place that you can … relax there? "


    "Likewise the main sala used for detox yoga is right by the restaurant. So during your class, your attempts to chill out are constantly interrupted by kids screaming and staff calling out ‘order number 21’ (etc). "


    "The front desk is pretty disorganized but, in fairness, I found they tried to help when they could. And when I decided to check out early and find alternative accommodation they did give me a refund. "


    "In fairness too, they have some good yoga teachers and Camilla (who helps guide the detox) was lovely. "


    "But TBA I think there’s a lot better – and better value – detox centres around (and I’ve done quite a few detoxs in Bali, other parts of Thailand, Turkey and elsewhere)."

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  • Bewertung von Allie R. aus Vereinigtes Königreich

    "Appalling accommodation. Whilst I expected basic accommodation at the Orion I had not bargained for basic and filthy. My room was situated in a field, across a busy road which runs through the centre of the resort. It had mould over the walls, stains running down the walls and on the curtains. The bathroom was totally disgusting/insanitary and was where I was expected to perform colemas. Colema tubing and water bottles sat uncovered outside the room. Dogs were evident roaming about in the field."


    "I found the Orion staff that I came into contact with to be rude and surly and were totally unfazed when informed that I would not be staying due to the unacceptable accommodation. The centre sits on the edge of a little cove, with a very narrow strip of sand which is covered in debris. The "reception" area and the kitchen were full of flies and the seating areas consisted of old tables and dirty-looking, tatty cushions. I found everything to be make-shift. There was also a number of young children present. "


    "I could not believe what I found at this "healing" centre, which does not even have enough respect for it's guests to provide a basic, clean environment. I thought I was going to have a once in a lifetime experience - it was certainly an experience...just not the one I had signed up for!"

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  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Niederlande
    9 von 10

    "Having read the trip advisor reviews before I came i think it is really important for people to know what to bring as opposed to a standard critic. "


    "First of all I would like to tell you that the rooms at Orion are a simple and authentic Thai experience. If you are used to 5 star luxury and rooms cleaned every day this is not for you. Those who say the documentary the retreat ( I did not see it) need to be aware that some of the rooms scenes were filmed at the hotel up the road. The Loyfa resort. In generally the place has a hippy vibe and is visited by many young travelers, gap year students as well as older clients. There is a real mix of people. "


    "All the staff are super nice always smiling in spite of having to deal with demanding customers but be prepared for things to be slightly chaotic go with the flow this is part of the charm of the place. Treatment timings don't go according to plan the office reception and processes are disorganised but it all seems to muddle along nicely. "


    "The yoga teachers and classes are truly excellent. Ben, Prem , Lisa and Myriam were all amazing. There are 3 different yoga studios so there is always something happening and something that is suitable for most levels. "


    "The food is really lovely but it is strictly vegan so if you are after burger and chips this is again not the place for you. There is also no alcohol as the place is a healing centre and many people are detoxing. "


    "The main dinning area is on the beach the view is lovely however this beach is not great for swimming but there are lovely beaches just a short walk away. You can also swim in the pool of the Loyfa resort that is 5 mins walk away. Here for a very small fee you get a towel and a bottle of water and you can stay all day. The two pools are just next to another nice beach. "


    "You can buy things in the village which is 5 minutes walk away. There is a well stocked 7 / 11 , chemist, health food shops and plenty of cash points. It is easy to flag down a taxi to go into the main town you will need to negotiate the price but is generally around 150 Baht. "


    "You can get laundry done by taking it to reception and you pay by the kilo it is very inexpensive. "


    "There are certain things that you really need to bring with you,"


    "Ear plugs - I was staying in the B huts and the chickens and roosters make one hell of a racket from about 4 am onwards "

    "A Beach towel / Sarong "

    "Mosquito repellant, plug ins etc these guys come out at 5pm and are pretty brutal. I bought the strongest repellant on amazon but they were completely immune to it. Bring something for the bites too as you will get them. "

    "Toiletries - there is some stuff in the room but I had no ideas what they were as all the labels had worn off "

    "A blanket it can get cold at night "

    "Adapters although the sockets do take european plugs and thai plugs but you will need something if you are coming from the UK. "

    "A pad lock - there is no safe in the room so you may want to lock valuables in your suit case. "

    "A water bottle - Big bottles of drinking water are provided but it is good to have something to carry it around in. "

    "If you are doing the detox you need to bring pro biotic - you can buy them in town however they are very expensive. "


    "I did the detox it is not for the faint hearted. You do two days of pre cleans and 7 days of fasting and 2 days of post cleans. During the fast you eat nothing but you are given a Bentonite clay solution and Psyllium husk to prevent the hunger. You are also given nutritional supplements and intestinal cleansers. You receive a daily coconut water, broth and tea. The program requires you to take something every hour and a half so you need to be disciplined. The detox staff are on hand to support you and there is a daily detox meeting where you can share your experiences with others who are going through the same process. Each day during the fast you have to do self administered Colemas. This is not like a nice Colonic irrigation that you would get at a specialist to be honest I did not find this a pleasant experience but I will spare you the grim details. There are massages and other treatments such as Reiki included in the program. Thai massage it not always gentle and relaxing but you feel good afterwards, You can supplement the program with the many different healings that are on offer. There are things to calm the mind and cure the body so there is something for everyone. Be prepared to try something new as you never know what might happen. There is a detox lounge that you can hang out in if you cant face sitting in the dinning area. Much thanks to the detox staff Willie, Camilla and Nadine who were a big help. "


    "Please don’t let any of the above put you off going to Orien. I went on my own. I had an amazing time met some really fantastic people, had new and unique experiences and feel like a new woman. I would definitely come back if i had the chance."


    "Let me know if you have questions."

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  • Bewertung von Kelleigh C.
    10 von 10

    "I went to Kats sunset flow class, it was amazing, Orion is a great place, beautiful views, amazing food and drinks. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone and be back!!!"

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  • Bewertung von Judy aus Vereinigtes Königreich

    "I have just returned from Orion. Like many others this 28 day detox program was a once in a lifetime treat which I had very much been looking more forward to. I arrived 20th Jan 2017 by which time the worst of the rain seemed to be over."


    "What to believe from previous reviews"


    "It is true the beach is not great at Orion as rubbish does seem to wash in to this little cove and much more could be made of it if there were staff to maintain it. Lovely beach a 5-10 minute walk away"


    "There are approx 4 "pagodas" facing the beach which each seat 6 people. However it is quite rare to be able to use one if you are staying on site as they are very popular with people who come to use the cafe. The cushions are worn and dirty and need replacing."


    "The cafe. Food ok by my standards but not great although many people loved it. Again cushions are soiled and dirty. This area has many mosquitos and many people were bitten. It seems odd that no coils are burnt or nothing is done to try and control the mosquitos. A lot of people were horrendously bitten and one ended up in hospital for several days."


    "The rooms. Only the best rooms seem to be satisfactory and then only 2 or 3 star"


    "No comment on dormitory as I don't know anyone who stayed there."


    "Hutts had lots of insect related complaints and one man from Australia had rats who ate his detox tablets and equipment. He didn't seem too worried but I would have been terrified. He was moved to another room. "


    "The rooms in the block where I stayed. During my stay the rooms were fitted with mosquito nets and room safes. My room was burgled twice and it turned out the people before me had also suffered the same fate. Although management thought someone had a key to the room they had not changed the lock. They were fully booked and did not have an alternate room for me for another 8 days so I had no alternative but to move to a nearby hotel as I didn't want to keep packing and moving throughout my stay. "


    "At Orion my shower had only lukewarm water and I was told the shower unit was old. I could only get warm water if I set the shower to trickle. The bathroom was old and dated and dirty pipes covered in grime and dust ran around the room. Mosquito nets on the window was clogged and soiled with insects. Not hygienic looking easpecially when you are doing colonic therapy. "


    "Rooms are cleaned on request. Only one towel is given and they definitely need replacing as many are stained or have holes. I was able to obtain a blanket but it is tiresome to have to keep asking for basic things."


    "The beds are spotlessly clean"


    "There were no wardrobes or drawers in my room just a shelf to put clothes on. The room next door had both so not sure where mine had disappeared to. I asked but didn't receive a response"


    "On arrival in the room I noted the curtains were partly "unhooked from the curtain rings/pole. I wasn't able to close the curtains as the rings were too small to slide along the pole. I stood on a plastic stool and rebooked the curtains and closed them by hand. Once closed they remained that way for the 12 days I was there as it was too much trouble to keep climbing up to sort out. No daylight in your room is not ideal and also meant a burglar in the room could not be seen from outside. I asked for coat hangers and hung my clothes on the curtain rail on top of the closed curtains"


    "The curtains were stained and one tie back was missing. Such an easy thing to fix but again I fear not done due to lack of staff. The walls were also stained and the room needed painting"


    "The staff at Orion are all lovely. The treatments and yoga are exemplary. My massages were great and I had no complaints other than that room also looked like it needed a good clean too."


    "The detox area was new and very nice"


    "Overall you could go and your room may be ok you may not get bitten too badly but it is far too hit and miss and too much time is taken up asking for basic things and sorting things out"


    "The manager took me to the police station and helped me find another room but told me later. "Do you know how much time I have spent helping you". As I was put at risk and wasted a day dealing with the burglary and moving it wasn't what I really wanted to hear. She sent off the police report for translating but it was then lost. She got me a copy from the police but as originals are required for clamping so not any use to me. I then requested half my money back as I had only stayed 12 out of 28 nights at Orion. In agrees to pay for the new hotel room and all treatments I had received since leaving Orion. She agreed to this but not without an argument which is something you really try to avoid due to reason you are there to seek peace and quiet and relaxation"


    "I can recommend the detox and treatments but stay off site until issues are resolved. Otherwise just hope you get lucky"

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  • Bewertung von a traveler aus USA

    "Such a shame to write a bad review for this place because the yoga, the food and the setting are all perfect. "

    "I paid for a yoga "retreat", initially I was put in a room with a roof that leaked, and after a battle with the front of house staff I was eventually moved to a room with sewer water that was overflowing into the bathroom. Staff refused to move me or refund the money for my stay. It was a terrible experience - I've never been shouted at by front of house staff. Everything you asked for from towels to toilet paper was just too much effort for them. "

    "Oh and be warned of the 5% paypal fee they make you cover when you pay the deposit!!"

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  • Bewertung von Claudia G. aus Italien

    "We came in this place because they told us it was good for yoga and relaxing."

    "Indeed the astanga practice is good and the teacher Coco is great."

    "The rest of the yoga classes are very basic, for absolute beginners. Really a delusion, half an hour for a sun salutation.."

    "Food is great if you like vegan food, I do and I appreciated it a lot, nice and healthy, everything is express! Sometimes too much time to wait because they are not very organised "

    "The accommodation is a pure disaster, the rooms are bad and sometimes they forget to leave you even toilet paper and towels"

    "People at the reception are highly unprofessional, they treat you like a enemy whatever you ask "

    "Many things to improve, also considering that the yoga package is not cheap at all"

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  • Bewertung von Simon T.
    10 von 10

    "1 days of fasting - what no food - or alcohol?? "

    "Yet this was probably one of the best experiences ever. The team are great - very supportive and the range of activities from Yoga, to meditation, Reiki, steam room, massages, mud packs were all very complimentary in terms of getting us through our 11 days of detox (7 days of fasting). "

    "Make sure you book the best rooms - they are right on site - otherwise lesser accommodation is a walk and also be prepared to beat off the mosquitoes."

    "Location is idealic - a thoroughly recommended break - I am going home a new man!"

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  • Bewertung von a traveler aus USA
    9 von 10

    "My husband and I are officially in love with Koh Phangan. The city had an incredible vibe- especially this side of the island. Orion is ideally located- we walked about 7 miles a day through town to enjoy the local flavor. "


    "Orion itself- we did the 3 day yoga retreat (3 nights 4 days). Food that is included is delicious (we were stoked it was vegan!). They actually a lot you more than you can eat in a day- which is saying a lot because I can always eat. The Chia Bomb is killer! The mushroom burger is divine! The Pad Thai is yummy! And I will be making my own Ginger/lemongrass/mint tea a la Orion. We arrived late the first day and I wish we could have used the breakfast (or lunch) from the first day on our last day. Felt like it was throwing away my $. "


    "Yoga classes were fantastic! 3 open air studios! Great energy. Enjoyed taking Ben's morning class at 9:30. Good adjustments, interesting info, challenging class. I wish I had more info on what each other class was. I practice Bikram at home so was unfamiliar with a lot of the styles and unsure what to expect from skill level of the classes. They did provide a GREAT pamphlet of info that I am bringing back to the States and using to recruit others to join me in the future! "


    "We felt like we did not get a thorough introduction to Orion- just a quick tour. Would have loved to have learned about the other programs (many were there for detoxes and longer yoga programs- something I would love to come back and do- tell us about it- self promote more!!!!!) "


    "Rooms were nice. Bamboo huts. A little dark but very comfy. Reserved a full bed for my husband and I but they were too booked and gave us two twins. Not the end of the world but a little disappointing. Shower does not get hot (I think this is true of everywhere we stayed in Thailand and not a bid deal). Wish they had a blanket- only provided sheets. And wish they provided a mosquito net as windows and doors had gaps. But we slept amazing! And the room stayed dry even with the constant rain. Really great setup with several huts. Would be interested to see the other housing options to know what we would prefer if we came again. "


    "Lovely people staying there and the staff was great. From all over the world! Great energy at Orion. Cute puppy named sausage and some kitties hanging around made for great entertainment. Hammocks on the beach were wonderful. Hope to learn more and come back again for a longer stay. "

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  • Bewertung von Siriphan C.
    10 von 10

    "I stayed 3 nights at Orion and every single day I really thankful for everything that happened to me here. Very friendly service, "Peach", a staff who showed me around and gave me lots of information about class and food. The owner guy is generous, he gave me to try the new dessert (raw blueberry ice cream pancake and raw passion fruit cake), they are very tasty and yummy!!! Unbelievable that they did not contain any dairy products. The second day I joined the Hatha yoga class with teacher Ben, the class was fantastic. Good dynamic and energetic movement that strengthened my body and made my mind so lively after class. Teacher supported and helped me carefully to do another level that I've never accomplished before, I really appreciate!! So now I know my body can be more improved if I have a good teacher to guide and support me. After all, watching sunset here was explainable feeling, my mind found peace and love around. I thankful for everything <3"

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  • Bewertung von Charles V. aus Kambodscha
    10 von 10

    "Spent 1 full week doing yoga. Mostly ashtanga mysore with great support from Eva, complemented with yin yoga with seriously competent Bea. Add some meditation and a good hatha yoga session with Art, overall relatively intensive and enjoyable. Retreat and admin staff are very helpful. Good thing is flexibility. You can start and stop when you want. "

    "Rooms ok. I chose the simple bamboo bungalow because it was not too hot and enjoyed sleeping with the "window" open. In hot season AC necessary. Lots of local guest houses and resorts available. "

    "The restaurant, vegan and vegetarian: outstanding."

    "Some good local restaurants walking distance. I went to il baracuda, fresh fish. Very good. "

    "Also truly outstanding massage at Papaya massage. "

    "Would go back. "

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  • Bewertung von Sol L.
    10 von 10

    "ORION Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, Reiki, Raw Food Cooking Classes the best!"

    "Besides the amabience, the sunsets, the amazing vegan/raw food and delicious smoothies, in the time i was there (november -april 2015/16) Orion offered a variety of yoga classes through the day.. everyday, from ashtanga to hatha/vinyasa to yin yoga and yoga nidra, reiki sessions, kirtan, sound healings and great massage sessions...it is one of the most complete healing centers i've been to. Friendly and experienced staff.. YES...most of the teachers/healers at Orion will definitely inspire and motivate your practice in some way. I surely recommend to visit this jewel in the island, you will not want to miss it."

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  • Bewertung von Michelle D. aus Minnesota, USA
    10 von 10

    "I bought the one week unlimited yoga pass for 2000 baht. It's a good deal if you want to commit to at least one class a day. They offer a nice variety of styles and I loved combining the morning Hatha flow classes with the evening Yin or Sunset Flow. The teaching styles were alignment and breath focused while still having a nice theme to focus in on. It was great to have lot's of time on my mat with teachers who seem to really love what they are doing! I can personally recommend Seulhee, Danielle and Ben. I enjoyed coming early for a juice or one of their amazing shakes or staying after for lunch. Not the cheapest, but well worth the money for what they have to offer!"

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  • Bewertung von a traveler
    9 von 10

    "There are lots of wonderful things to say about this place and one or two things that could definitely be improved upon. Firstly, I agree with a previous reviewer who said that the restaurant (though amazing) is way too busy at times to prioritize the needs of the people who are actually staying there and those undertaking one of the detox or yoga programmes. The main issue can be that there is no space to sit where food isn't being eaten. This means if you are detoxing you can't avoid food and this can drive you a little crazy. They really do need to section off a space at the retreat well away from the kitchen so that detox clients can chill out and chat to each other. The detox instruction I received was very hit and miss. However the good news is that there is a wonderful naturopath working there overseeing the detox programmes. She is called Natasha and she has excellent knowledge and advice and the 11am daily detox meetings, when she was taking them, were always excellent. However the bad news is that whilst I was there she was only working part time. The two very nice people who stood in for her unfortunately just didn't have the experience to do the job well enough. The info given was contradictory and unclear and more often than not purely subjective. There was no sense is them encouraging us to complete the programme and nothing inspirational or knowledgeable about their meetings (which is why people stopped attending them). I do feel when you are undertaking a massive health overhaul and not eating for 7 out of 11 days and doing two self administered colonics per day, that you need to feel secure, supported and surrounded by knowledgeable staff specifically trained in this method. The stand in nutritionist hadn't actually done the colonics and detox programme we were all following. Thank God for the days that Natasha was working! They need another like her. There is a kind of haphazard vibe to the whole place but there is a charm that goes with that too. The other office staff were nice enough and helpful. Not massively over friendly in the kitchen though but OK. "

    "Now...The yoga was fantastic! especially Antoine's classes. He really is the most excellent yoga teacher managing to integrate inspirational psychotherapy with a humourous twist as well as guiding us through the asanas. He is probably the best yoga teacher I have ever experienced. I also highly rate Naomi and Jewels who also had excellent classes. I Didn't connect at all with Ben's classes or Nicole. These were High Intensity with No real awareness of mixed ability or prior injuries and they felt much more mechanical (and even a little showy!). Do make sure you let them know of any injuries up front as they wont ask. The Kirtan was wonderful as was Jewel's reiki and Natasha's chakra balancing. All well worth paying extra for. Overall I had a wonderful time at Orion. I wouldn't personally stay on at Orion after the detox as there are much closer nicer and cheaper places to stay up the coast and you can always just drop in for the yoga classes when you want to and eat at the fabulous vegan restaurant. All in all, I had a life changing experience at this Centre and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about going."

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  • Bewertung von Elizaveta aus Spanien
    10 von 10

    "Orion is wonderful! I took a yoga teacher training in Orion in March 2016. The schedule and the program was nice, as well as the atmosphere. The additional classes on anatomy and kirtan were so enriching as well. Also the Orion restaurant is one of the best in this zone for the healthy vegan eating. I can trust that whatever I order in Orion is fresh, organic and natural."

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  • Bewertung von Lee aus Thailand
    10 von 10

    "Chose Orion for a Reiki and Crystal Course. Best choice ever. The setting, the disposition, the warm and welcoming atmosphere, the delicious healthy food!!! Jewels shared all her knowledge, love and passion for Reiki and Crystals. The sound healing with Ricardo was enlightening. Will surely go back!"

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  • Bewertung von a traveler
    9 von 10

    "Well I had been so looking forward to this trip and the yoga. Did not choose to do the detox as to be honest the food here is vegan and raw and I felt I detoxed from just eating from the wonderful cafe..which was amazing and every day could not wait to choose from the menu. Dominique was great as attended the raw cooking class and it really inspired me to continue once I got home..she is very helpful and will forward information to you. Not sure where I start with this review as so much to say so I shall put in categories: Cafe: Food is well prepared and fresh and the staff work very hard. Only downside is it is too busy for the residents as it is open from 9am-9pm to the public (aside from a couple of hrs in the afternoon)..So during the main meal times thou it was public and you could wait 20-30min for your meal or they would of run out of the popular dishes. It is obvious this cafe is the main source of income for this retreat so they have to decide if to have a separate kitchen and sitting area for the visitors away from what is suppose to be a 'healing retreat'..Other big issue is for those on the detox; seating area is so close to the cafe entrance and the food walking past and the other residents or visitors eating meals..this is so unprofessional..The detox programme is a great resource to this retreat but the complaints were it was very very difficult to relax or chat to other guests as the only area to sit was around the 'Cafe' and 'Food'... Yoga: Just awesome and without the food and yoga this really would not of been a great experience. All the teachers are experienced patient dedicated to giving each of their class's and students a wonderful yoga class. Naomi was just so gorgeous and a lovely young woman and I experienced Yin for the first time walking away feeling amazing. Antoine also was just brilliant and could of easily attended all his classes all of the time but Ben and Enya were also wonderful and I enjoyed their class's also. So yoga available for al all levels and is amazing!! Accommodation: Backpacking style I would say. Even the top end bungalows are not really what you expect very misleading on the website for what you are paying..to be given one grey looking towel with holes and one sheet??? Umm I did not expect to experience such basic amenities else I would of chosen a back packer style holiday. The 'Retreat': Do not expect a nice beach to sit by and swim each day however you can take a walk to the next cove and will find a sandy beach and clear water. I would not call this a 'Healing' retreat really! Not when you have kids swinging in hammocks or just being there??? There were two families with little ones and all of us guests were surprised that a 'Healing' retreat accommodates kids..this is not the place for them nor a place for people who had possibly traveled from as far as Europe to repair themselves from whether an illness, bereavement or just to unwind from a hectic professional job to have noise of crying kids with tantrums swinging around in the hammocks. Not to mention when on a detox with a banging head rumbling stomach trying to focus on just getting through an 11 day detox...ditch the kids keep to adults for sure."

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  • Bewertung von Dasha Sergeyko

    "This place is terrific! The experience that I have received was the best that could happen to me. With warmth in the heart I think about beautiful Orion, lovely support staff, great yoga with Narendra, delicious food and unforgettable Thai massage :) Thank you very much for everything!"

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  • Bewertung von Gabriela aus Czechoslovakia

    "Orion has it all - great healthy food, detox retreats and holistic training with caring support. I was so inspired by overall retreat atmosphere."

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  • Bewertung von Andy and Suzie W. aus Südkorea
    10 von 10

    "A few of the earlier reviews left me feeling weary about coming to Orion, but I visited anyway and I am so glad I did. The yoga teachers (Jules & Antoine) are some of the best you will ever have the pleasure of being guided by if you visit. You will feel challenged but come out feeling alive, recharged and thirsty for more. Then there's the food. Wow! These guys know how to put together a good menu to suit everyone! Healthy, nutritious and incredibly nourishing not to mention great value for money. I chose not to stay in the Orion accommodation as there are so many amazing and peaceful places you can stay that are only a walk away. Lastly, I want to mention that the reception girls are incredibly welcoming and friendly. They were always willing to answer my many questions that I am very grateful for. Orion was the highlight of my stay and will certainly try to visit again next year. Many thanks! We hope to see you again next January. "

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  • Bewertung von Sharda aus Singapur
    9 von 10

    "I feel totally blessed for booking my detox holiday at Orion! I booked for a 11 days detox and stayed in the dorm. It was a complete new experience for me to stay in the dorm, I was not able to adjust for the first 2 days as everything was completely alien to me including the colema! But gradually i felt happy that i stayed in the dorm, I met so many beautiful souls from around the world and my dorm mates were super encouraging!! as sometimes i just wanted to drop the whole detox thingy. But at the end of the whole detox program, i felt really Great, healthy Happy and really energetic! The dorm was cleaned everyday with all beds arranged, I was impressed by the Myanmar staffs working at Orion, humble and they do their best to help you. Well there were language issues but hey i was not England! ;) And also I was glad there was an introduction of the whole program and I have to say the staffs at Orion were very informative and answered all my curiosity :) A big Thank you to Dominique and Natasha! Lots of new knowledge on my digestive system! If you are heading down to Orion, you have to remember, it is an Tropical Island and mosquitoes and flies are part of the island. Also, Adjustment and Flexibility is needed here and that's what i have learnt, and you will definitely feel close to Mother Earth! love the beach yoga hall! overall it was a great experience living there and I will definitely head back again."

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  • Bewertung von Naomi S.
    10 von 10

    "Love this place! The food is out of this world and the views cannot be beat! wide range of yoga offered all day and lots of other healing services. Will be staying a long while here and I would definitely come back! "

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  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Österreich
    6 von 10

    "I attended a 7-day yoga retreat at orion, which I would never do again like this. The whole package is more expensive than if you pay for all the food, yoga classes, massage and room extra. So my advice don't book a package, get a room nearby (for instance Loyfa Natural resort) and attend yoga classes, have lunch/dinner at orion. The accommodation at orion is much more expensive than in other places in that area, my room was disgusting, smelly, there was mold all over the curtains, which is definitely unhealthy, especially if you stay there for a retain. The owners should definitely renovate the rooms! Change the curtains, please! People who did colemas with a detox package, also complained about the hygienic conditions for that. The staff though was really nice, the yoga teachers (especially Marta) were great, the food is really delicious. So whenever I come back to Koh Phangan, I would definitely go to Orion to take some yoga classes and have food, but I would never stay there again! It really was a loss of money. "

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  • Bewertung von Ina L.
    9 von 10

    "I spent 25 days doing a yoga retreat at Orion in September 2015, and I loved it! The two resident yoga teachers are actually the best teachers I've had. Marta is really good at always pushing you a bit further, and especially the Rocket Yoga classes were so challenging, but also so much fun! In Kat's classes I learned more than I've done in years of practicing yoga earlier. She has a lot of useful tips and "yoga hacks" :) She also makes the classes fun and different every time (I stayed for a long time, so I know!). I went on to do a yoga teacher training in India after my stay at Orion, and what I learned at Orion was super helpful. I would absolutely recommend the yoga here! "

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Alena aus China
    10 von 10

    "I had a lovely time here at Orion in Koh Phangan. Coming from a city background, i must admit it took a few days to adjust to this vast jungle! But when I did, it melded in perfectly with the 7 day detox I signed up for. Orion offers an environment for one to have silence within and also a lively and loving atmosphere when you want. So either or, both parts of yourself can be satisfied here. As with any fasts from things, they can be challenging but there is a community of support during difficult and happy times. What is unique about Orion is that they offer reiki sessions along with fasts. Reiki is a universal force energy healing modality, if you haven't tried one - you should! I was certified on all levels here and trust that it is the best place to do so. I learnt so much here on my own as well and I met with a very loving group of souls to connect with. Don't forget to save time to enjoy the best vegetarian menu options here and the yoga classes :) "

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus USA
    10 von 10

    "I have completed the 11-day detox at Orion staying at the dorm. The experience was beyond anything I could have expected and I am sure I will be back as I feel like I've left my new little family behind at Orion."

    "Quickly on negative comments on construction: the new yoga hall was nearly finished when I left (end of Oct 2015) and I believe the kitchen extension is being finished before the busy season starts in Dec. The noise is really not intrusive at all."

    "Orion is primarily a community: The restaurant is well-known around the island for amazing vegan and raw foods and many come back for lunch or dinner. (I am an every day meat eater and love my cheese and yoghurt, but I would rather go vegan with Orion's menu!!!) You end up seeing the same people day after day, yoga teachers, those staying at Orion, and the "locals" around the island - everyone is open and friendly. You naturally end up in conversations, find out what to do on Koh Phangan, or easily skip the small talk and talk about the real stuff, even if you are an introvert like me. Or you can just as easily be with yourself and your thoughts and not feel bothered. There are plenty of spaces to join in, observe, or withdraw."

    "People: I was very happy to find a good balance of "spirituality" and "practicality" at Orion (these are not great terms but let me explain, and apologies for more stereotypes). I was happy to not find any "preaching hippies" here - the ones who are so off in their world, and so critical of everything in the real world, you really just need them to stop talking. In contrast, I found everyone at Orion to be inclusive, mindful and open-minded. The permanent staff here are incredibly knowledgeable and yes, opinionated, but for me - when opinion is based on facts, I am more than happy to listen and learn, and I've learned a lot!"

    "Location: Everything you need is within a 10 minute walk: beach (at Phangan Cove), pool (at resort just next door), many very yummy restaurants, tons of massage places, laundries, shops & food, short and long-term accommodation options, as well as Samma Karuna and Agama Yoga just up the road. Which makes the area sound busy but it's anything but. It's quiet and local with a very laid back vibe. And of course there are plenty of places to hire a scooter to go exploring further around the island."

    "Yoga: The yoga schedule is nice and varied with something for everyone. Ashtanga, two Hatha classes with more meditation focus vs slightly more strenuous, Pranayama Individual classes are 300 THB per class, which is standard, or there are packs of 10 etc or of course the Yoga and Detox all-inclusive programmes. I was surprised to love all the teachers but one (but didn't need to go to that class anyway) - and I am pretty picky about my yoga teachers! Everyone was experienced, knowledgeable and brought wonderful mindful energy to the classes."

    "Detox: I nearly broke my head trying to figure out where to do detox on Koh Phangan and I am so incredibly happy to have found Orion. Impeccably organised programme that has been running for many years; amazing people to support you every step of the way, and lots of people on the same journey with you to share all the details (if you want). Orion Detox is the best value for money as well."

    "Accommodation: I chose to stay in the dorm, which was part of the Detox package, and thought I could move into a private room if I needed to, but ended up living in the dorm the entire stay. There were 5 girls and we had no issues with sleep time, showers, noise or anything else. Everyone is here for the same thing - Detox or Yoga retreat - so you end up on the same schedules with the same energy levels. I will absolutely be back to Orion as it was the ideal experience to relax and reset my body and mind. It's the kind of a place you can envision yourself living for a few weeks.. or months :)"

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  • Bewertung von Peru Tekker aus US
    10 von 10

    "I nearly broke my head trying to figure out where to do detox on Koh Phangan and I am so incredibly happy to have found Orion. Impeccably organised programme that has been running for many years; amazing people to support you every step of the way, and lots of people on the same journey with you to share all the details (if you want). Orion Detox is the best value for money as well.Accommodation:I chose to stay in the dorm, which was part of the Detox package, and thought I could move into a private room if I needed to, but ended up living in the dorm the entire stay. There were 5 girls and we had no issues with sleep time, showers, noise or anything else. Everyone is here for the same thing - Detox or Yoga retreat - so you end up on the same schedules with the same energy levels.I will absolutely be back to Orion as it was the ideal experience to relax and reset my body and mind. It's the kind of a place you can envision yourself living for a few weeks.. or months :) "

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  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Irland
    9 von 10

    " I come here almost every year to do a cleanse program and always enjoy it, great support, nice yoga and great Thai massages included in the cleanse program. Helpful staff. "

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  • Bewertung von Kat Bates aus Indonesien
    10 von 10

    "I did the 11 day detox here at Orion. Wow. Wow. Wow. I came to just physically cleanse my body and left with SO much more!!! The detox along with the daily yoga and massage and optional Theta Healing treatment I did ended up being such a spiritual, mental, soulful, and physical cleansing. I just felt so clear and healthy and super connected afterwards. Big Thanks to the Awesome staff namely Dominique, Derek, Malka, and Jet!!!! Dominique is so incredibly knowledgeable and so generous in sharing her wealth of knowledge about nutrition and diet (included is a consultation in the 11 day detox). She graciously answered all of my questions as I am interested in completely changing my entire diet after this cleanse. Everyone is so friendly, easy-going and super nice to chat with. Malka and Leon were both amazing yoga instructors LOVED their classes. Thank You Guys Soooooooo Much We LOVED it! Big Hugs and Love to Orion!"

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  • Bewertung von a traveler
    10 von 10

    "My time at Orion Healing has been an amazing experience. I chose the 11 day alchemy retreat, which includes Reiki 1 & 2 and I can highly recommend it. The staff is super friendly and are always willing to answer any of your questions. I did read the reviews about the front staff before I chose to do my detox at Orion but can't relate to that at all. Thank you, Ari, Daliah, Derek, Monique, Malka. Leon & Jet for this wonderful experience!"

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  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Österreich
    10 von 10

    "I just came back from my 11-day detox program at Orion and as also during my first time there 2 years ago, I absolutely enjoyed my stay and the program itself. For me detox program is perfectly designed and it helped a lot in all my goals, as to clean and revitalise my body, loos some weight, do yoga and relax. I stayed in a bungalow hut at the premises, its simple, but clean and has big comfy bed. If you want your room/bungalow be cleaned, just leave a key before morning yoga and the place would be cleaned by noon. Facilities for detox are great, nice yoga hall with the view, I liked sauna a lot. And the most important - the atmosphere in the restaurant, so relaxing and laid-back.Staff is very friendly, Dominique is absolutely amazing, positive and helpful, and ready to answer any of your questions at all times. Foot is absolutely the hit, so tasty and so healthy. The only thing still needs to be improved is the politeness to guests requests from the guy that takes order at the restaurant. Two times I was ordering something, I did not have small money, and his answer was just no, no change, which made me feel guilty I have only bigger bill. At the last evening I wanted to order food for the next day to take with me (as I was leaving early in the morning) and leave it in a fridge, but he just said NO, without sorry or explanation. It's rather a small note for improvement that did not spoil my stay!Thank you Orion again for the great stay and I will be coming back!"

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  • Bewertung von a traveler aus USA
    9 von 10

    "Overall, I left feeling I had a five star experience based on how happy and healthy I feel, but there are surely improvements that could be made because I feel orion has the potential to be truly amazing. I stayed in the dorm and the ac was broken- I luckily was able to sleep at night, but it was quite hot in there. When I first arrived, I was shown around by a staff member who was allegedly fired the next day, but she gave me none of the information that I needed nor did anyone seem to know which beds were available- not the warmest welcome. However, the guests staying at the resort and the amazing yoga staff (especially alon, Malka and luke) quickly changed my mind about the place and was able to get past that initial disappointing welcome.I opted into some of the programs offered: the sunset gong meditation, rebirthing, Reiki, ear candling, mud wrap and Thai massage- all amazing except the thai masseuse I had several times was terrible- she was barely paying attention. I had a dozen thai massages elsewhere in thailand and this was not what it's meant to be like. Everyone else at the resort agreed...something must be done about her.I rented a motorbike in town (so cheap!) to explore the island which made my detox experience a lot easier.The food at orion is really good - lots of healthy options - not always served at the temperature to suit my American tastes, but the staff was always willing to give me some ice.The staff at Orion are mostly vegan (plant based diet, as they say) and definitely preach this way of life, which is fine, but some people I talked to seemed a bit annoyed by it.I think that with some tweaks with the staff this place has the potential to be so much more than it already is- and it's already pretty fabulous."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Marie aus Tschechien
    10 von 10

    "I spent in Orion Healing Center nearly 2 weeks, on 11 Day Alchemy Detox, plus extra two nights after. I would have definitely stayed longer if I just had more time!The staff was friendly, and trying to answer any question one might have related to the detox, organization or anything else. The food is amazing. I tried craniosacral therapy, Theta Healing, as well as re-birthing and Reiki course, and would recommend all the healers. The whole detox has been just life changing."

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  • Bewertung von Mhaire S. aus Vereinigtes Königreich
    10 von 10

    "I spent 12 days at ORION taking part in their 11 days detox programme and then an extra night at the end. I wished I had more time, by the end I wanted to stay but had to come home to Scotland.After travelling SE Asia for nearly two months I felt like I needed a reset for my body after all the beer and fried foods. I chose Orion on recommendation of friend and wasn't disapointed. The programme was amazing the support from the staff went above and beyond I went through a very deep healing process and felt supported every step of the way.I stayed in the 10 bed-dorm which was clean and comfortable and I made lots of great friends.The food (when I finally went off my fast )was incredible. I loved all the juices too. The yoga teachers were amazing and I felt my connection to my body and breath deepen in my time there.There is a wealth of great teachers and healers, I especially enjoyed my Theta healing, reiki and woderful bellydance with Mina. Having lived and worked at a spiritual retreat centre for 4 years I know what I search for energetically in a place- somewhere that holds the energy of unconditional love and acceptance and is full of laughter and joy. Orion is all of that and more. I will definitely be back. Much love to Dominique, Tammy and all those at Orion."

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  • Bewertung von Terry aus Kanada
    10 von 10

    "I'm on day 4 of a 7 day cleanse (with 2 pre & 2 post cleanse days) & I feel wonderful!!! This place...the location, accommodation, steam room, but especially the staff (best yoga instruction of my life; reiki unbelievable, Thai massage great; & tomorrow I try Theta Healing) and the food...just unbelievable. I'm so grateful to have stumbled across this healing centre online...& to be here!"

    Orion Healing Facebook page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveller aus Südafrika
    10 von 10

    "The 11 day detox, followed by a 14 day 'healthy living' program, was an incredibly transformational time for me. I've always been active and a relatively healthy eater, but arrived at Orion in a pretty dismal state health wise, and my time there not only got me feeling healthier and more energetic than ever (in such a short space of time), but also completely changed the way I look at food and nutrition.Dominique in particular was a wealth of nutritional advice and education, and was passionate and inspiring in equal doses, and along with Derek and their colleagues, made guests feel very welcome.The food was absolutely incredible, and what I would do to have that kitchen in my back yard all the time...almost makes one want to move to the island just for that!Along with a vegan diet and a detox program, yoga, Reiki, and Theta Healing where also all new experiences, and Shakti, Irene, Melody and Sara were all wonderful yoga teachers, Richard really made me comfortable with my introduction to Reiki and is highly recommended, and Kathai (sp?) a true revelation on the Theta front.A genuinely life changing visit."

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  • Bewertung von Devika aus Indien

    "The best birthday gift to myself. You sit by the sea and drink your coconut, yoga is done with natural surroundings, and the garden is full with beautiful exotic flowers. Daliah is an incredible yoga teacher. I really hope I can find someone like here back home! While I came to Phangan to do a detox, I could not possibly leave without being initiated to Reiki. I feel that has been quite a milestone in my life. I would like to thank Ari for being a great master. Thank you for a brilliant experience. Unforgettable. "

    Orion Healing website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Luke

    "Thank you so much for teaching, guiding, and accompanying me! I had a beautiful time here. Many things came up and many things have been released. The spiral of life moves on. Now, I have the necessary tools to fulfill my purpose of life with greatest love and devotion. "

    Orion Healing website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Natalie

    "I thank you so much for your lovely teaching. It was an amazing experience for my heart, my soul, and my spirit. You gave me exactly the knowledge and wisdom of heart that I needed. "

    Orion Healing website, bearbeitet

Surat Thani, Thailand

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