29 Tage 200-Stunden Yogalehrer Ausbildung in Ecuador

  • OM Healing Center, Avenida Paucarbamba 5-16 y Tomillos, Cuenca, Ecuador

29 Tage 200-Stunden Yogalehrer Ausbildung in Ecuador

  • OM Healing Center, Avenida Paucarbamba 5-16 y Tomillos, Cuenca, Ecuador

Yogalehrer Ausbildung Ecuador

Om Healing Center und Ganesha Yoga heißen Sie zu dieser Yoga Alliance zertifizierten, 200-Stunden Yogalehrer Ausbildung in den magischen Anden willkommen. Dieses Intensivprogramm bietet Ihnen eine transformierende Erfahrung. Sie werden die Möglichkeit haben die indigene Kultur Ecuadors sowie die reiche und mystische Philosophie Indiens kennenzulernen und YogalehrerIn zu werden.

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  • 1 massage
  • 1 Ayurveda assessment
  • 2 Andean Ancestral ceremonies
  • Yoga Alliance Certificate upon completion
  • 3 daily Vegetarian meals prepared by holistic nutritionists
  • Opening and closing sound therapy ceremony
  • 28 nights of accommodation
  • Surprise gift bag
  • 3 local trips
  • Kurse an 28 Tagen
  • Spanisch, Englisch
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Quillosisa Center has three villas, two swimming pools, and a small lake. It is surrounded by organic fruit trees and acres of forest, contributing to an air of peace and tranquility. Accommodations are based on double occupancy and include a private bathroom.

Om Healing Center conducts a residential Yoga Teacher Training based on the traditional style of Hatha Yoga designed for beginners and intermediate levels with a basic knowledge of yoga. This program has a definite, pre-defined curriculum that meets the Yoga Alliance Standards. The qualified teacher trainers offer a consistent approach that is conducive to the depth of the art and science of teaching yoga.

Sample daily schedule

  • 06:30 - 07:00 Morning Tea / Neti pot
  • 07:00 – 09:00 Morning practice
  • 09:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
  • 10:15 - 11:30 Lecture I
  • 11:45 - 13:00 Lecture II
  • 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 - 16:00 Self Study
  • 16:00 - 18:00 Evening asana workshop class
  • 18:00 - 18:45 Meditation
  • 19:00 - 20:00 Dinner
  • 20:00 - 20:45 Daily closing circle (always optional)
  • 21:30 Lights out

Morning Asana Classes

Daily regular practice including Pranayama, Meditation, and Asana to develop your practice through experience.

Evening asana classes

Workshop style classes breaking things down in detail and developing into practice teaching as you share the knowledge you have learned.


Applied anatomy, yogic ancient and modern philosophy, Ayurveda, applied methodology, ancestral medicine, holistic nutrition module and practicum.

Three local nature excursions in the Andes to trekking and visit the city of Cuenca, which is surrounded by four rivers; Tomebamba, Tarqui, Yanuncay, and Machangara, are included in this retreat.

This teacher training will be held at OM Healing Center, one hour south of Cuenca, Ecuador. Officially Santa Ana of the Cuatro Rios, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its historic center was declared a cultural heritage site by UNESCO in 1999.

Cuenca is also called the Athens of Ecuador for its architecture, its cultural diversity, its contribution to the arts, science, and letters. This magnificent city is the birthplace of great illustrious personalities of Ecuadorian society and is also known as Cuenca of the Andes.

Cuenca is known as a peaceful city and second in the world for foreign retirement. The drive from Cuenca to Yunguilla is a display of lush green hills, imposing mountains, and charming villages. You can appreciate the locals selling their fruits, vegetables, and Cacao by the side of the road.

The region is a major producer of sugar cane, coffee, papayas, pineapples, citrus, guavas, and more. One of the legends says that the origin of Yunguilla is related to Indigenous history as the center of the valley was a Cañari shrine showing some archeological evidence.

During this teacher training, you will be served three daily vegetarian meals, unlimited tea and filtered water. Seasonal fruit all day.

During this teacher training, you will enjoy one massage of your choice. You may also enjoy the homeopathic and alternative clinic on-site with a cranial massage therapist, a Thai massage therapist, an Ayurveda practitioner, homeopathic treatments, spiritual structure facilitator, a sound therapist, and a health food and supplementation advisor for an additional cost.

  • 1 Ayurveda assessment
  • 1 massage
  • 1 Temazcal ceremony
  • 3 daily meals
  • 3 local trips
  • 28 nights accommodation
  • Opening and closing sound therapy ceremony
  • Surprise gift bag
  • Yoga Alliance Certificate upon completion
  • Additional activities 
  • Additional massages
  • Ayurveda Treatments
  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation from and to Guayaquil Airport (GYE)
  • Supplements from health food store

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Guayaquil Airport (GYE). The organizer may pick you up from the airport, at your expense. The pick-up is available but it is not included in the price. If your flight arrives at an earlier day, please let OM Healing Center know of your schedule so they can arrange an earlier pickup.

  • Die Anzahlung wird nicht erstattet, wenn die Buchung storniert wird.
  • Der Restbetrag ist am Tag der Ankunft zu zahlen.

Bestätigte BookYogaRetreats.com Bewertungen

  • C
    Bewertung von Camille Freund aus Vereinigte Staaten

    Awesome experience!

    PROS Positives: I really appreciate all the staff members at the OM retreat and feel very fortunate for being able to be a part of this training. It was an incredible experience!!

    2017-Sep-04 02:58:37

  • Bewertung von Brandon Bennett
    10 von 10

    "This is where I did my yoga teacher training. Words can't fully describe how therapeutic the entire experience was for me. The program in itself, on top of the mountains, culture, ancient ceremonies, and the connections built with the other diverse group yogis, is a time in my life that I will always cherish."

    BookYogaRetreats.com, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Christine Vallis-Page aus Kanada
    10 von 10

    "Om Yoga Center offers a unique program, rooted in traditional yoga philosophy and explores the connections with the indigenous Ecuadorian culture. This well-rounded program goes beyond expectations!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com Website, bearbeitet


  • Bewertung von Melinda Matulis aus USA
    10 von 10

    "YTT Ecuador offers an authentic and special experience. All of the trainers and teachers were knowledgeable, helpful, caring, approachable and passionate about yoga. The owner went out of her way to make the experience one that one would never forget. She hired the best and organized fascinating extra activities to enhance our experience. Our main teacher trainer, Adri Kyser, was incredible and was dedicated to training us how to teach proper alignment and effective sequencing all while connecting our students to a spiritual practice. I was hoping to build confidence in my yoga practice, and not only did I achieve that, I ended up having a life-changing experience that opened my mind, body, and heart. I would definitely recommend this program to somebody who is open to growth. "

    BookYoga Retreats website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Millie H aus Ecuador
    10 von 10

    "Receiving my YTT with OM Healing Center was beyond my best expectations. I am now teaching yoga at a university in Riobamba and feeling great about it! thanks to the wonderful staff and program they have. I 100% recommend this course because it is tailored to you, to your future yoga students and doesn¨t just focus on the physical aspect of yoga. Which I absolutely LOVED."

    BookYoga Retreats website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Kristine Disney aus USA
    10 von 10

    "My 200-hour yoga teacher training with OM Yoga Center was extremely rewarding! Not only did I receive excellent instruction on teaching asanas, I received a well-rounded classical hatha yoga education. The teachers were all excellent, and Maria Elena went out of her way to ensure that each student had a great experience. The schedule was rigorous but manageable, and each weekend we were met with an exciting excursion or activity to "reward" us for all of the hard work during the week. The food was tasty and nutritious, and I greeted each day with eager anticipation of what I was about to learn and experience. And last but not least, the location. Ecuador is, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I just don't believe there could have been anything that could improve this experience. I left a different person than I was when I arrived, with friends for life as an added bonus. I highly recommend this school!"

    BookYoga Retreats website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Anali Ramirez
    10 von 10

    "I'm really happy I did my 200h YTT with OM HEALING CENTER. It was such an amazing experience. The program was complete. Amazing teachers, delicious and healthy food, beautiful place in nature. Thai and cranial massage were really helpful, too. I totally recommend this retreat, it will change your life."

    OM Healing Center Facebook Page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Alex Roy aus Australien
    10 von 10

    "This place is incredible!"

    "Marie Elena and her family are such beautiful people and they do everything they can to make sure you have a great experience."

    "Make sure you check out one of their classes or retreats."

    OM Healing Center Facebook Page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Tanya Hunter
    10 von 10

    "It was great thank you :) Had a great month, insightful and learnt a lot. The food was to die for, the location and accommodation were lovely."

    "The organiser's and all people involved were absolutely amazing."

    "Would definitely recommend it to others :)"

    BookYoga Retreats website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Trista Jones
    10 von 10

    "Best yoga in Cuenca. Something for all levels, and friendliest staff that you will find anywhere."

    Facebook website, edited, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Angela Nadler
    10 von 10

    "It's been one short month since I began my yoga journey and I can honestly say that It has already changed my life. All of the crazy, (sometimes 'out-there') health benefits you hear about how yoga changes you are all absolutely true! My husband and I moved to Cuenca, Ecuador about three months ago and I began looking for a form of exercise to replace running, (due to the negative impact running was having on my knees). My mother-in-law recommended me to try yoga. She has avidly practiced yoga for decades and says it's the best form of exercise for the mind, body, and soul. So I said, "why not? I'll give it a shot." Little did I know that I would find something far beyond exercise; an entirely new way of life through yoga. "


    "When beginning my practice, shortly after deciding to give yoga a go, I found Om Healing Center in Cuenca. The Om Healing Center is a family-run yoga studio that welcomes you with warm smiles and open arms. They have an uncanny way of making you feel like family as soon as you walk through the door. The center provides a fun, accepting, and safe environment to be yourself, and accommodates everyone no matter what level you may be at. I can't say enough good things about this place. After our first class at Om Healing Center, my husband and I quickly decided to buy a one month unlimited membership because we enjoyed it so much. Om Healing Center offers several classes and workshops, including Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, meditation, chakra workshops, yoga for kids, and more and we've thoroughly enjoyed them all!"


    "Within a month of practicing yoga I have experienced mental clarity; a great way to increase mental clarity is through meditation and exercise. Yoga combines the two to create an excellent clarity in the mind. When we are focused completely on holding balance in a pose the mind becomes sharp and all other thoughts are removed providing clear focus. Before I began yoga, I mainly had strength in my legs and since beginning my yoga practice I've now developed strength in my chest, back, core, and arms. Yoga has also helped me become a more balanced being and now I can hold balance postures such as side planks, tree poses, and headstands. I never thought in a million years I could balance myself on my head. I've not only found physical balance but also balance in my life and thoughts. "


    "The lessons have helped me to reduce my stress because with more yoga comes less stress. Yoga helps to reduce stress because it promotes relaxation, which is the natural opposite of stress. I describe leaving a yoga studio like leaving a spa. You feel like you just had the best body massage of your life. The flexibility is a big one for me and I know this will be an ongoing journey. I am not that flexible and have especially tight hamstrings but with every class I notice I become more flexible and limber. And finally I have improved my relationship with my husband. I love practicing yoga with my husband. There is something so special about sharing yoga with your loved one. After yoga we feel happy, energetic, confident, and connected as a couple."

    OM Healing Center website, edited, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Mine Tobar
    10 von 10

    "La experiencia del profesorado de yoga fue una de las mejores decisiones que he tomado! La entrega y el conocimiento de los maestros hicieron de las semanas de entrenamiento un aprendizaje completo!! Muy recomendado!!"


    OM Healing Center Facebook Page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Mariana Rivas aus Venezuela
    10 von 10

    "Estoy muy agradecida de haber hecho mi yoga teacher tranning de 200hrs con la Familia de Om Healing Center, se sintió el amor de principio a fin, desde unas maravillosas instalaciones, comida vegetariana y Vegana de altísima calidad, clases teóricas completas y un gran instructor que nos enseñó mucho. Recomiendo al 100% esta bella experiencia con ellos, además son todos hermosas personas, siempre atentos a cualquier detalle. Gracias, esta experiencia a transformado mi vida."


    OM Healing Center Facebook Page, bearbeitet

Cuenca, Ecuador

OM Healing Center bietet eine freundliche Atmosphäre und die Möglichkeit unserer Yoga Gemeinschaft und unserem ganzheitlichen Gesundheitszentrum beizutreten. Service auf Englisch und Spanisch.

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