4 Tage Museflower Spa Yoga Urlaub in Chiang Rai, Thailand

  • Museflower Retreat and Spa, Don Sila, Wiang Chai District, Chiang Rai 57210, Thailand

4 Tage Museflower Spa Yoga Urlaub in Chiang Rai, Thailand

  • Museflower Retreat and Spa, Don Sila, Wiang Chai District, Chiang Rai 57210, Thailand

Wellness Meditation and Yoga Retreat Thailand

Looking forward to a break? You are invited to Spa Chiang Rai Retreats to experience a gentle way to nourish yourself with fresh organic vegetarian food, daily Thai spa treatments, and gentle fitness classes in the midst of peaceful natural surroundings. This retreat is all about letting yourself unplug from everyday stress, taking time to indulge in self-care, and to rejuvenate yourself in nature and undemanding environment.

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  • Two group wellness class daily
  • Enjoy daily spa treatment and herbal steam
  • Enjoy the therapeutic Himalayan natural salt pool
  • 3 lacto-ovo vegetarian meals daily
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Round trip transfers
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  • Englisch
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During this retreat, you will be staying at accommodation in Museflower, it is located in a cluster of cottages that sets in a garden facing the peaceful lake. At the accommodation site, you can swim at the small lake, dip into the Himalayan Crystal Salt pool, take nature walks, go for a jog, and bike ride along the surrounding country lanes.

For this retreat, the available accommodation options are on a single, double, and triple occupancy basis. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and cozy, it can hold up to 36 people maximum at a shared basis. In addition, all the rooms are equipped with wall fans, windows with mosquito screens, a place to store clothes, and a bathroom with solar heated hot shower. Moreover, all the rooms have a covered terrace where guests can sit outside to enjoy the view.

Furthermore, there are complimentary ozonated drinking water, hot water kettle, herbal tea, shampoo, and shower gel provided. Also, there are electronic amenities such as hairdryer, plug-in mosquito repellent, and flashlight.

Standard room

This room is equipped with two beds, a fan, one private bathroom, a beautiful custom made Northern Thai style bedside tables, along with a cupboard to place your belongings. This room is offered at single or double occupancy, it is suitable for single travelers or couple.

Superior room

This room is air-conditioned and much more spacious, it has two separate beds, a beautiful custom made closet with hangers, bed-side tables, a private bathroom, and a covered terrace where you can sit and relax outside.

Triple room

The triple room is air-conditioned, equipped with a raised Thai style platform that fits three mattresses. The room has a custom made Northern Thai style bedside tables, a private bathroom, and a covered terrace. This room is offered at double or triple occupancy, it is suitable for small groups or single travelers who don’t mind to share.

Wooded bedroom

The wooded bedroom is air-conditioned, it is much more superior and spacious. The room has custom made two separate traditional Northern Thai style wooden beds, closet with hangers, bedside tables, wooden table, a private bathroom, and a covered terrace where you can sit and relax outside. Also, the room is decorated in a cozy sofa style to match a traditional Thai house feeling.

Water bedroom

The water bedroom is air-conditioned and more spacious, the room has two separate temperature-controlled water beds, custom made Northern Thai style closet with hangers, bedside table, one private bathroom, and a covered terrace. Moreover, water bed is the most beneficial way for total relaxation, it helps to relax the spinal muscles, and is excellent for anyone who has stress symptoms and back problems.

The eco-facilities at Museflower Retreat & Spa offer a community place that nurtures inner balance and creativity, some of the facilities such as the Museflower spa and Soul Food Corner are also open to non-retreat guests, and are available through advance booking.


Butterfly room

The room is equipped with projector, screen, stereo system, ceiling fans, yoga mats, chairs, and tables if needed. The room can fit about 20 mats, 50 people sitting in theater setting, and 30 people with tables. Also, there are plenty of outdoor spaces for events to cater for more people.

In addition, the room can also rent for teachers or practitioners who wants to hold a retreats or meetings there. Furthermore, movie nights can also take place in the butterfly room, as part of the workshop program or entertainment in the evenings.

Creative studio

The studio is located upstairs from the pool with a peaceful forest view, you can relax and enjoy a private space to draw, paint, create relaxing color mandalas or anything you wish to express your creative spirit.

Fitness gym

The fitness gym is air-conditioned, it is located above the pool so you can work up a sweat while enjoying a panoramic garden view.

Himalayan crystal salt swimming pool

The Himalayan crystal salt water swimming pool is covered and heated by a solar water system, the pool is ozonized, chlorine-free, and at a depth of 2.40 meters. Moreover, this is truly a swimming exercise pool instead of a dipping pool. Also, the Himalayan crystal salt water helps to cleanse the body, while balancing the pH, and maintaining the protective film of the skin.

Meditation pavilion

It is situated by the lakeside and facing the organic farm, the meditation pavilion is specially designed and built in a hexagonal shape, along with wood and a high ceiling. This space is equipped with a stereo system that can be connected to your laptop or phone. Also, it has wall fans, yoga mats, tables, and chairs prepared.

This is an ideal sacred space for meditation, sound therapies, and passive activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi. The space is 86 meters square large, it can fit about a maximum of 25 mats or with 36 people sitting.

Museflower boutique

This boutique store selling a variety of aromatherapy and herbal products, Himalayan crystal salt, salt lamps, books, apparel, and CDs. All products are local brands that offer high quality products as much as possible.

Museflower spa

Museflower spa facilities and therapies are selected to relax, de-stress, refresh, and rejuvenate the body and mind. Here is the perfect time to reconnect to your body, mind, and soul with the use of our natural Thai spa products and traditional spa therapies.

Outdoor fire pit

During the cool season, the lakeside outdoor fire pit becomes an outdoor living room where guests love to gather around to chat under the open sky after dinner. There is nothing more cozy than socializing under the stars, with your mug of warm tea, feeding logs into the fire, and making new friends.

Outdoor salas

There are various of outdoor salas and garden chairs that are scattered around the property, you can stop by to enjoy the nature, and the outdoors whenever you want. Also, you can even sleep outside if you want to.

Organic kitchen garden and aquaponics

Aquaponics is a farming system based on the principles of permaculture, where the waste water of fish is used to fertilize and grow vegetables. In return, the water is purified and feeds back to the fish. Thus, there is no waste generated in the process. Moreover, the organic kitchen garden is where all the herbs and other types of vegetables grow.

Pool lounge area

This is a refreshment area for the pool guests to take a sip of some complimentary tea and water, or simply relax, read, and chill.

Private spa consultation room

This place is a private consultation room with or without a treatment bed at the spa, it can be rented at an hourly basis. Hence, it is available for practitioners to conduct a private sessions at a peaceful and quiet environment.

Soul Food Corner

Soul Food Corner is the community dining room, guests can gather for family-style and buffet dining. The place is airy and spacious, with big windows overlooking the lake. Moreover, this is also a social gathering place where guests can join the group at a big table, or choose a smaller table if you wish to sit quietly on your own to relax and enjoy the casual atmosphere.

The living room at Soul Food Corner

Just like a living room at home, this is where you can enjoy your personal space with books as there is a library with an assortment of books. Also, there are entertaining board games available for group to play or watch movies.

The Museflower Retreat and Spa is one of the leading boutique natural Thai spa retreats in north Thailand, it is a traditional place to retreat among the peaceful green hills that offers a lush bounty of fruits and flowers. Moreover, this retreat is the place to nurture and refresh yourself with a relaxing wellness holiday among the tranquil lakes and rice fields in Chiang Rai.

This retreat center boasts a personal touch, due to its boutique nature and spa therapists who can offer a range of refreshing natural spa treatments. In this retreat, you will be able to give your wellness a real boost, residing in nature, benefiting from the health spa treatments, and enjoying rejuvenating practices such as yoga, and cycling.

Wellness activities introduction

Scheduled group classes are available on a daily basis, such as yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, stretching, guided walking, bicycle tours, and more. Classes are either held in our indoor open-air yoga shala, at the butterfly room or at the meditation pavilion. Guests who stay under the regular retreat rate, he or she will be able to enjoy one class complimentary per day.

Also, there are private classes that are also available upon request. Moreover, please note that the wellness activity schedule may change without prior notice. However, you will receive the most updated copy of the schedule upon check-in.

Body balance by Jang

Balance both your mind and body with a flowing mixture of Tai Chi, Pilates, and yoga movements to help build your strength, flexibility, and balance at the same time.

Hatha yoga, Chi yoga, and yoga with props

Yoga improves the overall well-being of both body and mind through the introduction of gentle postures that are adapted to suit each guest’s physical structure. Moreover, this is ideal for beginners and intermediate guests who want to learn how to counteract the physical and mental stresses of daily life.

Introduction to energy healing by Tania

Energy healing can promote well-being by helping to release energy blockages, you can experience how energy healing works and anyone can do it.


Experience different forms of meditation, whether by sitting, walking, dancing, and chanting, all to re-connect with your soul within.

Pranayama (yogic breathing)

This class enhances your ability to breathe with ease, enabling your body functions to perform better and your busy mind to calm down and relax.


This practice enable you to learn how to release stiffness of your body with the easy-to-follow stretching techniques.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Tai Chi is the Chinese healing art emphasizing mindful movements, focusing on physical posture, and harmonizing chi flow in the body.

Vinyasa flow yoga by Jang

This is a sequence of yoga asanas focusing on breathing and self-energy while targeting specific area of the body, each movement is coordinated with breathing to flow from one pose to the next.


Day 1: Arrival

  • 14:00 - Check-in
  • 16:00 - 17:00 Afternoon wellness activity such as meditation, cooking demonstration, and yoga
  • 17:00 - 18:30 Dip in the lake or Himalayan natural salt pool, take a walk, or enjoy the sunset
  • 18:30 - 20:00 Dinner. During the rest of the evening, you can watch a movie, read book, play a game, socialize, connect, or rest.

Day 2

  • 08:30 - 09:30 Morning wellness activity such as yoga, Tai Chi, and stretching
  • 09:30 - 10:00 Breakfast
  • 11:00 - 11:30 Hado counseling demo for 30 minutes with Tania Ho
  • 12:30 - 14:00 Lunch
  • 16:00 - 17:00 Afternoon wellness activity such as Pilates, body balancing, or nature mandala
  • 17:15 - 17:45 Herbal steam for 30 minutes at Museflower Spa
  • 17:45 - 18:45 Signature massage for 60 minutes at Museflower Spa
  • 18:30 - 20:00 Dinner. During the rest of evening, you can rent a taxi to visit the night bazaar in town at additional cost.

Day 3

  • 08:30 - 09:30 Morning wellness activity such as yoga, Qi Gong, and pranayama. In the morning, feel free to rent a bicycle at additional cost to explore the surrounding area.
  • 09:30 - 10:00 Breakfast. During the afternoon, you can go for gym or just chill by the lake with a book.
  • 12:30 - 14:00 Lunch
  • 16:00 - 17:00 Afternoon wellness activity such as flower message meditation, introduction to energy healing, or yoga
  • 17:15 - 17:45 Herbal steam for 30 minutes at Museflower Spa
  • 17:45 - 18:45 Body Scrub for 45 minutes at Museflower Spa
  • 18:30 - 20:00 Dinner

Day 4: Departure

  • 08:30 - 09:30 Morning wellness activity such as yoga, guided cycling tour, and meditation
  • 08:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
  • 10:30 - 11:00 Herbal steam for 30 minutes at Museflower Spa
  • 11:00 - 12:00 Foot massage for 60 minutes at Museflower Spa
  • 12:00 - Check-out

In this retreat, you will be going on a guided cycling tour to discover the nearest beautiful lake, explore the local village life, and enjoy the scenery while exercising.

  • Tania Ho

    For founder and spa owner Tania Ho, flowers and nature have been her inspiration throughout her life and have played a significant role in her personal healing journey. Tania’s interest in natural health was first sparked by aromatherapy in her teens. In her twenties, when her father passed away from depression, the grief of his loss led her to search for healing through alternative health therapies that focused on emotional and mental wellness, which in turn led her to rediscover flower essences.

This retreat will be held at Museflower Retreat and Spa, it is nestled in a gentle wooded area that is surrounded by scenic lakes and lush rice fields. Moreover, the retreat center is located in Thailand’s far north in the Golden Triangle where the border meets Myanmar and Laos.

Nearby place

  • Chiang Rai town, 17 kilometers

In this retreat, you will be served with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, there will be oat porridge, hot soup, noodles or congee, kefir, non-dairy milk, fresh fruit, muesli, one glass of fresh juice, and herbal tea. As for lunch, there will be a salad buffet, along with hot dishes such as curry, stir fried vegetables, omelet, local Thai dessert, fresh fruit, and herbal tea. During dinner, you can enjoy simple hot dishes with salad, raw or steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, and herbal tea.

Museflower offer delicious, organic lacto-ovo vegetarian food with buffet style dining. The buffet is created to offer a variety of dishes, flavours, and colours to help excite the palette. To stimulate your eyes and appetite, so that you will enjoy the experience of a healthy, nutritious, and satisfying meal.

Most of the ingredients are source locally and freshly produce, it is picked straight from on-site aquaponics system and the organic garden. Museflower also uses Himalayan crystal salt to cook, it has natural antioxidant that provides 84 trace minerals. Moreover, there are complimentary ozonized, chemical-free pure drinking water, herbal tea, and healthy fruit snacks throughout the day.

For vegetarian travellers, it is often difficult to experience delicious vegetarian food while travelling. At Museflower, you can rest assured that your vegetarian and vegan needs will be satisfy with delicious flavors, fresh, organic, and natural green cuisine. Museflower offers healthy vegetarian food as part of a detox experience that helps to cleanse the body, make the body feel lighter, and more energetic.

In addition, there are vegan or gluten-free cuisine that are available upon request. If you have food allergies or special dietary requirements, make sure to inform Museflower Retreat and Spa upon reservation. Furthermore, Museflower also offer special smoothies, fresh fruit juices, fresh made herbal teas, Rustic & Blue artisanal organic teas, and homemade chips and snacks throughout the day for you to enjoy at extra cost.

From Museflower Retreat & Spa, you can easily visit some of Chiang Rai’s attractions, art, cultural, natural, and adventure highlights. Museflower reception team will be happy to assist with recommending suitable Chiang Rai attractions, booking tours, and cars. Also, ensure everything is organized and complements with your retreat stay.

In addition, Museflower is also partnering with PDA (Population and Development Association) tour. It is a social enterprise whose profits are donated to support community development for the local and hill tribe communities. When you take a cultural excursion with PDA, you are playing a part of giving back to the local community.

Chiang Rai night bazaar

This is a fun place to shop and browse for endless ethnic handicrafts, handmade gifts, souvenirs, clothes, snacks, and foodstuffs. There are also numerous of bars, restaurants, two food courts, and free cultural entertainment every night.

Doi Chaang Mountain and Mae Suai Dam

Doi Chaang coffee is one of Chiang Rai’s famous coffee chains, it has a coffee academy, and operates its coffee plantation and factory on the top of the mountain. During every winter, the coffee academy offers barista courses which are filled up very quickly.

Moreover, there are macadamia nut farms and small resorts that can also be seen along the mountain top. Below the mountain is the famous Mae Suai Dam, where tourists can go for jet-ski, hop on banana boats in the reservoir, or dine at the restaurant on top of the dam.

Doi Tung Royal Villa and Flower Garden

It is a beautiful flower garden and residence built for the Late Princess Mother, Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindara (Somdej Ya).

Elephant trekking

This is an exotic trek on elephant back, it is one of the most memorable and fun ways to explore the lush jungles around the Chiang Rai’s Kok River. This is also a wonderful way to learn how elephants are fed, bathed in the river, cared for, and even see mothers and baby elephants together in their natural environment.

Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is the intersection of the three borders of Thailand, Laos, and Burma meet. The “Golden Triangle” is a moniker, and the area was once famed for its opium production. Nowadays, it becomes a junction where you can find local markets selling northern handicrafts, clothing, novelties, and souvenirs, as well as river rides up and down the Mekong.

Hall of Opium Museum

This is one of the best museum in Thailand, it was created by the government to educate people about the history and dangers of opium. Also, it is part of the battle to eradicate opium production in the Golden Triangle. Moreover, the entertaining exhibition traces the history of opium from its roots 5,000 years ago to present day issues of drug abuse.

Hill Tribe villages

There are many different hill tribe villages around, visitors can see the Akha, Lisu, Lahu, and famous Karen Long-Neck tribes. From there, you can learn about their traditional way of life, and visit the hill tribe handicrafts centers where you can buy souvenirs such as their exquisite embroidery and textiles.

Mae Fah Luang Art and Cultural Park

This place is dedicated to the Princess Mother, this gorgeous museum houses the region’s largest collection of Lanna, northern art, and artifacts. There is a permanent teak wood exhibition, an indigenous botanical collection, and revolving displays of contemporary and historic art, paintings, photography, sculptures, and more.

Oub Kham Museum

This charming private museum houses the owner’s extensive collection of northern style Buddha images, amazing array of exquisite objects, furniture, and clothing that used in the royal courts of northern Thailand. Moreover, the museum also includes beautiful items from Myanmar, China, and Vietnam that are 500 to 1,100 years old.

River cruises

Boat rides along the Kok River is another fun and popular way to see the lush local landscape, visit some hill tribe villages, elephant camp, or enjoy hot spring along the way.

Singha Park and Boon Rawd Farm

This is an agro-tourism attraction owned by Thailand’s biggest beer producer, there is a popular shuttle available for you to tour around the farm. Moreover, the park also has a restaurant nested on the top of a small hill, a cafe, and gift shop by the entrance, along with a wide lawn area for you to take photos.

Tea plantations at Doi Mae Salong

Chiang Rai’s cool hills are perfect for tea cultivation, there are lovely tea plantations where you can taste sample of freshly brewed tea, enjoy the beautiful terraced landscape, and buy some local tea to take home.

The Black House

The estate of renowned Thai national artist Thawan Duchanee, consisting of black Lanna style buildings. You can visit the Black House by appointment, it is a fascinating museum with contemporary artist’s extraordinary collections of sculptures and Southeast Asian artifacts.

Wat Rong Khun (the White Temple)

This is one of the most spectacular temples in Thailand, it is entirely white and contemporary temple that is designed by national artist Chalemchai Kositpipat. The temple is an extravagant and artists’ fantasy vision of the Buddhist heaven, hell, and nirvana. The majestic golden building that houses the public restrooms is just as beautiful as the rest of the temple, and there is a little market selling souvenirs and coffee next door as well.

Wat Phra Kaew Temple

This beautiful temple is famed for housing the sacred Emerald Buddha in the fourteenth century, and houses a replica of the original that is now enshrined in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Moreover, the temple’s lovely grounds also includes an excellent museum of a beautiful Buddhist artifacts.

Wat Phra Sing Temple

This gorgeous fifteenth century temple houses a replica of the famed Phra Sing Buddha image that is now enshrined in Chiangmai. This temple’s stunning northern Lanna style architecture and interiors are a delightful to see, as well as some fascinating Buddha images under the sacred Bodhi trees on the temple grounds.

Weekend walking street

You may visit the busy walking streets for the locals during Saturdays and Sundays, there are sample local food snacks that you can try.

During this retreat, you will get to enjoy daily 30 minutes of herbal steam, one signature massage for 90 minutes, one body scrub for 45 minutes, one foot massage for 60 mins, and one hado counseling demo for 30 minutes.

Please note that the hado counseling with Tania is not available from 23rd to 27th June, September, and 6th to 16th October 2017. During this period, the 30 minutes of hado counseling will be substitute with signature massage or 60 minutes of spa treatment.

Herbal steam

Thai herbs such as lemongrass and plai are used in the steam room, it is to stimulate circulation and aiding the detoxification process. There is a big and small herbal steam room available, so couples and families can book to use a steam room together. In order to use the steam room, guests are advised to change into sarongs that are provided in the changing room. For your comfort, please bring your own flip flops or slippers to use the wet spa facilities.

Hado counseling session

Hado Kaizen (improvement) is a computer program which can scan and measure your bio-energetic state, picking up any negative vibrations that are affecting your health, whether it be vibrations of negative emotions, toxins or viruses. It was originally invented in Austria, and later adapted in Japan by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

This is counseling session is recommended for anyone who wants to have more vitality and energy, any specific health condition, or feeling out of balance.

After all the bio-energetic information is measured, your personalized Hado water will be made by imprinting the positive vibrations to neutralize any negative vibrations in the energetic body.

Foot acupressure

This is one of the most popular Thai spa treatments, foot massage kneads the reflex points on the feet that correspond to every organ and gland in the body. Begin with a foot soak and a shoulder massage to release tension, then enjoy the gentle healing of foot massage, stimulation of the autonomic nervous, lymphatic and circulation systems. Also, this foot massage is ideal to improve circulation and help tired feet to recuperate.

Signature massage

Lunar massage

This is recommended to those who prefer to unwind and relax, it is one of the best spa treatments to melt away tension and stress. Also, this full body signature massage includes a pampering facial and scalp massage. With your choice of aromatherapy oil and gentle slow stroking movements, this treatment allows your body and mind to immerse in a harmonic state once again. It is suitable for children and pregnant guests, and the pressure is soft to medium.

Solar massage

This is recommended to those who prefer to be re-energized, it is the best spa treatment to revitalize your body with this integrative style of full-body signature massage, combining the techniques from the Orient and the West. With your choice of aromatherapy oil, the therapist will use different movements, stretching, and acupressure to awaken the energy flow of the body again. Also, the massage pressure is from medium to strong.

Star massage

This is recommended to those who prefer to customize their own, to tailor-make your own treatment by telling the therapists what you need, and how you want it. Begin with a spa consultation to let the therapists know what pressure you prefer, what area you would like to concentrate on, and select your own aromatherapy oil that best caters to your need.

Moreover, the therapists will use natural Thai spa techniques along with their instinct to tune into your body and energy, and incorporate their own unique style in this signature massage treatment.

Body scrub

Dried mangosteen peel body scrub

Mangosteen, known as the “Queen of the Tropical Fruits”, contains a high amount of anti-oxidants to help repair and prevent further damage to skin cells. This natural Thai spa treatment uses dried mangosteen peel powder mixed with honey for a gentle body exfoliation, followed by a kefir (fermented milk) splash for softening the skin. Finish with an application of body moisturizer scented with the signature blend, it is suitable for all skin types.

Himalayan crystal pink salt body scrub

Enriched with about 84 essential minerals, this ionic salt is the result of the accumulation of the substances on rock salt over a million years. The Himalayan pink salt body scrub is infused with rose essential oil and honey, to improve skin texture and hydrating while calming the mind. Finish with an application of body moisturizer scented with the signature blend, it is suitable for normal skin and dry skin.

Himalayan black salt body scrub

“Kala Namak” or Himalayan black salt has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a cooling spice to aid digestion, the salt is rich in iron, minerals, and it contains a distinct sulphur flavor. Tamarind paste, fresh ginger, and coconut oil are mixed with black salt to create a rich body scrub, which helps to stimulate blood circulation and maintain a healthy pH balance for the skin. Finish with an application of body moisturizer scented with the signature blend, it is suitable for normal and oily skin.

  • 1 body scrub of 45 minutes
  • 1 foot massage of 60 minutes
  • 1 Hado counseling demo of 30 minutes
  • 1 signature massage of 90 minutes
  • 2 group wellness class daily
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • 3 delicious lacto-ovo vegetarian meals daily
  • 10% discount at the Museflower Boutique (except consignment products)
  • 30 minutes of herbal steam daily
  • Daily natural Thai spa treatments and herbal steam
  • Complimentary gift from The Museflower Boutique
  • Round trip airport or bus terminal transfer
  • Therapeutic Himalayan natural salt pool

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI). Transfer from and to the airport is included. The Museflower Retreat and Spa will pick you up from the airport.

Arrival by taxi

You can also hire an airport taxi by the airport, the journey will take about 35 to 40 minutes to arrive at Museflower Retreat and Spa.

Arrival by bus

If you are taking the bus, the new bus terminal 2 is about 20 kilometers from the retreat center. Also, bus terminal 2 is the first bus stop after the bus passes by the White Temple area. It is recommended for you to alight at bus terminal 2, as it is easier for the cars to park there. Normally, a bus ride would take about 2.5 to 3 hours from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai.

Moreover, the bus terminal 1 is located inside Chiang Rai town by the night bazaar area. It is recommend that you purchase your bus ticket in advance to avoid waiting at the bus station, you may visit Green Bus Thailand website for more information. Transfer from and to the bus terminal is included, make sure to inform Museflower Retreat and Spa during your reservation.

  • Eine Reservierung erfordert eine Anzahlung von 100% des Gesamtpreises.
  • Ihre Anzahlung ist vollständig erstattbar, wenn Sie die Buchung bis zu 14 Tage vor der Anreise stornieren.

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    PROS Positives: - i dont really like nature in general and i had never really practiced yoga. -it was my first trip traveling alone too. -i did as i was told; leave all my thoughts behind and let the magic happens and it happened. The place is so serene and beautiful; the yoga classes were outstanding ( thank you "A") and the massages amongst the best i ever had ( thanks Ada). -my only regret: i wished i could have stayed a whole week:)

    Antwort des Veranstalters: Dear Chloe, Thank you for your kind review. It's our pleasure that you've enjoyed during your stay at Museflower. We also hope to have a chance to welcome you back again at Museflower Best Regards with Love & Gratitude, Tony

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    6 days caring for yourself

    PROS Positives: My focus was about learning the basics of yoga practice and the teachers are wonderful! They put a lot of passion in what they do and they are really focus on the needs of different bodies. The food also was great and various.

    2017-May-07 07:27:58

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    CONS Negatives: Insects

    PROS Positives: Professional and friendly staffs Ambience Spa Best vegetarian food we ever have

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    "I just want to say thank you. "

    "To both my teachers that gave me so much energy and strength, helpd me to accept myself, to love myself and to believe in myself. It's been an amazing week for me!!! I want to also thank the receptions staff, the kitchen staff and the house keeping staff for beeing so nice and kined, you have made my vacation no less then perfect! "

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  • Bewertung von W.T. Ang aus Singapur
    10 von 10

    "It's my 3rd day at Museflower and I'm really enjoying every moment of my stay there. From the tranquil scenery to the healthy vegetarian cuisine. I have also been very fortunate to have 1 on 1 yoga practice with A and Jang. They have constantly motivated me to stretch beyond my limits. The room facilities are clean and service at the lobby was excellent! I would recommend this to anyone looking to retreat from the fast paced city style & connect with nature."

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von J. Nichoson aus Vereinigtes Königreich
    10 von 10

    "The yoga was out of this world & the selling point was beautiful spot for retreat & getaway from daily life. All the staff were superb! Everyone went out of their way to make sure we were happy & relax.Thank you again!"

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von L. Read aus Vereinigtes Königreich
    10 von 10

    "My stay at the Museflower resort has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much from the yoga practitioners whilst the spa treatment have allowed me to relax & reset my mind and body. I can't wait to share positive energy I have gained from this wonderful place & it's staff with memorial with love & gratitude."

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von O. Lai aus Hongkong
    10 von 10

    "Museflower is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to relax and unwind surrounded by the serenity of nature. The daily yoga classes are great and the spa sessions are some of the best I've ever had with excellent practitioners a wide variety treatments to choose from. The staff are amazing, friendly, attentive and my stay would not have been the same without them. Thank you to Jang, A, Don, Noi & Tony for making my stay here so comfortable & enjoyable. I hope to be back again soon!"

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von L. Cheong aus Singapur
    10 von 10

    "It has been a most rewarding & enchanting trip in northern Thailand. Starting with the caring hands of our driver Mr.Narong from Museflower who received & send us to Mae Salong for the scenic views and 2 days stay. Then followed by the 4 days restorative spa & yoga experiences in the Museflower resort where we met caring, polite & hospital staff & visitors. The ambiance, food, & facility are complemented by most competent & dedicated trainers & we strongly recommend those who enjoy the exposure like us to come & experience all those for yourselves. Many thanks!"

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Y. To aus Hongkong
    10 von 10

    "Museflower is absolutely a great place for relaxation. The environment, food, staff are all excellent. I am sure I will come back again very soon. Thanks for all the good memories!"

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von L. Leong aus Singapur
    10 von 10

    "The retreat itself was a very lovely place. A great place to get rid of your worries from a busy and hectic work life. The staff were simply great, the went the extra mile to make sure that the stay was really enjoyable. Lots of lifestyle activities like yoga, Pilates, and spa treatment. Food was great! and it was totally worth it. Well done guys and gals! "

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von L. Duke aus Vereinigtes Königreich
    10 von 10

    "I came here to relax, rejuvenate, and fell happy again. Daily yoga, meditations sessions, not to mention being pampered in the spa has really lifted my spirits. Nothing is too much trouble. The staff were superb. It was such a special place. Thank you so much, Namaste!"

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von C. Reilly aus Thailand
    10 von 10

    "The Museflower is an idea getaway for time spent on yourself, what a gift to give your me! The staff all are wonderful attentive and friendly. The spa sessions were thoughtful, comprehensive and fabulously. I am a happy flower now. Thank you all!"

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von J. Piccone aus Hongkong
    10 von 10

    "The Museflower experience was exactly what I needed to re-charge. Being away from busy city life for 3 days, listening to the nature, eating yummy and healthy food is good for the body and soul. Thank you!"

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von L. N. Toh aus Singapur
    10 von 10

    "Everything is in line with the theme of embracing nature from amazing vegetarian curies to organic farm, well surrounding facilities even the decorations are real plants and the left-over food will also be recycled. Guests’ every need were well taken care of from water, tea, insect repellent and umbrella at all location, very thoughtful."

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von B. Hua aus Singapur
    10 von 10

    "It was a great 5 days and 4 nights experience! Really felt like I got could be of ease, relax, recharge & at the same time explore the surroundings by cycling and jogging. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone looking to escape hustle & bustle of city life. Kudos to the team too, their thoughtful & personal service really made our stay a memorable one!"

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Kaye Somersall aus USA
    10 von 10

    "Museflower is an amazing space! I was inspired by the staff, activities and the beautiful environment they created. I hope to carry what I learned with my future life experiences and I hope to return to Museflower soon."

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von M Bolden aus USA
    10 von 10

    "Great experience and loved that the food was so yummy from someone who is not big in nature It was a way to step out of my comfort zone. Boy am I glad that I did. Thanks Tania for everything!”"

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von E. Blum aus Frankreich
    10 von 10

    "Wonderful and relaxing experience in this retreat with great activities and best staff to help you out. Love the beautiful setting+surrounding and hats off to the chef with delicious meals. Thank you everyone!"

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von M. Maisuria aus Vereinigtes Königreich
    10 von 10

    "I had an amazing time at Museflower! I feel very refresh and rejuvenated after 3 days of spa treatments, relaxing and being in nature. The wellness classes were amazing too. Staff were great, food was amazing. Chef is brilliant. I wish there was a place like Museflower in UK. I would recommended Museflower to anyone."

    Museflower Retreat and Spa, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von MGrace S
    10 von 10

    "Museflower is simply amazing. Service was excellent, very nice staff. The yoga and spa experience was heavenly. Best massage ever. Hado counselling is a must. Session with Tania was really helpful and enlightening. A simple life away from the busy world is what makes Museflower special. I would love to go back and recommend this to my family, colleagues and friends."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von jade55ta aus Malaysia
    10 von 10

    "This is a place where you are paying for quality treatments and not ostentatious decor. Caters for serious folks into alternative treatments to casual ones (such as myself) looking for spa pampering. As an ardent fan of massage therapy, I rank the level here well above those at 5-star spa resorts. The therapists here come with stellar CVs."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von June aus US
    10 von 10

    "I’d highly recommend Museflower to anyone who looks for a yoga retreat or just a place to relax. Museflower’s staff are extremely friendly and attentive. Tania and her team are ready to help any time. Amazing presentation, super healthy, and yummy. Tammy’s yoga program exceeded my wildest expectations. I already plan to sign up for her other retreat later this year."

    Tripadvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Pik Wan S aus Singapur
    9 von 10

    "The resort owner has set the expectation of her guests right - Museflower Retreat & Spa is not a luxury resort. But it has everything you need for a peaceful, quite and comfortable getaway."

    "I spent 4D3N at the resort, doing pretty nothing much except yoga, spa, sleep and eat. But it was the most relaxed and enjoyable 4D3N I had for a Long Long time. "

    "My Husband & I are already planning our next retreat at the resort in Dec. Hopefully, the cooler weather will make our stay even more enjoyable."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Fiona
    10 von 10

    "After 2 months traveling around SE Asia I came here tired and a bit emotional. On arrival I immediately felt calm and peaceful due to the beautiful nature and the friendly welcoming staff. The yoga, meditation, and Reiki were all wonderful and the food is incredible. After 5 nights I felt terrific and was recharged and ready to start backpacking again. I would highly recommend Museflower to everyone."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Nelli
    10 von 10

    "A small resort in the middle of nature. Great place to relax and find new energy. Helpful, polite, and very friendly stuff. Very familiar atmosphere with a personal touch everywhere. Even Tanja, the owner is there if you have questions. Comfortable rooms, great food (thanks Santos!), wonderful facilities and great yoga, meditation, and spa treatments. I had a wonderful yoga retreat, and I am absolutely satisfied! Thank you!!!"

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Vereinigtes Königreich
    10 von 10

    "After a busy time at work, I wanted a week out to reset, relax, and start some healthy habits again. Museflower met all of my expectations. I booked the 6 day yoga package as I wanted to experience everything the retreat had to offer. The accommodation was simple and well cared for, being thoroughly cleaned every day and with anything you needed in the room. I particularly loved the teapot (drank lovely herbal tea in bed every night) and, wonder of wonders, when we mentioned being a bit cold at night (I live in Saigon so anything below 25 degrees is COLD!), electric blankets were produced! Such nice touches. The activities: I loved the twice daily yoga classes. Class sizes were small (1-5 people) and felt really personal. The short meditation session after the afternoon yoga was just the right length and level for me. The spa treatments were lovely, very relaxing, and with delicious-smelling products. And I enjoyed looking round the farm and hunting for duck eggs! I was having such a nice time reading my book on the floating platform on the lake that I only left the retreat once, to see the White Temple. The taxi driver that the staff arranged for me might have been worried that he wasn't going to get the full tariff after I finished sightseeing early as he took me to two more temples, including a blue temple which was incredible! I was the only one there and it is beautiful. I recommend trying to find it if you go! Other facilities: There is a small but well-equipped gym which I had to myself for most of the week, it was a treadmill with a view! I had one dip in the salt swimming pool (was nervous it was going to be too cold!) which was very refreshing but had some algae build-up when I was there. The food: AMAZING! And the friendliest, most smiley chef you'll ever meet. I'd thought with all the yoga and running I'd come home looking svelte, but alas :) Overall: Museflower was exactly what I needed. If you want a very strict yoga retreat (or a cold beer - no alcohol on site as one disappointed visitor discovered!) then it might not be for you, but if you want a healthy, relaxing break it's perfect. The next time city stress gets too much I'll be heading back for my next holiday!"

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von David
    10 von 10

    "In an amazing retreat environment which is close to the nature and full of inspiring elements, I spent a Chinese New Year week away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. They say the healthier way to eat is to eat like a king in the morning and as the day goes on eat more and more humbly. The first part is definitely taken care of here at Museflower as each one of their buffet breakfast was just so rich and delicious (the rest of the day depends on whether you eat out or dine in)! The chefs here are ah-ma-zing! One of the best farm-to-table experience I have had anywhere! The spa treatments are of very high standards, comparable to five star hotels! Added to this prizewinning combination is the friendliness of the staff: deep thanks go to Tania, Tai, A, Don, Lek, Kim, Mongkol, and all of you whose names I don't recall. You have done so much to make me feel like part of the Museflower family. How can I not come back soon?"

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von J. Rushton aus Vereinigtes Königreich
    10 von 10

    "The Museflower Yoga Retreat provided an opportunity to exercise and relax in a picturesque environment and fulfilled my expectations. I was incredibly happy with the treatments received. The staff were always willing to help when needed and the food was fresh and beautifully made."

    Museflower Yoga Retreat website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von K. Hajba aus Ungarn
    10 von 10

    "A very nice small resort in a calm and peaceful natural atmosphere with helpful, polite, and so friendly staff. Very familiar, you get to know the owner, can have a chat with all of the staff. Comfort taste accommodation, great food, wonderful yoga, meditation and treatments, and facilities. I enjoyed it a lot, will recommend it. Thank you!"

    Museflower Yoga Retreat website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von S. Seah aus Singapur
    10 von 10

    "Museflower is a perfect getaway destination if you’re looking to connect body and mind. I signed up for 1 week spa and yoga retreat. I enjoy the solitary stay. Daily yoga and spa is simply heavenly. The 100% organic vegetarian meals are so delicious that I don’t feel deprived of meat. I’ll surely return again. Thank you for making my stay so enjoyable, relaxing, and meaningful."

    Museflower Yoga Retreat website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Arthur aus Kanada
    10 von 10

    "We are from Canada and my friend told us that Museflower Retreat is a very good location for a vacation. My wife and I took the trip from Hong Kong there. We are retired and looking for a quiet place to relax and get away from the crowd. Behold, this resort, which we stayed for 7 days, was better than our expectations. We stayed in one of the duplex and it is very quiet. My wife in particular liked the umbrellas provided by the resort. The room overlooked a big pond and next to a flower garden. The maid ensured our room was immaculate in a daily basis and the receptionist was very friendly and extremely helpful. The morning exercise instructor was very professional and friendly. We had some very helpful morning exercise prior to going for outside tours. My wife did enjoy the service given by the spa lady and she was professional and helpful. The salt water pool was nice and large with lounge chairs along the pool side and it provided some self-services (towels, drinking water, water game facilities, etc.). One of the highlights of our stay was lighting of the lanterns and letting them fly. This was our first time experience. The resort staff taught us how to do it. We even took a video of the whole event and sent it back to Canada to show my children and grand children via instant messaging. The resort was particularly healthy. Most of the food served was organic and some of the food was grown in the farm which was part of the resort. The restaurant staff was second to none with exceptional service. We will certainly be staying here again."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von a traveler aus Singapur
    10 von 10

    "My first experience in staying at a wellness eco retreat was beyond pleasant. From the swimming pool ladened with Himalayan crystals to farm-to-table lettuce and crystal Reiki massage, I felt calm and refreshed. It's quiet and peaceful, away from the crowd. Loved the beautiful flowers spread across the vicinity and outside my house. This retreat will fit your budget and needs without burning a hole in your pocket."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Melody aus China
    10 von 10

    "Great place to recharge and re-orientate oneself. Nice room, facilities (especially Himalayan salt water pool), and spa treatments. They serve food grown from their own organic farm. Set in picturesque surroundings. Staff are always ready to help to make one's stay a great experience. I highly recommend this place."

    Museflower Retreat and Spa Facebook Page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Michelina aus Indonesien
    10 von 10

    "I loved every minute of my stay at Museflower Retreat and Spa. My room was spotlessly clean and quite spacious and the food was delicious. I also enjoyed doing my daily Chi Gong practice inside the yoga studio which overlooks the lake. It was quite magical for me to lead a meditation on the lake under the full moon. Museflower is an idyllic place perfect for both retreats and family getaways. I highly recommend staying here! The staff were also so kind and accommodating. I really felt at home. Thank you Tania for such a warm welcome and all the kindnesses that you showed me during my time at your lovely resort."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Noel aus USA
    10 von 10

    "My husband and I just had our wedding and decided to choose to go somewhere for a unique mini-honeymoon. We are so glad that we came to Museflower! At the beginning, we didn't exactly know what we should expect from Museflower, because we've lived in busy cities all our lives. We stayed here for 4 days 3 nights, it's a very welcoming and relaxing place! We stayed in a superior room, very comfortable beds and blankets. The room is super clean and new, the private bathroom is also very clean and modern. Inside the room, there are some tiny tiny worms on the floor. They are just part of the nature, not bothering me and my husband at all. We were just a bit cautious to avoid to step on them as we dont want to kill them accidentally. Therere are some mosquitos, but Museflower is very caring and has the electronic mosquitos repellent ready for guests to use if you need them. Although there's no aircon in this room, we didn't even need it as there's a nice breeze during the night. We woke up with a nice nature views, trees, and lakes. The breakfast were well prepared every morning, there's always fruits, a freshly-made juice, oatmeal, and milk, along with a different main dish (we had seaweed soup, congee etc). We're always eager to know what would be the main dish every morning when we woke up because food here is delicious! We didn't stay at Museflower for every meals, and we only had one dinner and it was a really yummy vegetarian dinner with soup, spring rolls, summer rolls, and fruits. After eating the healthy delicious food at Museflower, we bought a cook book after we got home in the United States and try to make our meals more healthy. We like everything here as things are so simple yet inspiring. We love to walk around the center and just to explore what's there in this beautiful and peaceful place. We had the herbal steaming and the 60-minuyr massage on the last day of our stay. Love the spa area! That was very relaxing. I did the Lunar Massage as I like the soft pressure. My husband chose to do the Thai Massage with some gentle body stretching. My husband also tried the swimming pool and loved it so much, as the pool is ozonized and free of chlorine, with Himalayan crystal salt water. He said it's very comfortable and refreshing to swim in there. We really hope we had a few more days to stay here and explore more. All the staff are so friendly and nice here. They really get to know what we need and how we want to experience during the stay. We were eager about some fruits that we've never seen before and how some dishes are made, and the chef was very helpful and enthusiastic to show us and give us information. Before we left, we stopped by the Museflower Boutique, and bought some organic tea leaves and Himalayan crystal salt. I wish I bought some more of the tea leaves as I love them! Especially love the Chai Tea! Everything that weve experienced made us feel so enjoyable!"

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Lai Ping C aus China
    10 von 10

    "Before arriving at Museflower, I had no idea of the facilities and environment of the hotel. It seems that the hotel is located in an area far away from the town and the land is not yet developed. But when the car stopped outside the lobby, I found beautiful buildings and had a feeling that it is a nice place. After checking in, I was told that the room has no air conditioner, no television set, and no Wi-Fi. I thought if someone wants to get away from his or her busy daily life and want to have a quiet time of his or her own, Museflower will be a good choice. To live without television, Wi-Fi, and no air conditioner in a hot place is a brand new experience to me too. The food we had was also very simple and not many varieties. All we had are organic vegetables and fruits. For people who eat a lot and like to eat meat, it is also a very good and healthy experience. People tend to seek for abundant and luxurious life with many choices. When they live in a five star hotel, they like to enjoy lots of varieties of food and eat until stomach is excessively full. We know that it is not a good way of living but we still keep on doing so. Staying at Museflower can give you a new experience and you find that you can really enjoy a very simple way of living. It is refreshing and reminds us that life can be very simple. Simple life can be healthy and satisfied. On the other hand, staff in Museflower is nice and friendly. They are polite and always smile. From the staff, you can feel that how happy and peaceful they are. They are witnesses of happiness and satisfaction of simple life."

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Catherine aus Cina
    10 von 10

    "This is my first yoga retreat experience and certainly one of the most enjoyable and rewarding travel experience as a frequent traveler. I enjoyed everything from the facility, dining experience, to the wonderful yoga class from amazing Tammy. The beauty of natural environment blended so well with the essence of yoga. The sound of nature, the sight of all plants, trees, flowers, vegetables, and even the ants awakened me up to the meaning of life that I tend to ignore and forget living in a big city."

    Tripadvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Marie James aus Vereinigtes Königreich
    10 von 10

    "Excellent treat for the body and the soul in this hidden gem in the North of Thailand. We stayed 3 days and it was just the perfect place to end our trip before heading back to Europe. The staffs treated us with profesionnal spa massages and well-being activities such as yoga classes, bike rides, and initiation to Reiki. Delicious vegetarian tasty and healthy food was cooked for us every day by a Thai cook, by far the best food we had in Thailand! All activities and facilities are eco-friendly, which gave us a feeling of authenticity and well-being all along. A great, relaxing, and truly inspiring experience in a beautiful setting. Highly recommended! "

    Museflower Retreat and Spa Facebook Page, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Daniel aus USA
    10 von 10

    " First impression which caught my eyes was its beautiful houses and natural environment. Museflower had given me and my friends a very special and pleasant experience on its accommodation, facilities, cuisine, and activities. We had a happy time together for activities like taking spa and message treatment, yoga class, flying hot air balloon, sparing time for discovering Chiang Rai, and etc. We felt being served with homely hospitality. We had a very happy time when flying hot air balloons together and burst out laughing at night, we were not sending secret military message by these flying lanterns, instead we blessed each other in our silent prayer. "

    TripAdvisor website, bearbeitet

  • Bewertung von Jodi Lee aus China
    10 von 10

    " Superb experience. Museflower is where spirituality meets tranquility, meets aspiration, meets culture. Love every bit of it. "

    Museflower Retreat and Spa Facebook Page, bearbeitet

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Museflower Retreat and Spa ist ein All-Inclusive, gemütliches und vegetarisches Retreat und Spa Zentrum in Chiang Rai, welches Yoga, Meditation, Heilretreats und Spa Urlaube zum Mehrwert anbietet.

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