Betreten Sie Mahakala Retreats, eine Oase der Ruhe an der Küste Montenegros, eingebettet in das üppige Grün der Berge mit Blick auf den Ozean.

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Flo Wegener

aus Deutschland, Oktober 2019

"Eine Woche die dein Leben verändert"

Das Mahakala Center ist wunderbar. Von den Räumlichkeiten, über die Lage an der Adria, die super netten Volunteers bis hin zum Programm war alles mehr als zufriedenstellend. Annähernd perfekt. Daphne ist eine super Yoga Lehrerin. Sie bringt viel Ruhe und Erfahrung mit und leitet die Gruppe, mit deren verschiedenen Leveln, sehr routiniert. Ich habe noch keine bessere Lehrerin gehabt. Das Programm ist sehr abwechselungsreich und beinhaltet neben Yoga, Meditation und Zeremonien auch Ausflüge in näherer Umgebung. Das Essen ist überwiegend vegan, aber sehr kreativ und abwechselungsreich. Alles super liebevoll. Eine Wohlfühl-Oase. Mir hat die Woche super gefallen. Ich nehme viel mit für meinen Alltag.

Agnes Bringmann

aus Deutschland, September 2019

"Einmaliges Erlebnis das nachklingt"

Es war eine sehr besondere Woche für mich. Ich habe sehr wertvolle Erfahrungen gemacht in jeglicher Hinsicht. Ich habe viel über Yoga gelernt aber auch Zeit mit tollen Menschen verbracht. Es war sehr interessant und vielseitig. Vesna, Marijana und Daphne geben sich so viel Mühe, dass sich jeder Willkommen und wohl fühlt. Auch die Ausflüge waren sehr gut organisiert und ich war überrascht wie viel zusätzliche Workshops und Sessions angeboten wurden. Ich habe mich wie in eine Familie aufgenommen gefühlt, konnte aber auch für mich sein und die Zeit mit mir nutzen und reflektieren. Das Center liegt landschaftlich wunderschön am Hang über dem Meer, es ist sehr liebevoll und harmonisch eingerichtet und das Team hat eine wunderbare, familiäre Atmosphäre dort geschaffen. Die anderen Gäste waren sehr nette, wirklich offenherzige Menschen. Alles in allem war es nicht nur eine Woche Urlaub sondern ein besonderes Erlebnis, das in mir nachklingt und für das ich sehr dankbar bin.

Deike Zank

aus Deutschland, September 2019

"Super schöne Zeit "

Wir haben eine wunderschöne, erholsame Woche im Mahakala Center verbracht. Egal ob Danijelas Essen, Beckys Yoga Stunden, die wunderschöne Lage oder die super netten anderen Teilnehmer. Es war eine rundum schöne Zeit die wir immer wieder gerne wiederholen würde !


aus Deutschland, August 2019

Food was excellent!

Olga Gebhardt

aus Deutschland, Juli 2019

"The best holiday of my life "

I came to the Mahakala Center without expectations and I was positively surprised. Marijana and her team gives me so much positive energy.

I love the vegan meals from Daniela and Yoga with Daphne. The Excursions were great and when you want to do your own Excursion, Marijana organize an driver that was great, too.

I will come back to the great and full of positive energy place.

Andrea Forgacs

aus Schweiz, Mai 2019

"Enlightened and simply beautiful "

The yoga retreat is absolutely amazing. Marijana created a welcoming atmosphere that felt like returning home. The Apartments interior design might be a tinsy bit old school but it has everything that you need and it is sooo comfy with the most amazing views from the balcony.

We had the best food possible! Thank you Daniella for the vegan goodness and variety. I can’t explain how amazing the food was!

And of course Josh and Daphne, the two yoga and meditations teachers of the week creating an amazing variety of asanas and gotten us close to meditation through mantras. It was an experience like no other having two so amazing teachers leading us through the week. We had deep relaxing and enlightened experiences that changed our life. Thank you!

We went on the full moon week! I can definitely recommend that. It is a special experience!

Vivien Lenzen

aus Deutschland, Mai 2019

"Paradise for my soul"

It was my first yoga retreat and i was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness, warmness and love for details at Makhala Center. I had the pleasure to learn there is my own way of yoga. I was lucky to have also a awesome group of people around me. But without the atmosphere of openess and love which Vesna, Marijana, Daniela and Daphne created the whole day and during our yoga classes gave me the space to find out about how closely connected the physical practice of yoga and my wellbeing in mind are. I felt home, with family and friends and with Schnaffschnaff, the cleverest dog in the world! So many special moments, that i will never forget during all the daytours, in the night under stars between these beautiful mountains, at the beaches and especially the waterfall tour and yoga at the beach which were my personal highlights in planned activites. Whatever i felt or thought i had always the opportunity to share with others and to ask Daphne regardless if it was physical blockades or experiences during the yoga practice or questions about mindset. I have fallen in love with this place, with the excellent and lovingly cooking Daniela, who gave all her love in every meal she prepared, fairy Daphne, who taught us magic through her voice to every yoga lession as well as her perfect planned yoga exercises and with brillant and thoughtful Marijana how created Makhala Center as her baby together with her mum Vesna. I am so thankful for my time with you all, you changed my life <3

Uta Gäbl

aus Deutschland, Mai 2019

"Entspannen und Akkus aufladen"

Mein erster Eindruck war gleich grandios, als ich in unser Zimmer kam und die atemberaubende Aussicht durch die schönen großen Fenster sah. Die Einrichtung des Hauses ist sehr durchdacht und zweckmäßig und die Betten sind mit guten Matratzen ausgestattet. Die Yogastunden waren eine perfekte Mischung aus anspruchsvoll, wohltuend und entspannend. Man konnte dabei richtig schön zur Ruhe kommen. Das Essen war traumhaft gut und sehr bekömmlich und wir haben von Vesna viel Interessantes über Ernährung nach TCM und Detox erfahren und sind von ihr auch ausgiebig über das Thema "Frauengesundheit", sowie über die 5 TCM-Elemente informiert worden. Das Ausflugsprogramm war vielfältig - leider hat das Wetter nicht immer wie gewünscht mitgespielt. Außerdem gab es gute Infos und Hilfe von Marijana zur Eigenorganisation von Ausflügen. Alles in allem war es eine wundervolle Woche, während der man in angenehmer Gesellschaft oder allein sein, aktiv sein und auch entspannen konnte, sich von der wohltuenden Mahakala-Energie tragen lassen und seine Akkus wieder aufladen konnte.


aus Frankreich, August 2021

"Spiritual yoga"

The whole team was extraordinary as the yoga classes delivered not only just yoga but also the aspect and spirituality linked. We build friendships out of strangers and were able to all let go of heavy baggage. This was a life changing experience!

Chris Peytier

aus Frankreich, August 2021

"A perfect week"

-I really thought the food was just amazing. Totally vegan , inspired, everyday with a différent theme, with detailled explanations before every meal

- the overall positive energy of the team was FANTASTIC, especially Marijana. She must be some form of reincarnated Greek goddess, I guess...

- the location is just hypnotizing , with thé view on the bay

The variety if proposed activities

Maja Mule

aus Serbien, Mai 2021

"Heaven is here "

From where and where to start, when there is neither a beginning nor an end after retreat at the Mahakala Center. Buljarice, the place where is the Mahakala, is the place of the wind rose that takes away all the bad from us / around us and provides access to everything good, positive, absolutely conscious. Coming to the center, at the same moment, it is as I have entered into another dimension of reality in which there is absolute peace, inviolable acceptance, sincere attention focused on you as a person as well as on every part of your body. At the same time, you lose the notion of time (time as time and time as an external influence through the dance of Rain, Sun and Clouds thanks to the Wind, and you are on Earth all the time).

Edita's spontaneous sincerity, Rhi's calmness, stability and security, Sara's awareness, Mariana's open approach to everything and everyone, Vesna's gleam in her eyes enabled an unforgettable stay with delicious food, wonderfully led yoga classes and daily activities that showed us that nature are We and all that with the song “The power is here now” by Alexia Chellun


aus Frankreich, Oktober 2020

"A wonderful yoga holiday "

Wonderful sunsets, cristal water, hikes by the beach, yoga with a view or under the stars. Great excursions. Excellent food. The room was well decorated. Great music. Generous teachers.

Claudia Varosio

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Oktober 2020

"Grateful for a wonderful week"

Mahakala centre is wonderful.

The setting is incredibly beautiful, the food is really nourishing and tasty, the teachers are kind, approachable and knowledgable, the facilities are great and the activities on offer perfect to help you relax and grow. I loved it all. I’m really happy I’ve found this place.

Eva Enghardt

aus Deutschland, September 2020


We just got back from Mahakala, our first retreat ever and all I can say is this is yogaparadise! Words can´t describe the beauty of this love filled place! The amazing location and surroundings, the wonderful teachers, the delicious food - it all adds up to perfect paradise for your body, heart and soul. So grateful for all these memories and the deep state of relaxation we got to take home with us. If you are looking for a break from all this pandemic craziness, your search is over! Go and see for yourself! And don´t forget to put a cherry on top and book a massage with Kristina and her magic hands! We will definitely be back. Namaste, Eva + Holger

Manisha Deelchand

aus Frankreich, August 2020

"Mahakala centre is above all expectations "

I love the fact that the centre offers a holistic approach to yoga. It respects the spirituality and mindfulness associated to it. From the place itself, to the yoga lessons, the workshops, the food and above all the people, everything transpires peace. It's more than a retreat - it's a journey.

I also highly appreciated that was diversity in the guests - from all genders, ages and backgrounds that really made us grow as a community.

Our yoga teachers Rhiannon and Edita both created a safe space where we could be ourselves and learn together during our yoga sessions and meditation. The experience is also complemented by workshops around well-being and medicine through herbs that also enrich our connectivity to our body.

I enjoy that the place is genuine with genuine people and not surfing on yoga as a trend.

Vivien Devaux

aus Frankreich, August 2020

"Amazing place"

A piece of heaven. I made a lot of yoga retreat in different countries but this one is one of my favorite. So peaceful and relax. I spent a lot of time and naps in the lounge with the hamac seats :)

I practice yoga since 5 years and lately more regularly and the quality of the classes and professors are really good. They talks with kindness and wants to share there passion of yoga and philosophy you feel comfortable immediately. And oh my good the food... 2 local cookers just for us with elaborate vegan meals with everyday an different thematic.

Workshop with a lot different kind of things. Yoga, traditional Chinese medecine, essential oil are so nice.

Accommodation are really good, I shared a room with 2 roommates and he have enough space. And you sleep very well after a good day. Highly recommended, such an amazing place !

Minal Patel

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, August 2020

"Excellent retreat "

Mahakala has a really good vibe and provides the right balance for a yoga retreat; good quality yoga practice, Health & Wellbeing sessions , kind and helpful people, good selection of food, tranquil location in a beautiful country and cultivates an environment that caters for different needs. Had an amazing time and met some wonderful people. The week went by too quickly !

Ana Vlaisavljević

aus Slowenien, August 2020

"The best thing you can do for yourself"

The positive energy from the people combined with great yoga practise and the stunning nature and food is everything you need. After a week I felt reborn, peaceful, calm and relaxed. I will never forget this experience.

Nishi Nota

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, November 2019

"Don't hesitate, book this!"

You will not regret it! I had such an amazing time. It was exactly what I was looking for and more.

I was a total beginner at yoga and I found the pace of the classes perfect. There were always options for me to use a technique that wasn't so difficult, both versions were demonstrated very effectively. The intensity of the yoga increased over the week. By the end of the week, I could do a headstand! (kind of)

This is not just a yoga retreat, it is so much more. I am already pencilling in my dates to revisit next year.

The included excursions are such a treat, the boat trip was my favourite. The beach is AMAZING, crystal clear water and almost completely deserted in October on weekdays.

The food was delicious, as a vegetarian that mostly eats vegan food I was not out of my comfort zone. I was introduced to new flavours and recipes, they have made a folder full of recipes that you can take a picture of and recreate at home!

The most wonderful thing about this experience was meeting so many wonderful kind people. The people at Mahakala and the fellow visitors were so full of good energy.

Thank you Vesna, Daphne and Elena, it was a pleasure to meet you all and I hope to see you again soon! x

(P.S. Room 5 is their best room with the best views of both the sea and the mountains, I can confirm this because I stayed in this very room!)

Kristina Vizhenkova

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, November 2019

"Amazing experience "

I had such a relaxing and wonderful time. Friendly staff, great food, stunning location and an amazing yoga instructor. Perfect setting to relax your mind and body!

Rachel Hearn

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Oktober 2019

"So much more than just yoga"

It’s hard to know where to start - the whole week was truly wonderful and quite profound. I feel in a much better place coming home than I did when I left. I came hoping for some yoga in a beautiful place, which it was and so much more. I loved the wonderful teachers who were gentle, inspiring, playful and most importantly went beyond yoga as a physical practice. The full moon ceremony, the connections workshop, the fire ceremony all touched me deeply. There was a chance for beach yoga (sunrise and sunset), dancing, yoga nidra, meditation practice, inversion workshop, food and philosophy talks...was quite a week in a stunning location with yummy food (I’m not a vegan but am a convert) and beautiful house to stay in. Thank you Mahakala!


aus Griechenland, Oktober 2019

"Amazing! "

Perfect week, will definitely be coming back! All staff were lovely and welcoming. Prime location, with calming, healing energy. Thank you for having me!

Milene Tetsi

aus Frankreich, Oktober 2019


I spend a great time at Mahakala center. Mahakala's team was welcoming, helpful every time we need something. Thank you to the cooks,the food was tasty. Mahakala center is a perfect place to take time for yourself, relax, meditate. The atmosphere was joyful. I really enjoyed my stay there.

Zoe Smith

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Oktober 2019

"Wonderful relaxing and restorative retreat"

I'd definitely recommend the Makahala centre to anyone. The team Marijana, Daphne and Elina were beautiful people, very calm and kind and looked after us brilliantly. The house is set in the beautiful hills, only a ten minute walk from the beach.

I loved the yoga and meditation and found myself thoroughly relaxing after only a few hours.


aus Deutschland, September 2019


Daphne, Elena and Vivian thank you so much for everything! You made this week truly special for me!


aus Vereinigtes Königreich, September 2019

"Lovely place"

Lovely people, relaxed environment accommodating all abilities and flexible,great food, very clean and nicely decorated.

Anja Fuessel

aus Vereinigte Arabische Emirate, September 2019

"beautiful experience "

I had the most beautiful stay at the Mahakala Center in August! This place is filled with so much love and happiness, you instantly feel home! Marijana, Vesna and Daphne really care for their guests and make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. The delicious vegan food is always prepared freshly and there are so many options for every taste. there are always some interesting activities offered, from sunset meditation hikes to boat tours.

Rowan Bailey

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, September 2019


This is probably the best retreat I have ever been on. It was the most relaxing and welcoming environment. I came away with an open heart. My thanks to everyone involved. xxx

Yuri Webb

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, September 2019

"The most incredible and life affirming experience"

I had the most amazing 8 days at the Mahakala centre. The place is amazing and so relaxed. The surroundings are absolutely beautiful I couldn't have asked for more. Vessna and Marijana and Daphne made our stay so comfortable and were so welcoming and were wonderful hosts. I learned many yoga and relaxation techniques and have come home feeling so refreshed with a new outlook on life! The food which was all vegan was absolutely incredible and Vessna also had a folder of recipes which we could all read and learn from. We did many workshops on meditation and connection and even had a spiritual philosophy discussion around the fire one evening which was great. I met some wonderful like minded people and it was like being part of an extended family for a week. I enjoyed it so much that I actually cried when I left. I have come home transformed and have been continuing my yoga prcatice every day and was really given the tools by Daphne to do this myself at home. I learned to meditate properly and quiet my mind, and this has been so helpful to me and I will continue to work on this every day. I was so happy and peaceful there. It's just a 10 minute walk to a beautiful beach, and the terrace area with the jacuzzi is beautiul and the view stunning. If you are looking for a yoga retreat I would recommend this to anyone. I wish I was back there!

Stephanie Buchler

aus Luxemburg, August 2019

"A wonderful break from everyday life"

My stay at Makahaka was wonderful. It was the first time attending a Yoga retreat, so I didn't know what to expect when I arrived. But from the moment of booking to my departure, the contact with the organiser was very welcoming and professional. The centre is located in a quiet location, only a short walk from the beach away. The closest beach can be a bit packed during summer, but there are some quiet spots nearby, where we went twice for morning yoga. But you don't even need to leave Mahakala to enjoy the beauty of Montenegro as you have phenomenal views from the patio and the rooftop where you can relax in the jacuzzi. I really enjoyed Daphne's classes, she has a true gift, particularly for Yin and Nidra Yoga and Reiki! I learned a lot about nutrition and TCM from Vesna and meditation from Marijana, and when I left the centre, I felt like I had become part of a family. The food was delicious too - it's great to nourish your body with wholesome and local foods you might not get to try so much at home. The trips I participated in were also well-organised. Overall, I'd say what made my stay at Mahakala so memorable were its people - the guests and the hosts! Thank you all!

Candido Martina

aus Italien, August 2019

"Amazing experience in Montenegro"

It was my first experience in a yoga retreat. The house, the food and especially Mariana, Vesna, the cooker Daniela and all the staff are so so special and kind. I feel myself like home and I met wonderful people and did deep experiences. Everything is so calm, the terrace for yoga lessons is in front of the sea and all around is sorrunded by woods. I love this place and I’m sure that I will come back. Love you all. Thank you Mari ❤️

Anna Palucha

aus Polen, August 2019

"Magical place with openhearted people"

I enjoyed the space and atmosphere which is created by wonderful people who made it with love. Delicious food which is different every day. Food is never wasted and you have gluten free option as well! Wonderfull yoga classes, meditation and discussions. The yoga teachers are very helpful, you feel safe during the practice. Practice is well balanced with asanas, pranayamas and relaxation. The common space is unique, you can relax there surrounded by plants and incredible view or talk with people and make new friendships. You have helpful information about neighborhood, where to go and what to do in your free time. They try to be law waste and sustainable, that means you have access to water bottles, food boxes and reusable shopping bags. This place is ideal if you need to relax, find yourself, spend time with yourself or just rest and be surrounded by incredible people. I can’t wait to come back there! I truly recommend Mahakala Center!!

Veronica Del Motto

aus Italien, August 2019

"Magic place"

I loved every little bit of this experience. The location, the food but that people is what makes the difference. You'll find yourself in a really special spiritual dimension, an opportunity to grow your relationship with yourself and others.

Irina S

aus Spanien, August 2019

"I had an amazing time!"

The place has a wonderful location for the purpose, the program was perfectly balanced and the team is very professional. Thank you all! I enjoyed a lot the yoga classes and the other scheduled activities in a very friendly, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. The food was delicious (thank you Daniela).

Colleen L

aus Italien, August 2019

he place is run with love and caring for its guests. The green juices in the morning and variety of vegetarian dishes were amazing. Especially enjoyed practising the different types of yoga.

Margarita Marinova

aus Bulgarien, August 2019

"Great time with amazing people."

Friendly and sympathetic attitude. Professional instruction, tasty food.

Katia Paesani

aus Italien, August 2019

"My first time at a Retreat couldn’t have been better 😊"

Is easy to feel home and enjoy the good energy of the Mahakala Center. Though not isolated, it’s surrounded by nature. I opted for a single room and it was spacious clean and had a private bathroom and terrace with sea view:) My highlights : > The Center has pretty common areas ,with a chill out decoration, surrounded by green with a sea view...the terrace for the meals was one of my favorites! >The food is delicious! with so many options, and even if I’m not vegetarian, loved all the meals made from the the lovely Daniela and the team > The morning yoga lessons always with different practices > the different activities options you can decide to participate or not every day> The massage on a rainy day > Mariana and her amazing team! So full of good vibes and attention! > Meeting so many interesting people > Conclusion? I would really love to be back!


aus Deutschland, August 2019

"A nice place for a short stay "

Excellent food and great Daphne!


aus Deutschland, August 2019

"Mahakala Center Review"

The yoga teacher Daphne was great. Also the waterfall hike was my favourite part of the retreat. It is a must see.

Rem Berger

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, August 2019

"Amazing experience!"

Our week at Mahakala Center exceeded all our expectations. The instructors as well as the guests were all lovely people, and we made good friends during our week-long stay. We came away from Mahakala far stronger than before, having done multiple yoga workshops and hikes throughout the week, as well as the daily yoga and meditation sessions. And the food is mind-blowingly good.


aus Vereinigtes Königreich, August 2019

"Not for us "

The people running the centre are friendly, mostly young travellers doing like a work stay for board and lodge - the place to us felt like a happy / hippy commune

We really enjoyed the yoga, Daphne has an amazing voice and is great at meditation and we really enjoyed her sharing her practice with us Vesna does a great session also healing to body and mind

We LOVED the chanting

we are beginners to yoga and meditation so have never been to another retreat to compare and maybe our review is harsh overall it’s just our opinion. We had come from a luxury hotel and feel that the centre could be great with some luxury tweaks

The quality of the instruction was very good and the yoga studio is a lovely space

The views out to the sea are gorgeous


aus Schweiz, August 2019

"Enriching experience "

The spirit of the place made better only by the beautiful souls that inhabited it. Thank you, Marijana, Daphne, Becky, Vesna, Daniela, Adam, Jaden Schnau-schnau, and all you who were there during my visit. Namaste/InLak’echAlaK’in 🙏

Elena Zurita

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, August 2019

"A excellent way to connect with yourself and others "

Despite there is a timetable, there is flexibility and you can join in the activities you like, there is no pressure to follow everything. I felt free.

Mahakala Centre has got a warmth heart and a clear vision, which you can feel around you.

This retreatment gave me the opportunity to tap into new yoga techniques and vegetarian food that I will explore more at home.

It's been a wonderful and inspirayional experience that I will recommend to everybody that needs time for themselves.

I would come back with my eyes closed :-)

Lovisa Bergman

aus Schweden, Juli 2019

"Beautiful stay with open-minded people!"

The wonderful staff, the open minded guests, the beautiful scenery, the tasty vegan food (especially the apple oat meal!).


aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Juli 2019


Everything was incredible with everyone being so flexible about arrival and leaving, and excursions. The vibe here is just what is needed if you come from a busy city and the yoga led by Daphne is out of this world brilliant. Her workshops are inspiring and I was able within 20 minutes to do a controlled headstand after months of prior failure. Good for all levels from those with zero experience like my partner to those who practice regularly and those who had been doing it for 30 years or so. The people we met there are open and full of dynamic peaceful energy! Marijana is a great host and her warm ness radiates. The beach is 10 minutes away and hiking is brilliant. An experience for me that has not been matched elsewhere - my first yoga retreat but will be one of many. A spiritual and beautiful journey for 5 days. The double bedroom with a balcony is so serene and our chef created beautiful foods x love to all Eliz 🌸🌸🌸


aus Österreich, Juli 2019

"Time to pause and relax"

The atmosphere is great, it already started when I was picked up at the airport and greeted as an old friend. Mahakala center is the perfect place to pause and relax, you can take a stroll to the beach or simply lie in the hammock and read a good book.

Also the yoga practice is great, not to mention the food which was absolutely outstanding.

Monica Norberg

aus Norwegen, Juli 2019

The apartment was superb and with a wonderful view and the vegan food was exellent. A very good cook. Very frendly staff and also the people who participated in the yoga retreat.


aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Juli 2019

"Perfect setting for a perfect retreat"

Very welcoming, homely and friendly atmosphere. Guests are looked after very well. Very good yoga practice with Daphne on the terrace, meditation on the beach all conducive to guide people towards what they were looking for.

Claire Jewell

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Juli 2019

"Beautiful soul searching and relaxing holiday!"

This was my first ever retreat and I loved it.

The retreat is in a stunning location and the trip to the hidden waterfall showed me the wild beauty of this amazing country.

The daily yoga and meditations classes were sublime. Daphne's kindness and patience with me were amazing. I had never taken a formal yoga class before this but found with her instruction I was able to keep up and enjoy it.

During the free time, I enjoyed walking to the beaches and swimming in the crystal clear sea.

The Aussie guys who managed the transport and trips were good fun; plus they made a tasty soup over the BBQ.

Daphne and the Lemm's are beautiful souls and I cannot thank them enough for making my holiday so enjoyable.

I'd highly recommend booking time in for treatments such as Wing wave, acupuncture and reiki healing. I returned from this holiday feeling more healthy and relaxed than I have ever done. Plus, I learnt so much about yoga, meditation and myself.

Attention is paid to every small detail to make your stay enjoyable and I can't wait to return next year.

Andrea Florens

aus Niederlande, Juli 2019

"Relaxed and Rejuvinated"

The atmosphere at Mahakala is peaceful, homely and caring and the venue is really beautiful. Morning yoga sessions with lovely Daphne were invigorating and the evening meditative sessions very calming and restorative. Daniella's vegan cooking is sublime and plentiful, she is a gem! The owner Marijana is wise beyond her years and her vision and ethos for Mahakala are inspiring. The Ausie boys, Darcey, Jayden and Adam were an added bonus - great energy and fun and they made our excursions an absolute pleasure. We had a lovely group of guests, and as Daniella said, Yoga guests are always wonderful, and it's true, you are probably going to meet like-minded people on a yoga retreat. Truly memorable and enjoyable and I hope to be back one day.


aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Juli 2019

"An Awesome Retreat"

From the moment we booked the retreat, the centre was very good with communication, answering all our questions. We were picked up by them from the airport and they were very welcoming from that very first moment. The location is amazing with very good vibes and Dr Lemm and her daughter Marijana are very hospitable hosts. Their cook Daniela is also very lovely and looks after the needs of all the guests. She is amazing cook making fresh dishes for every meal which were all very, very delicious. The accommodation was really good too. Daphne the yoga instructor is very experienced and has a wonderful aurora about her. The whole place has a very calming feel and I give them 100% and will be going back again.


aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Juli 2019

"Absolutely wonderful experience"

This was my first time in an actual yoga class let alone a retreat. It was just like being a part of a large family and I couldn't have been made to feel more welcome. The food was awesome. Overall , lovely people, lovely location and a beautiful experience. So sad to be back.

Lauren Mcalister

aus Australien, Juli 2019

Mahakala Center was everything i needed it to be, i was left feeling revitalised and whole. The daily vegan food buffet provided the perfect food for the soul, and the daily yoga provided just what i needed for the body and mind.

Even if you didnt leave Mahakala Center you would have the most amazing time, but you would be silly to miss out on the breathtaking places across Montenegro

Holly Anderson

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Juni 2019

"Great people, disappointing location"

Learned a lot about yoga and meditation techniques and the classes in the morning and evening were great. The food was also a massive highlight! So lucky to have a great group of guests while I was there which made the experience what it was. Beach yoga in the eve was great.

Amin Nahvi

aus Schweden, Juni 2019

I had the most amazing week at Mahakala. The nature around here is breathtaking and waking up to the beautiful view of the mountains and the sea was the perfect way to start the day. The yoga and meditation sessions with Josh, Daphne and Vesna where fantastic. Marijana arranged all the activities with great consideration & kindness, and made sure everyone is having a good time. Daniella cooked us the most delicious vegan food. Not only it was nutritious and healthy but it was also very yummy :-)

The whole week was filled with awesomeness. I met some amazing people, made some beautiful connections and built some great friendships. Thank you so much for making this week so special!

Laura Van Kleef

aus Niederlande, Mai 2019

"A great experience"

I can't mention a point that wasn't good about this yoga retreat. The food, the quality of the yoga classes, the excursions, everything was great. Marijana, her mother Vesna, Daphne and in this week especially Josh, made this week fantastic. I met a lot of lovely people this week.This week was also a mirror for myself. To remember who I am and what is important for me in my life. I hope I can continue the yoga and meditation structure at home. My intention is there, so I hope I will really do this to help myself in opening my heart more and more. The surroundings of Montenegro are beautiful, with the mountains, sunset, beautiful people and nice views. It was amazing!


aus Frankreich, Mai 2019

"Le paysage est magnifique entre la mer et montagne"

Le paysage et les. Professeurs de yoga surtout daniela notre cuisinière qui a le cœur sur la main merci encore Daniela

Elisabeth Ostrowski

aus Frankreich, Mai 2019

"Excellent place to enjoy Montenegro, yoga and making friends"

Ce centre allie à merveille yoga, meditation, alimentation saine et excursions au Monténégro. Idéalement situé entre les lieux à voir comme Kotor, Budva, Skadar lakes. La plupart des séances de yoga se passent sur la terrasse avec vue sur les montagnes et la mer mais peuvent aussi avoir lieu sur la plage. L'ambiance est très relaxante et tout le monde est très bienveillant. C'est très propre et confortable. Le buffet vegan était excellent tous les jours, délicieux, copieux et varié. Je recommande de rester au moins 6 jours pour pouvoir profiter de toutes les excursions et différents cours de yoga et meditation. Les langues les plus parlées sont l'anglais et l'allemand.

This center is greatly located between the main attractions places in Montenegro such as kotor, Budva or skadar lakes.

This place combines different kind of yoga (hatha, yin yoga..), meditation, healthy food and excursions.

Usually the morning yoga is on the terrace with a wonderful view on mountains and sea but the most magical moment for me was when we went to practice yoga on the beach :)

It's clean and comfortable. The vegan buffet is just stunning, so delicious and tasty! I recommend to stay at least 6 or 8 days in order to enjoy every aspects that can offer this wonderful place :)

Izzi Daly

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Mai 2019

"Most amazing time"

There was literally not a single thing I didn't like, I liked it all!! Definitely, want to go back for longer!!!! <3

Georgina Ripper

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Mai 2019

"So glad I chose this place"

I spent ages looking at various options for a yoga retreat for myself and my friend. I chose Mahakala because it fitted all of our criteria (vegan, not too far from airport, style of yoga, vibe etc...) and am SO glad I did. The location was beautiful - flanked by mountains and with amazing sea views. The atmosphere at Mahakala was warm, heart-centred, inclusive and laid back. The yoga was fantastic with a great balance of the physical practice and other aspects of yoga such as yoga nidra. Marijana took us to some truly beautiful places - Montenegro is a nature-lover’s paradise. Our accommodation was comfortable and clean and everyone working at the centre was warm and friendly. We both had so much fun and I really can’t recommend Mahakala highly enough.

Esmée Turlej

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Mai 2019

"An incredibly positive, soul-enriching experience"

The centre is an fantastic safe place for self-growth, so much love and nurture is in the energy surrounding the retreat. The people(especially the Lemms and the LOVELY chef) are so warm and welcoming. The yoga is thoroughly enjoyable and in such a beautiful location! Spent alot of free time swimming in the sea and rock climbing the sea cliffs. Wish I were there now:)

I Schoondermark

aus Niederlande, Mai 2019

"Wonderfull stay at Montegrin coast"

The programm was well organised, meals twice a day and at daytime enough to explore.

The meals are nutricious, not really spicy so suitable for all.The varity is good, taste great and fresh.

Mahakala center is designed by an architect according the principles of Feng Shui, the atmosphere is very nice. The staff is working very hard to make you feel comfortable. I stayed in a nice room with a good bed and stunning vieuws.


aus Niederlande, Mai 2019

"Goeie plek met goede energie. "

De sfeer in retreat. En het contact met instructeurs en de andere gasten.

Amanda Fritzen

aus Dänemark, Mai 2019

"Go visit this oasis, and feel at home"

Marijana and the rest of Mahakala Center was amazing hosts. They create the perfect settings to talk, reflect and experience. Whether you like to explore Montenegro and go for the extra exercise, or you go to meet new like-minded people and explore yoga, the Mahakala center has the perfect settings. The food is so nice, the "staff" is amazing, the views are incredible and the schedule and tours are nice. I can only recommend going into the hottub on the roof.

Maren Bauchspiess

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

"Amazing yoga and detox retreat in Montenegro "

- amazing location with beautiful views of the ocean

- new and clean accommodation

- delicious vegan/vegetarian brunch and dinner served daily

- yoga classes and activities (talks, bonfire etc)

- amazing staff, friendly and helpful

- homely feeling

- family-like vibe between staff and guests

- jacuzzi under the stars

- excursions to discover surroundings

- beach and supermarket in walking distance (15min)

- town and monastery a hike away (30-45min)

Megan Lloyd

aus USA, April 2019

"Return to Mahakala"

The centre is in an unbelievable location, and the view from my room was perfection. My room had floor to ceiling glass windows (and private balcony) overlooking the mountains and the sea, which made getting out of bed for morning yoga classes much easier! The centre building itself is new and a really peaceful space.

The nature in Montenegro is some of the most incredible I’ve ever seen, so I would definitely suggest making the most of this!Thankfully that is made easy by the Mahakala team, who offer guided excursions to explore some stunning hidden spots, and are always willing to offer advice should you wish to head out independently.

I practice yoga regularly and the teachers here helped me to further my practice, and I felt they gave a personal approach and tailored the classes to suit the variety of experience levels. Alongside all of this, I felt that there was plenty of time to relax and I really appreciated the peace which I found there.

One of my favourite things about the retreat was the FOOD. The plant based buffet cooked for us every day (by the loveliest chef!) was always so healthy and delicious.

The people here are what truly made the retreat experience so wonderful for me. The mother-daughter team that run Mahakala are so welcoming and passionate, and this retreat attracts the best people, every guest I met on both of my visits felt like a friend by the time I left. It already feels like a second home, and I can't wait to return again <3

Amado Peiró

aus Luxemburg, April 2019

"A Magic Place"

My stay at Mahakala Centre was one of the best holiday experiences of my life. The staff was so kind and loving despite the fact that the place was fully booked and they were very busy.

Marijana’s such a kind heart to open up to. She is unique in the art of celebrating every one’s individual personality.

Daphne is some sort of nymph. You can tell she vibrates at a different frequency. She runs the yoga practices gracefully and with a touch of magic.

This only to name a few things.

Thanks Mahakala. You did not feel like home. You WERE home to me.

Kai Nettekoven

aus USA, April 2019

"The time I spend at mahakala retreat was really recreative!"

Just erverything. The Food was amazing, the people the house and especially the day trips we did everyday.

John Smith

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

"Absolutely stunning. "

The location, the food, the people, everything comes together at Mahakala Retreat to give people a personal and inspirational experience that they will never forget. I cannot wait to go back soon!!

Lida Muhl

aus Niederlande, April 2019

"Get topped up with goooood vibes"

Mahakala Center is wonderfully friendly and approachable. Within minutes of arriving you feel at home. The place really cares for and of you during your stay.Plus it's super flexible in catering for whatever you may need (massages, staying and extra night, dietary needs). Everyone is so welcoming and sweet which adds to a positive vibe and a certain openness that let's you connect with people easily.

What I found super nice is the easy going programme; not too packed. 1 yoga session in the morning and a meditation (if you're up for it) in the evening. The yoga is for all levels with the instructor giving beginner and advanced options for each move. I am new mum, so really not all that fit right now but could participate in my own pace. Also good was the variation. One day we started with higher energy yoga in the morning followed by ying-yang yoga in the evening.

During day time you are free to do whatever you want. Chill on the balcony and read a book, walk down to the beach or go for a hike. Some days there are excursions you can join too. I joined one to a beautiful fresh mountain waterfall, and took a very cold but refreshing dip. Invigorating!

What mostly stuck with me though is the warmth & love you feel in this place. A feeling that seeps into you and you take home with you:-)

Kitty Wilson Brown

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

"Yoga Retreat "

Mahakala Center is a magical place. It is somewhere where I feel completely happy every second of each day. The accommodation is luxury with balconies that you can step out onto where u see the most beautiful breathtaking views of the sea and mountains. I love how every yoga sessions different and both yoga teachers are extremely experienced and couldn’t been any nicer. I have learnt so much about the different types of yoga and meditation. Every yoga session left me feeling extremely relaxed and connected to the universe, helping me to let go off any horrible feelings I had. My favorite yoga session of the retreat had to be doing yoga on the beach as the sun was rising. The vegan food was so delicious. We had two traditional Montenegrin meals a day, a brunch and a dinner. As well as being able to eat the healthy and nutritious food we could help the chef and learn the recipes. The chef herself was so lovely and welcoming, she makes u feel right at home. Alongside the many yoga sessions, we got to explore some magical places of the beautiful country. One day we hiked up through the mountains and woods to one of the most beautiful waterfalls I had ever seen, the sun was shining it was so warm that we were even able to swim in the waterfall. The sun shining on the waterfall made the water sparkle which made it that little bit more special. My last evening, I spent at the retreat we all together cooked a soup outside on the fire, the sunset was beautiful and when it got dark t

Megan Pilcher-king

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

"Best few days EVER"

As soon as you arrive you immediately feel at home, Marijana is extremely accomadating. The whole retreat is well thought out and this coupled with the breath taking scenery made for the perfect time away. Daniella, the chef, is such a warm bubbly person who has a real passion and love for the food she's producing- which is truly delicious! What a wonderful experience! I will be back xxx


aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

"Best week! "

Love the whole feel of the retreat . The people are so kind and so welcoming - you feel like family when you’re there. The excursions are so much fun and the yoga in amazing!!

Charline Hibsch

aus USA, April 2019

"An amazing trip"

I spent five days at the Mahakala Center and I enjoyed every single one! The people there are just amazing, loving and caring. I woke up everyday to the stunning view of the sea in the sunrise. They will help you with anything you need and the food is insane as well. You can also get to know Montegro a bit better by doing a little exploring trip everyday. There is space to connect with others and I had so many interesting conversations but you can spend some time in your own as well. An inspiring trip in all aspects!

Hanna Teshome

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019


I feel better all around having spent only 4 days at Mahakala. It is more than just yoga - it’s good food and good energy given to you in a thoughtful, caring way.

Lowenna Banfield

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

"Beautiful yoga retreat "

The overall environment is so inviting, I felt completely comfortable and made amazing connections with people

Molly Songer

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

"A magic place"

Love love love it here! I had the most wonderful time at Mahakala Center. Even though my visit was short I gained so much and came home feeling so happy and rejuvenated.

Marijana is an amazing host and a beautiful soul. She takes the time to connect with everyone and make sure we are all happy. We has 2 yoga classes a day (and one on the beach!) taught by Daphne who is an incredible teacher and inspiring woman.

The retreat is a great size so you can feel comfortable with the group and we went on some beautiful day trips. The location is stunning. We had breath-taking views from our room and the whole house you stay in is artfully decorated and luxurious.

Finally- the food! Our breakfast and dinner were cooked for us by lovely local lady Daniella. Nutritious and delicious vegan food. One night we cooked over an open fire which was so special.

10/10 retreat- go and get that positive glowing energy!

Charlotte Willcock

aus Schweiz, April 2019

"A reinvigorating weekend "

The Beautiful scenery and warm reception! The food was also fantastic and the staff are so friendly, I didn’t want to leave!

Esther H

aus Deutschland, April 2019

"Perfect week of yoga and wellbeing"

Sunrise at the beach, huddled in a blanket and then yoga - best start of a day ever :-)

The daily yoga classes were great - Daphne is such a gifted teacher with a truly unique and personal way of teaching yoga. Most people in the group had previous yoga experience but it was really suitable for all levels so if you think about doing the retreat without previous yoga experience: go for it!

The accomodation was amazing with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the sea. The building is brand new and they really put a lot of thought into it, making it the perfect place to feel good, disconnect and reset mind and body.

Vesna knows a lot about nutrition and this is clearly reflected in the super delicious and healthy vegetarian/vegan food.

Overall, a really great experience. I'm so happy that I went and would definitly go again!

James Huybregts

aus Australien, März 2019

If you need a place to rest as well as fully feel alive again then Mahakala is the place. I learned so much about my mind and body that even a week after retreat I am still feeling so much more at peace. We where lucky enough to explore Montenegro with the best guide Marijana, it is truelly a hidden gem and she showed us all her secrets spots. Mountains join the turquoise ocean with amazing hikes and sights right by the Center. The Center is build on a mountain with the most magical view of the bay. I will always dream of this view and feel calm again. I can't quite explain the type of magic this place has. It has the power to open up your heart. I can't thank you enough Mahakala.

Megan Jones

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, März 2019

"A beautiful, transformative retreat"

My experience at Mahakala Center was beautiful! A magical place to connect, move and grow. Daphne's soulful vinyasa classes and calming meditation/yoga nidra/yin sessions were unique and catered for all abilities (we had beginner and experienced yogis). Morning yoga on the beach was a particular highlight. We also had workshops and talks ranging from health & nutrition, art & creative expression and yin yoga massage. The surrounding area is incredible - the villa being surrounded by mountains and oceans. For our excursion day, we visited the magnificent Lake Skadar and nearby waterfalls. The veggie/vegan food was delicious - fresh, healthy, flavourful and satisfying buffet-style meals. The Mahakala team were wonderful, and you were made to feel part of the family: Vesna is full of knowledge and was always willing to share amazing advice with us; Marijana is a beautiful and open person and created a wonderful environment for us all to connect; Daphne held a loving and safe space for us in the yoga room; and Daniela made the most delicious food and the best buckwheat pancakes! Everyone really opened up and connected during the week, and I formed some wonderful and hopefully lasting friendships. Book this retreat!


aus Vereinigtes Königreich, März 2019

"Perfect first experience of yoga"

It was my first experience of Yoga and Montenegro and I would 100% recommended this trip to anyone. The Mahakala Center team are so welcoming and made me feel totally comfortable with daily yoga, and the excursions and activities were a lot of fun. The food was incredible, there was always a huge variety of vegetarian/vegan food all made with love. The Mahakala Center is an extremely special place.


aus Australien, März 2019

"A place of healing "

Something drew me to this place and now i know why. It is a place or healing and I will never forget these magical days I spend with some of the most incredible people. I see the world so differently now I feel like I have woken from a long grey sleep and everything is colourful again. I can only owe Mahakala for this, thank you for really changing my life.


aus Australien, Februar 2019

"Best yoga and food I have ever had!!"

Calm, relaxing, fun and mind opening. Are the four words that come to my mind for the time I spend at Mahakala. The time we had here was sadly short but it was an experience like no other. Meeting such incredible people and being surrounded by the best nature is one of this experiences that will stay in my heart forever. The food was incredible and even after two days I started feeling more healthy and gaining more energy. Dr Vesna Lemm is such a wonderful doctor who has so much knowledge of detoxing your body. A true specialist in her field. If you want to go to a true detox retreat you have to go here. She is one of the top doctors in the world for detox therapies and you won’t find better treatments.

James Huybregts

aus Australien, Februar 2019

"Litte paradise on earth"

Montenegro is the most beautiful country I have visited so far. I can only thank the Mahakala team for showing me the best hidden spots from stunning waterfalls to amazing caves. It is a trip I will always remember. My girlfriend wanted to come here and at first I wasn’t very keen on a yoga holiday but it is the best decision we ever made. I fell in love with the morning and afternoon classes and it changed my whole outlook on the days. Made so many great memories, met some amazing people and learned so much about myself. It is travel that is both relaxing and adventuress.

Janine Noise

aus Australien, Januar 2019

"Life changing retreat!"

This was the best holiday I have ever been on!!. It had everything from amazing vegan food to sunset yoga classes on the beach. The owners Marijana and Vesna where the most kind hearted people who I have ever met. I really can not thank them enough for this special week that will always stay in my heart. Montenegro is also one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited with spectacular views and turquoise water. Marijana showed us the best and secret spots. My favourite was the waterfall excursion she took us on. It is a truely incredible Center with luxury rooms and everything you need. From the day I stepped into the center all my stress and worries started to disappear. For any one that wants a relaxing and refreshing holiday go to Mahakala!