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8 Tage Yoga Retreat in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Adventure Yoga Retreat Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is renowned as one of the most beautiful places in the world, seamlessly blending nature and luxury in one. With white sandy beaches, a tropical climate, and a dynamic culture, Costa Rica has to be experienced to be believed. Lokaii invites you for this privilege to come and immerse in this experience yourself. Enjoy blissful days filled with yoga, tour, and hikes, reconnect with the nature and reconnect with yourself!

Die Lehrer

Tony & Korrie

Retreat Highlights

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Guided hikes through the jungle
  • Guided hike and tour exploring Corcovado National Park
  • Waterfall nature hike around the Luna Lodge property
  • Airport transfers and internal flights
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily organic meals

Yoga Stile

7 Tage Unterricht auf Englisch
Gesprochene Sprachen: Spanisch, Englisch
Die maximale Teilnehmerzahl pro Gruppe ist 18
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During this retreat, you will be staying at Luna Lodge. Amid the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica, sit their accommodation options of eight bungalows, two haciendas, and seven platform tents. As they are located up above the Carate River Valley, it is generally cooler and they almost always have a light ocean breeze. There is no stagnant water on property keeping the Luna Lodge virtually mosquito-free.

Luna Lodge is committed to protecting, preserving, and raising awareness about the rainforest. Whether taking one of their nature hikes, leading a retreat, celebrating your wedding, birdwatching, practicing yoga, or enjoying a therapeutic massage at the Luna Spa, the Luna Lodge truly is a unique experience not found elsewhere in Costa Rica or in the world.

Each accommodation in Luna Lodge is beautifully situated in the rainforest and offers breathtaking views from the outdoor sitting areas. Eco-friendly soap, shampoo, and conditioner are available in each room, as well as a drying line for bathing suits and beach towels.

Nature lover tents

The seven completely enclosed nature-lover tents have two single beds or one double bed, a private bathroom with hot water, electricity, and a balcony overlooking the canopy of the rain forest. Some think the tents have the best view on the property as the majority of them are situated at the top of the hill above the yoga platform.


During this retreat, you will have daily yoga classes overlooking the jungle valley. This surely will be the greatest platform you have ever performed yoga. You will also enjoy guided hikes through the jungle and along the ridge side. Be sure to check out the howler monkeys and the beautiful bird species native to Costa Rica. Experience the beauty of Corcovado National Park with guided hikes and tours. Immerse yourself in the base of one of the three waterfalls that are on the property of Luna Lodge.

Ausflüge (inklusive)

During this retreat, you will go on guided hikes and tour to various breathtaking places around the Osa Peninsula.

Corcovado National Park tour

A half-hour beach walk from Carate brings you to the Corcovado National Park entrance. Hike with your guide through tropical lowland rainforest to the beautiful Madrigal River. Learn about the flora and fauna.

Take a dip in the river and meander down the river to arrive at the beach. Leisurely walk back to Carate along the beach or duck back onto the rainforest trail. This tour is one of our guests' favorites.

Guided hikes through the jungle and along the ridge side

Experience the lowland tropical rainforest in its most natural state. Specifically designed to educate, raise awareness, and responsibly enjoy the beauty of the rainforest, this tour will open your eyes and heart to the majesty of the rainforest surrounding you.

The highly trained and educated wildlife and nature guides will share their knowledge of, and love for, the rainforest during your time with them. Situated next to the Corcovado National Park, this jungle area is one of the most bio-diverse spots on the entire planet.

You will also have the opportunity to experience several local microenvironments in the same day. Beginning deep in the primary rainforest along a protected ridge high above the Pacific, you will look for a variety of monkey species and the many other diverse species of wildlife. Descend along the trail through several levels of varied terrain, emerge into the wide open spaces, and fine volcanic sands of Carate Beach.

Waterfall tour

Encounter a great variety of plants, trees, birds, insects, mammals, and, of course, fresh pure water, as you are guided on this hour-long introductory nature hike around the Luna Lodge property. Explore the base of one of the three waterfalls, take a dip in pure water, and get to know your surroundings.


Tony Gammer
Tony is originally from London, which is where he completed his national diploma in Athletics, at Harlow College. After his success in Australia, he decided to head over the other side of the world to set up shop and share what he had learned with Canadians.
Korrie Enman
Korrie was first introduced to yoga over 10 years ago, instantly falling in love with the practice. She loves to emphasize that yoga is more than how flexible you can become, rather it is a way of life if you are open to it.

Retreat Ort

This retreat will take place in a secluded eco-lodge which is situated in the southern part of Costa Rica, specifically on 60 acres of primary and secondary rainforest, on the pristine and captivating Osa Peninsula in Carate near Corcovado National Park.

The lodge is adjacent to the Corcovado National Park, one of the largest parks in Costa Rica and protects one third of the peninsula. Described as the most biologically intense place on earth by National Geographic Magazine, this area is one of the most bio-diverse spots on the planet.



  • Wandern
  • Reiten
  • Kajak fahren
  • Massage
  • Bergspaziergänge
  • Sterne beobachten
  • Schwimmen


  • Balkon
  • Strand
  • Essbereich
  • Umweltfreundlich
  • Garten
  • Hängematte
  • Yoga Deck


  • Kostenlose Toilettenartikel
  • Tourenplanung


During this retreat, you will be served three daily organic and healthy meals with water, tea, and coffee included.

Folgende Mahlzeiten sind inbegriffen:

  • Frühstück
  • Mittagessen
  • Abendessen
  • Getränke

Die folgenden Ernährungsweisen stehen zur Verfügung und/oder berücksichtigt werden:

  • Biologisch
Wenn Sie besondere Ernährungsbedürfnisse haben, empfehlen wir Ihnen diese dem Veranstalter bei der Buchung mitzuteilen.

Freizeitaktivitäten und Sehenswürdigkeiten (optional)

Boogie boarding

Miles and miles of untouched waves peel off every day at the Osa Peninsula. Boogie Boards are available for some fun in the sun.

Early bird watching tour

Rise and shine to the fresh early morning air to find hundreds of birds already awake. There are two different loop trails available. For keen birders and animal lovers, the tour will be a special treat. Breakfast will be waiting for you when you return.

Gold panning

Learn gold mining techniques with a local gold miner! Gold was discovered at the Osa Peninsula at the end of the 19th century, it was rumored that more gold existed on the Osa than in California during the great gold rush. Rio Madrigal, Rio Tigre, and Rio Carate are all major rivers for gold mining on the Osa Peninsula and located close to Luna Lodge. Take your chances and see what you can find!

Golden Trail hike

A short walk from the lodge, this guided walk introduces you to many varieties of trees such as the cow tree, monkey comb, and black crocodile. You will also find the much utilized suita palm, the most common palm for thatching roofs in the local area. Be on the lookout for monkeys, sloths, coatimundis, tayras, armadillos, and more. Ask the guide to take you to the lookout point for an exquisite view.

Horseback riding

This two-hour guided ride along a shady trail in the depths of the tropical rainforest offer the opportunity to observe wildlife and ride on the beach alongside the gently crashing waves.

Lagoon kayaking

Observe nature in and around the beautiful ocean side lagoon. The lagoon is a great place to see many different animals including crocodiles, white faced monkeys, spider monkeys, Jesus Christ lizards, and more. In addition, numerous types of fish are frequently seen in the lagoon such as red snapper, Pacific Jack, and snook. %Aquatic bird species are also abundant around the lagoon, Great Blue Heron, Roseate Spoonbill, and Osprey are commonly spotted in this incredibly diverse ecosystem. Lagoon kayaking is a great way to experience firsthand the abundant life on the Osa Peninsula. Transportation, kayak rental, and guide included.

Shady Lane tour

This two-hour guided tour is taken along a shaded trail where you will look for all four species of monkeys, coati mundi, leaf cutter ants, and several bird species such as the scarlet macaw, toucan, and spectacled owl. You will also be able to fins fichus, royal palm, guava, and lemon trees, which are the principal food source for the animals and birds. Transportation will be included.

Sirena Station hike

This day-long guided tour begins with a charter flight from Carate to the ranger station in Sirena, in Corcovado National Park. Experience the impressive trails through primary and secondary rainforests, some of the most magnificent on the Peninsula de Osa.

In this majestic place, you will have the opportunity to observe the majority of the flora and fauna in all of Costa Rica, approximately 5000 species of plants, 600 of which are trees, and 100 species of mammals.

Your guide will lead you on an incredible exploration of this rich area in the hopes of seeing tapir, white-nosed coati, nine-banded armadillo, ant eater, sloth, and all four species of monkeys, including the white-face monkey, howler monkey, spider monkey, and the squirrel monkey. The tour concludes with an amazing flight over the rainforest on the way back to Carate. Transportation to and from Carate, chartered flight and a picnic lunch included.


With no light pollution, the night sky is amazing. Luna Lodge's telescope is always pointed skyward, and guides or books are available to help spot specific constellations.

Sunset bird watching tour

The guided tour begins at 3:30 p.m. on the grounds of Luna Lodge. Within moments, you will encounter birds with impressive colors and marvelous melodies, different habitats, and a diverse range of birds, like the turqoise cotinga, scarlet macaw, red-crowned woodpecker, bright-rumped attila, fiery-billed aracari, and many more species.

Luna Lodge has compiled a comprehensive list of almost 300 birds in the area surrounding Luna Lodge along with their sighting frequency. Avid birders can check off birds as they are seen during their visit.


You can beachcomb and surf just a few minutes away at Carate Beach. Take a refreshing dip in the small secluded swimming hole fed by a waterfall, or you can also just relax at the poolside.

Spa Behandlungen

At an additional cost, you may pamper yourself at the Luna Spa. Their skilled and trained holistic balance practitioners offer an enticing variety of services at the Luna Spa. Indulge mind, body, and spirit with one of their whole body balancing experiences.

The Luna Spa at the open air platform is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and ease a tired body. Attentive practitioners, tropical breezes, and the scent of ylang ylang wafting gently in the air make the Luna Spa a place you will want to visit again and again during your stay. The Osa Peninsula experience can be very moving.

As your paths are individual, please feel free to ask questions about any of their wellness activities with their holistic balance instructor. Please note that services may vary depending on availability

Chocolate therapy (the therapy of happiness)

This therapy consists of three stages, exfoliation, body wrap, and an oil massage. First, a soft exfoliation hydrates and cleanses the skin. A delicious chocolate wrap is then applied to the entire body and covered in a plastic wrap for a warming effect.

After a hot shower, to complete the therapy, the body is treated to relaxing massage with chocolate scented oil. The aroma of chocolate induces the production of beta endorphin which relaxes and rejuvenates the skin, giving the sensation of extreme pleasure. One session will last for two hours and will cost 175 USD.

Coconut body scrub

Refresh your entire body with this three step process, coconut exfoliation, a body wrap, and an oil massage. The coconut wrap is applied to the entire body and after a hot shower, to complete the therapy, the body is treated to a relaxing deep tissue oil massage. This will be a two-hour session that costs 155 USD.

Deep tissue oil or cream massage

Their practitioners combine Chinese reflexology, Tibetan massage, deep muscle stimulation, and a relaxing lymphatic face massage for full body relaxation. Reiki, acupressure, assisted stretch, and aromatherapy, with natural oil and organic flower essences, complete the session for ultimate peace and enjoyment. A 60-minute session costs 100 USD, while a 90-minute session costs 145 USD.

Gem therapy (the therapy of energy)

Harmonize your body and mind with a gem therapy session. The use of therapeutic gemstones has its roots in such diverse cultures and systems as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and native American shamanism, and is reflected in the more recent practices of crystal healing.

Align and balance the body’s seven chakras as gemstones concentrate light-filled powers and color vibrations into the body’s chakras. Gemstone vibrations affect your aura, helping your body to achieve not only balance and awareness but also improve your emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. This will last for 45 minutes and will cost 70 USD.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage therapy dates back thousands of years to the Egyptians, Chinese, and native Americans, and is used to balance the body’s energy. Warm and round stones are placed along specific energy centers to relax inflamed, sore muscles, and allow the massage therapist to work deeper into the muscles, providing a soothing and nurturing massage. A 60-minute session costs 100 USD, while a 90-minute session costs 145 USD.

Luna facial and head massage

This massage combines a facial and head massage. This is an ultimate relaxation. As your head is massaged and shampooed with a delicate natural shampoo, you will receive a glow-inducing facial, exfoliation organic coffee or coconut, clay and mud mask, a relaxing shiatsu facial massage, and lastly followed by aromatherapy. This will be a 60-minute session that costs 100 USD.

Luna’s special

This is a combination of a deep tissue oil or cream massage with a Thai massage and ultimately concluding with a Luna facial and hair massage. This will be a one hour and 45-minute session and will cost 155 USD.

Reflexology session

Enjoy an antic foot and hands massage session with emphasis on the energy or chi meridians that end on your toes and fingers. A 60-minute session costs 100 USD, while a 90-minute session costs 145 USD.


This is an ancient hands-on technique derived from the Essenes, it involves powerful energy channeling to activate and accelerate your natural healing process, and uses healing sound vibrations. These are oil-free sessions, with organic flower essences aromatherapy. This is a 60-minute session that costs 100 USD.

Shiatsu and acupressure

Shiatsu practitioners use their fingers, thumbs, feet, and palms to rhythmically apply pressure on the acupressure meridians, stimulating and strengthening the immune system, as well as detoxifying and relaxing your body as a whole. These are oil-free sessions with organic flower essences aromatherapy. A session lasts for 60 minutes and costs 120 USD.

Tantra massage

This form of massage is designed to restore the power balance, to align the chakras, and to heal the emotional facility. This allows the body, heart, psyche, and spirit to move towards alignment, and induces deep relaxation of the body. A 60-minute session costs 100 USD, while a 90-minute costs 145 USD.

Thai massage

Thai massage is based on Indian physical therapy practices. Pressure and stroking motions move blood, aid normal circulation, and realign knotted muscles for improved movement. Clients are asked to wear loose-fitting clothes for proper treatment. This will be a 90-minute session that costs 155 USD.

Was ist im Preis inbegriffen?

  • 3 daily healthy organic meals
  • 6-hour Corcovado Park tour
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 13 yoga classes
  • A file with all photos from the retreat to keep as memories
  • Airport transfers from and to Luna Lodge
  • Domestic flight from Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO)
  • Waterfall hike

Was ist nicht im Preis inbegriffen?

  • Additional activities
  • International airfare
  • Spa treatments
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Travel insurance


Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO). Transfer from the airport is included. Lokaii will pick you up from the airport.


  • Eine Reservierung erfordert eine Anzahlung von 14% des Gesamtpreises.
  • Die Anzahlung wird nicht erstattet, wenn die Buchung storniert wird.
  • Der Restbetrag ist 30 Tage vor der Ankunft zu zahlen.
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