Loka Yoga School befindet sich am Strand von Bali, inmitten der Reisfelder und schafft eine ruhige Umgebung, in der Sie sich inspirieren und mit Ihrem wahren Selbst in Verbindung treten können.

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Taryn Weggelaar

Yann Cadic

Sharada Felicidario

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aus USA, August 2018

"Hohes Niveau an Yoga Hingabe, Wissen und Liebenswürdigkeit"

Die Art der Lehrer ist einzigartig. Olav und Taryn ergänzen sich perfekt. Der Aufbau und die Inhalte des TTC ist sehr gut strukturiert. Was mir am meisten gefallen hat, ist die Expertise in der sich die beiden Lehrer bewegen. Man kann wirklich unglaublich viel lernen und mitnehmen... Es wird eine sehr freundliche und familiäre Atmosphäre geschaffen.

Das Essen und die Unterkunft sind auch sehr gut!

Sander Boef

aus Niederlande, Juni 2019


This past month was an experience I’ll never forget! The whole program was built perfectly, with challenging and creative morning practices, clear and interactive anatomy classes and truly inspiring philosophy classes. Taryn, Sharada and Yan are amazing teachers and are a great team together.

It also has been great to get the opportunity to teach two classes, because I feel ready to be a teacher!

The food was delicious and the location very good. Thank you so much Loka Yoga! 🙏🏻

Charlotte Barnard

aus USA, März 2019

"Would highly recommend "

The group dynamics was perfect on my trip. Like minded people joining me in exploring and doing things we all love. Taryn is a great tour guide with such a big heart! She worked around all our needs and really put the effort in to make it something special. Would recommend if your thinking of travelling india but not confident on your own. Taryn takes charge of all the problems that can occur so you can sit back and enjoy.

Adele Emelson

aus Kanada, September 2018

"Loka Yoga School was batter than I could ever imagine."

The knowledge and experience that Olav and Taryn have impressed me beyond any expectation I could have ever imagined. The course is carefully planned out to include everything I needed, yet they added so much more. I really was set up for success.

The experience for me was priceless; my yoga practice was strengthened, my meditation practice deepened and I gained a deeper knowledge of myself. When I chose Loka Yoga School I had no idea what an amazing gift I was giving myself. I would choose them again and again. I have so much gratitude for everything I learned in my time with Olav and Taryn.

Almir Leonardo Kucuk

aus Dänemark, Juli 2018

"Opening the heart"

My experience with Olav Arts and Taryn Weggelaar has definitely changed my life. They are not only loving, compassionate and thoughtful but also very professional, disciplined and knowledgeable.

During my stay i always had the feeling that our safety and well-being was of utmost importance and that helped create a safe environment to practise and grow - not only as a yoga teacher but also spiritualy.

My expectation was to pass my exam and walk out with my certificate but I left with much more.

Judith Van Sundert

aus USA, Juli 2018

"Amazing & life changing"

Perfect is the word that comes up if I look back at the YTT of Taryn and Olav. They are complementary to each other, so I got inspired by 2 wise & passionate teachers. In a great environment I learned about a broad variety of yoga (hatha, vinyasa, tantra yoga, meditation, pranayama, philosophy & anatomy). 

Taryn & Olav both have beautiful hearts and you will definitely feel that. The program is an amazing set up to prepare you to feel ready as a yoga teacher and as bonus, it is life changing for your own personal grow as well!!