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Yoga in Harmony with Horses Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Yoga in Harmony with Horses is a transformational journey to develop awareness and strength in your body, mind, and soul.

If you find yourself needing something more from life than what you’re experiencing right now, then now is the perfect time to take a leap. Yoga with Horses will bring you clarity and peace through the way of the horse and the practice of yoga.

Find yourself and a new path to walk on by reconnecting with nature.

The practice of meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), and asanas (postures) heightens your self awareness creating a deeper connection to your horse, to the nature around you and to your inner self. It is a path of healing, of knowing yourself and knowing the horse. Whether you are an advanced or a beginner, this equine yoga retreat will enhance your way of living and bring harmony and balance to your body. Connect your body, mind, and soul with the power of the breath to create a deeper connection and true partnership from the heart. Through guided meditations and sharing space with the herd, you will be able to better quieten the chatter in your mind, lower your stress levels and reconnect with your inner self.

Die Lehrer


Retreat Highlights

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Pranayama and guided meditations
  • Yoga practice with horses and mounted yoga poses
  • Ride along the beach and connect with horses at Liberty
  • Fresh juices and herbal teas
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily vegetarian meals


  • Anfänger
  • Fortgeschrittene
  • Experte

Yoga Stile

6 Tage Unterricht auf Englisch
Der Veranstalter spricht auch: Französisch, Spanisch
Gruppengröße: Maximal 4 Teilnehmer
Flughafentransfer verfügbar:
Juan Santamaría International Airport (US$250 pro Person)
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  • Essbereich
  • Garten
  • Küche
  • Terrasse

During this retreat you will be accommodated for seven nights, with six days of activities. The open air Jungle Lodge is nestled under the canopy of giant trees and surrounded by monkeys, parrots, toucans and an abundance of tropical plants, are very comfortable with beautiful views and open air terraces looking out into the jungle and tropical gardens.

Kindred Spirits is situated two kilometers in the hills just above the Caribbean beaches. A 30 minute walk along the jungle road, or 15 minute bicycle ride or 7 minute car drive takes you to the most beautiful stunning beaches of Cocles.

The Jungle Lodge has 3 double bedrooms with a private bathrooms, 2 rooms provide a/c and the Treehouse is just across the road. All have their own kitchens, living areas, and outside open air terraces.


Losing track of time and place, the hum and sounds of the jungle, the whiskers of a horse’s muzzle, and his breath on the nape of your neck. Not asking anything of the horse, nor yourself. Just being in the moment. Whether you are an advanced or a beginner, this equine yoga retreat will enhance your way of living and bring harmony and balance to your body. Connect your body, mind, and soul with the power of the breath to create a deeper connection and true partnership from the heart.

Through guided meditations and sharing space with the herd, you will be able to better quieten the chatter in your mind, lower your stress levels, and reconnect with your inner self. During the yoga classes, you will create mantras to set your intention for the week and practice pranayama, breathing techniques to bring subtle awareness and balance the energies within your bodies. During the asana or yoga poses, you will incorporate energy healing work to unblock old issues of pain or emotional trauma.

Equine yoga exercises will strengthen your core, which helps you to be more balanced as you ride and interfere less with your horse’s balance, creating more fluid and harmonious movement for both horse and rider. Thus preparing you for yoga practice with horses and riding on the trek.

Walkout to meet the herd in their tropical pasture by the sea. As you enter their space, you will respect and acknowledge their presence without creating any physical contact. Sharing sacred space with the herd is a time to reconnect with your root Chakra, ground yourself and expand and open your heart Chakra.

Quieting the mind, having no expectations or goals, you will follow the moment. This quiet being attracts the horses to you, but again you should ask nothing of the horse. You will start this retreat by practicing the Art of Faniente or the art of doing nothing.

In a relaxed meditative state, you will share territory with the horses. By "doing nothing", you are letting the horses just be and giving them their free will and freedom to interact with you naturally. By letting them smell you, breathe you, and connect with you, you are creating an energetic connection.

The horses come and go at their own will. After that, you can introduce yourself by saying hello, staying in the moment, and asking nothing more. You will practice your awareness by observing herd behavior, as they graze, the horse remains always aware of their surroundings, the noises, the changes, and the energy. By being aware of a soft-focus, they keep themselves safe at all times, ready to flee if necessary.

You will watch their reactions and mirror them. With this, they start to no longer see you as a predator, but as part of the herd. You will spend the time, in a quiet peaceful mindset, letting the energies, the sounds, the life roll over and around at one with nature.

During your 7 days here, you'll discover many of the cultural and natural secrets of this Latin Caribbean coast.

Day 1: Arrival in the afternoon

  • Walk to the beach for a swim in the Caribbean sea to release the stress of traveling, cleansing the body, mind, and soul in the warm tropical waters
  • 18:00 Restorative yoga class
  • 19:00 Evening dinner

Day 2

  • 08:00 - 09:00 Hatha yoga class
  • 10:30 - 12:00 Sharing sacred space with horses, pranayama (breathwork), and guided meditation
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 16:00 - 17:00 Mindfulness meditation practice with horses
  • 18:00 Yoga Nidra class
  • 19:00 Dinner

Day 3

  • 07:30 Sunrise yoga on the beach
  • Free morning to explore the Caribbean
  • 15:00 Ground yoga with horses
  • 18:00 Restorative yoga and meditation
  • 19:00 Dinner

Day 4

  • 09:30 - 11:30 Jaguar Rescue Center tour
  • 18:00 Yin yoga
  • 19:00 Dinner

Day 5

  • 08:00 - 09:00 Vinyasa yoga class
  • 10:30 - 15:30 Riding with your breath
  • 17:00 Sunset beach yoga
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • Day 6:
  • 08:00 - 009:00 Kundalini yoga class
  • 09:00 - 15:00 Personal time for you to explore the area, local cuisine, and beaches
  • 15:00 - 17:00 Mounted yoga with horses
  • Free time to enjoy the local restaurants!

Day 7:

  • 08:00 - 09:00 Equestrian core strengthening yoga class
  • 10:00 Trek & Swimming with horses on the beach
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 19:00 Dinner

The combination of yoga and natural horsemanship helps to develop strength in your physical body, your mind, and your inner self and enhances the physical and emotional bond between you and your horse.

Bring clearer communication and connection to your riding, training, the time spent with your horse, and into your daily life with the world and people around you.

Awareness, presence, and intention become powerful influences in the energetic field we share with others. This gives you strong skills in your working area with employees or employers and in your daily family life.

Discover the peace of living in the moment as horses naturally do by sharing sacred space together, you will discover your inner self and have a better understanding of who you are and what you truly need in your life. Yoga and horses are the perfect combinations to bring harmony and balance into our lives, which are often filled with stress, big decisions, life traumas, and illnesses.

Being in the presence of horses releases the oxytocin hormone, the “happy hormone” making you feel more content and positive. Often a natural healing process begins, through the gift of the horse.

Asanas, yoga poses, help you to develop physical strength and body awareness. While pranayama, breathing techniques, help you to focus, concentrate, and become still in your mind, opening the space for deeper understanding and intuition.

Ausflüge (inklusive)

  • A visit to Jaguar Rescue Center


Terry Newton

Retreat Ort

Your yoga retreat is located along the Caribbean Coast, off the beautiful white beaches and turquoise waters of Cocles. It is nestled in the jungle mountains under the giant coniferous trees. These 300-year-old trees hug and hold the land, bringing health and life to their surroundings.

There are 2 big natural reserves and permaculture farms surround this place on each side. There are also wild animals, living safely and abound in their natural habitat. Here, you will awake to the sound of howler monkeys and chattering parrots. At night, you can listen to the owls and margays as they roam.

Macaws and ocelots can also be sighted. The gentle Caribbean breeze and warm waters can lull one into a feeling of completeness, or total relaxation. With the beaches and sea on one side, the Talamancan mountains on the other with a wide variety of animals and vegetation, make this area a magical experience.



  • Reiten
  • Massage
  • Schnorcheln
  • Schwimmen
  • Zip Lining


  • Strand
  • Essbereich
  • Umweltfreundlich
  • Garten
  • Küche
  • Meditationsgarten
  • Yoga Deck
  • Yoga Shala


  • Fahrradverleih
  • Wäscherei
  • Lokaler Markt

Dieser Yoga Urlaub ist für Vegetarier geeignet

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During your stay, you will receive a breakfast basket for you to make your own breakfast in the Lodge. Dinners will be served at the Kindred Spirits Lodge.

The meals are vegetarian and we also cater to vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets. Nutritional balance is the key to a healthy vibrant body and our chef is inspired and passionate about creating dishes to please the eyes, delight the palate and nourish the body.

Breakfast baskets are an assortment of fresh organic local fruit such as mango, pineapple, fresh bread, cereal, eggs, yogurt, muesli, organic coffee, teas, and chocolate.

Folgende Mahlzeiten sind inbegriffen:

  • Frühstück
  • Abendessen

Die folgenden Getränke sind enthalten:

  • Wasser
  • Kaffee
  • Tee

Die folgenden Ernährungsweisen stehen zur Verfügung und/oder berücksichtigt werden:

  • Vegetarisch
  • Weitere ernährungsspezifische Anforderungen auf Anfrage
Wenn Sie besondere Ernährungsbedürfnisse haben, empfehlen wir Ihnen diese dem Veranstalter bei der Buchung mitzuteilen.

Freizeitaktivitäten und Sehenswürdigkeiten (optional)

During your stay, you may enjoy interesting and fun local tours to do. From permaculture farms, organic chocolate farms, snorkeling on the coral reef, surf lessons, zip lining, Macaw Release Center, botanical gardens, bikes for rent, kayaks, and paddle boats and night turtle tours during nesting season.

Spa Behandlungen

During your stay, you will enjoy one healing session. You can also enjoy additional massage treatments, energy healing sessions, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and massages on the beach. Please send an inquiry to Kindred Spirits for more information.

Was ist im Preis inbegriffen?

  • 7 nights’ lodging
  • Daily classes of yoga
  • Horse swim in the sea
  • Horse riding
  • Jaguar rescue center tour
  • Medicinal plant walks through the jungle
  • Meditations sessions
  • Use of the yoga deck and mediation huts
  • Vegetarian meals for 6 dinners
  • Morning and evening yoga surrounded by walls of jungle and the music of tropical birds
  • Swim with horses bareback, just you, your horse, and the waves
  • Ride along the beach
  • Ground and mounted yoga, aligning yourself in harmony with the horse’s trust
  • Sunrise yoga on the beach
  • Visit the Jaguar Rescue Center where you’ll learn about their involvement in healing the local wildlife

Was ist nicht im Preis inbegriffen?

  • Air flights
  • All extra tours, massages, and healing sessions
  • Extra beverages and food
  • Laundry
  • lunches and 1 dinner
  • Surf lessons
  • Transportation


Empfohlene Flughäfen

Arrival by airplane

You can book your flight to arrive at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) located in San José. Kindred Spirits can arrange a private transfer by microbus from the airport to your accommodation for approximately 250 USD.

You can also book your flight to arrive at Limón International Airport (LIO). You can request a taxi pick-up reserved by Kindred Spirits for 65 USD.

Arrival by bus

From the airport, you can take a bus to Los Continentes Hotel in Cocles, Puerto Viejo. Kindred Spirits will pick you up here and bring you to your lodge. Local bus leaving bus terminal Barrio Mexico or San Jose to Puerto Viejo usually at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, and 16:00. It will take you 5 hours to arrive at Puerto Viejo. The cost is approximately 15 USD.

Airport: Juan Santamaría International Airport Flughafentransfer verfügbar: Juan Santamaría International Airport (US$250 pro Person) Zusätzliche Kosten können anfallen. Sie können dies im nächsten Schritt anfragen.


  • Eine Reservierung erfordert eine Anzahlung von 20% des Gesamtpreises.
  • Die Anzahlung wird nicht erstattet, wenn die Buchung storniert wird.
  • Der Restbetrag ist 30 Tage vor der Ankunft zu zahlen.

Unterkunft und Ausstattung
Qualität der Aktivität
8 Tage / 7 Nächte
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Anreise: Sonntag, 20 Februar 2022
Abreise: Sonntag, 27 Februar 2022

Please contact Kindred Spirits for other dates, if the ones listed are not available for you.

They also accept private groups and one on one retreats.

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