Is Benas Surf Club ist die erste itlaienische Surfschule, die Kurse für Anfänger, Fortgeschrittene und Profis mit zertifizierten ISA Lehrern anbietet.

Bewertungen (5)

Simone Kalla

aus Deutschland, Juli 2018

I could not have wished for a more stimulating and interesting holiday and nicer, more dedicated instructors. Everybody was friendly and helpful in every respect. - Alessandro for the surf theory, Vincenzo for the surf practice and especially Chiara who introduced us to wonderful, relaxing ying yoga in the early evening that very much helped to balance the morning workout. Thanks to everybody again and also many thanks to Salvatore for the inspirational SUP tour to the "whispering" cove and sharing his amazing art from washed up beach debris which for some reason reminded me of the Giganti di Mont'e Prama or the Moai of the Easter Islands.

Hi also to the cats if you read this ;) who kept us company in the lodge and the spacious well-equipped kitchen.

Thanks Frauke who found and booked this trip. I thought I'd be too stiff to learn to surf but it was so much fun I forgot all my worries and like they say, you go in the water as one person and come out changed. Thanks to excellent photographer Silvia we have even great pictures to show off. The love for nature and the Sinis is palpable in everyone associated with Is Benas. Apart from the beautiful beaches, there is so much more to discover, don't miss the famous Giants statues in Cabras museum and eat some bottarga and arselle spaghetti at the beach restaurant, not far from the Is Benas surf base, visit Tharros and snorkel off the Isola Mal di Ventre. Didn't make the last one so I guess I'll be back.


aus Frankreich, Oktober 2018

"Marvelous area "

I am satisfied of my stay. I learned basic skills necessary to surf and now I understand how it works. The instructors explain very well! Now I only have to practice!

The surf house is lovely and comfortable. The surf club is well equipped and good situated directly on the beach.

Elaina Rose

aus Saudi-Arabien, Juli 2017

People were amazing.

Fiona Pollard

aus Italien, April 2017

"Single Girl Surf."

Instructors were great. The house was well equipped and with lots of outdoor activities. The yoga was fantastic.

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Paola Lai Italien

Is Benas Surf Club Facebook page

Skilled instructors, very friendly atmosphere and the location itself make this a fantastic place!!!

Ylenia Vacca Denmark

Is Benas Surf Club Facebook page

Thanks to Marco and Tore that gave me and my friends the opportunity to discover my island and my sea with the eyes of a tourist, with the same enthusiasm of a first-timer. I was positively impressd by their professional skills and their amazing cheerful spirits. I'd recommend their services to everybody that wants to enjoy the wild and genuine soul of Sardinia. Attrus annus mellusu!