Das Vinyasa Yin Yogalehrer Training von Inner Yoga Training Bali wurde entwickelt, um Balance zurück in Ihr Leben zu bringen.

Bewertungen (12)

Eva Eyþórsdóttir

aus Island, November 2019

"Azadi Retr. has a potential to be a great facility for yoga!"

I really liked Jose Luis's teaching, Vinyasa, pranayama and meditation. He tought students to think for themselves, be independent and got them to contemplate what kind of teacher one would like to be. Jose was patient, humorous and sincere. He had great assisting teachers and that gave us diversity in seeing different ways of applying how you can teach. He showed us many different methods and applications that we could use in our teaching. I liked that he tought both the theory and experientially, learning by doing. For me Jose was the greatest asset to this course.

Imogen Phoebe tought us Anatomy and did it very lively and in a fun way.

D. C. Leiro thoght us Philosophy. He has great wisdom and approached the material in an interesting way and time flew by. A very unique presenter of this kind of material.

Liana Venacheva holistic health and wellness teacher. Powerful, never a dull moment, a lot of interesting material in a short time. Very fun class and should get more time in the program, like many of the other subjects.

I think these teachers are the pillars of making this program what it is.

I really would like to mention the wonderful staff at Azadi that did everything in their power to make your stay as wonderful as possible.

Lauren Taibi

aus USA, Oktober 2019

The location, staff, food, facilities, and program were all wonderful. I absolutely loved spending 23 days here. I was always excited for the meals and the yoga shala that we spent most of our time in was cozy and beautiful. I gained SO MUCH knowledge from intelligent and experienced teachers that has broadened my perspective and left me wanting to research and learn more about each topic. I also loved that different teachers taught different subjects, which allowed for lots of diversity and variety. I know many people who spend a lot of money on yoga teacher trainings and only get certified in one type of yoga and don't learn any other additional information. I was lucky enough to learn about yoga philosophy & history, ayurveda, traditional chinese medicine, anatomy, vinyasa & yin. The directors of the program also threw in tons of surprises from guest teachers who showed us different teaching styles, techniques, and other things we could incorporate into our classes as yoga teachers like sound healing, acro yoga, the use of essential oils etc. SO informative and enriching! I wasn't sure if I would feel ready to teach by the end of the program, but I feel completely competent in my abilities to teach after this program. Overall, this was an experience of a lifetime that I will certainly never forget. I have also made lifelong friends through this journey.


aus Italien, September 2019

"A deep spiritual experience"

I loved the way the training was organized, the location and the food. But the best was that I Worked on myself in a so deep way that it took me enlightment in many aspects of my Life and I developed a personal practice that I love.

Christine Nocker

aus Österreich, September 2019

"Best decision ever!!"

Everything was perfect: the food, the accomodation inbetween the ricefields was amazing, all the teachers were great and very professional. It is really worth to go there, because it is the perfect place to come to your innerself, with lovely people surrounding you! Thank you so much!! ❤

Silvia Muller

aus Spanien, August 2019

"Best YTT I could have wished for "

Everything was perfect - the staff, the teachers, the food, the accommodation. And they kept surprising us with extra activities and treats!

Annemijn Van Der Vorm

aus Niederlande, Juli 2019

"A yoga family that changed my life"

Beyond my expectations, I loved every second of it and I've learned so much. About yoga, about myself. It's been life changing. The teachers, the team, the location, the food, all beautiful, all filled with love and care. Very grateful for this experience. I highly recommend this training if you want to dive deeper into the yoga lifestyle and into yourself.

Ines Bejot

aus USA, Juli 2019

"Amazing experience"

I had such a wonderful time ... The place is breathtaking, the teachers were so kind and knowledgeable, the team on site was extremely caring, food is delicious ... Really everything was perfect and I could not have hoped for a better training!

Lori Bender

aus Thailand, Juni 2019

"Ideal Yoga Training Retreat Location and Experience! "

Was everything I was hoping for in a training and more! The location was the ideal place to learn and do yoga - surrounded by rice fields and jungle it was so peaceful and serene. The teachers were all extremely well educated and experienced. I learned so much over a short amount of time - lectures went over Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I came to the training to strengthen my own practice and understanding of yoga - which this training provided really well focusing on the "inner" journey. I also feel inspired and confident to teach Vinyasa and Yin Yoga to others as well.

Tarryn Lazarus

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Dezember 2018

"An experience of a lifetime"

The accommodation, the food, the instructors, the awesome group of yoga students and all those who worked at the retreat. It really was a five star experience!