In einer fürsorglichen und unterstützenden Umgebung bringen Holistic Yoga Retreats die Philosophie des Yoga durch Asana, Achtsamkeit, Ayurveda, Stille, Musik usw. zum Leben.

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Michelle Levi

Ollie Frame

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Anne Voysey

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

"Weekend Holistic retreat - over 3 days"

The peace and relaxation that came from the all the sessions provided, including a massage, had a profound effect. I don't know that I have ever been that still or peaceful in mind and body. Only one moment caused me unrest and the techniques learnt from earlier sessions enabled me to cope.

We had an amazing group atmosphere and it was a privilege to share a weekend with such wonderful people.

The food was lovely and discovering mindful eating and practicing silence from evening through to breakfast was easier than I imagined it would be.

It would have been lovely to have have had more time to walk in the area.


aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

The scheduling was perfect and the location was stunning. It was a retreat in the truest sense. A glimpse into the depth of yoga and therefore into the self. There are lots of options out there, Michelle offers deep wisdom, without dogma. Thanks Michelle!


aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

"Beautiful people in beautiful surroundings"

Yoga was wonderful

Singing was joyful

Food was divine and made with love from the heart

Great experience on the workshops with lots to mull over


aus USA, April 2019

"A wonderful weekend"

The retreat was amazing. I met a wonderful group of women who were fabulous. I felt very nurtured and nourished from the moment I arrived. Everyone was so kind, caring and friendly.

Sue Hay

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

"What amazingly peaceful retreat..."

This weekend changed my pace of life. What a beautiful weekend Michelle created. The location is so beautiful - out in nature, peaceful and with no interruptions. The yoga is perfect for both beginners and pros and Michelle holds the space so tenderly - an escape from everyday life for sure. Loved it. True transformational time.

Holly Wroe

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, April 2019

"calm and supportive weekend"

I felt cared for and supported. The location is beautiful, the house sits by a river, so it is very peaceful.

Nicola Daniels

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, Juli 2018

"Life enhancing weekend"

I found the surrounding beauty, nurturing teaching and peaceful pace most uplifting.

Sari & Philippa

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, August 2018

"Better than expected"

I liked the mixture of yoga and meditation and the experience was a truly holistic one. The food was excellent and alongside the cookery lessons from Ollie the ingredients and methods made complete sense - it left me inspired to cook and passionate about what I am eating. The yoga was considered and strengthening and with the instruction of Michelle and her corrections I now feel I have learnt how to hold a pose for longer and with more certainty. The surroundings were perfect.

Catherine Abolins

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, August 2017

"A treatful retreat"

Wonderful yoga classes, inspiring food consciousness classes, fiery hearted devotional singing, space and time for sharing and personal reflection

Nicole Trivison

aus Italien, August 2017

"Lovely and Uplifting Retreat!"

I honestly loved everything, the yoga, food and mediation was fantastic. Also the variety of activities was a pleasant surprise!

Anna Livia Johnston

aus Vereinigtes Königreich, August 2017

"Life-enhancing yoga, meditation, food and music"

Bala Brook is in a really beautiful setting in the Devon countryside with a lovely garden, full of flowers and butterflies and a fast-flowing stream, leading onto fields and moorland to walk in. I appreciated the amount of care and love the teachers put into everything we did - it was an intensive few days, not just rest and relaxation, but I think it was a great experience.