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Großartig 9.2/10

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Radhika Priya Krishan Kaur

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Yoga)

Course director, Radhika is a registered E-RYT 500 / Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and YACEP / Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. Since the early 2000s, she has been constantly deepening her experience in yoga. In 2007, she completed an Ayurveda course in Rasovai, Morjim and a teacher training course at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nasik both in India. By 2009, she also completed a yoga teacher therapy course in Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nasik, India. In 2017, she completed her Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga in Rishikesh, India.


Kiran completed his yoga teacher training in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga in December 2010 at Kailash School of Yoga, Mcleodganj, India, as well a second Hatha Yoga teacher training at Gaytari School of Yoga Fuertventura, Spain at 2011. He currently teaches Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation in Spanish and English. He will guide and help you with your teaching and micro lessons. Kiran said that yoga changed his life in many positive ways and he likes to share this experience with others.


Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Hatha Yoga)

Anand's journey began in 2008 as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, where he worked for a large corporate gym in the UK. He is specialised in circuit training, bodyweight / calisthenics, hypertrophy / strength, endurance and core stability training. He has experience in the styles of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Hot Yoga. He completed his teacher training with Gayatri Yoga in 2016. Almost one year after he graduated from Gayatri, he is now teaching Hatha and Flow Yoga classes at the school where it all began for him. He is teaching our Hatha and Flow Yoga classes.

Bewertungen 17

  • Anonym

    November 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Everything about this teacher training was wonderful: the house was clean, bright and comfortable, in a relaxing location suitable for learning, the teachers (Radikha, Kiran and Anand) were warm, knowledgeable and inviting, the course itself was well designed, challenging and with an emphasis on all pillars of yoga (mind, body, spiritual).

    Radikha and Kiran bought the groceries, which were always amazing and fresh. I ate the best fruit I’ve ever had in my life! And they were very attentive to our dietary needs. I much preferred cooking my own food (with the groceries they bought) than having pre-made meals. It meant All members of the course could cater to their own requirements and tastes, and we often cooked together.

    The course itself is intense (~8 hours a day, 6 days a week), so do not expect a holiday. It was work but very enjoyable, meaningful and I now feel confident to teach my own students.

    The environment fostered a great sense of cohesion amongst all the students and we’ve forged strong friendships.

    I hope to be able to visit everyone again in the future!

    No negatives! I loved the course

  • Marianne Agerholm Dänemark

    Oktober 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    It was very good and they cared for us.

    We had a nice time and learned a lot.

    About the yoga asanas and How to practic it, you Will never find bettet teacher to learn from.

  • Viktorija Zilinskaite Vereinigtes Königreich

    Juli 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I have had the most incredible month studying for my TTC in Gayatri Yoga and could not recommend it more!

    The teachers Radhika and Kiran were amazing: full of love and truly devoted to their subject. The course was very well structured and taught; very informative study material, plenty of practical lessons; us students always felt looked after and welcome, the house was incredibly clean and tidy. We were always supplied with fresh food supplies and could use the yoga studio to practise whenever we wanted which made the learning process easier.

    I feel more than ready to teach my own students now and could not thank Gayatri Yoga enough!




    There is absolutely nothing negative I could say about my experience with Gayatri Yoga.

  • Melanie Schulz Deutschland

    The yoga teacher training with Radhika, Kiran and Anand was just the best experience in my life. They live in a beautiful, huge house, most fascinating canary island, wonderful nature, hot weather even in autumn. They all are wonderful souls, happy, generous, smart and with a phenomenal education and knowledge. Perfect balance of philosophy, theory and practice. And I absolutely enjoyed the small group of 5 people. If you hesitate to go there you will regret it! Absolutely gonna visit them as soon as possible again ❤❤❤

  • Sybille Spanien


    I have done my TTC in Gayatri School of yoga and can highly recommend this school. I felt at home from the first moment at this wonderful and cozy place. Situated in the north of the island in an authentic Canarean village far from mainstream tourism. Radhika and Kiran are wonderful people, very nice teachers with an amazing experience,an incredible knowledge and a nice sense of humor while teaching. They are definitely the most patient teachers I've ever had! I really enjoy now my teachings with my own students, as i really feel prepared to do so, I am safe and self confident.

  • Pedro Villoria


    I have done the Teachers Training Courseof March - April 2017 in Gayatri School of Yoga (Tenerife,Spain) and I would like to recommend it for anyone interested in teaching yoga. The course has been very practical and complete. The teachers Radhika and Kiran have worked with immense love and awareness in order to help us in our path and they know how to do it. They are very committed to the Yoga path and I very much appreciate their effort and kindness. Now I feel that I am totally prepared for teaching. Besides, the house has a welcoming environment and all the necessary facilities. I have felt at home there. The Tenerife island is full of beauty too.

    Thank you yogi brothers, I wish you infinite peace and bliss.

  • Janina Saganty Deutschland


    First of all, I want to thank Radhika and Kiran for the wonderful time at Gayatri. I learned a lot during the TTC and both teachers made the month of practicing even better. Radhika and Kiran made me feel like home from the beginning. The location was amazing with a great view. The house was always clean an tidy. Between the lessons there is enough room to chillout at the pool or the terrace. I am lucky to have found a course with such positive energy and authenticity. If you´re looking for a great place for your TTC: this is it! I will come back as soon as possible.

  • Anna Deutschland

    The Yoga school Gayatri Yoga is a beautiful, thoughtfully appointed and beautifully designed place, which has great calming effects in midst of a breathtaking natural landscape.

    In the winter, it is kind of cold in the house, as there is no heating system installed.

    Good food is provided, yet depends on the group preparing it themselves.

    The teachings are good in quality, especially the yoga practice is very accurate and great emphasis on the correction of the students helps to develop a good yoga practice.

    The theory lessons come as a well chosen combination of the mandatory contents of the 200h training of the yoga alliance frame, which is precisely followed with an addition of ayurveda and therapeutic yoga, which I greatly enjoyed. Physiology is not a focus, and basically run through.

    The theory lessons basically are ex-cathedra teachings, meaning students listening and following the reading to of a self-written, comprehensive and generally helpful but not always understandable and intellectual book.

    The yoga teacher has a vast knowledge, always educating herself further and always ready to answer questions in detail, but also wandering from the subject to personal opinion much from time to time.

    She has a good will and attempt, shares valuable own experiences and theoretically has a good understanding of a compassion-driven practice. Yet it seems as she has not healed from past experiences fully and though from time to time falls into an authoritarian, fear-driven, aggressive pedagogic teaching style, which builds on creating pressure. This practice happens completely unpredictably and is underpinned by theoretical insights and comparison to the style of the ashrams they were educated in India.

    Feedback to teaching performances by students are structured technically correct, but often are communicated emotionally loaded, either with enthusiasm or with frustration and bad temper by both teachers.

    Both aspects frustrated me and made me sad and angry a lot, as I believe deeply in non-violent communication, that real, deep learning only works in a completely fear-free atmosphere and that pressure kills love and fun and especially because I have big problems with every form of the misuse of power in asymmetrical power-situations. (hierarchies)

    It may be, that this was an extraordinary retreat, in which the teachers struggled from unusual personal problems yet there seemed to me an underlying general problem with communication and education theory and practice. It may also be, that the teachers learned from the experience of this retreat a lot and could develop themselves and their teaching style during and after it.

    If you enjoy teaching in a slight disciplinary style or have enough compassion for yourself and others to see, understand and accept the reasons for difficult behavior, transform the energies emerging in this context and are ready to develop your compassion on a higher level this is the right school for you.

  • Organizer Response Gayatri Yoga for Anna


    Hari Om Anna, many thanks for your review, and that you agree with the learning objects of our TTC. Your review is very important for us, and yes, we grow and learn with every single trainee and training. As we all have different personalities and characters we never stop learning from each other. As we follow the standards of Yoga Alliance, we have a 20 hour limit for Anatomy,these themes include: (1) Overview on physical anatomy and physiology, bodily systems, and organs (2) Prana, chakras, nadis and koshas (3) Benefits and contraindications of Asanas and Pranayama (4) Ayurveda basics. That means, that I can't teach you everything in detail in just a month. The course includes many different important themes you need to know about, to start your own teachings. Please do not forget that we speak about the 200 hour training, which opens up a door to get ready and prepared to teach beginners and intermediate students. If you want to deepen your knowledge and if you feel ready, you need to plan now your next step, which is the 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. Our course book is oriented by some of the most important yoga manuals, and I work constantly on it, to make it even better. As you have already mentioned, we have been always around for questions and answers. I have asked every day if there is something I can do or help with, which includes also personal views and problems. You never came up with any of the points you have mentioned in your review. This is really a petty, as I love to help and for sure, we would have found a solution for what ever has affected you personally. As we share everything with our trainees in this intensive month, of course it becomes very personal and sometimes also emotional for all of us, but this is one of the reasons why students choose a TTC in a small group. Many students have been grateful about our personal knowledge as teachers, as we could give typical examples how to guide and help students to grow, and how to handle different personalities. It definitely does not mean that I am not healed from any past experiences. I am glad for every single student I could teach in all these years, as every single trainee was unique and special. It is important to find a way to life in harmony together in this intensive month, that's why we have some very simple school rules, and we all need to follow them. It is important that we are always real Karma Yogis, mindful, and that we help each other, we need to be always a example for others. As we speak about a Yoga Teacher Training and not about a yoga holiday fun retreat it should be clear. If we need to remember students several times about the school rules, it means there is something wrong and that something does not work properly, but this is nothing what we need to take personal in any way, it is just a way to avoid any further problems, and has nothing to do with the point that the teachers have bad temper, hierarchy, authority or that we are aggressive. This explication does not fit us at all, of course we need to keep the control over the school and teachings, If we would not do so, the coexistence would become a mess, and nobody would care about anything. We are teachers, we need to lead and guide our students, that is our job. We wish that trainees feel as a part of Gayatri while staying with us, there is no point to fight us, others or situation constantly. We really love what we do and every student is same important to us. How do we want to deepen our yoga practice and personal development without discipline? Discipline and Yoga are going hand in hand. I mentioned more as once, that the hard work in our yogic practice is to control our mind, emotions and ego. Yoga is much more as just Asanas, Asanas are just a tool to develop and control our mind. It is very important to leave our comfort zone from time to time, to face the world and our limits, we need to learn to accept our limits,

    this includes also anger and other emotions. We all have to face them, and all these points are part of a TTC, it is a non stop development. We are all different and it is a very intensive month, for some students more as for others, but to share this time with you and being there for you, was a gift for us. We wish you all the best and send you love, light and shanti.....Radhika and Kiran.

    PS: I'm only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand. (Yogic quote from Osho)

  • Sam Exley


    Where to begin! I couldn't have made a better choice for my Teacher Training Course - it was the most incredible experience I've ever had and it's already helped me open doors to exciting aspects of life. I spent months looking for a teacher training course and as it was my first, I wanted to make sure I chose the right one, as anyone would. I came across the suggestion for Gayatri School of Yoga in Tenerife, which I was immediately drawn to. The course syllabus was very clear and concise, the location seemed fantastic and it was definitely within the budget that I set. So I contacted Radhika in order to receive further information such as room sharing, the cost of staying extra nights and her overall opinion of a very recent yoga practitioner. Her responses were extremely prompt and everything she said was delivered with courtesy and care. It was a no brainer to book the course! The location - I have to say, exceeded all of my expectations, wow!! The school itself is based within Tejina, which is situated in the north of Tenerife and is within a commutable distance to Santa Cruz, of around 45-50 minutes collectively (Tenerife's capital city). The facilities were immaculate and they were kept that way. There wasn't a moment where we went without anything that we required. We were all very well fed throughout the course, as Radhika and Kiran would frequently shop for us to ensure what had what we wanted (obviously within a yogic lifestyle - vegetarian etc). The Ashram (Yoga studio) was beautiful and spacious enough to fit well over 40 people comfortably I would say. The beauty of my experience was, that there were only 5 of us in total which meant that we had a more intimate and in depth education where none of us ever felt isolated. The bedrooms are spacious also and the double bed that I had was incredible! I was never uncomfortable once. There is also a lovely area outside where you can chill out, sit in the sun or go for a swim in the decent sized swimming pool. I never needed a thing. The course was also a surprise for me, in the sense that it also exceeded what it had promised to deliver. I learnt so much, I can't begin to describe it. It lives up to it's promise of being intensive, i can promise you that! The theory was exciting for me and we would often share discussions of the topics we were studying. The syllabus is more than meets the criteria it sets out to deliver. I couldn't have felt more enthused and ready to go into the world of teaching without this course! The practical lessons were always different, exciting and challenged all of our skills, minds and bodies. We were encourage to teach micro lessons within the first week. Trust me, you will want to do this! There is no better thing, other than to immerse yourself into it and I can honestly say, you will feel amazing once you've nailed your first lesson!! We all progressed at slightly different rates although this was never a problem as myself and my friend Alberto both took our exams early under the recommendation of Radhika and Kiran. We weren't left behind once we had passed as there was always something to learn from the others and we both enjoyed helping the other students when they wanted it. It was my first experience of meditation and anything yogic that wasn't relating to a generic practice of Vinyasa. I absolutely, adored every part of it, to the point where I have incorporated it into every single day since I started the course. I was in love with yoga before, I would say it's in my blood now and I owe Radhika and Kiran for their guidance and knowledge that they've spread to us all. So the teachers, this is where the true meaning of love resonates! Radhika and Kiran are quite simply, two of the most sincere, friendly and hospitable people you will probably ever meet! Their generosity, selflessness and kindness are a handful of their many qualities. I really do owe so much to these two lovely people for what they've helped me achieve. The volumes of time they invested into all of us allowed us to grow and develop throughout the course. Help was always available and nothing was ever too much to ask. I fully recommend this course to anyone, you're in the best hands!

  • Dorothe

    September 2, 2016. BookYogaRetreats.

    I followed the TTC at Gayatri Toga and it was just perfect and very inspiring. Radhika and Kiram are lovely people and very good teachers. The group is small so you get all the attention. The way they teach is very motivating, inspiring, straight forward, stimulating, clear, joyful, personal and very warm. The location is fantastic. A beautiful big big house with terraces, nice bedrooms, a swimming pool, lots of space to hang out and a huge yoga room. It's located in a smart little real Spanish village and close to the ocean. Thanks a lot Radhika and Kiram for the fantastic time. I learned a lot and had a great time. So for everybody who reads this and is looking for the right spot to do the TTC: go for it!!

  • Melanie

    BookYogaRetreats website

    The Gayatri school is focused on student success and truly explores the roots of yoga in an engaging and intelligible way. There is focus on correct asana practice, as one would find at any other school, but there is a spiritual component and ayurvedic philosophy that really grounds the practice while giving the entire teacher training a deeper meaning. Both Radhika and Kiran care about their students and have a wealth of collective knowledge they are always happy to share. I enjoyed every minute of the training and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in pursuing yoga for a personal journey or to share with other.

  • Pierre Luxemburg

    BookYogaRetreats website

    This was my first yoga retreat, and it was absolutely worth going there. This school is in a charming house in a small and calm beach village where you can totally relax yourself and get energized by the great practices of Yoga. Radhika and Kiran are both great teachers and full of positive energy!

    I enjoyed every minute and my wish to recover from stress, a lack of sunshine and regaining energy got all wonderfully fulfilled. Recommendable to anybody who wants to give yoga a try or deepen its practice and feel connected to nature while doing so!

  • Anna Undisclosed


    Travelers kindly beware of a few objective facts: no internet, old house - means toilets that do not flush properly (all dirty toilet paper must be placed in a bin next to lavatory), located in very desolate town / village (not recommended without a car), on the North side of Tenerife which is predominantly overcast / cloudy (very limited sunshine vs. south Tenerife), no door between sleeping dorm and kitchen eating area, yoga OK, but not more than that. Finally, I would not be surprised if the owner posts a personal attack on me, following this honest review - any such action on behalf of the owner should, of course, speak for itself and entice at least a few healthy doubts about whether this is a truly spiritual place that one wants to visit. In sum, I would not recommend this place to my own friends, and am merely extending my objective view to those of you who do not personally know someone who has stayed at Gayatri yoga. With the kindest regards, your fellow traveler.

  • Gayatri Yoga - Organizer response to Anna Tenerife

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Important Note:

    The location and accommodation have changed since then.

    Hari Om from Gayatri Yoga, Tenerife

    This review is not a real reflection of our yoga courses, and we want you to understand, that we run a Yoga School and not a Hotel. In this case, the expectation of one person was different, to what we offer. It is important for us, that our students are mindful and always Karma Yogis. First of all, we describe our guests as students or trainees, not as 'travelers'.

    This is may the reason for the confusion. All our booking details and other important information are written on our website and contact page. That's why we do not understand the polemic. Here now, some of the information we provide on our website, with respect to the complaint points, written in the review. Internet: There is no Internet access available in the school, speak to each other. Please use the internet as minimally as possible during your stay. Let us learn to live life without having to view our phones every few minutes.

    There are 4 places with Wifi, just 2 minutes away from the school. Isolated Village: San Juan de la Rambla in the north of Tenerife is a small charming fishing village. We have 2 Supermarkets, Pharmacy, Bars, Restaurants, Bus Stand and a Natural Swimming Pool, just around the corner. There are regular buses to Puerto de la Cruz (8km). We are not Isolated at all. House: The village and the building of our school are considered as national heritage.(That means the house is very old, more as 300 years, and protected). Toilet Paper: This problem is found at many places on the Canary Islands. Already in the airport, you will be asked to use the bin).

    Predominantly overcast / cloudy: Temperature between 17º and 18º C in winter, and up to 24º or 25º C in summer. There is no door because it is part of your personal space, where nobody can look in. Yoga, ok: This is the most important point for us, many thanks. Yoga is the reason why our trainees come to visit us, and we are always there for our students. It's impossible for us to make everybody happy, but we try very hard.

  • Elin Johnsen and Roar Hagen Norwegen


    We are very satisfied with our stay. The instruction was very good. The environments were nice with an friendly atmosphere – this applies both to the beautiful old house and the village. We were even lucky with our companion yogis. (Cristina became our vegetarian chef. ) Keep an eye on the weather forecast and bring warm clothes.

  • Boisnard Frankreich

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Also, the school and the location are zen, peaceful and colorful, I miss that place. If you are full of good vibes and would love to share joy and knowledge, go for Gayatri TTC or Bed and Breakfast honestly you won't regret it!

Referenzen 58

  • Irene


    First of all, I thank Kiran and Radhika for all the love and care they gave us during this 200 hours TTC in June and July 2017. - They were always there for us and never got tired of answering our questions and cheering us up when needed.

    The house is very beautiful, comfortable clean and tidy, and it has a kitchen so big, that you can dance in it. The swimming pool is always well maintained and a good place to rest between the lessons. The groups are very small, so you will get a lot of attention from the teachers.

    I highly recommend Gayatri School of Yoga Tenerife!

  • Jaya


    I have had the most incredible month studying for my TTC in Gayatri Yoga and could not recommend it more!

    The teachers Radhika and Kiran were amazing: full of love and truly devoted to their subject. The course was very well structured and taught; very informative study material, plenty of practical lessons; us students always felt looked after and welcome, the house was incredibly clean and tidy. We were always supplied with fresh food supplies and could use the yoga studio to practise whenever we wanted which made the learning process easier.

    I feel more than ready to teach my own students now and could not thank Gayatri Yoga enough!




  • Isa

    Gayatri Yoga website

    My month at Gayatri School of Yoga with Radhika and Kiran was amazing.

    I have learned so much, can't find words for this great and life changing experience.

    The daily classes included meditation, pranayama and traditional hatha yoga.

    I have practiced yoga at many places around the world,

    Radhika is a amazing teacher, she have so much to give and I'm very glad for the knowledge she have shared with me.

    She teaches with passion and love and was always there to help or support me.

    Her theory classes are exactly meeting the standards of Yoga Alliance.

    Kiran's yoga classes were balancing and ideal to finish the day.

    The food they provide was excellent. The house is clean and you really feel at home. The swimming pool is a great plus too and invites for a sunbath or swim

    in your lunch brake or on your day off.

    If you can't go to India for your TTC, this is the place for you.

    I am very very happy that I found this place.

    Many thanks to my teachers,

    I will come back soon....

  • Margarita

    Gayatri Yoga

    I did my TTC at Gayatri Yoga Tenerife in March of 2017 and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Gayatri yoga is the best place where you can make your TTC. Radhika and Kiran love yoga and that love is felt in their classes. Thankful for this learning, for all the lived and for the great people that I have known.

  • Jorien

    Gayatri Yoga Website

    It has been a truly enriching experience to attend the Teacher Training in the Gayatri Yoga School, submerging fully into the world of Yoga for one month. It totally answered my wish to deepen my practice and understanding of this holistic life science. I learned many new things about all the different facets that yoga includes. I feel it gave me a strong base on which I can build upon for the rest of my life, walking my path in yoga. It is clear as water that Radhika and Kiran teach from the heart, with so much care and devotion. I have felt at home and could ask all the questions I wanted and all the support I needed. I feel lucky to have found a course with such quality and authenticity. In gratitude and joy, hare om tat sat

  • Helen England

    Gayatri School of Yoga

    I would highly recommend Gayatri School of Yoga. I've just returned from my training as a YTT200 there and had a great time. The setting is just beautiful, the facilities are perfect and were all I needed, and Radhika and Kiran were excellent and loving teachers of Hatha Yoga and, through their deep knowledge and understanding, I feel I have learned so much. They stretched me in mind, body and spirit and I will be always grateful that I chose their course out of all those out there. Intensive courses like this can sometimes leave new teachers feeling unprepared

    for the job they have qualified to do. But not this one. The guidance I received was excellent and I feel totally ready to teach all aspects of Hatha Yoga straight away.

    Thank you Radhika and Kiran

  • Ida Finnland

    Gayatri Yoga

    For me Gayatri Yoga has felt like a home away from home, since the first time I met Radhika and Kiran. It was no doubt for me that this was the school where I wanted to do my TTC, and I was very happy I did. Both Radhika and Kiran are amazing open-minded teachers that honestly care and take in consideration each student as an individual as well as the group. The TTC in general as well as the course days are very well structured and easily adjusted when needed, without effecting the quality of the teaching which is professional and easy going. The course is intensive but the time is spent effective and any rising obstacles are faced with a sense of humour and open heart. To this school you can really come as you are.

  • Sanna Schweden

    Gayatri Yoga

    I did my Yoga Teacher Training at Gayatri Yoga in January and it was an amazing month. Radhika and Kiran aren't just great teachers, they are great people filled with love for their students and yoga. I learned so much during my time at Gayatri. It is an intense training and most evenings you are doing homework or preparing classes but the month was still full of laughter. I miss dinner time with the other girls, eating and laughing so much that we got cramps in our stomaches. One day a week is a day off and then there is time to explore the island a bit or just relax at the beach. The student groups at the school are small so Radhika and Kiran really have time for everyone and they see everyone. They are always available after class if you have questions or need help. I can really recommend Gayatri School of Yoga to everyone that wants to do a Hatha yoga TTC. Radhika and Kiran, I miss your classes and I miss you and thank you for making my TTC unforgettable!

  • Eva Deutschland

    Gayatri Yoga

    I attended the course at Gayatri as I had the impression that the schedule is very much based on the Indian tradition and would cover all the basics in asana practice, meditation and pranayama. And it was definitely the best decision I could do. We covered all the important topics, the teachers were always there for us and any questions that could arise. We got lots of opportunities to teach the group and gain experiences. The food was also based on a Indian diet but we cooked within the group and it was always delicious. The group dynamic itself was also amazing. No competition but we tried to support each other where we could and became a family for that intensive month. We dedicated all our time apart from eating and sleeping to our studies, it was actually more intense than I expected it to be, but it was great. We actually became all the tools we need to go out and teach. With knowledge and confidence. I'm really grateful for having be able to take my TTC in Tenerife. The place itself is also beautiful, you see the coast, we had a pool and lots of space to study. I loved the experience and can only just recommended to everyone doing the training there, far away from all the daily disturbances of normal life.

  • Drofn Island

    Gayatri Yoga

    The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program is a unique and powerful experience. Be ready for a real challenge and even a life-changing experience. I achieved more than I could have imagined through the TTC Yoga training course. The Yoga teachers, Radhika and Kiran were always there for us, they inspired us with knowledge and practical guidance of the fundamentals of a comprehensive Hatha Yoga and the perspectives of yoga philosophy. The training has prepared me to become a yoga teacher and I look forward to my continued growth on the road of yoga.

  • Sue Schweiz

    Gayatri Yoga

    Radhika and Kiran really take care of their students. They guide and support you with love and encouragement through each part of your yoga journey until you arrive at your destination. The house is lovely, well maintained and spotlessly clean and there is always an abundance of food so you certainly never go hungry! If you are looking for a yoga teacher training in a small group, with teachers who are extremely passionate about what they do and live the yogic life fully, then this is the place!

  • Jatinder Sood Vereinigtes Königreich

    Gayatri Yoga

    Extensive course. Very well carried out. All aspects thoroughly covered.

  • Melanie Kanada

    Gayatri Yoga

    The school was phenomenal. In a great location with all the amenities one could hope for. The teachers were caring and always made us feel at home. I felt as if I was learning from a true set of masters. Both Kiran and Radhika went past the basic asana practice to delve into the spiritual heart of the yogic practice. I hope to go back again one day and I would recommend this training to anyone who is interested in learning about what it means to be a true yogi. I found the historical and philosophical discussions invigorating and mentally stimulating. I enjoyed Radhika's commitment to our understanding of the culture of yoga and ability to consider all aspects of the Hindu metaphysical framework in a way that was most relatable to the students. Radhika was also very well versed in anatomy and the science behind many ayurvedic practices, often citing experiences from her past as a lab tech in pharmacies and veterinary clinics as a way to connect ancient practices to western practices. I appreciated the teamwork of Kiran and Radhika, both teachers using their own style that complemented each other while still ensuring the students were given enough time to practice necessary material. Their comments were always thoughtful and they worked very hard to ensure we were well taken care of.

  • Dorothe Niederlande

    Gayatri Yoga

    Great school! Radhika is a fantastic teacher. Very inspiring, motivating,straight forward and with a huge of knowledge.

  • Claudia Dänemark

    Gayatri Yoga

    I'm beyond grateful for the teachers of Gayatri Yoga. The 200 hour TTC was an amazing experience.

  • Dianne Niederlande

    Gayatri Yoga

    I feel very secure to go into the world as a yoga teacher! Thank you!

  • Paola Argentinien

    Gayatri Yoga

    My life will not be the same after yoga TTC, I learned a lot! Thanks to my teachers Radha and Kiram.

  • Miriam Italien

    Gayatri Yoga

    I'm very happy I attended my TTC in Gayatri Yoga School because it's a professional and very welcoming environment. My teachers worked very hard to support us and to lead us through this intense experience with patience and love.

  • Catarina Norwegen

    Gayatri Yoga

    I am very happy with Gayatri Yoga ttc and I felt secure about teaching as soon as I got home (a lot of butterflies of course!). The teachers Radhika and Kiran are very knowledgeable and provide you with all information and support you need during the month.

  • Melissa Italien

    Gayatri Yoga

    If you are thinking about doing a TTC, do it! Do it in Gayatri Yoga, they are amazing, a new family for all of us. Radhika was always there for us, for every kind of needs, inside and outside the classes.

  • Sergio Italien

    Gayatri Yoga

    Radhika was present in every single moment and always available for clarifications or doubts. I was really impressed. This was what I expected of a yoga school! It was a pleasure to be trained by Radhika.

  • Elise Estland

    Gayatri Yoga

    Choosing Gayatri Yoga School of Tenerife for my TTC is the best decision I have ever made in my life. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Radhika, the course director spent so many hours extra with us and explained absolutely every little question we had about yoga and teaching yoga. It seemed like she had thought of everything and her endless energy inspired us to be mindful and to work intensely for our goals. School was well prepared for our intensive month of learning that no obstacles would interfere with hour daily schedule. This way we could dedicate our maximum energy to learning and practicing. Radhika and Kiran are such loving and inspiring people I have rarely come across in my life before. The school atmosphere they had created, their attention and care were so profound and unique I would certainly recommend it to everyone who is considering becoming a yoga teacher.

  • Jo Dänemark

    Gayatri Yoga

    It was a great experience doing my TTC with Radhika, Gayatri yoga. I loved the house, the village and the north of Tenerife is generally beautiful. I enjoyed all the classes.

    Radhika carries a piece of india with her. She is authentic and a great teacher with a great knowledge. Small group, which is great as well. Loved it. Can highly recommend it.

  • Alenas Norwegen

    Gayatri Yoga

    I have spent in Gayatri Yoga 7 days (Yoga Bed&Breakfast) and I enjoyed every day, every hour and minute there. First, Gayatri Yoga is situated in a beautiful and very quite little town in North of Tenerife. It is a perfect place in Tenerife for those who are looking for a quiet place, peaceful surrounding. I had everything what I needed and even much more:

    very comfortable bed, more than enough food for my breakfast, cozy kitchen where I could make food, dining room, small terrace just out from the bedroom and big terrace on the top of the house where I could enjoy beautiful view to the mountains and the ocean. Teachers asked me every day if I have enough everything what I need. And now the most important part: yoga classes and teachers. I tried several yoga schools in Bergen (Norway), but coming here I realized that I didn't know almost anything about yoga. I have never met before people in my life for whom yoga means so much: it is their life, their passion. Kiran and Radhika are definitely professionals, giving best possible classes, explanation and inspiration. My holidays with Gayatri yoga is a wonderful experience and no doubt I will return there.

  • Austin USA

    Gayatri Yoga

    My week with Radhika and Kiran was magical. Every morning started with a beautiful, calm, rejuvenating class of meditation, breathing and a yoga. The perfect start to the day followed by breakfast on the beautiful rooftop terrace. I've practiced yoga all over the world, but Radhika is the most knowledgeable western yogi I have ever met. Information oozes out of her with passion, love and respect in her theory classes. In the afternoons, I would explore the breathtaking beaches or hike up a nearby mountain. In the evening, Kiran's yoga classes were perfect traditional Hatha yoga classes that left me feeling completely balanced. The food is excellent. The house is a peace palace. Love is Everywhere. I was so full of bliss that I'm not sure if my feet ever touched the ground. I was floating on a cloud the whole week. I will go back. I am very very happy that I found this place. It is certainly my version of paradise. You absolutely MUST experience this. Your spirit will thank you.

  • Mahatmananda and Rose Irland

    Gayatri Yoga

    My wife Rose and I just spent a week exploring the lovely island of Fuerteventura while based in this great yoga centre. The central location is within easy drive of all the sights and beaches. We opted for the Yoga B+B option with morning and evening yoga classes taught by Radhika and Kiran. Their warm welcome and genuine heartfelt teaching style

    draws from the Shivananda and Satyananda traditions and includes asana, paranayama, meditations and yoga nidra. Plenty of individual attention available, the classes would suite all levels from beginner to advanced. At breakfast after morning class, Radhika's local knowledge pointed us in the right direction for the day out exploring the island. We were so relaxed after the evening class that we usually opted for the tasty evening meal available at the centre. The Gayatri Yoga Centre gets a big thumbs up from us both. We will be back!

  • Crystal USA

    Gayatri Yoga

    Dear Radhika and Kiran, Thank you! With love and patience you've helped me push myself outsideof all comfort zone to embrace parts of myself I was too impatient to explore. I love the Gayatri home. Every picture, flower, sound and smell to rise this house made me feel good from deepest part inside me. Even though typical life may not always be made of the perfect recipe of magic, such as that, that you have created, it is so strong, that it is able to resonate inside me. I've found a peaceful home for myself within my heart and that feels very good. I intend on taking the lessons taught in this experience with me through each moment of my days. I will spread sunshine where ever I can. Thank you for that gift.

  • Barbara Exley Vereinigtes Königreich

    Gayatri Yoga

    Inhale Love Exhale Gratitude! Your teaching has been inspirational and your support,encouragement and guidance has been amazing and is much appreciated. I thank you both for your part in my yoga journey. Love and best wishes!

  • Melanie Friedman Kanada

    Gayatri Yoga website

    For the first moment I stepped out off the plane you have been welcoming, warm and open hearted.Not only did you teach with courage and passion you allowed me to share your home as well. I could not have asked for a more compassionate set on instructors dedicated to student services. I will always cherish this time and thankful for this experience. I hope to see you both again.

  • Shakti New York

    Trip Advisor website

    Eine Yogaschule, die lebt, was sie lehrt und deren Focus auf der Reise zu sich selbst liegt. Sauberkeit, Ruhe, und Harmonie und eine ganz einzigartige Energie im gesamten Yogahaus, das sich in einer traumhaften Lage am Meer befindet. Eine so wundervolle Zeit, die ich niemals vergessen werde! Danke für jede Sekunde und jeden Moment ..... liebe Radhika und Kiran.

  • a traveler Tasmania, Australia

    Trip Advisor website

    I spent a month here doing my TTC. The house and the space were so peaceful and it felt like home. Radhika is such an amazing teacher and friend. She is full of wisdom and love and spreads it to each of her students. Both her and Kieran were constantly ensuring we had all that we needed and that we felt satisfied and happy. There is a huge amount of information to take in when doing a TTC and Radhika was there 24/7 for any questions or doubts.

    I would definitely recommend this course to anyone! Radhika and Kieran are incredible teachers and you will leave feeling truly content and fully confident in being a yoga teacher. They provide you with so much support and I feel lucky to have met them both.

  • Timo P

    TripAdvisor website

    Just an amazing place to be! I really felt at home while staying last month at Gayatri school! I truly miss it already! Radhika and Kiran are really nice and professional! I learned so much and I enjoyed all the moments of all the 200 hours of the teacher training! The house itself is really cozy and it has a beautiful roof terrace.

    Also there is a nice natural pool nearby. The village is authentic with not so many tourists around. I highly recommend it. An excellent month to spend in an extraordinary place of which you step out as a fully ready yoga teacher! Million thanks Radhika and Kiran!

  • A traveler Schweiz

    Trip Advisor website

    Die Location ist wundervoll - ein Tempel inmitten eines Dorfes auf Teneriffe. Radhika & Kiran sind die besten Hosts, die man sich wünschen kann. Ihre herzliches und sympathisches Sein vermittelt das Gefühl von Zuhause. Die Zimmer sind gross, die Küche sehr gut ausgestattet. Der Garten sowie die Terrasse verschaffen einem den Ausblick auf die wundervolle Insel. Die Atmosphäre im Haus ist harmonisch und ruhig. In der Shala hat man das Gefühl, in Indien zu sein. Radhika & Kiran haben ein fundiertes Wissen in Yoga und das TTC war einfach genial! Eine Erfahrung, die ich nicht missen möchte. Ich hoffe, sie bald in der neuen Schule besuchen zu können und wünsche ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg. Namaste

  • Claudia V

    TripAdvisor website

    Bliss! Doing a TTC was a long time dream and I'm so happy I got to do it with Radhika and Kiran. They're both extremely knowledgeable and caring, and the classes are always inspiring. I've learned so much here and I'm ready to teach! The beautiful house has a special character and is very comfortable (rooftop terrace, sea view, big kitchen, comfy beds). The village is lovely and had good connections with other places on the island. I feel calm, rejuvenated and ready to bring everything I've learned here back home.

  • Cristina Italien


    I have lived unforgettable days in this place meraviglioso. In a fantastic location I was greeted by Radhika and Kiran with an infinite sweetness. Their availability, professionalism and kindness made me spend days full of emotion. The simple and at the same time very deep lessona have taught me so much. I experienced peace which one can hardly 'put into words. Thank you, you are wonderful people who have made me feel at home

  • a traveler

    Trip Advisor Website

    Kiran and Radhika are so loving and try to fulfill all wishes and always have an open ear for problems had. It is an Ashram far from India, with considerably more comfort than there. I attended a TTC and have to say it was the best decision for me to REALLY prepare for yoga classes. Small group intensive lessons. Both Teacher live your "profession", are wholeheartedly here. Highly Recommended. I really enjoyed the time. There were 4 very special weeks. Thanks for Kiran and Radhika.

  • Katrinn

    Trip Advisor Website

    Greatly enjoyed staying in the big, colorful single room. The free use of the pantry and kitchen made it easy to cook to one's own fancy and diet (a few more kitchen utensils (e.g. extra knives and cutting boards would have been useful, though :-) )). Radhika and Kiran are very warmhearted, welcoming and generous hosts. Gracias por un mes muy especial!!

  • Fannu

    Trip Advisor Website

    I've spend one month there and I miss that place. Village and house are peaceful and colourful.

    Radhika and Kiran are full of joy and love. They love to give yoga classes and to share their knowledge.

    If you're full of good vibes and you love real yoga and its beautiful values, this place is for you. You'll leave Gayatri with great memories. I'm coming back as soon as I can!

  • Giovanna

    Trip Advisor Website

    I've spent one month in the school, attending the Yoga Teacher Training course and it has been a wonderful experience, something I could repeat over and over, without getting tired! The building is an ancient Spanish house, nicely decorated with Indian inspiration and always perfectly tidy and clean; the surroundings and the village are amazing, I particularly loved the sea and the natural pools.

    Radhika and Kiran are a kind, lovely couple and their clear, mindful teachings reflect their way to be, they have always been helpful with me and the other girls..I enjoyed very much their company and my stay in this house, where I could truly deepen my knowledge and practice of Hatha yoga.

  • Merete J Norwegen

    TripAdvisor website

    I spent one month for my TTC training. The house is very beautiful, clean and a great place to stay. You really feel like home there. San Juan De La Rambla is a sleepy nice town with great nature around. The yoga classes are excellent and I really recommend going there, either on vacation or on yoga teacher training.

  • Aida Schweden

    TripAdvisor website

    I did my teacher training for a month in Tenerife. What a beautiful village, close to the water and the view is amazing. I am SO happy with my teacher training and I got all the tools I needed and more. Back home I was ready to kickstart it all but sad to leave the beautiful yoga school. Radhika and Kiran are amazing. A big thank you and I hope I can visit soon again!

  • Johana

    TripAdvisor website

    I spent a month doing my TTC teachers training with Gayatri yoga it was a lovely experience you learn and grow ever single day. The area is very beautiful,scenic and only a 10 minute walk away from amazing natural swimmining pools. The house is really pretty, very zen I felt very at home for my months stay and very clean also. Radhika and Kiran are such amazingly lovely and inspiring people that are sure to make you smile :) In this month I've grown so much and learned so much space of time I couldn't have hoped for better. You should definitely come to this school ;D

  • Maya

    TripAdvisor website

    Hari Om, That was the most powerful month in my life. The TTC course is very intense but everyday gives you new pranic energy to learn more and improve your strength.Radhika and Kiran will guide you through the secrets of Hatha Yoga. Throughout their great knowledge and experience they will make you confident in teaching Yoga. You will discover your hidden skills and abundant abilities of your mind and body. Gayatri School is located in very inspiring village San Juan de la Rambla. The morning window view is breath taking. After the classes when you feel tired have a cooling and refreshing swim in the natural pool located only 10 minutes from the house. Don't think twice just book your TTC with Gayatri School now. Namaste Rhadika and Kiran! Maya :]

  • Patricia Belgien

    TripAdvisor website

    I spent one month following a Yoga Teacher Training and it was fantastic. Contact and information before arriving were excellent and reassuring. From the very first second I felt at home; the place is calm, beautiful, and inspiring. Rooms, kitchen, bathroom are perfectly clean and comfortable. Surroundings are very peaceful, with typical volcanic landscapes. Warmly recommended to lay on the hammocks to sunbathe during the day and to watch the stars at night :-)The yoga room is so beautiful, clean and appropriate for very inspiring practice and teaching. The course is perfectly adapted to the students, which small number is highly appreciated. It contains a perfect balance of practice and theory. I hope I can come back soon, for more yoga training or just for combining quality and inspiring yoga practice with exploring a gorgeous island.

  • Torita Vereinigtes Königreich

    Gayatri Yoga website

    I spent one month with Radhika and Kiran doing my yoga teacher training. Before arriving I was nervous but there was no need to be at all. Radhika and Kiran made me feel welcome straight away and I have never felt so quickly at home in a house that I had never been to before.The house is peaceful and perfect for studying yoga; It is surrounded by a beautiful volcanic landscape and situated in a sleepy little village. It is a different world to all the usual tourist traps found along the coast of the island.Both Radhika and Kiran are excellent yoga teachers, with very different teaching styles from which to draw inspiration. Both have a deep and spiritual understanding of the practice of yoga, which also shines through in the way they live and interact with others.I really could not recommend Gayatri Yoga enough. If I could, I would go back and do it all again. Truly one of the best and most special experiences of my life. You will not regret it!

  • Julia Schweden

    TripAdvisor website

    Oh wow! I dont really know where to start and find enough words to describe this amazing experience I had in Gayatri Yoga. This is a trip which changed my life - now I know that I can be 100% happy and thank you Radhika and Kiran for showing me the right way to the peace and happiness and for opening your hearts for me. Ive spent in Gayatri Yoga 10 days of intensive yoga training and I enjoyed every second of it.We had a classes for almost 6 hours every day - and they give you so much energy and peace, also challenges, but thats what make you grow every day. The house is purely amazing - all facilities are adapted for your maximum comfort and are very on a high level. And you can feel positive energy around you - in the classes, in the food they prepare or outside the house.For those who want to explore the island (which I did and highly recommend it!) please book a car and go around the island, it really has many beautiful places to offer and its very different in the different parts. (Check the pictures attached to my review). If you have any doubts - forget them, just do it, just go and feel it for yourself! You would never forget this experience!

  • Satya Spanien

    Gayatri Yoga

    Lo primero quería agradecer el amor, y el corazón que le ponéis a vuestra formación, no solo se transmite el conocimiento, si no las energías y la sabiduría del Yoga; esta ha sido la parte más importante para mi, así como el demostrar que el ser Yogi o Yogini no es un titulo, si no un estado de vida, en el que el amor es la base de todo. Mi formación en Gayatri, me ha dado la seguridad y la confianza para comenzar mi nuevo camino como Yogini, y una vez más agradezco el haber podido compartir con ustedes, uno de los meses más importantes de mi vida....Om Shanti Om.

  • Eva Mexiko

    Gayatri Yoga

    Estuve un mes haciendo un curso para profesores y fue simplemente lo mejor! Lo recomiendo ampliamente, si quieres desconectar ds el lugar Perfecto, si piensan ir para hacer un TTC no creo q haya mejor sitio para hacerlo, Radhika es una profesora con mucha experiencia, sabiduria y un amor Que no se puede no quererla incluso a los 3 dias de conocerla. Resumiendo un lugar para volver muchisimas veces mas!

  • Heidi Spanien

    Gayatri Yoga

    Eso es lo que me llevo de este mágico lugar, llegué de casualidad sin ninguna expectativa y me ha cambiado la vida. Lo necesitaba profundamente y el destino me llevó. Si estas dispuesto a dar un paso más, aprender a concentrarte, respirar, flexibilidad, cuidarte... A parte de conocer la Isla. Imprescindible alquilar coche para tener independencia. Es el equilibrio perfecto. Yo he pasado una semana en B&B y repetiria hoy mismo. Me he hecho el propósito de volver de nuevo para recordar todo lo aprendido. Sin duda el amor con el que enseñan, porque enseñan de verdad Radha y Kiran es sin duda el resultado de este amor que respiran hacia la India y el Yoga. Pureza, Amor y Sabiduria.

  • Jessica Spanien

    Gayatri Yoga

    He pasado una de las mejores semanas de mi vida en Gayatri Yoga. Escogí la opción de Yoga Bed & Breakfast y la recomiendo al 100%. El lugar es mágico para desconectar y olvidarte de todo. Las clases de yoga son estupendas. Todo estaba muy limpio y ordenado. La comida vegetariana deliciosa. Los profesores Radhika y Kiran son unas personas increíbles. Transmiten mucha paz y te hacen sentir como si estuvieras en tu propia casa. Sin duda, volveré muy pronto a ese lugar. Desde aquí les mando un abrazo enorme a los dos y les doy las gracias por haber sido partícipes de una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida. Hasta pronto Radhika y Kiran.

  • Yolanda Spanien

    Gayatri Yoga

    He pasado una Semana Santa increible junta a Radhika y Kiran. Todo lo que puedo decir de esta estancia es positivo: su hospitalidad, el cariño con el que te tratan, la comida (ese pan recién hecho por la mañana, que rico). La casa está preciosa, cuidado todo hasta el mínimo detalle para que estés muy a gusto, con toques de la India en la decoración. Lo cierto es que he sido muy feliz estos días, con la sensación de haber estado en un hogar, ¡mejor que en mi casa! ya que me he relajado de verdad y disfrutado. Estoy muy, muy, muy agradecida porque Radhika y Kiran me han ayudado a combinarlo todo, relax, turismo, aprendizaje... Gracias a ellos he avanzado muchísimo en la práctica del Yoga, tanto físico como mental y el curso de Ayurveda fantástico. Radhika lleva más de 20 años de experiencia, estudiando junto a grandes maestros y se nota el esmero que tiene al enseñarte. Se vuelca en que aprendas y da lo mejor de sí misma en todo momento. Es la mejor. Y me llevo un recuerdo maravilloso, además de salud y muchísima paz. ¡¡Gracias a los dos! ¡Vaya par de profesores geniales!! Y por supuesto repetiré muy pronto. Lo recomiendo a todo el mundo.

  • Manu Spanien

    Gayatri Yoga

    Mi hermano y yo hemos estado en esta escuela durante una semana participando diariamente a las sesiones de yoga y meditación por la mañana y por la tarde, mientras que durante el resto del día hacíamos las turistas por la isla. Radhika y Kiran son personas y profesores maravillosos, nos han mimado y hecho sentir en nuestra casa desde el primer día, atentos a cualquier pequeño detalle, pero al mismo tiempo absolutamente respetuosos hacia nuestro espacio y privacidad. También las comidas que hemos hecho allí (desayuno y cena) han sido exquisitas!! No éramos solas en nuestra estancia y eso nos ha permitido tener la suerte de conocer a gente encantadora que estaba estudiando para ser profesora de yoga y a otros practicantes como nosotras. Aconsejamos alquilar un coche para moverse cómodamente y visitar los alrededores que merecen la pena sin lugar a duda! Hay playas y vistas maravillosas, lugares paradisiacos, donde al mismo tiempo no hay demasiados turistas, así que la serenidad interior absorbida en la casa de Radhika y Kiran

    no viene para nada contaminada por el contexto exterior. Al contrario, cada detalle ha hecho que estas vacaciones fueran absolutamente inolvidables.

  • Isabel Spanien

    Gayatri Yoga

    He estado alojada en Gayatri Yoga durante todo un mes haciendo el curso intensivo para profesorado de yoga. La casa es maravillosa, una auténtica gozada,al igual que las dos presonas que lo llevan, Radha y Kiran. La casa es muy amplia, muy limpia, tiene muchísima luz y tiene varios espacios en los que poder disfrutan tanto dentro

    de casa como en la parte de fuera. Es un lugar que trasmite calma, armonía, alegría y si se quiere, nunca falta una buena conversación. De verdad, es muy, muy, muy recomendable.

  • Laura Spanien

    Gayatri Yoga

    Hari Om!! Sincera y personalmente ha sido un auténtico regalo y un placer formarme en hatha yoga en este entorno único y excepcional. Es un mes de mucho trabajo en todos los niveles y te facilitan absolutamente todo lo necesario para que lo disfrutes y lo vivas con alegría y cariño. Las personas que han venido para el yoga han encajado perfectamente en los horarios y prácticas. Mis queridas compañeras de curso han sido maravillosas, y me ha encantado compartir esta experiencia tan especial con ellas. Supongo que este lugar atrae a las personas adecuadas, con ganas de aprender y de disfrutar de cada pequeño reto que se presente. Estoy eternamente agradecida a todas ellas, a Radha por sus cuidados, por su atención y por su incondicional cariño, y a Kiran por su saber hacer, por su plena dedicación y por su motivación. Gracias y Hasta Siempre, os llevo en mi corazón!! Hari Om Tat Sat!

  • Vanessa Spanien

    Gayatri Yoga

    Namasté, no me puedo imaginar una mejor forma de iniciarme como profesora de Yoga con Radhi y Kiran, con las facilidades del idioma, la sabiduría que traen de la India, las comidas de Radhi, la hospitalidad que ofrece, el sentirte mejor que en casa, y la oportunidad de conocer esta fantástica isla. La verdad es que se lo recomiendo a todo el que esté dudando, yo dudaba y por impulso decidí hacerlo y fue una gran elección.

  • Vicky Venezuela

    Gayatri Yoga

    Para mí la estancia en Gayatri Yoga fue maravillosa, una experiencia formidable en todos los aspectos. Radhika y Kiran, Profesores y queridos amigos, transmiten en sí mismos las enseñanzas del Yoga en todos sus aspectos, su experiencia y sabiduría, son realmente un tesoro! El lugar donde se ubica la casa es una invitación al reencuentro

    con la paz y la tranquilidad, donde el tiempo se detiene y nos damos cuenta que estamos justo en el lugar indicado para relajarnos por completo y disfrutar de una experiencia que nos aporta en salud, bienestar, conocimiento, guía, etc. por otro lado, la casa es hermosa, espaciosa, con mucha luz, ventilación, hermosas vistas, delicadamente decorada y muy bien cuidada, las habitaciones cómodamente equipadas y espaciosas, el entorno perfecto para disfrutar de una confortable y muy cómoda estancia, en un entorno pacífico y natural...

  • Paola Argentinien

    Gayatri Yoga

    Es la mezcla perfecta de tranquilidad, excelentes clases de Yoga en una sala soñada con vistas a las montañas y sus casitas que parecen puros cuadros, comida casera hecha por Radha, una casa llena de paz y buena energía, impecablemente limpia y nueva. Es tan fácil sentirse como en casa que luego se transforma en un imán al cual regresamos. Yo estuve un mes haciendo el TTC intensivo...ha sido una experiencia increíble, tanto que he regresado para otro curso, una maravilla! Y además el pueblo tiene una ubicación excelente, cerca de las playa y piscina naturales,a un paso de la ciudad, a 20 min del aeropuerto..impresionante. La calidad humana de Radha y Kiran...sumada a todo lo un lujo!

  • Carly Tester USA

    Gayatri Yoga website

    Nunca en mi vida he tenido profesores como ustedes. Estoy muy agraciada de haber tenido esta oportunidad de aprender y teneos como profesores en ese paso de mi vida, que fue tan importante. Soy muy afortunada de haberos conocidos. Ustedes son personas muy especiales y no puedo describirlo con palabras, nunca os voy a olvidar. Con mucho amor, Carly.

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