4 Tage Meditation und Hatha Yoga Retreat in Jageshwar, Uttarakhand, Indien

4 Tage Meditation und Hatha Yoga Retreat in Jageshwar, Uttarakhand, Indien

  • Van Seria wellness Lodge, Jageshwar, Almora

Revolutionary India Yoga Retreat

Get a life-changing experience by joining Hatha yoga and meditation program! Evolution Yoga Retreats will charge your body with energies through yantras which are consecrated by the yogi of the highest order. Of course, they will be meditating to make the ether denser still. What they offer is a live process with a lineage which is over ten thousand years old. This speaks for itself about the authenticity and the power of what you are about to undergo.

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  • Hatha yoga sessions
  • Yogic practices and meditation sessions
  • Cooking lessons, night walks, and village visits
  • Serious nature watch, hiking and trekking, & outdoor games
  • Transportation from Umaria or Katni and back
  • Satvik meals during your stay
  • 4 nights' accommodation
  • Kurse an 4 Tagen
  • Hindi, Englisch
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During this retreat, you will be accommodated for 4 nights at Monsoon Forest.

If you yearn for a blissful experience of life, it is time to look inside and do something about it. One cannot control the outside situation completely, but one can always take 100% control of the interiority. Once that is in your control, whatever the outside situation may be, your experience of life will always be the way you want it to be. The retreat helps you understand a few key elements of nature.

What exactly makes you who you are

It is the mind, body, emotions and energy! All the experiences of life you’ve ever had are the result of them coming together in a specific alignment. This alignment re-orients itself as per the immediate natural conditions. In an undisturbed natural space, the ether is dense which perfectly align the faculties for exploring your inner dimension.

The preparation

A few days before you arrive, you will do a warm up task to explore yourself in some depth and prepare the ground to experience the change.

The process

On arrival, you will start with an activity which will involve everybody and a sense of togetherness and focus will happen.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a significant measure towards gaining control over your actions and directing the energies in the desired direction. It involves the stepwise movement of the body, then mind, emotions and eventually energies. The space you are breathing in is the 84th creation and therefore you have 84 yogasanas. Each asana can open gateways to comprehend every aspect of a single creation.

Of these 84 yogasanas, 33 are of utmost importance to present human race which Evolution Retreats has included under its Hatha yoga modules. There will be an introduction to shatkarma, bandha and pranayam respectively. To lead an incredible life on this blue planet, Earth, Hatha yoga is the panacea. There will be various meditation sessions where you can create what you want to create in your life. These meditation addresses various aspects of your life.

All the eight limbs of yoga will be addressed in such a way that it becomes a part of your life. Various talks and videos will elaborate various secrets of life. Trekking in the jungles to connect with nature, outdoor meditation, bonfire, story-telling, birdwatching and even herpetology with a spiritual angle will open a different dimension of life. Getting the whole Hatha yoga process at least three times is what Evolution Yoga Retreats wants to make sure before you leave.

The follow-up

The offerings need to become a part of you and Evolution Yoga Retreats will make sure that it happens for at least six months and after that you will clearly know its importance. You will be inspired through Evolution’s information channels, you will be guided with the practices and fill a routine chart for your own reference and progress.

How will you benefit?

Many benefits of yoga at the evolution program can’t even be put down in words. But here are some which can be.

Immediate benefits

You will experience a sudden ease in body, mind and energies. So, any disease will find a sudden relief. Just by holding your body and mind in the right way, you will see that stress is not natural, it’s your creation and just evaporates. A sudden increase in energies and higher coordination heightens your efficiency and reduces your sleep quota.

Long term benefits

A regular practice of the module may get you out of a chronic ailment you have been suffering for a long time. Your way of looking at a situation will change drastically, and it makes you a problem solver. As a human being, your talent and potential will evolve to the next level.

Benefits beyond the physical realm

Your experience of life can shift to another dimension. You will be able to perceive things in its true depth. The experience of oneness will change your relationships with yourself and with the surrounding without the unnecessary burden of moral teaching.


Day 1

Arrival at Monsoon Forest, Bandhavgarh. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your teacher and the team. The program registration and briefing will happen thereafter. Today, you can indulge in games, safaris, meditation sessions and discourses. Overnight stay in cottages.

Day 2 - 4

The program commences early in the morning. The program continues with yogic practices, activities, discourses, etc. Overnight stay at Monsoon Forest.

Day 5

Morning practices followed by brunch. Transfer to Katni and / or Umaria railway station in a shuttle bus. The program ends.

Activities during this retreat include a variety of ‘fun’ activities conducted to bring about the child in you. You will indulge in:

  • Serious nature watch
  • Hikes and treks
  • Outdoor games
  • Cooking lessons
  • Video films
  • Night walks
  • Village visits

This yoga retreat will take place at Monsoon Forest, Bandhavgarh National Park, India.

The yogic culture developed a comprehensive knowledge of food and diet. Food served the role of not only nourishing the body systems, but was considered primeval for sustaining the basic life force of prana, to prevent and treat diseases, to rejuvenate and strengthen the body.

In this program, Evolution Yoga Retreats will put you in a diet regime which can be incorporated in your daily life and you will experience how minute changes can increase the satisfaction and nourishment you can draw out of food by reducing the diet by 50%. Not only this, but you can come out of disease and lead a preventive way of life.

  • Massages
  • Tiger and nature safaris in a 4WD
  • 4 nights' accommodation
  • All activities (except safaris and massages)
  • All yogic practices and meditation by a qualified teacher
  • Hatha yoga sessions
  • Satvik meals during your stay
  • Transportation from Umaria or Katni and back
  • Any medication or hospitalization
  • Personal or incidental expenses
  • Rail of airfare
  • Safaris and massages can be availed on direct payment, if available
  • Transportation from Jabalpur and back

Arrival by train

If you arrive by train, Evolution Yoga Retreats would transfer you from Katni or Umaria station in a free shuttle bus. Road travel will take 1-hour drive from Umaria and 2.5-hour drive from Katni.

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Noida, India

Evolution Yoga Retreats bieten verschiedene Yoga Stile, wie Hatha Yoga, Swara Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Yogatherapie und andere Aktivitäten, wie Shiva Spaziergänge, an.

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