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11 Days Hiking Wellness Excursion and Ayurveda Yoga Retreat in Patagonia, Argentina

Earthship Patagonia, Azcuénaga 754, 8430 El Bolsón, Argentina

Transformation Ayurveda Yoga Retreat Argentina

If you're seeking to deepen your connection with your own prana life-force energy while discovering a practical holistic lifestyle for yourself and loved ones, then join Natalie Dawn and Trenton Doyle on a community-centered wellness excursion in breathtaking Patagonia. During this retreat, you will be guided through the process of mastering your own self-care regimen, helping you reach your self-healing potential!

Die Lehrer

Natalie & Trenton

Retreat Highlights

  • 2 daily yoga classes
  • Pranayama and meditation sessions
  • Group shamanic blessings and energy clearings
  • 1-on-1 private Ayurvedic consultation with Natalie
  • Guided four-hour hike through the forest
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • 3 daily meals


  • Anfänger
  • Fortgeschrittene
  • Experte

Yoga Stile

10 Tage Unterricht auf Englisch
Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch
Die maximale Teilnehmerzahl pro Gruppe ist 16
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Earthship Patagonia is an eco-friendly lodge, an example of the myriad of alternative holistic techniques that make El Bolsón famous. Its design focuses on green community living and supplying a healthy and holistic setting for its visitors without compromising on quality and comfort. This makes it a dream location for our retreat.

Located right on the edge of the village, you'll feel like you've found a secret garden with the absolute best views in town.

Solar panels, integrated water recycling, upcycled building materials like bottles and tires, stunning adobe finishing, and an advanced passive solar thermal design for temperature regulation combine to offer you one of the most eco-conscious stays imaginable so you can feel green and grounded on your journey!

Accommodation is available in single or double occupancy rooms inside the Earthship or yurts, and in a shared six-bed yurt dormitory.


Sunlight peaks over the tops of the Andes and hits your face in the cool morning air. While looking over the vast organic garden, you sip a traditional mate with friends. Your teacher invites you on a wake-up stroll through the mountains.

​At an epic viewpoint above a rich Andean valley, you are lead through a morning solar practice, warming up your body and letting your inner smile shine brighter than ever before. A condor swoops down from above, its wings spread wide, as an omen of strength and good fortune for the day to come.

​As you rise from savasana, you spot the glistening snow-capped mountains in the distance, and are reminded of the eternal beauty of the Earth. You take a deep breath of crisp, fresh mountain air before making your way down the mountain for a homemade breakfast of local country-side delights.

Patagonia is the ideal place to spend 10 powerful days and nights, connecting to your innate inner wisdom with other like-minded souls utilizing the power of Ayurveda and an integral yoga and self-care program designed by professionals.

​Imagine learning the secrets of Ayurveda, the ancient health system from India, by an Ayurvedic practitioner in both group and one-on-one settings, with information tailored to your needs.

This is the perfect environment to deepen your connection with your own internal healing prana energy. The wholesome vibe of the region and venue will inspire you for years to come!

​You don't have to do it alone, stressing over if you're giving yourself the right space at the right times - or if you are missing key factors in your own holistic self-help regimen.

​The Pranagonia Retreat is exactly what you've been looking for to receive the guidance you need and the connection you crave! ​Plus you will be exploring the mythical Patagonia, frolicking through glowing green forests, sipping from sacred crystal blue waters, and celebrating a deeper connection with yourselves, each other, and this planet called home.

What you can expect

  • ​Learn the foundations of Ayurveda and how it uniquely applies to you
  • Connect with and open your Seven Chakras
  • Release tension and pain in your bodies using foundational techniques from the MELT Method
  • Cultivate inner wisdom based on Ayurveda and yogic science
  • Develop personal at-home practice programs
  • Learn the effects of different foods on your Doshas
  • Explore pranayama breathing techniques
  • Practice Restorative, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga


Day 1 - Arrival

  • Evening mandala circle (introductions and lessings)
  • Meditation and lunar practice (waning moon)

Day 2

  • Morning solar practice: Balancing muladhara or root chakra
  • Intro to Ayurveda
  • Evening lunar practice: Balancing kapha

Day 3

  • Morning solar practice: Balancing svadhisthana or sacral chakra
  • Evening lunar practice: Balancing pitta-kapha

Day 4

  • Morning solar practice: Balancing manipura or solar plexus chakra
  • Evening lunar practice: Balancing pitta

Day 5

  • Morning solar practice: Balancing anahata or heart chakra
  • Evening lunar practice: Balancing vata-kapha

Day 6

  • Morning solar practice: Balancing vishuddha or throat chakra
  • Evening lunar practice: Balancing vata-pitta

Day 7

  • Morning solar practice: Balancing ajna or third eye Chakra
  • Evening lunar practice: Balancing vatta

Day 8

  • Morning solar practice: Balancing sahasrara or crown chakra
  • Evening lunar practice: Balancing vata, pitta, kapha

Day 9

  • Morning solar practice: Yoga to balance vata
  • Evening lunar practice: Yin and Restorative yoga

Day 10

  • Morning solar practice: Yoga to balance kapha
  • Evening lunar practice: Yoga to balance pitta

Day 11 - Departure

  • Morning mandala and meditation

Sample daily schedule

  • 06:30 Morning solar practice
  • 08:30 Breakfast
  • 09:00 Free time
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Free time
  • 17:30 Evening solar practice
  • 19:30 Dinner

Ausflüge (inklusive)

  • Day hikes up peaks, across rivers, around lakes, and through forests
  • Overnight hike to a hut deep in the forest
  • Trips to local holistic wellness studios


Natalie Sampila

Trenton Doyle

Retreat Ort

This retreat will be held at Pantagonia, Argentina. Pantagonia is a mythical paradise of sprawling wilderness in the very southernmost region of South America, with territories in both Argentina and Chile.

El Bolsón

El Bolsón, located on the Argentine side, will be our home base. The town is full of yoga studios, holistic health spas, and an impressive array of wilderness activities at your disposal! El Bolsón is a special valley deep in the Andes of Southern Argentina which boasts a mild climate and rich soil. Here, Earthship Patagonia is lucky to encounter a melting pot of global cultures from local gauchos and native Mapuche to European and North American transplants enjoying the progressive small town energy. It is a hub for alternative buildings and holistic lifestyles, making it a perfect location to grow. Earthship Patagonia is one of the few locations incorporating various alternative building styles in the town center.



  • Wandern
  • Reiten
  • Kajak fahren
  • Massage
  • Bergspaziergänge
  • Klettern
  • Einkaufsmöglichkeiten
  • Geländelauf


  • Essbereich
  • Umweltfreundlich
  • Garten
  • See
  • Meditationsgarten
  • Restaurant
  • Fluss
  • Spezielles Menu auf Anfrage
  • Innenhof


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  • Wäscherei
  • Lokaler Markt
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Enjoy sattvic (clean, pure) home-grown vegetarian and vegan Ayurvedic fare that will go hand-in-hand with your retreat program. Earthship Patagonia will prepare international dishes that help to balance your doshas and make for a wholesome, nourishing experience.

Fresh, organic, and local ingredients will be used to bring you to your optimal nutritional state. Many of the ingredients will be sourced from their very own organic garden.

Recipes and tutorials on how to prepare the foods you will eat at the retreat will be made available through take-home materials so that you can enjoy the healthful, wholesome dishes over and over again!

Three meals per day are included in your retreat, including a welcome dinner upon arrival and breakfast on the day of departure. You will also have locally harvested herbal teas and coffee bars available.

Folgende Mahlzeiten sind inbegriffen:

  • Frühstück
  • Mittagessen
  • Abendessen
  • Snacks
  • Getränke

Die folgenden Ernährungsweisen stehen zur Verfügung und/oder berücksichtigt werden:

  • Vegetarisch
  • Vegan
  • Biologisch
  • Ayurvedisch
Wenn Sie besondere Ernährungsbedürfnisse haben, empfehlen wir Ihnen diese dem Veranstalter bei der Buchung mitzuteilen.

Freizeitaktivitäten und Sehenswürdigkeiten (optional)

Free activities to enjoy on your free time, including:

  • Organic farm visits
  • Day hikes to waterfalls, rivers, lakes, glaciers, and peaks
  • Local artisan Mmrkets
  • Free use of bikes for guests

Optional extra excursions

  • Horseback riding
  • Paragliding
  • Kayaking
  • Rafting
  • Lake tours
  • Rock climbing
  • Guided hikes

Therapies on and off-site through your hosts and local professionals

  • Acupuncture
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Chi nei tsang abdominal therapy
  • Chocolate therapy massage
  • Ceep tissue / decontracting massage
  • Hot stone spa
  • MELT method full body instruction
  • Shamanic counseling and energy healings

Was ist im Preis inbegriffen?

  • 10 nights' accommodation in your choice of a private or shared room at earthship patagonia
  • 1 night's accommodation in a rustic mountain refuge on the fifth night
  • 2 yoga classes per day in different locations around the area with Natalie
  • MELT method hand and foot treatment instruction with trenton
  • 1-on-1 private ayurvedic consultation with natalie
  • Shamanic blessings and energy clearings in groups and private with Trenton
  • Group breathwork / pranayama for emotional release
  • Guided four-hour hike through the forest on the fifth day and back on the sixth day
  • 3 meals per day of healthful, fresh, homemade ayurvedic fare
  • Transport during the retreat to and from class locations and included excursions
  • Pre-arrival material package including dosha reading

Was ist nicht im Preis inbegriffen?

  • Round trip airfare and bus fare (can be arranged for an additional charge)
  • Transport from Bariloche Airport and/or El Bolsón bus terminal (can be arranged at your cost)
  • Personal shopping items from the local vendors and markets
  • Additional massages, therapies, or excursions booked during free time
  • Early arrival and late departure nights and meals on-site (can be arranged for an additional charge)


Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at San Carlos de Bariloche Airport (BRC). Transfer service is available from the airport, or a two-hour bus ride through the Andes to Earthship Patagonia.


  • Eine Reservierung erfordert eine Anzahlung von 20% des Gesamtpreises.
  • Ihre Anzahlung ist vollständig erstattbar, wenn Sie die Buchung bis zu 30 Tage vor der Anreise stornieren.
  • Der Restbetrag ist 15 Tage vor der Ankunft zu zahlen.
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