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6 Tage Inspirierendes Schreiben und Yoga Urlaub in New Hampshire, USA

Nourishing Yoga Retreat USA

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Join this special retreat to the beautiful town of Bethlehem, New Hampshire! This is a perfect opportunity to learn quick solutions to your book writing and publishing problems while renewing your body and mind with yoga. Besides daily yoga classes, the serene scene of the White Mountains, delicious organics foods, and inspirational coaching sessions will make this retreat unforgettable!

Die Lehrer

Dorothy, Jessy, Caryn, & 4 Mehr...

Retreat Highlights

  • Daily yoga practices
  • Inspirational writing classes
  • Daily exciting outdoor explorations
  • Coaching sessions on live presentations
  • Poets' conference at The Robert Frost Museum
  • A visit to the serene Sugar Hill Botanical
  • Daily healthy breakfast and lunch
  • 5 nights' accommodation


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5 Tage Unterricht auf Englisch
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During the retreat, you will either be accommodated in a historic bed and breakfast or in a brand new luxury resort. Either option will bring you in walking distance to the retreat center, Balance Bethlehem. Also, all rooms feature a double bed and a private bathroom.


This retreat is more than a retreat. This is a time to relax enough to fast forward. Besides renewing your body and mind with yoga (for all levels), it is an opportunity to learn quick solutions to your book writing and publishing problems and pave the way to your success.

This retreat is a perfect moment for you who want to get your book writing project to the next step and learn about self-publishing. Surrounded by smart, loving, and supportive people, this retreat will help you to discover just how much you can love yourself, your writing, and the process of creating. It is about clarifying your purpose, finding and amplifying your authentic voice, awakening your magical creative self while connecting deeply to who you are meant to give your message to in the big bountiful space that opens when the noise of the world drops away.

This is a “fits-all-authors” (from beginner to professional) retreat. It is suitable for you who just have decided you want to write a book, have been putting it off for years, need to rework a book you have already published, or are writing your 10th book.

If you are wondering if you are creative enough, talented enough, or good enough, Birth a Book will be teaching you how to get rid of that head trash. You will learn how to address those negative thoughts, rekindle your creative spark, and experience creative breakthroughs. You will learn how to love yourself through the walls, let go of the rocks, and come to rescue of the real miraculous you to share the stories and truths you alone were born to share.

What will you actually get out of this week?

  • You’ll get your book writing project moved forward to the next level and fully planned in all its steps from the magical to the mundane.
  • You’ll feel happy, supported, and feel joy. You will laugh out loud.
  • You’ll feel less alone. Ever feel like you do not fit in? Not at this retreat! You will be embraced in a big loving community.
  • You’ll get to rest, renew, deeply recharge, and reconnect to your strength and energy.
  • You’ll get fresh new perspective on your book and maybe your life.
  • You’ll disengage from habits of mind and body that don’t serve you.
  • You’ll get the pleasure of being heard, appreciated, and cared for. You will not have to lift a finger to cook, clean, or take care of anyone else. This sacred time out will be just for you.


On this retreat, Jessy and Dorothy will have individual meetings with you over the course of for four days. Each morning at 08:00 - 09:00, you will arrive at the Balance Bethlehem retreat center to enjoy a delicious light plant-based breakfast, surrounded by the community of your fellow writers. After the breakfast, you can enjoy an optional yoga class or a writing time.

At 11:00 - 13:00, you will dive into the class material to learn how to write, publish, and present your books. Dorothy Holtermann will lead and inspire you through prompts and exercises to help you get clear on your book and move you forward step-by-step. You will create an inspired but realistic blueprint that will work to get your book written, polished, published, and presented. This class will make your book supported, sustainable, and exciting long after the retreat ends.

A luscious plant-based lunch will also be served for you each day. After lunch, you will either dive into more class material and write, continue to write, or enjoy an outdoor excursion and write while breathing the fresh air until 17:00.

After dinner (on your own, you can go to the cafe or venture out), you will regroup to write / share or go on an inspirational adventure around 20:00. The poets' conference will be in session at The Robert Frost Museum. You will be meeting there at least in one afternoon and one evening.


At 18:00 - 21:00, you will gather at the Cold Mountain Cafe for an included farm-to-table dinner, opening ceremony to celebrate the inception of the retreat, and begin to connect, inspire, and support each other.


On Monday, there will be a gentle flow yoga class with Caryn Clark at 09:00 until 10:00. Yoga with Caryn is a gentle Hatha flow with an approach to practice that honors each individual’s unique creativity and spirit. Weaving together asana, breathwork, music, heart-centered readings, guided meditations, intuitive movement and a variety of other techniques, Caryn will create an atmosphere that is nurturing and accepting.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy an afternoon meditation with Erin Woo. Mindfulness is a transformative process that continues to change Erin’s life in powerful and important ways. She loves sharing with others the growing awareness and freedom that develop through mindfulness. Participants in her classes have reported a range of benefits including a sense of feeling calmer and less anxious, greater contentment and well-being, and the ability to work with anger and difficult emotions in ways that are healthier than habits built up over a lifetime.


On Tuesday, there will be a Kundalini yoga for creativity with Tina Mangold at 09:00 until 10:15. Science-based Kundalini yoga can strengthen the nervous system and physical body to help face life’s inevitable challenges. An ongoing process of learning is what provides the fresh insights that inspire her teaching.

After that, you will enjoy an afternoon outdoor excursion. You will write on the lawn of the herbal garden at Sugar Hill Botanical. There, you will be inspired by the White Mountain vistas and meet Holly Hayward, a fifth generation local, acclaimed herbalist, all round warm, and a wise woman. She will greet you with a warm smile, an inspirational talk, and cup of tea.


In the morning, you can join the wellness yoga with Tish Webber at 09:00 until 10:15.


Tish will give you another invigorating yoga session at 09:00 until 10:15. On the evening, Dorothy will be reciting a Robert Frost poem in the barn at the Frost Museum.


On Friday, a gentle Iyengar yoga session with Rose Goldblatt will take place at 08:30 until 09:30. Rose is a naturally gifted yoga teacher who teaches attention to alignment in a variety of levels of yoga from gentle to advanced. Her teaching is professional, yet soft. She is precise, yet fun. She offers a challenge yet compassion.

Rose’s students often spend years studying yoga with her, finding sanctuary in the quiet calm that Rose creates in her classes. Her love and dedication to yoga shine through in her teaching.

On the last day together, in addition to breakfast together, Dorothy will leave each of you know how to finish your book, stay motivated, and take home the support and energy of the group to sustain you into book launch and beyond. The retreat will end at noon.

Ausflüge (inklusive)

On this retreat, you will enjoy daily outdoor excursions. It includes a visit to write on the lawn of the herbal garden at Sugar Hill Botanical. You will meet Holly Hayward for an inspirational talk and enjoy a delicious and healing cup of herbal tea there.


Dorothy Holtermann
Dorothy Holtermann is a best-selling author, public speaker, Birth a Book founder, and retreat book writing and publishing teacher. After her​ career in law, ​she became a dedicated yogi and a whole food advocate and founder​ of Nurture Nature Nutrition. Her best-selling book Love Food that Loves You Back propelled her career to new success. She coaches her clients to live life fully nourished and fully expressed. She specializes in working with yoga teachers, and wellness coaches to expand their impact and income by writing career enhancing books.
Jessy Holtermann
Jessy Holtermann is an actress, acting teacher, and film producer from Los Angeles. She will teach you how to introduce yourself, and your book, answer questions during interviews, as well as prepare you to perform unforgettable book readings. She has performed and taught acting in New York City and Los Angeles for over a decade.
Caryn Clark
Caryn Clark is a certified yoga instructor, Nia white belt, licensed massage therapist, and a member of AMTA. She brings to her practice as a Bachelor of Science in Art Therapy, along with over 25 years of experience in YMCA camping and outreach development. She has combined her love of art, yoga, the outdoors, and bringing people together to create retreats and programs that open hearts and minds inviting participants to explore their deepest desires and touch their yogic souls.
Erin Woo
Erin trained to teach at The Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where she now consults at Program Developer and Lead Teacher. She is an adjunct professor of English at NHTI, Concord’s Community College, where she teaches a Communicating Mindfully course. She teaches mindfulness locally to adults and to children in schools. She also teaches courses in mindfulness throughout NH and MA for educators. Erin is the director of White Pine Montessori, the school she founded in 2005. She has a Masters in Education and has been practicing mindfulness since 2006.
Tina Mangold
Tina is the founder and hostess of Balance Yoga Healing Center. Tina started practicing yoga regularly in 2007. It only took about a year until she developed a “serious” relationship with her yoga practice. She completed her Kundalini yoga teacher training at Golden Bridge New York City. Tina is also a certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
Tish Webber
Tish Webber is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor. Her training was through the pathways yoga system for wellness which focused on teaching yoga to individuals of all levels of fitness. The basis for the form of yoga studied was Arhum yoga, a form of yoga practiced by Jain monks. It merges the principles of Hatha, Raja, and Laya yoga as well as the science of sound. Besides holding a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition, she is also a medical herbalist and reiki II certified.
Rose Goldblatt
Rose’s first teacher was her father, David Goldblatt, who has been teaching yoga since 1976. At 15, she went to a class taught by Patricia Walden, a renowned senior level Iyengar teacher. After nine years intensely dedicated to studying and practicing Iyengar yoga, Rose became the youngest person to ever receive an Iyengar teacher certification in the United States. She is now an intermediate junior 2 level teacher of Iyengar yoga. Rose has traveled regularly to India to study directly with the Iyengars, and now nurtures an ever growing following of devoted students.

Retreat Ort

The retreat will take place in the magical town of Bethlehem, New Hampshire. You will spend most of the vacation in Balance Bethlehem. Nestled in the scenic White Mountains of New Hampshire, this eco-friendly retreat facility houses two pristine yoga studios, five healing arts treatment rooms, and a teaching / demonstration kitchen.

The magical White Mountains range is located near Bethlehem. Cold Mountain Café, the Colonial Theater (nightly independent movies), and several wonderful craft shops are also available in this town.



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  • Bergspaziergänge


  • Café
  • Restaurant


  • Lokaler Markt


In this retreat, you will be served with daily delicious breakfast and lunch of local organic farm to table meals. A welcome farm to table dinner at the Cold Mountain Café and plentiful snacks will also be provided for you. Chef Stacey can also cater meals for vegan and vegetarian diets.

Folgende Mahlzeiten sind inbegriffen:

  • Frühstück
  • Mittagessen
  • Abendessen
  • Snacks

Die folgenden Ernährungsweisen stehen zur Verfügung und/oder berücksichtigt werden:

  • Biologisch
Wenn Sie besondere Ernährungsbedürfnisse haben, empfehlen wir Ihnen diese dem Veranstalter bei der Buchung mitzuteilen.

Freizeitaktivitäten und Sehenswürdigkeiten (optional)

You can enjoy the serene setting in the picturesque White Mountains and breathe deeply the lovely crisp fresh air. Let the visual beauty of the region inspire you and connect with nature on scenic hikes (or walks).

Was ist im Preis inbegriffen?

  • 5 nights’ accommodation
  • A welcome dinner
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • Daily inspirational outdoor excursions
  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Meditation sessions
  • Plentiful snacks
  • Poets' conference at The Robert Frost Museum
  • Writing classes and on-the-spot writing coaching


  • Eine Reservierung erfordert eine Anzahlung von 15% des Gesamtpreises.
  • Die Anzahlung wird nicht erstattet, wenn die Buchung storniert wird.
  • Der Restbetrag ist 45 Tage vor der Ankunft zu zahlen.
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