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Anne Haack bietet verschiedene Heilmethoden für private Sitzungen an, hält Workshops und leitet Meditation und Yoga Retreats.

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Philip S.

Anne Haack Yoga website

The last few days were very special for me and I start seeing the connections, to every action follows a reaction. The karma principle acts strongly and all of a sudden emerges creativity and intuitively right actions. I´m having talks with people I never spoke to before. I´m also noticing that I don´t need as many words anymore to simply live my true Self as it is… a completely new feeling to live. Very beautiful, but also sometimes demanding, but it gives me a very good feeling that the change in nutrition, the last months in Thailand, Tai Chi, Chi Nei Sang and the Chakra Healing helped to brighten the path to my center, the middle way. I believe you were part of it. Namasté


Anne Haack Yoga website

Hi Anne, how are you? I was thinking about my next step in life (big thoughts;)) and you popped up in my brain. Just wanted to let you know that I think that you are a very inspiring person and in the one week we shared you made a big impact! Love, Sanne


Anne Haack Yoga website

In these two weeks on retreat with you, I´ve felt better than in the past 5 years. You have no idea how much you have done for me


Anne Haack Yoga website

In can feel the energy so much, sometimes I feel I´m spinning in a circle even if I sit still. I hope to see you soon again!

Matthias H. Deutschland

Anne Haack Yoga website

Thank you very much for the treatment. It did me really good and still does!

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