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Dav Jones Yoga offers yoga retreats, Teacher Training Courses (TTCs), and workshop based in Doha, Qatar,

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Davin Jones

Davin Jones combines Hatha, Ashtanga, and Iyengar yoga to create classes which can be challenging on occasion with the awareness to adapt the practice to different levels of practitioners. Davin guides classes with clear instruction on posture alignment to allow the practitioner to create a fundamental understanding of the physical body. His classes are known to be Vinyasa based with dynamic flows through the posture with occasion to hold postures to create depth and deeper understanding of the practice. Davin has a liking for inversions and arm balancing.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga)

Daniel Morgan

Dan Morgan, the founder of DCM Lifestyle, is an international E-200 RYT yoga teacher, YACEP, and modern wellness advocate. Dan's passion is to inspire the masses to discover a healthy balance in the way that you each live your lives - to live a life that truly resonates with your authentic selves. Founded with a belief that the yoga practice doesn't start and stop on the mat, Dan leads classes that encourage a deeper individual exploration. Dan leads specialized workshops and CPD training, co-hosts international yoga teacher training and retreats, and also guides regular yoga classes when back in his current hometown of Cardiff.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 (Yoga)

Nick Elisseos

Currently, Melbourne based, Nick Elisseos is an experienced avid International yoga and AcroYoga teacher and photographer. Combining both of his passions, he’s been recognized both for his teaching and his visual storytelling as a yoga photographer in Melbourne, Australia. In the last five years, starting back in 2013, Nick has traveled 17 countries where he has been blessed with the amazing opportunity to live among and be accepted by many different cultures and communities which has afforded him a unique, balanced, and multicultural view that has filled him with inspiration to create great experiences and art.

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Maria Arias Canada

Dav Jones Yoga website

Dav’s passion for yoga is palpable in every single one of his classes. His positivity and strength are infectious and an inspiration to keep pursuing this practice. He has the uncanny ability to keep the flow moving in a room full of people, whilst giving individual attention to those who need it. ​Dav’s meticulous approach to every session translates to challenging sessions that stimulate body, mind, and soul.

Michèle from Toulouse

Dav Jones Yoga website

My yoga practice with Davin started during my stay in Doha 3 years ago. I was very happy to have finally found someone who can guide and correct my postures, enhancing alignment and core control.

The first time I attended his class: he sure knew what he was doing and with confidence. I was definitely convinced that I wanted to practice under his guidance and knowledge.

I decided then to undertake private classes and it turned out very positive for me. He pushed and encouraged me. It was one hell of an hour of yoga but still very enjoyable thanks to his music playlist!

I definitely recommend Dav to anybody who wants to start or advance his/her practice. He is a good listener and adapts the postures to all levels (even if he is well known to lead a hard vinyasa level which I am fond of). I spent most of my yoga time practicing: "open hips.. hip alignment... lift the knee cap.. open your heart...hamstrings....." these are his words.. I really enjoyed my yoga every moment under his guidance.

Now that I am away from Doha, I miss his guidance. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen please enjoy while he is in Doha., He is definitely a good teacher/mentor, a role model to follow him from being an electrician to a great yoga teacher. Namaste.

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