CYoga offers exceptional practice with holistic strength, profound love, joy, and flexibility to allow natural understanding and relaxation.

Instructors 4

Catie Foroughi

Catie is the author of "This Is It, Enlightenment with CYoga" and teaches master classes internationally. Catie shares a core approach that anything is possible. She is spontaneous with a highly original and integrated approach to yoga. Her dynamic energy connects with everyone, and she developed her own formless or form of yoga - Cyoga. Cyoga is this "Magic moment of involvement with love / yoga; brilliance in any situation".


Adriana's Ashtanga and Rocket sessions topped with some insertions on back bends, hands-on adjustment, and Yin yoga. Ashtanga and Rocket yoga are energizing, fun and self-empowering. Back bends are character building through opening and exposing yourself. While Yin yoga facilitates regaining your energy flow, stamina, and skyrockets your flexibility in the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, and lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues.


Ieva is one of the founders of Wild Love Beamer. She is also an AcroYoga certified teacher, Thai yoga massage practitioner, as well as operating as a London-based private yoga and bodywork agency. Her main focus is to bring people together through fun, interactive, and emotional intelligence harnessing the power of social yoga. In the recent years, yoga teacher training and yoga holidays became the focus of Ieva's work. She witnesses that these highly receptive types of settings bring the most life-enhancing and transformational to her students and herself.


Dino is the director of Wild Love Beamer, he first experienced the transformative power of UpSideDown Yoga Holiday as a guest in 2014, then he joined as part of the teaching team as well. He is certified by Rainbow Yoga 200-hour, covering kids and family, community and Partner yoga, as well as an AYfit AcroYoga trainer. Dino offers a calm and playful approach to teaching, he also leads AcroYoga by example to base on partners of all shapes and sizes.

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