Cool, Calm, and Collected

Melbourne, Australia

Cool Calm & Collected, Melbourne, offers breathing, deep relaxation, mind/body movement and meditation techniques based on classical Hatha Yoga.

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  • Lana Matafonov

    Cool, Calm, and Collected website

    For me, Annemaree's yoga class has helped me in my own time address the way I was living my life and how off- balance it was. I would walk into class highly strung and stressed and walk out transformed. I was always surprised at the contrast and decided enough was enough - it was time to focus on how to make my everyday life feel like a yoga class. Life is too short to work 24/7 in an unsatisfying stressful job. So for me this has meant a career change. It hasn't been easy but because of meditation and Annemaree's teachings I am now learning to listen to my heart and intuition and I now know I am following the right path for me. I vow never to go back to my old lifestyle as it was just a dead end. Whether you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, ways to relax and de-stress or even feel a bit lost, I urge you to give yoga a go and stick with it because while the transformation may not be immediate, after a while you will begin to notice changes in your body and the way you see things. Over the two years I have been a student, I have loved seeing how flexible I have become. But more importantly these classes have helped me uncover what I truly want in life. Yoga and meditation will always be in my life. Thank you Annemaree.

  • Richard Robinson

    Cool, Cal, and Collected website

    Just wanted to say thank you for what you do. As a guy I took up yoga reluctantly after a back injury from many years of cycling and the rotating door of the physio. Beginning yoga as a man can be quite intimidating and I originally practiced independently with very little guidance. Since being introduced to you, Annemaree, I have found your approach refreshing and adaptable with the initial focus being to provide a physically challenging practice without the more spiritual and meditative aspects of yoga. As and when I have expressed a desire to broaden my knowledge you have introduced many different techniques to enhance my understanding of yoga. The results speak for themselves as I have stopped seeing the physio, feel physically stronger and a lot less stressed from the daily grind of life. You have improved my quality of life through your practical approach to teaching, thank-you!

  • Martin Huish

    Cool, Cal, and Collected website

    As a complete beginner, I had tried to establish a (daily) Yoga practice so many times that I had decided that the discipline just wasn't for me. However, after starting to train with Annemaree in Hatha Yoga almost by accident, (I accepted a one month free trial offer to participate in a new multi-discipline clinic), I soon found out that here was a style that I could enjoy and make progress with. To my pleasant surprise I achieved significant results in health and flexibility without feeling that I was 'busting a gut' to do so. The classes were well structured to push you only as far as you wanted to go and the combination of gentle stretching and relaxation at the end left my mind clear and my body fresh and energetic. It was not long before I found myself going because I felt I 'needed to go' rather than feeling that I 'ought to go'. I strongly recommend this teacher and this style to anyone who is new to the discipline and interested in finding out what it's about; or anyone who has trained in yoga before but has not achieved what they were hoping to.

  • Andrew Australia


    The Cool, Calm & Collected meditation sessions opened my eyes to the many benefits of deep relaxation. Not only does it improve your quality of life in being able to deal with lifes stresses, it allows you to take on more and be happy!! When you are relaxed and happy you start to see the many positives in the world that you normally pass by.Annemaree is a very special person with very special gifts and I highly recommend her meditation and relaxation classes to all.

  • Matthew Australia


    I've been attending the Yoga classes for a couple of months now and have been really enjoying it. Previously the only knowledge I had of Yoga was that it was something my sisters did. But as a few of my team-members were attending the classed I decided to give it a shot.The class has a very welcoming feel to it. There is no feeling of 'competition'. The class is of quite a varied age group and everyone gets something different out of it. The atmosphere really is great and also provides an opportunity to meet with other CSC'ers who you might not otherwise see.Personally, I feel it is a great way to counteract the 35 hours we are sitting at our desks each week. My posture was becoming quite poor but since taking the classes I feel that this is being addressed. Not only the back, though, everything right down to the toes and fingertips is addressed.It also is great cure for 'Monday-itis' and a good energy boost for the start of the week. Everyone comes out of the class with a really positive attitude and fully recharged. I can imagine even the mid-week class would provide a great opportunity to regain perspective and relax in the middle of a hectic schedule.All in all I am really enjoying it and getting quite a lot of out it personally. It will be good to see more people taking part and receiving the benefits that the current attendees are already experiencing.

  • Jennifer Australia


    I have been a student at Cool, Calm & Collected for about 3 years now. Annemaree has been teaching classes at CSC for 6years and has provided an invaluable benefit to employees.Annemaree understands the corporate world and the health risks associated with stress and sitting at your desk for long periods. There are huge health benefits of yoga for individuals and benefits to the business. I am a healthier person and a better employee due to yoga. Healthier employees are more productive and take less sick leave which results in savings for the organisation. That investment of 1 hour a week relaxes and recharges which leads to increased productivity, creativity and better overall performance. The classes have many benefits including increased fitness, flexibility, improved posture, balance and reducing stress. Infact, many participants consider weekly yoga class as essential to maintaining their mental health!Annemaree demonstrates great professionalism and knowledge of yoga. She has a supportive and encouraging style providing insights on both the physical and psychological aspects of yoga. She has built a loyal group of students and many have developed close personal relationships. On numerous occasions, employees have left CSC but continued attending her yoga classes which is a testament to the quality of the classes and her relationship with her students.The classes are suitable for people at all ages, fitness or flexibility levels. I have been doing yoga for some years and Im still challenged and learning new skills in the classes. Annemaree is also able to accommodate students who are pregnant or have injuries.I will continue to strongly support this program in my workplace and would recommend the classes to everybody.

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