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Reconnecting Healing Sufi Retreat Morocco

Pressing pause is sometimes all we need. Life can often seem like there is little to no opportunity to press reset. Juggling life, work, and everything in-between and with the social conditioning of putting everything else first before yourselves, running on empty has become part and parcel of life. But what if your reset wasn’t to undo the things that dwelled within your mind, but to embrace them and completely change your perspective of them? A total, mind, body, and soul rest, helping to create the foundation of what is to come. These Immersion Weekends are moments to truly focus on self. They are weekends that challenge your perspective and viewpoint of personal obstacles, challenges, and uncertainties. Giving you a stronger understanding of self and a better perspective of your life and your place within it. Connecting you deeper to people and place within a supportive yet accountable space.


  • Sufi ceremonies
  • Daily yoga, meditation, and chanting
  • Daily moments of fasting and noble silence
  • Guided activities, artisan discoveries and programmed, adventures and expeditions
  • All daily meals prepared with local seasonal ingredients
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • Non-alcoholic beverages with meals
  • 4 nights accommodation

Yoga styles

5 days with instruction
Group size: Maximum of 10 participants
Airport transfer included: Marrakesh Menara Airport
Airport transfer included: Essaouira-Mogador Airport
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During this retreat, you will be staying at a private luxury villa with all en-suite bedrooms. All rooms are based on two-person sharing. If you’re traveling alone and would like to share a room, you’ll be combined with someone of the same gender attending your retreat that compliments you.

Consciously Connected Travel takes an in-depth compatibility profile to gain an essence of your purpose and passion and does their best to align you with someone that will enhance your overall journey and experience.


Every time you step into Morocco, you discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed. Immersing in the culture, the people, the music, and spirituality, you naturally establish a deep and unique connection to this mystical country and all the magic it beholds because of what unfolds within you.

You feel comforted by the intrinsic spiritual and ancestral energy that runs through the country and inspired by its indigenous people, who appreciate a simple and slow way of living with the outlook that with a new day comes new possibilities. Embracing the now and all that comes with it, some of the most profound moments come from interacting with and learning from them.

Take the path less taken, be the seeker, the curious explorer, and become an active participant. A whole world of transformative experiences awaits you. From bustling souks to serene seasides, artisans carving wood on quant winding streets, locals gathering in prayer, or aroma of women cooking the finest Moroccan cuisine to tantalize your taste buds.

The tranquility of the medina, picturesque mountain hikes, and surfers riding the roaring blue waves of the Atlantic. Morocco is a melting pot of diversity; each day is an adventure and an opportunity for introspection. It can be real and, in your face, but when you dig deep, there is such integral beauty that is impossible to miss.

You can feel the strong essence of spirituality across Morocco, which roots date back to their ancestors and an amalgamation of West African and Sub-Saharan lineage that ripples through the very fabric of everyday life. Weaving the philosophy of living in the present and giving divinity to the divine through a powerful connection with music and dance, something primarily found in Sufi practice.

Sufism, which is described as the inward dimension of Islam, means to seek to find the truth of divine love and knowledge through the direct personal experience of a higher power. You are seeking to get closer to the higher power and essentially yourself, through spiritual learning. Sufi’s only know unconditional love.

Join Consciously Connected Travel on this celestial Sufi journey that will take you deeper in your connection with the divine in body, mind, and spirit. This unique and powerful Sufi journey will fuse music, dance, meditation, noble silence, chanting, and nomadic shamanism, which have been known to support in the process healing, releasing bad spirits, curing illness, bad luck, depression, and self-restoration will be the foundation throughout.

Celestial Sufi spiritual journey

With the world experiencing such unprecedented change and cosmic shifts. Many of you have found yourselves destabilized both internally and externally. Heightened by the heavy conscious energy that seems to charge and unsettle you. Many internal shadows have risen to the surface, things that you thought you had long dealt with, seem to reappear. But what if you view this period as a transcendent moment of internal power, growth, and deeper connection with divinity?

A transcendent moment of introspecting to truly face your shadow self once and for all and thus once understood, you are able to heal and restore yourselves. At a time where everything is changing, it is imperative to restore the mind, body, soul connection, and return back to self. This self-restoration retreat will fuse the mysticism, ceremonial practices, music, dance, chanting, and deep mediation of Sufism, to support in restoring, renewal, the revival of self.

Bringing back to health and returning something that has been lost within you. Sufi will meet in prayer for the worship of and call in the higher power. Engage in deep and long meditation to empty themselves and allow the stream of consciousness to flow in and through. Chanting in a rhythmic manner with attentiveness to the body’s posture and to breathing.

They gather together for ceremonies including; dancing, feeling into sensation, spinning round in a circle (which they call the whirling dervish) to undergo a trance-like dance, and reach a state of ecstasy. This dance also acts as an honoring and worship of the elements, planets, and the sun.

When you have gratitude and give back, you are working with and in alignment with the cosmos, helping you to manifest your intentions and come to a greater understanding and alignment with self. Music is an intrinsic element of these ceremonies, it is adopted to some degree in each practice, whether it be meditation, prayer, or dancing. They’ll sing to the beat of the drums, sit around as they recite songs and poetry, playing their instruments, going on this incredible sound journey that raises their vibration, unleashes their creativity and allows them to express freely.

Being free to flow in creativity, makes you feel light and vulnerable which can be quite scary and uncomfortable at first, but once you let go and peel off the layers, you will see the great vastness that there is inside of you. Morocco and its endowed beauty will aid you in embracing who you truly are. Not the self you think you are but, the soul within your soul.

This retreat falls within the auspicious astrological period of the New Moon. The New Moon is a period of rebirth, manifestation, intention, and intuition. Restoring and reconnecting, an opportunity to seek clarity and purpose. You will have a powerful New Moon ceremony prepared that will fuse Sufism and the Gnawa culture which believes that the spirit world is inhabited by ancestral spirits who act as intermediaries between the living and God.

The music played during the ceremony is a way to connect into this unseen world, and Gnawa ceremonies employ clapping, drumming, and a distinct cymbal. The music and dancing are seen as a healing process that releases bad spirits, cures illness, bad luck, and depression. Sufi music is seen as a phenomenon that connects you to the moment, transcending the realm of the physical and instilling compassion, love and, egolessness.

It is a healing process, a combination of devotion, discipline, and remembrance. Much of it is derived from the works of poets such as Jalal-ud-din Rumi and Bulleh Shah. Through the music, you will embark on introspective music meditations and chanting. Meditating with mantras is one of the most powerful ways to quiet the fluctuations of the mind.

A mantra is a tool for the mind, and it allows your awareness to more easily turn inward. Helping to reduce stress, detoxifying the body, cultivates a safe internal space of grounding and mental and emotional stability and strength. Becoming comfortable with the silence, Sufi highlights the importance of discipline and that is at the core of their practices and daily life.

Fasting and noble silence are practices used by Sufi’s, to help quiet the mind and condition the body. By learning to keep from speaking every word that comes up or eating every time you are hungry, it helps you to see things more clearly, and it puts you in deeper contact with yourselves and those around you. Moments of fasting and noble silence will be incorporated within this retreat program.

Consciously Connected Travel has intentionally crafted a deep spiritual journey that richly supports in pouring back and restoring self. For thousands of years, water has played an intrinsic part across many religions, spiritual practices, and cultural belief systems.

Water has been used for purification, blessing, and rebirth. Water holds soft energy that brings about solace, peace, tranquility, and yet holds strong powerful energy that brings about the conviction of self. The ability to destroy as well as nourish. Water will play a key role within your journey of Self-Restoration. Providing the opportunity for cleansing, purification, and finally rebirth.


This transcendent fusion of practice and cross-cultural experimentation is such a powerful space for introspective travel and personal connection, growth, and exploration. On this journey of exploration, you are being taught to feel into your bodies and be present in all that you are doing, understand the resistance within you and persist through these transient states, continuing to practice regardless of the negative states as well as the positive ones. Their frequency is as important as their impermanence.


  • Daily yoga, meditation, and chanting
  • Daily moments of fasting and noble silence
  • Sufi ceremonies
  • Ritual baths, water blessings, and purification ceremonies
  • New Moon ceremony
  • Daily group self-restoration workshops
  • Daily journaling and downtime
  • Local discovery and immersion activities
  • Discovery of local cuisine, agriculture, and botany

Who's going on this trip?

The retreat is limited to 10 female guests, in addition to the Consciously Connected Travel team. The retreats are fun and inclusive and you can expect to be joined by a diverse group in terms of age, background and interests—including solo travellers, couples and friends even family members traveling together. This adventure is for travellers aged 21 and above.

Retreat location


During this retreat, you will be served daily breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as well as non-alcoholic beverages with meals. Consciously Connected Travel will send out an intake form to all guests prior to the retreat to capture any dietary requirements. They will share these with their private chefs who will make arrangements to accommodate your needs.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
  • Other dietary requirements on request
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

What's included

  • 4 nights accommodation
  • All daily meals prepared with local seasonal ingredients
  • Non-alcoholic beverages with meals
  • All programmed and scheduled activities
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • Private travel for all-day trips and excursions
  • Private tours with local guides/insiders and cultural experts
  • Exclusive access and tastings
  • Guided activities, artisan discoveries and programmed, adventures and expeditions
  • Entrance fees

What's not included

  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Activities not included in the trip itinerary
  • Hotel incidentals including room service, laundry service, and hotel bar tabs
  • Food and beverages not included in the itinerary; gratuity for guides/insiders and artisans
  • Spa and wellness treatments and pre and post destination immersion trips

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Essaouira Airport (ESU). Essaouira Airport is approximately 20 minutes from Essaouira. You can also book your flight to arrive at Marrakech International Airport (RAK). It is approximately 2.5 hours from Essaouira. Only arrival and departure airport transfers based on set scheduled times are included in the price.

Airport: Marrakesh Menara Airport Airport transfer included: Marrakesh Menara Airport No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.
Airport: Essaouira-Mogador Airport Airport transfer included: Essaouira-Mogador Airport No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 16.94% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.
5 days / 4 nights
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Monday September 27, 2021
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