Come Back to Yourself Retreats offers unique yoga and mindfulness retreats for a week of slowing down, rejuvenation, and nourishment in serene locations.

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Mei Shapiro

Reviews (2)

Diala Hawila

from United Arab Emirates, June 2017

"The retreat exceeded my expectations in every way! "

Mei was an amazing instructor and very warm friend. The program was amazing and the location is extraordinary!

Testimonials (3)

Michelle United States

Come Back to Yourself Retreats website

This was an eye opening experience, I learned new practices of yoga, I met amazing women that I know I will have a connection to for the rest of my life. I was able to let go and totally disconnect from the outside world. The diving was incredible. I am leaving here with a loving heart and being mindful.

Fabienne Switzerland

Come Back to Yourself Retreats website

"It was a wonderful experience to learn how to dive and learn about different yoga practices. You have a very lovely, calm & positive aura which I loved throughout the whole retreat. Coming back to myself and learn more about me and get a deeper insight day by day. Active days, relaxed days a wonderful mix to just feel comfortable with yourself again. I loved the dance and the therapy! I was so relaxed and at ease after that, I learned how to be mindful in my everyday life. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful retreat, very grateful I got to know you!

Sue Martin Wales

Come Back to Yourself Retreats website

Over the past week it as been an adventure I have not experienced before. It feels I have been accepted by the locals and welcomed into their spiritual space. The days have been balanced out amazingly with planned program events and free time, to experience this retreat has been so blissful and many moments to be such good memories.