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London, United Kingdom

Clare Waldron is a yoga teacher, women's empowerment workshop facilitator, well-being speaker, therapist, and hosts gorgeous get-away retreats & online courses.

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  • Kate Pelen , UK

    Clare Waldron website

    Clare's gentle and warm-hearted manner set the tone for the yoga retreat at Grenadine Lodge, near the beautiful Turkish coast. The week was carefully planned and adapted to suit mixed abilities. An emphasis on having some fun on the mat was complemented by a genuinely soulful approach. Clare's passion for yoga and its beneficial effect on mind, body and spirit are clearly deeply felt. She has a calming, grounding effect on a group and on individuals. I plan to join Clare on a retreat again in the near future - try stopping me!

  • Paul Hennemeyer , UK

    Clare Waldron website

    I searched in vain to come up to something to complain about my yoga retreat in Dalyan Turkey. :)But I couldn't find a thing! It was simply a great trip. The Grenadine Lodge was a lovely venue and took good care of all of us, making us feel very much at home, especially around the bar.Dalyan is a gem of a town - with nice lounges and restaurants all strung along a beautiful river. And Clare did a great job in balancing that tough job of yoga and tourism for a group that wanted a bit of both. I should add that Clare is not only a fine and enthusiastic yoga teacher but also a genuinely lovely person. So good energy all round!

  • Fritha Flint , UK

    Clare Waldron website

    I have recently started yoga after a ten year break. I feel very lucky to have found Clare who is extremely knowledgeable, calm enthusiastic, and inventive. Every class is different and she stretches us. She manages to tailor for different levels and I feel great. Trying to balance life with three children under 6 and work as I approach 40-can be very stressful and yoga with Clare helps! I look forward to the class and hope to learn from Clare for as long as I can and I am much bendier now!

  • James Parsons , UK

    Clare Waldron website

    Clare is a great teacher, and takes great pride in making sure her class can achieve each pose without difficulty. She is quick to adjust those poses if they are not correct, but is also very aware of the limits each person has in her class, so when teaching, adjusts accordingly. This versatility in the class keeps us coming back as neither me or my brother are too advanced in Yoga, despite their being some experienced people in it. It is obvious that Clare was destined to teach yoga, her passion and commitment to the art form come through very strongly in her classes. I have recommended Clares classes to many of my friends, and that is the hallmark of a good instructor in my book.

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