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8 Days Personal Painting and Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

  • Iguana Eco Lodge & Spa, Playa Preciosa, Puerto Jimenez, Peninsula de Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Personal Painting & Yoga Retreat

Join us on a tropical yoga and painting retreat within a small supportive community amongst truly magical surroundings. One of the last remaining unspoilt corners of the earth on the Osa Peninsula. It is home to the largest concentration of animal and plant species outside of the Amazon Rainforest and is listed in National Geographics top five naturist destinations. Enjoy a daily morning and evening in depth yoga practice with Shelby on our beautiful beach front and spa shala yoga decks, followed by painting workshops with Lauren and topped off with massage and bodywork by Cindy.

<strong>Art workshop and yoga program for all levels</strong>

Throughout the week, we will work on opening our chakra channels through gentle yoga postures and then process ourselves through paint, with clear open channels. Painting will be individualized to your own wants and needs. Lauren will guide you through the process, with idea generating techniques and daily visualizations for inspiration as you create. Our mediums will be gouche, tempura and watercolor as well as pastel, charcoal and sumi ink. The foundation of this retreat is deep relaxation and creative awakening. There is no art or yoga experience necessary, just a curious mind.

<strong>Healthy meals and jungle adventures in Costa Rica</strong>

Your hosts Tania and Angus of Chirriposa will see to all of your needs, offering optional activities and excursions, making this retreat as relaxing or adventurous as you wish. Experience the overwhelming natural beauty of the Corcovado National Park and the uncrowded exotic beaches of the Osa Peninsula. Healthy, inspiring meals prepared by your own private chef Angus Stephens, incorporating a wide selection of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes with organic, locally sourced ingredients. Time will be set aside for exploration, hiking, water play or just relax or enjoy a massage on site.


  • Daily morning & evening yoga classes
  • Daily art & personal painting instruction
  • 7 nights luxury accommodation in Hotel Luisiana & Iguana Lodge
  • Breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner cooked by your private chef
  • Free time for bodywork, spa treatments & optional activities
  • Domestic flight across the length of the country
  • 7 days with instruction
  • Spanish, English
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  • Review by Merrilee Gomez from United States
    10 out of 10

    "I sat last night for awhile, reminiscing through my photos, sensing into the experiences of the past nearly 3 weeks in Costa Rica. Each and every one of you brought a smile and warmed my heart to think of the adventures we shared as our life paths intersected for those wonder-filled 10 days. Hilary’s focused gaze and dancer’s rhythm, guiding us through our interior jungles of angst and distraction, patiently encouraging an ever deeper arch and curl as reflected in the parade of wildlife who rely on these innate movements for their very survival. Angus and Tania, striving to fulfil our desires for an adventure that spanned the height of conscious living in the peaks of the mountains (flowers on our toilet paper!), to exposure to local, artisan crafts and business (chocolate, yum!), to the wilds of the jungle and the embrace of the sea. And no matter how well any one of us feeds ourselves, let’s face it, we all want Angus for our personal chef (lucky Tania:-)!) "

    "Thank you all for making this experience not simply memorable but rich and deep with a new and expanded tool kit for taking each of us on our journeys through life in a body that requires conscious attention. We are all one another’s teachers and I so appreciate the gifts that each one of you offered to our collective journey.""

    Chirriposa Retreats Limitada website, edited

  • Review by Kathleen Saso from Canada

    "The Chirriposa retreat was life changing. I re-connected with my adventurous soul and remembered who I was again. The divine food healed my body, the yoga and meditation my soul. Angus and Tania made us feel at home. They organized everything for us, so all you have to do is wake up and show up. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

    Chirriposa Retreats Limitada website, edited

  • Review by Jessica Arthur from Canada

    "I had a magical two weeks with Chirriposa in Costa Rica, enjoying the beauty and spirit of the mountains and the beach. I feel so fortunate to have shared that time with such incredible people. I left Costa Rica feeling fuller in so many different ways. This will not be the last time. :)"

    Chirriposa Retreats Limitada website, edited

  • Review by Yves Ballenegger from Switzerland

    "Thank you warmly for your amazing concept and organization. Everything exceeded my expectations, from the wonderful Rio Chirripo retreat and various activities in the mountains, to the sea side in the Osa, everything was just perfect and I got back relaxed and loaded with positive energy. A very special mention to Angus for the creative, healthy and simply spectacular cuisine."

    Chirriposa Retreats Limitada website, edited

  • Review by Kenny Graham from Santa Cruz

    "What an amazing 10 day retreat with Chirriposa and all the people who showed up to do yoga, surf and feel alive. I am grateful for the time spent and for the dolphin which topped it all off."

    Chirriposa Retreats Limitada website, edited

  • Review by Nikki Luria and Brad Whiteford

    "The Chirriposa team is the best! We had the pleasure of working side by side for many years at our yoga retreat center, Tierra de Milagros on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. They are the most responsible, caring, fun-loving, and creative people that you could ever hope to meet! They are five star folks, and we highly recommend that you treat yourselves to sharing the trip of a life time with them."

    Chirriposa Retreats Limitada website, edited

  • Review by Schuyler Grant

    "Ive known and worked with Angus and Tania (Chirriposa) for almost 10 years. Tania has an appealingly eclectic background - from the European electronic music scene to a full fledged jungle local. They both have a deep knowledge and love of Costa Rica, as well as a general passion for life and impeccable taste. They will be your ultimate mountain / beach hosts, and I can guarantee that you will never feel like you are part of a tourist brigade (in fact they may have you passing as a local by day 5). I cant wait to step off the plane in San Jose and head for the hills (and then the waves) for my first Chirriposa escapade."

    Chirriposa Retreats Limitada website, edited

  • Review by Lisa Mae Osborn

    "I have had the good fortune of working alongside Angus for the past 6 years as a yoga retreat presenter in Costa Rica, and he quite literally makes the retreat experience every time! His humor and good nature make all the retreat-goers feel at ease and welcome, and that doesnt even begin to describe the meals.The careful preparation, attention to quality ingredients, the wild beauty of the food he summons out of the jungles of Costa Rica - you literally feel like you are eating the environment! A full palette of flavors and colors, dishes from all the worlds great cuisines, beautiful presentation - this is the thing everyone always raves about at the end. He is always quick to make a joke from the kitchen, to walk someone through their specific food sensitivities with grace and kindness, and never fails to entertain and satisfy. Im grateful to have such a friend cooking for and entertaining our groups. Bravo!"

    Chirriposa Retreats Limitada website, edited

  • Review by Kenny Graham from Santa Cruz

    "What an amazing 10 day retreat with Chirriposa and all the people who showed up to do yoga, surf, and feel alive. I am grateful for the time spent and for the dolphin which topped it all off."

    Chirriposa Retreats Limitada website, edited

  • Review by Gloria Godfrey from Seattle

    "Thank you for the amazing ten days in Costa Rica - I left expecting a fun vacation and every single thing exceeded my expectations. Chirriposa provided the perfect blend of organized fun and relaxing downtime in magical settings to restore and rest my busy mind. This will not be my last trip to Costa Rica, and I hope not my last trip with Chirriposa. Tania and Angus are such warm and friendly people and I am very grateful that I got to take part in this wonderful experience."

    Chirriposa Retreats Limitada website, edited