Chia Retreats

Chia Retreats provides beautiful, bespoke, and thoughtful activity, wellness, and yoga retreats based in Northern Portugal.

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Marion Rollings

Marion has been teaching Hatha yoga in London since 2004. Her yoga inspiration comes from her teachers over the years which have been a mixture of Iyengar, Acro, and Forrest yoga. She weaves together her knowledge of anatomy, Chinese medicine, and yoga theory to offer a supportive and connected experience. Ever learning, Marion is currently studying to be a body psychotherapist.

Nikita Akilapa

Nikita teaches a strong, slow, and soulful Vinyasa flow with a focus on breath-based movement, the mind-body-spirit connection, and both internal and external alignment. She aims to empower and motivate her students, encouraging each individual practitioner to explore their own potential and deepen their awareness. Inspired to share the benefits of yoga during her special life stage, she trained in Prenatal and Postnatal yoga. Nikita’s classes focus on helping pregnant and new mothers find the right balance of strength and softness while trusting their own primal instinct and female wisdom.

Josephine McGrail

Josephine McGrail is one of the original creators of Ten Barre. She is also a yoga teacher, healer, dancer, model, actress and makeup artist. She was classically trained from the age of six as a ballet dancer at The Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, and later on at The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. Alongside ballet and dance, Josephine also studied yoga, Pilates, and anatomy which has helped her prevent injuries throughout her career as a professional dancer, model, and actress. She trained as a shamanic healer with Jay and Kestrel in Glastonbury.

Ida May

Ida May is a Finnish dancer, actor, movement director, international yoga and fitness instructor, as well as a personal trainer. Ida is one of London’s top five female fitness instructors. Featured as one of the London female creatives on the latest Adidas ‘meet the creators’ campaign and can be found on the cover of the evening standard ‘Fitster trainers in London’. Ida has worked in various productions from music videos to fashion shows, from TV adverts to stage and film productions. Her client list includes Kylie Minogue, Scissor Sisters, Jessie J, Kansai Yamamoto, Esprit, Wella, and so on.

Natasha Kerry

Natasha is a trusted and well-respected teacher in London whose genuine presence and passion can transform a space and the people within it. Her yoga is a fun and deep-working practice and from Natasha’s classes, you can expect an intelligent exploration of the juiciest ways to open key areas of your body with options for everyone in the room. As one of London’s leading yoga teachers, Natasha takes great pleasure in creating events and opportunities for busy Londoners to reconnect to stillness and inward reflection.

Adrianna Zaccardi

Adrianna's teaching style is an expression of her spirit and invites you to connect with yours each time you come to your practice. Her highest commitment is to create a space for you to cultivate deep knowingness by listening to the wisdom and intelligence of your body and trusting what you discover. Rooted in clear alignment, both Adrianna’s flow and Restorative yoga classes are mindful, playful, and sincerely encourage your natural yearning for curiosity, exploration, and self-reflection whilst recognizing and facilitating your desire for connection within your body.

Reviews 1

Melanie Smith

from Portugal, June 2017

"Best yoga retreat ever!"

The food, amazing yoga teacher, the ceremonies, the activities, perfect massage, incredible food, such warm hosts. I cannot possibly recommend this retreat enough!

Testimonials 2

Emma United Kingdom

Chia Retreats website

The retreat was perfect in so many ways. The yoga, the beautiful scenery, healthy food, trekking in the National Park, loved it all.

Thomas United Kingdom

Chia Retreats website

It was a pleasure sharing such a serene time with you all at the retreat. Thanks so much for putting on such a cracking weekend.

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