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6 Days Weight Loss and Yoga Retreat Australia

  • 37 The Lakes Coolum, Mount Coolum, Queensland, Australia

6 Days Weight Loss and Yoga Retreat Australia

  • 37 The Lakes Coolum, Mount Coolum, Queensland, Australia

Fitness, Weight Loss and Yoga Australia Retreat

Come on your own or bring a friend and attend one of Chi of Life's small group retreats! Chi of Life's fitness and weight loss health retreat Queensland offers you a secluded haven so you can take time for yourself to nourish, exercise, learn and the opportunity to re-energize. Surrounded by spectacular sunshine coast beaches and national parks, breath in the fresh air, and participate in an incredible selection of activities. You will learn fitness and weight loss tips and have seminars on wellness to live a healthier life, reduce stress and enhance healthier longevity. Chi of Life's weight loss and wellness health retreat gives you the opportunity to explore try new activities and learn.


  • 1 group yoga session
  • Water aerobic sessions
  • Nutrition and wellness talks
  • Private consultation live blood strategies
  • Nutritional consultation & live and dry blood analysis
  • 5 nights' accommodation with organic meals and snacks
  • Transfer from Maroochydore Airport (MCY)
  • Cooking workshop
  • 6 days with instruction
  • English
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The luxury accommodation features modern and stylish decor, sparkling pools, two full size tennis courts, free Wi-Fi combined with a world class healthy holiday destination.

Male guests and couples booking together will have the option to book either the Deluxe or Standard King suites with private bathroom or King bedroom with ensuite. The shared bedroom with two single beds can be shared by the same sex guests, family or friends of the staying guest. All guests share the living areas of laundry, kitchen and lounge with up to 7 people.

Deluxe king bedroom retreat

Spacious ensuite and a heated spa bath, private balcony / sun deck, private sauna and T.V.

Standard king bedroom retreat

Spacious bathroom with spa bath, private balcony and T.V.

King bedroom ensuite

Balcony and T.V.

Queen bedroom shared bathroom

T.V with shared bathroom and toilet with one to two people.

Shared bedroom shared bathroom

Two single beds sharing bathroom with one to two people.

Once your plane arrives at Maroochydore Airport (MCY), Joanne will greet you and transfer you comfortably to the retreat. If you are arriving at Brisbane Airport (BNE) a door to door shuttle bus is available and Joanne can assist you with your booking. When traveling by car Chi of Life has secure off street parking but please note there is no undercover parking.

Upon arrival to the retreat you will be shown to your room and followed by an assessment of your weight and body measurements will be taken, as well as a blood pressure test. Chi of Life would like to get you moving as soon as you have settled into your room followed by lunch, welcome presentation talk and your day ends with a chakra meditation session with Darren.

Typical daily

  • At 06:30 the day begins with a beach walk
  • Energizing fresh organic green smoothie
  • Group activity e.g. walk, boxing, mountain climb, beach boot camp
  • Stretch
  • Breakfast - superfood berry protein shake
  • Relax or oxy chi machine or sauna or therapy session
  • Group exercise session
  • Lunch
  • Weight loss / wellbeing talk
  • Relax
  • Group exercise session
  • Relax or therapy session
  • Dinner
  • Walk
  • Relax
  • Bed

The tranquil subtropical location on Queensland’s Coolum Beach on the sunshine coast offers luxury, serenity and privacy in a secure gated estate. With relaxing water views and abundant bird life. A serene and private escape out of your normal stress filled environment where you can retreat from the world and just focus on you.

You will be served meals to your individual metabolic type (organic when possible).

You will have access to:

  • A fully equipped gym
  • Bikes
  • Sun lounges
  • Swimming pool
  • Water activities

Additional activities and therapies can be arranged for you at an extra cost and include:

  • Colonics
  • Energy healing
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Massage
  • Vitamin infusions
  • 2-hour group exercise session 06.30 a.m. Monday to Saturday with fitness trainer session depends on your fitness, beach walk, bootcamp, stairs and hill session, hiking or boxing
  • 45 minutes group exercise session 11 a.m. Monday to Saturday with fitness trainer - gym, pool or both
  • 90 minutes afternoon group exercise session Monday to Saturday with fitness trainer - bike ride, tennis, kayaks or gym session
  • Access to a fully equipped gym
  • Access to sun lounges
  • Access to swimming pool
  • Access to water activities
  • Accommodation
  • All meals to your individual metabolic type (organic when possible)
  • Assessment on arrival and departure
  • Complimentary pick up and return from and to Maroochydore Airport (MCY) to retreat
  • Consultation with Gwen to discuss an exit plan and strategy for home
  • Exercise plan to take home
  • Handouts
  • Infrared sauna - helps with detox
  • Inter-active cooking session
  • Learn fitness and weight loss tips
  • Live and dry blood analysis and wellness consultation
  • Live02 oxygen therapy
  • Magnesium baths
  • Minimum 2 to 4 hours group exercise per day
  • One book “Shape Up Eat Smart” author Gwenda Stewart
  • One nutritional consultation with Gwen
  • Oxy chi machine for lymphatic congestion and improve oxygen circulation
  • Qualified personal coach(Gwen) to monitor your progress
  • Recipes
  • Screen that sugar film
  • Screening Hungry for Change and Grounding DVD’s
  • Talks on health and wellbeing
  • Use of bikes
  • Yoga session on Wednesday and Sunday

Arrival by airplane

Book a flight to Maroochydore Airport (MCY) where you will be picked up and transferred to the retreat. If you are arriving at Brisbane Airport (BNE) a door to door shuttle bus is available and Chi of Life can assist you with your booking.


  • Review by Jenny & Chantel
    9 out of 10

    "I Jenny, was here on a three week journey and I was able to lose 9.2Kg and 94cms off my body – with injuries! I convinced my friend Chantel to join me on the last week as I was so happy with my success and the program. Gwen, before I came to your retreat I tried all kinds of diets, went to all kinds of gyms with different trainers and some high profile experts even a doctor (who wanted me to have lap band surgery at age 23) and never got results. Although I worked hard followed their diets and listened to my trainers nothing came off. I was told it was my fault for not working hard enough and accused of eating too much bad foods. I felt horrible. When I came here you took me to get a live and dry bloods done and everything started to make sense, I needed to support my body and restore the wellness of my body, my body was carrying a lot of fluid, not all fat as I was told. You taught me to work with my body and not against it, you set me up on a program to burn fat and eliminate the excess fluid I was carrying due to congested lymphatic system and finally I was able to get unbelievable results! I want to thank you for helping me through this journey, the information and the training has been invaluable and I will continue working on everything I have learnt from you. Thank you again."


    "I Chantel, also found it so invaluable and motivating that I’m estatic I made the spur of the moment decision to join Jenny on this amazing journey. In six days I lost 2.5kg and 44cm and gained an abundance of energy even with a rolled ankle. I have tried every diet out there, worked hard at the gym (which I now know I had no clue what I was doing) and always had zero-to-pitiful results. My health declined and so did my self esteem. I made a vow to myself this year that it would be my year (which it has) and this topped it off! I cannot thank you enough for all the information and training and support. I will now be able to move forward in my life with all positive energy and know in the future when I graduate as a registered nurse, I’II actually look like a health advocate, I will be the pocket rocket of the ward! thank you again, I have regained my motivation self confidence and self love that I’ve lost the last few years."

    Chi of Life website, edited

  • Review by Glenda
    9 out of 10

    "I wish most sincerly, to say, Thank you Gwen for all you have done for me. There are so many things I’d like to say, though I have tears flowing as I write. My precious ten days have been much much more rewarding on so many different levels than any of the health and wellness retreats I’ve atteended (these include the finest in our beautiful country). Thank you to your talented team of Hayden, Robyn, Sarah, John, Solomon and Joanne. Thank you dearest Gwen, for this opportunity to turn my health and wellbeing onto the right track."

    Chi of Life website, edited

  • Review by Julie
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you Gwen, for teaching me the importance of eating right food for my body and when to eat. Your talks and guidance were always full of enthusiasm. What a dynamo you are. Your passion for teaching people about food and general well being is evident in everything you do. Thank you Jo, What an assest you are to Gwen. “You were my go to girl”. Your friendship, long talks and openess about your own past issues made me feel welcome and confident in the program. You are inspirational and someone to look up to. Thank you Robyn and Hayden, Both great trainers, always friendly, on time, know when to push to keep us going to achieve the results. Thank you chefs John and Solomon, Both great personalities and always very willing to talk food and share! Both turned out some awesome dishes – as did Gwen. I made some new friends and what else can I say except..keep on keeping on Chi of Life"

    Chi of Life website, edited

  • Review by Joyce
    10 out of 10

    "I am a insulin dependent diabetic during my stay I was amazed I was able to reduce my insulin from 100 to 25 units and now back at home I am holding good on 25 units insulin and got weighed yesterday have lost yet again, now 104.2 kl. You would not believe how far I am walking, everyone is stunned, shocked and amazed. I am even going to go back into the garden today to pull some weeds. My doctor Phil would be over the moon, I have not yet seen my Doctors because when I stopped to think about it I know that the first question they will ask is if I will be able to maintain it when I am doing this under my own steam. I am gathering proof that no one will be able to dispute, your program at Chi of Life works! Heather continues to lose weight slowly but she has certainly lost inches and says she has never felt better, looks very much brighter and people are commenting on this to her. Ken is also losing weight and just loves the food and is very supportive of both of us. My Grandchildren are over the moon with our results. They say they have got their Grandma back"

    Chi of Life website, edited

  • Review by Alex
    10 out of 10

    "Although I knew I would lose weight here, that was not my primary reason for coming. I needed to detox my body!! I was in a very depressed and unhealthly place in my life and it could not go on. One of the reasons I chose Chi of Life was because of the availability of a NLP therapist (I know how powerful this kind of therapy is as I have used it before, studied it, certified in it). All the people that are available to you here, be it chiropractor, trainers, doctor, live blood analyst, massuer, whoever, all have one thing in common beautiful giving spirits. Everyone wants the best for you. It is a testament to Gwen's philosophy and program that Chi attracts such people. Trust the program, trust Gwen, give yourself a chance. After three weeks my body is feeling great my head is unmuddled and I feel better than I have in the last 15 years. Thank you Gwen and Co. for saving my life."

    Chi of Life website, edited