Ceremony and Yoga Retreats promote wellness and self-discovery through yoga, mindfulness, medicine ceremonies, climbing (Provence) and healthy vegetarian food.

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7 Day Medicine Ceremony and Yoga Retreat in Ibiza

May 22-28, 2021 | September 11-17, 2021
    from US$1,179
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    Ixtaliy Nagual

    Ingrid Christiansen

    Reviews (1)

    Robert Bläul

    from Germany, September 2020

    " A week full of wonderful moments and experiences"

    I booked this trip with no great expectations.

    The villa itself is quite secluded in nature, which is very nice to hide the everyday stress for a week. a wide range of mindful yoga and meditation variants are practiced. I really had the feeling that they were trying to get to know me really well in order to pick me up from where I am at the moment. I always felt safe and secure in the medicine ceremony as well.

    I can really recommend this trip to anyone who can take the time to get to know themselves better for a week.