Ceremony and Yoga Retreats promote wellness and self-discovery through yoga, mindfulness, medicine ceremonies, climbing (Provence) and healthy vegetarian food.

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Ixtaliy Nagual

Ingrid Christiansen

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Øyvind Erland Risø Madsen

from Norway, October 2021

"Love & Light"

We had amazing talks together...yoga, breath work and meditation's, witch was so great to get the flow in the mind, body and spirit in it's right place before and after the Ayahuasca ceremony's. We had heartfelt sharing's about our life's, experiences and visions. Would love to do this again with all these wonderful soul's, thank you so much again.


Nadine Wiegert

from United Arab Emirates, June 2021

"Love, Heal & Surrender"

The first thing I noticed after arriving was the vibe - supportive, friendly and uplifting. We all came from different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life to journey within together.

Our days usually started with a meditation to set the tone for the day and were followed by breath work (such a powerful and underestimated tool!), yoga or another meditation. There was lots of space throughout the day to reflect, learn, create deeper human connections, think about our intentions for the ayahuasca ceremony and just being. It was the perfect preparation for the ceremony.

Since it was my first experience with ayahuasca I was a bit nervous. But by the time the ceremony came around I felt peaceful, centered and absolutely safe. The experience definitely did not give me what I wanted but what I needed. It was surreal, mind blowing, unpleasant, peaceful and intense all at the same time. I came home a different person!

I'm filled with love and gratitude towards everyone who made this trip special - our organizers Ingrid & Ixtaliy, our facilitators and mentors Chiara & Natalie, our compassionate and caring shaman Nak and my fellow voyagers. Thank you for making this week so meaningful and special. It was brilliant ;)

Hilde Mulder

from Netherlands, May 2021

"Life changing experience! "

The retreat was amazing! The program was just perfect. 2-3 classes a day and always different, but connected to the ceremony. The instructors of the yoga and meditation sessions were so great and helpfull. Lots of sessions were with amazing music and inspiring poems or mantras. Also the breathworksessions were really professional guided. Made a big change for me!

The ayahuasca ceremony was life changing and for me, as a first time, I felt very safe and in good hands with this medicine man. He was so helpful and kind. Couldn’t have imagined a better first trip.

The food was amazing taken care of. Never an empty fridge and great healthy meals! It could maybe have been with a bit more pure with raw foods and veggies, but that is only because I am used to eat almost only fruit and vegetables and no pasta or rice etc.

The location could may have been a little bit more into nature for the full experience, but still it was a great house and we also did some nice sunset trip and visit to town as well with some of the group, so you don’t have to be only 24/7 at the same location.

At the end, nothing bad to say! I am just so so thankfull for this retreat. It really made a change to my life for me. Feel like a part of me has been reborn. Just the combination of the lovely talks with the group, who felt all like family, the yoga, meditation and medicine gave me an amazing peaceful feeling.


from Spain, September 2020

"A life changing experience"

This was my first ceremony and yoga retreat experience and it changed my life. First of all, the location was magical and perfect for the kind of activities we were doing. Second, the activities and workshops were amazing even for someone with little or no yoga experience like me. Third, the instructors, Ingrid and Ixtaliy offer great support during the retreat. They are experienced and made me feel very safe and warm, I can't imagine someone better to have as instructors. In this week I learned to have a deeper connection with myself which are life lessons that I will take to the rest of my life. I would highly recommend this retreat.

Robert Bläul

from Germany, September 2020

" A week full of wonderful moments and experiences"

I booked this trip with no great expectations.

The villa itself is quite secluded in nature, which is very nice to hide the everyday stress for a week. a wide range of mindful yoga and meditation variants are practiced. I really had the feeling that they were trying to get to know me really well in order to pick me up from where I am at the moment. I always felt safe and secure in the medicine ceremony as well.

I can really recommend this trip to anyone who can take the time to get to know themselves better for a week.

Christian Folzer

from France, May 2021

"Belle expérience "

Ingrid ma chambre la piscine les repas le soleil

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