With just 4 guests or less, we offer semi private retreats in the Cloud forest of Ecuador. Inspiring Yoga, delicious Raw Cleansing Cuisine, & World Class Hiking. Reconnect with yourself in nature.

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Wendy Green

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from United States, September 2018

"Raw food and yoga retreat "

Daily food, yoga and hiking were great.

Paul Dolan

from Peru, August 2018

"Cloud mountain retreat"

Beautiful location - perfect to escape from the chaos of the world. Recommend The Orchid your own tranquil treehouse

Jodie Nagel

from Canada, July 2018

"Okay if you want a prescriptive program"

Great location and amenities. The food was terrific. No snacking between meals though which was tough.


from United States, January 2018

"Hit the reset-button"

Everything! I booked the retreat to carry me over the holidays, and do some yoga. I got so much more out of it though. What a wonderful way to hit that reset-button, and to start the new year all refreshed, nourished and energized.

- Yoga: Wendy is an awesome and obviously very experienced teacher, who really pays attention to where you are at and what you are capable of - and stretching (ha!) that as much as she thinks you can handle. It's remarkable to see the progress after only 6 days!

- Food: the food is absolutely fantastic, tasty and satiating. Wendy is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience of raw-food, which is very inspiring.

- Hiking: the house is located in the middle of the cloud forest, and the daily hikes in the forest are stunningly beautiful. I enjoyed them so very much, on several levels: enjoying the fresh air, the stunning views, the wonderful nature and animals.

- House: the house is wonderful, clean and 'homey'. It's so nice to curl up on a chair with a good book and a cup of tea, while enjoying the views of the forest, looking at butterflies and (humming)birds.

For me this week was perfect to get some (in my opinion well-deserved) R&R, and Wendy is there to take care of everything. You take out of your stay what you put in: I am well rested, nourished and feel ready to continue this healthy living in a sustainable way.


from Canada, December 2017

"Cloud forest retreat; yoga, hiking, relaxing & raw food! "

It was a gorgeous setting, Wendy is an amazing yoga instructor! The food was incredible and I loved hiking the trails on her mountain. The accommodations were perfect, very clean and I loved the Orchid room! The sheets and bath towels always smelled so fresh too:) I loved getting to know wendy’s beautiful dogs Luna & Riu too! Overall lovely experience:)

Testimonials (5)

A traveler United States

TripAdvisor website

It is truly remarkable what Wendy created in the Cloud Forest. Everything at Casa Verde was curated to perfection. It is a true retreat that allowed me to get more in touch with nature and myself. Wendy refines every aspect of the retreat she offers - from having the most colorful meals, to having the best yoga teacher, and down to exotic flower arrangement and interior design of the cabin. I stayed at the Orchid, which is the cabin separate from the main house. It is surrounded by the lush forest and the french windows makes you feel even closer to nature.

The entire experience exceeded all my expectations. I was learning every day during my stay - about healthy living, yoga, nature, what is possible with raw food and myself. I would definitely return to Casa Verde and cannot thank Wendy enough for sharing her knowledge and passion. You changed me forever!

Tip for future guests- follow the packing list, it goes a long way during your stay!

A traveler Alaska, USA

TripAdvisor website

Casa Verde (and Wendy) exceeded my expectations. Wendy’s knowledge of yoga, nutrition, and nature is vast. I am so thankful she passionately and willingly shared so many unknown gifts and tricks about living a healthier lifestyle. Because of Wendy and my experience at Casa Verde, I will never be the same :) Thanks for helping me to deepen my yoga practice, as well as discover how to apply more wisdom, awareness and joy to my every day life!

Nicholas H.

TripAdvisor website

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of staying in this beautiful cloud forest cabin! Wendy was a gracious host, and offered a wonderful yoga class for us. The air was fresh, and we felt so secluded from the hectic outside world. Highly recommend!

A traveler Delaware, USA

TripAdvisor website

This was an amazing life changing experience for my mind, body, and soul. You become detached from the hustle of daily life to focus on the most important aspects of life.

Wendy is awesome and she opened me up to a whole new world of raw food, vegan/vegetarianism, and ashtanga yoga. I recommend following her pre retreat advice about food elimination as this made my daily raw transition flawless. All meals are colorful and taste great. I never found myself hungry between meals or craving those foods I eliminated. I see now that food is life and medicine that can prevent and cure chronic medical problems and cancer.

Accommodations are great along with beautiful hiking trails and hidden water falls/springs.

Post trip I have continued being vegetarian and have shared this exciting hidden food knowledge with my friends and family. I plan to continue my ashtanga yoga journey as I developed more confidence and strength in my yoga practice with the help of Wendy! I plan to do my part in reducing my daily carbon footprint in this world.

Chandra S.

TripAdvisor website

I came to Casa Verde Raw Yoga Hiking Retreat feeling exhausted, depressed and lost. After 10 days there with Wendy I left feeling full of life, energized, focused and excited about life again! Plus I lost 11 pounds there on an amazing Raw food diet. I would highly recommend this retreat!