Caroline Wybar Yoga

Florida, United States

Caroline Wybar Yoga organizes yoga teaching training courses around the world.

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  • Sheila Skrobeck Florida, United States

    Caroline Wybar Yoga website

    Caroline was born to teach yoga! She embodies the true spirit of yoga with her honest, compassionate and insightful style. Creative sequencing, yoga philosophy and fun are artfully balanced into each class. She instinctively connects with her students to help them tap into their strengths and recognizes their fears. To teach from the heart and not the ego is a gift. Caroline possesses that gift and she is truly "a gift" to our yoga community.

  • Kemba Quinn South Africa

    Caroline Wybar Yoga website

    Caroline's guidance in yoga vibrates its way to your core, nourishing deep, deep down. I was particularly appreciative of how she highlights out strengths and gently, creatively works on our weaknesses. Having and unflinching gaze to the truths, she freely expresses her valuable insights on our journey to living more harmoniously with ourselves, others and the planet. Her divine company extends beyond the studio, where we get a chance to practice and integrate what we learn and feel in class into the everyday goings-on. Her selfless service has won my compassion and respect cradling personal milestones in asanas and igniting soulful relationships.

  • Rachel Young

    Caroline Wybar Yoga website

    I don't believe it is overstatement to say that Caroline was the impetus behind a big, positive change in my life. Caroline not only served as my introduction into yoga, but she took the time to develop a relationship with me and learn my reasons for pursuing a practice. Caroline is an intelligent, empathetic, and graceful being who is incredibly skilled at bringing ephemeral yogic ideas down to an understandable, concrete level. She is not only a teacher, but a friend. I cannot recommend her services enough.

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