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Tulum, Mexico

Caroline Gw Yoga is a truly transformative worldwide yoga retreat organizer that offers private yoga classes and retreats in different destinations all over the world.

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  • K Jones MD Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry NYU (New York University) School of Medicine

    Caroline GW Yoga website

    Open heart - open body Open body - open heart. Caroline's style helped me feel the connection in a joyful way - the kind of teacher who lifts you up and makes you feel filled with energy.

  • Carina

    Caroline GW Yoga website

    Thank you for your help once again Caroline. I have to say that is the most fun part of my day. You may not realise it but by just being you, you have changed my life for the better. You are special. Never forget that.

  • Tony L.

    Caroline GW Yoga website

    Caroline is an excellent yoga teacher. I loved this retreat as her classes are dynamic and fun. Her teaching style is energetic and clearly instructed. Great for those who are new to yoga and those who are more advanced in their practice. She gives clear instructions and is very attentive with her adjustments to help develop the poses. The entire week with theme and focus flowed well and a good variety of poses were included, combining the more traditional asanas with some newer ones. Carolines classes are the perfect balance of poses that firm up and help develop what you already know while pushing us, that leaves you feeling like you have worked hard. This retreat has left me feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Thank you, I will be coming back again and again!

  • A. F. Wood.

    Caroline GW Yoga website

    The yoga was varied and interesting. I came out of each class feeling relaxed, happy, and with a great sense of accomplishment. I cannot recommend it enough, Caroline is a joy and it is the perfect way to spend a weeks holiday.

  • Alice B.

    Caroline GW Yoga website

    As a very inexperienced yogi, I was quite apprehensive about a whole week of increasingly advanced classes. My worries were entirely unfounded. The classes were challenging but fun. Caroline led each of us, at different levels, with warm enthusiasm and encouragement!

  • Karla Gutierrez

    Caroline GW Yoga website

    Dear Caroline. I just want you tell you in a few words how I felt during our private class. You were very understanding of my energy, giving me enough rhythm and movement to make me awake and not be frustrated in difficult postures as you made them feel so smooth! You made me feel and trust that I can push my limits and stay grounded as well. The class made me more centered and aware as you brought me to a beautiful state of mind where I could totally let go and relax at the end. You have the softest smoothest energy your touch is exactly felt when needed. This is how I felt during your class and after that I was speaking to everybody from a different place. Thank you!

  • T. M. Cowler

    Caroline GW Yoga website

    Caroline, you dealt with the varied levels really well with different advice to suit each persons individual needs. You voice is amazing, soothing yet strong. I have been to several of your yoga Nidra workshops but listening to you on the water in Savasana is like being in heaven. Looking forward coming to your next SUP retreat!

  • Claire H.

    Caroline GW Yoga website

    The class was amazing. Caroline is a natural teacher and knows when to push her students and when not to. Her SUP classes are really well thought out and are great fun! I will definitely be back for more fun on the water! And falling in! Thank you Caroline.

  • Lorel Nazzaro

    Caroline GW Yoga website

    Dear Caroline, Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful yoga class last Friday at the Shambala Petit Hotel. It was the best yoga class ever!

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