Carla Wainwright Yoga offers yoga retreats to help you find true pleasure in practice and use that power to heal, transform, and awaken to a life of freedom.

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Carla Wainwright

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Jennifer Postles

from United States, March 2018

"Beautiful experience "

Wow! I had no expectations going and had never met Carla before, but all I can say is wow. Thank you Carla! This is a retreat you walk away from feeling just so greatful that you were able to experience it. So much hard work, love and care put into it! Laura the cook made such delicious, plentiful, flavourful, healthy colourful meals made for everyone. Even though I live in Vancouver, I was thinking I might make this a yearly trip to Prince George once a year to continue this beautiful journey.

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Carla Wainwright Yoga website

Greeting each day with a morning class at the open studio space in Sayulita was a delightful and uplifting experience. I looked forward to every day. Carla is a thoughtful instructor with great attention to detail.

Beth, Evolving

Carla Wainwright Yoga website

Practices were amazing... interwoven with the whole warm, peaceful, tropical environment they were sublime. Lots of new learnings as well as comfortable standbys and interesting challenges. You are such a gifted teacher dear Carla. I couldn't have asked for more in the practices.


Carla Wainwright Yoga website

I went into the retreat not knowing what to expect and being a little anxious I came out of it a much stronger person both physically and emotionally. A big thank you to Carla for having the vision to bring a group of such dynamic people together in this amazing space.


Carla Wainwright Yoga website

Having recently moved back to Prince George, I was delighted to learn there was such an amazing yoga community here. The retreat was a great way for me to get to know my fellow yoginis and to restore my spirit so that I can move into the coming winter with the light of the sacred feminine burning brightly. Thank-you thank-you thank-you.


Carla Wainwright Yoga website

Carla, you have the gift of sharing your knowledge with love and compassion, and that is why I will continue to practice with you. Thank you!