CaribeYoga offers perfect yoga retreats in the Dominican Republic at their enchanting resort for yoga and nature lovers.

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Carina Bogner

Austrian-born Carina had her first yoga experience at the age 16. She started practicing Hatha yoga before going on extended trips to Asia, which inspired her to take yoga to new and dynamic levels. Through her unique training, Carina’s classes are taking a very somatic approach, connecting the mind to the body and unraveling and unfolding all the layers of your being. You will practice flowing sequences with a strong focus on the breath and the dynamics in the body. You will chant, practice pranayama (breath work), and release what no longer serves you in deeply healing evening workshops.

Alyssa Malandrino

Alyssa discovered the magic of yoga during university while looking for something to alleviate the stresses of the body and mind. Prior to practicing yoga, she sustained an injury to her lower back which not only limited her range of motion, but hindered everyday enjoyment of life. After committing to a daily asana practice, Alyssa was astonished at the relief she felt in her body. Beyond her physical practice, yoga had created a space to dive into a spiritual practice and provided an opportunity to hold the emotional and mental aspects of self with kindness and compassion.

Parisa Samet

Parisa found herself through her love of yoga and understood this practice as the journey to the self, through the self. She sees a meditation and asana practice as a therapeutic modality and seeks to share this journey with everyone who joins her on the mat! In her journey to provide this healing modality to students, Parisa teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Yang Yin, and Therapeutic yoga as well as guided meditations. Parisa holds a BA and an MA in Philosophy and incorporates her philosophical understandings through her practices of yoga and meditation.

Ruchama Bilenky

Ruchama Bilenky is a Certified Yoga Therapist and Instructor who specializes in bringing the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga to diverse individuals and populations. She focuses on healing through yoga. She is certified in Phoenix Rising yoga therapy, Vinyasa yoga, Prenatal yoga, and Yin yoga. She is also a musician. She is inspired by music, travel, meditation, yoga, and chocolate. Think yoga isn't for you? Try a session with Ruchama and have your misconceptions dispelled!

Cindy Newland

Cindy Newland is a health coach, yogi, animal lover, blogger, and author of Small Bites, Big Results: A Common Sense Guide to Weight Loss. Years back ago, she discovered Yoga and how beneficial it was for her reducing her back pain. Now she teaches Hatha Yoga and encourages others to discover the benefits for themselves. Whether you are practicing for strength, balance, reducing pain or finding Peace, it all fits. All levels are welcome and encouraged in her classes. Yoga truly is for everyone.

Isabella Carmen Johansson

Isabella has been traveling the world since childhood, exploring new cultures and countries and made it a passion of her life. She's an examined Dansk Yoga Teacher (800-hour certified Yoga Alliance training), a certified Yin yoga teacher with Victor Chng, and a bachelor degree in Psychomotor therapy, focusing on body movement and therapy. She is the CEO of Wild & Free and with a background in theatre and flamenco dance, she spends years in the UK and Spain. She has taught movement and yoga for over 15 years.

Testimonials 3

Wendy Leif Wyka

CaribeYoga website

Larissa and Jörg are two of the kindest, most genuine people I’ve ever met. They work behind the scenes to ensure your experience is perfect. My experience was transformational. From breathtaking views to delicious food this place has it all. Several people have actually told me I’m glowing since I returned. This must be because I had a beautiful experience with beautiful people and I’m still floating.

Raquel Pernas

CaribeYoga website

Caribeyoga was one of the best experiences of my life. It is a place in which you can find yourself, because Jörg, Larisa, Carmen and the crew take care of every little detail

So peaceful! A place where people care about each other and delicious food too!

I enjoyed every single minute there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Carina Bo

CaribeYoga website

I have hosted a retreat there this January and it was the most beautiful place in nature I have ever experience. And they go whale watching!

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