Caribbean Wind and Sun Vacations

Caribbean Wind and Sun Vacations is a Bonaire and US based travel agency specializing in wellness vacations to Bonaire.

Instructors 1

Ladina van Swoll-Melchior

Ladina is the instructor for your yoga retreat. She will teach yoga classes that include Vinyasa flow.

Testimonials 1

Mike Burns

Feel Bonaire website

We were looking for a honeymoon destination that had great windsurfing for the end of January and were leaning towards Maui. Luckily, Ann Phelan twisted our arms into trying out a little Island called Bonaire. Fast forward 12 years and Ann has planned a trip for us every winter since. I couldn’t give her a higher recommendation. As our family grew over the years, we’ve had different needs for accommodations almost every year we’ve made it down to paradise. Ann’s recommendation for a place to stay was absolutely perfect each time! From cheap and small one room places, to multi-room houses, to waterfront windsurfing launches, Ann nailed it every time! Out of 5 stars, Ann gets 6. If you want to make sure your trip to Bonaire goes flawless, have Ann book you a trip! Have a great trip!

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