At Can Mussol - Anima Mundi we are working on our personal development, offering several activities to work on our body and mind health.

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30 Days Rural Yoga Meditation Retreat in Spain

Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2019
    from US$2,161
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    Reviews (95)

    Geffrey Bourguet

    from Spain, May 2019

    "First Meditation Retreat experience"

    That was my first mediation retreat experience, alone, in spanish (I'm french); So as you can imagine at the beginning I was a bit anxious, but then I arrived in this beautiful area with this beautiful house and I felt a bit better. Then I entered the house and was warmly welcomed and was well coached on all the exercises. There is also something mystic in the house that make it unique. I recommend to all the people that want to take time for themselves and spend a great time to join this retreat. I will go back as much as I can. Thanks to all the team for this moment.

    Jacque Gazzard

    from Great Britain, May 2019

    "Total relaxation"

    The place is magical and team friendly and helpful, it is in a beautiful valley too. Birdsong and the sounds of the Scop Owl aline worth the trip! Look up the website and then you will be more prepared!

    Elizabeth Potts

    from United States, April 2019

    "Perfect Retreat"

    Wonderful people who truely cared about giving a great experience. Delicious meals and beautiful scenery. I loved the house and the feeling the staff filled it with! So much peace , fun, and love. Hope to be back very soon!


    from Great Britain, March 2019

    "Yoga Veggie Tranquillo Retreat"

    Great location and recently refurbished old stone building. Someone put a lot of thought into the place. Very warm bunch of people working there. It is nicely isolated and suited to a weekend of yoga and quiet time. Take a walk in the woods, have a massage and read in the sun, perfect...

    Gulzada Akmatalieva

    from Estonia, January 2019

    "Great place! Great staff! "

    I had a great time at the center. The staff was nice, food was great and I loved the yoga classes. They have a nice sauna and massage for extra cost, and I was happy I signed up for them. I enjoyed a lot the massage in a special room created spiritual atmosphere and added some magic. The location was absolutely amazing, there was a vineyard in the vicinity so going for a walk there was fantastic.

    Mindy Overton

    from Great Britain, December 2018

    "Perfectly little few days"

    My mom and I came here for a few days. The day prior she hurt our knee and the yoga instructors there designed a practice just for us to cater to her knee. She was feeling so much better in no time! Thank you to Isidora for the yoga and to all of the other volunteers there. The food was delicious, the home was enchanting, the yoga was restorative, and the grounds were beautiful to walk around on.


    from Great Britain, October 2018

    "It was ok, could have been a lot better"

    The place is in the middle of no where and there really isn't much surrounding it. If you are looking for a place to just relax, yoga and meditate, this is great but if you are looking for other activities in between, this isn't really the place. The food also wasn't very healthy or inspiring. It was ok.

    Victoria Leary

    from Great Britain, August 2018

    "Fabulous accomadation and outstanding staff"

    The rural location was very peaceful and the farm house accomadation was fabulous, with good bathrooms and attractive fittings. The bedroom furniture was very basic and the vegitarian food cated for my specific dietary requirements and occasionally very interesting and tasty. The two yoga instructors we had, Christina and Laura, were both good teachers with different yoga styles and levels of English spoken. They were thorough and enthusiatic and helpful and the classes were excellent. The optional reflexology session with Christina was also very good - she was caring and knowledgable. Laura was also very generous in lending me her bicycle so I could go for a lovely bike ride. All the staff worked hard to make us all welcome and comfortable.

    Annie Jameson

    from Spain, August 2018

    "Total peace and relaxation"

    Perfect setting with quietness and a beautiful house. The staff were very friendly and welcoming and the yoga was great!

    Imogen Doherty

    from Great Britain, July 2018

    "A wonderful experience"

    Everyone who lives and works there is so lovely, open and friendly. The building is beautiful and you feel very well looked after. The surrounding area is stunning, perfect for going for a walk in the evening. I really enjoyed my yoga sessions and I would come again! It was a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.

    The only downside is that the centre is quite far from Manresa so I would recommend getting a taxi straight from the rail station as the bus is unreliable, and make sure to only pay 25€ for your trip.

    Alexandra Isoc

    from Romania, June 2018

    "I really enjoyed my stay"

    The location was perfect for the quiet I need, I loved hiking/cycling around and connecting with nature. The food was great and plenty and I'm so missing it; I swear it got better and better every day! Yoga was great too and it left me pretty sore, the yoga teachers were very lovely; I can tell chanting is not really my thing though-but that's just me. One thing I need to point is one of the yoga teachers is struggling with english and she was teaching mostly in spanish which was fine by me as I know the language, but I think not fair for non-spanish speakers that pay for this retreat; some girls were confused and didn't know what they have to do, so I think it's something that should be pointed in the description so people know what to expect; apart from that Laura was very nice and she offered to lend me her bike which was so unexpected and such a lovely thing she did!

    Overall I'm happy that I chose this yoga retreat and I was sad to leave!

    Rihan Dewan

    from Great Britain, April 2018

    The homely feel and amazing people


    from Spain, April 2018


    Fantastic all-around

    Amber Wheatley

    from Great Britain, March 2018

    "Three day retreat"

    The atmosphere was perfect for relaxing, all the staff were very friendly and welcoming and there was a lot of positive energy!

    Grace Dillon

    from Italy, March 2018

    "3 Day Yoga "

    Food was amazing, and the yoga classes were very good and relaxing. The house was beautiful, and all the staff was incredibly nice.

    Shona Fletcher

    from Great Britain, October 2017

    "Absolutely wonderful"

    The location was fantastic, just an hour from Barcelona and gloriously rural. Veronica's food was delicious and plentiful. The hospitality was wonderful - everyone aimed for us to have a relaxing and peaceful stay and that's exactly what we got. Amy's yoga was the right level of practice for us and the rooms it took place in were inspiring. Massage was good and there was even an unexpected sauna and hot tub in a beautiful old wine cellar. The location of the house enabled us to walk, run and simply rest and relax. Just perfect for what we required.

    Elisabeth Schmid

    from France, April 2017

    "Excellent retreat for a short break!"

    I could have stayed longer at this lovely and peaceful area. We only stayed 3 full days but we got spoiled from our lovely cooker Louis and her excellent vegan dishes. All meals were served fresh from the garden and we didn't have to worry about everything! Together with our Yoga teacher Dave we had two private sessions a day (morning before BF and evening before dinner), which was an honor to experience that! The retreat gives so many opportunities to forget the everyday life and escape with a book reading under the spring spain sun :-). We felt so welcomed and I would love to come again! Thank you again!

    Claire Herrick

    from France, August 2019

    "Amazing !!"

    Thank you so much for the prefect space to run away to when in need of peace! Everyone is so lovely, the location is beautiful with really nice walks and the treatments they offer are great! Thank you for everything I feel reconnected to myself and rested x x x

    Angela Bello Ruiz

    from Spain, August 2019


    Me gusto todo. Era la primera vez que hacia un retiro y la experienca ha sido perfecta. Repetiré seguro. La calidad de las clases, la comido, el trato recibido. Me quedo muy agradecida de poder haber estado en can mussol

    Gemma González Navarro

    from Spain, August 2019


    Ha sido una experiencia genial y me siento muy agradecida de haber podido disfrutarla. Es un lugar mágico donde se respira una energía muy especial, tanto por el lugar en sí como por las personas que lo habitan. El nivel de las clases era adaptable a personas sin ninguna experiencia previa y se dio una combinación de tipos de yoga que se complementan muy bien. Además, se ofrecen muchas actividades extra para quien quiera ocupar su tiempo libre. La comida estaba delicioooosa y era abundante. La verdad es que no puedo dejar de dar las gracias por todo. Para mí la palabra que mejor define estos tres días es paz. Ojalá poder repetir :)

    Maureen Bois

    from France, August 2019

    "Une retraite apaisante et régénérante "

    Un lieu calme et une atmosphère apaisante. De l’accueil à la restauration, tout le monde s’est rendu très disponible pour que ce séjour soit un moment de bien-être et de calme absolus.

    Les lieux sont très propres et très bien tenus

    Et les repas, quel délice!

    Bravo à tous!


    from Spain, August 2019

    "Fin de semana de desconexion y relax"

    La casa, el entorno, las clases de yoga

    Lourdes Serra

    from Spain, August 2019

    "Todo espectacular,sin duda repetire"

    Todo, las instalaciones, la comida, las clases, el trato personal

    Mari Carmen Fuentes

    from Spain, August 2019

    "Gran experiencia!!! Sin duda que volveré a repetir"


    Alberto Lopez González

    from Spain, August 2019

    "Mejor ves, y compruébalo tu [email protected]"

    La conexión con las personas de la casa y el lugar. La comida es riquísima!! La limpieza y el orden de la casa destaca notablemente y los tratamientos que ofrecen a parte de ser totalmente acordes al estilo del lugar los hacen muy bien y en un espacio mágico.

    Mounia Zine

    from France, August 2019

    "A refaire!"

    La demeure est magnifique, la nourriture abondante et excellente, les professeurs bienveillants et très professionnels.

    Paula Arboix

    from Spain, July 2019

    Ambiente y personas muy agradables que hacen de la estancia una experiencia única. Buen etorno para desconectar, leer y meditar a gusto y con buena energía. La comida riquísima, mi enhorabuena a los cocineros.

    Muy recomendable.

    Gemma Escorihuela Landa

    from Spain, July 2019

    "Un retiro mágico"

    Tiempos para silencio, meditación, yoga...en un espacio con mucho encanto. Los colaboradores maravillosos, la comida deliciosa...sin duda, dan ganas de quedarse unos días más. Gracias por todo!

    Marta Alfonso Sabiel

    from Spain, July 2019

    "Acogedor y mágico"

    Me ha encantado todo, me gustaría destacar el trato de todas las personas que están, te sientes como en una familia.

    Las clases de yoga geniales y la comida espectacular.

    Las instalaciones son preciosas y muy cuidadas.

    100*100 recomendable.


    Susana Panea

    from Germany, July 2019

    "3 noches en Can Mussol"

    Can Mussol es un lugar especial. Tan pronto crucé su puerta, tuve un buen presentimiento. Y no solo me encontré en una casa histórica preciosa e impecable, sino también con un equipo de personas con una gran sensibilidad. Les agradezco a todos la forma como me acogieron, sus conversaciones sanadoras y en general su calor humano. De hecho, alargué la estancia una noche más. Fue mágico. Una semana después aún me dura la sonrisa. Irene y Almudena fueron unas guías de yoga excepcionales. Solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento para ellas y para David, Stuart, Cristian, Joan, Andrea y Joel.

    Marina Von Muralt

    from Spain, June 2019

    "Fantástico todo :) "

    Ambiente y lugar inmejorable. El trato cercano y cariñoso y la zona ideal para relajarte y desconectar unos días.

    Beatriz Hernández Marrero

    from Spain, April 2019

    "Magnifica experiencia"

    Era la primera vez que hacía un retiro y sin duda repetiré experiencias de este tipo. Iba pensando que tendría tiempo "hasta de aburrirme" y para nada, quizás porque coincidí con un grupo de gente magnífica y con unas fechas de vacaciones señaladas. Pude dedicar tiempoa mi lectura y enfocarme en proyectos pero también a conocer almas que tienen los mismos intereses. La comida fue inmejorable, todo riquísimo y cocinado con cariño. Si tuviera que cambiar o mejorar algo quizás mejoraría algunos aspectos del desayuno (poner algún zumo o batido natural hecho del día, pondría algún tipo de yogur vegetal y añadiría infusiones más naturales sin ser de paquetitos, para ayudar más a reducir el uso de envases). Pero, puedo decir que desayuné como una reina. Las instalaciones preciosas y muy bien cuidadas, la localización es accesible desde Barcelona y hay un silencio maravilloso.

    El personal super amable, simpáticos y entregados por ayudar. Me sentí como en casa desde el minuto 0.

    Las clases de yoga de Jose, super chulas (aunque me quedé con ganas de clases de más caña jeje), el taller de mindfulness de David y la meditación guiada, excelente, el masaje de Inna, la rutita nocturna guiada por la casa...Me hubiera quedado una semana más! Me llevo los conocimientos para aplicar en mi día a día.

    Lorena Esteban Tercero

    from Spain, April 2019


    Sarah Diouf

    from United States, February 2019

    "Very nice 3 days"

    It was a very relaxing few days, with a good balance of free time and activities (I ended up doing the agni hotra and yoga retreat, which made up for a busier programm). The yoga classes were well suited to different levels, the teachers very nice. The food was excellent! I also recommend the massage which was a perfect way to relax after the intense yoga sessions.. And last but not least, all the staff there was lovely and super helpful :)

    Gerard De La Cruz

    from Spain, January 2019

    "Muy buen retiro "

    Anima Mundi Retreat Center es un lugar que aguarda todos los elementos para que sea un retiro para recomendar: buen ambiente, increibles instalaciones, buena comida vegetariana y amabilidad de los profesionales e instructores.

    Cristian Juarez

    from United States, January 2019

    "Experiencia sensacional"

    Todo fue positivo , la casa , el trato , la comida y como no la experiencia, dar las gracias a David , Javi , Cristina e Isi .

    Y solo decir que si lo que buscas es un retiro de calidad precio y nunca has ido a ninguno como es mi caso este es perfecto!!!

    Azadeh Oveisgharani

    from Germany, January 2019

    "A huge thanks to all who made this lifetimeexperience happen"

    I appreciate the simplicity and the authenticity of each individual who was there. The house is located on beautiful hills where you can recharge yourself with positivity. Yoga classes were very good organized and each teacher conducted it perfectly,

    Rosor Alberch

    from Spain, December 2018


    Fui con pocas expectativas y la verdad que estuve cómoda en todo, la casa es preciosa, cálida, hay silencio y respeto, con libre movimiento para ir a las salas y tomar infusión o leer al lado de la chimenea o estar charlando con algún compañero de viaje... La verdad que me sentí muy a gusto y con el resto de la gente que coincidí pude tener contacto con el inglés, así que para mi fue un aprendizaje. Con el yoga me ha parecido una muy buena practica. Lo recomiendo!

    Mathilde Piveteau

    from France, December 2018

    "Havre de paix"

    Week-end entre amies dans la campagne de Barcelone. Journées bien rythmées, cours de yoga diversifiés, repas équilibrés et chemins de randonnées au départ de la maison, le tout dans un atmosphère chaleureux et convivial autour de la cheminée. Je veux y retourner vite :) Mention spéciale pour Laura et Cristina!! Sa ta Na Ma Wahe Guru

    Natàlia Esteban

    from Spain, November 2018

    la clases de yoga y la gente de la casa muy agradables

    Brigitte Brijbag

    from Netherlands, November 2018

    "Great experience!"

    Perfect location, food and wonderfull staff. Totally loved it ❤

    Patricia Castro

    from Spain, September 2018

    "Excelente "

    La casa impresionante y el entorno mágico. Las chicas de la casa son todo luz. Laura increible y atenta. Cris todo dulzura y Junt todo amabilidad. He estado como en casa. Gracias

    Carla Sofia Esteves Pereira

    from Andorra, July 2018

    "Carla - Como en casa!"

    Gracias por todo!

    La casa es única, se duerme estupendamente, la comida deliciosa!

    Las clases de yoga geniales y todo el personal es encantador!

    Espero volver pronto!

    marta maximiano

    from Spain, July 2018

    Javier Gómez

    from Spain, March 2018

    "Espectacular experiencia!!!"

    El lugar, la comida, la gente, la compañía.. Gracias!

    Vanessa Sancho

    from Spain, January 2018

    "The best yoga retreat I have ever been!"

    The location is great, surrounded by green an peace. The house is beautifully remodeled, with comfortable rooms and cozy common areas. And the best of all is the kind staff and the delicious food!

    Silvia Ortiz

    from Spain, November 2017

    "Tranquilidad y relax"

    Me encantaron las clases de yoga de Amy, una profesora inglesa instruída en la India y que practica un yoga muy espiritual. También excelente la comida vegetariana, David cocina con mucho cariño y los platos son deliciosos. Núria es un encanto, te facilita todo lo que necesitas para sentirte como en casa. Se puede dar bonitos paseos entre viñas y tomar el sol junto a una ermita cercana con muy buena energía, leer un buen libro en el chill out o junto a la llar de foc o meditar en una estancia de la casa muy especial. La Masía es maravillosa, con velitas y un olor a incienso muy agradable.

    Si lo que buscas es relax, conectar contigo mismo y descansar, este es tu lugar.

    Pamela Ventura Bassotti

    from Italy, September 2017

    Great experience. Beautiful people, magic place. Highly suggested. I would for sure come back.

    Nausikaä El-mecky

    from Netherlands, July 2019

    "Wonderful! "

    You are in the middle of nowhere in the best possible way: fields and mountains with hardly any houses or cars around, the old building is beautiful and cosy, most of all, the instructors and volunteers are truly lovely.


    from Great Britain, May 2019

    The building is beautiful and the rooms are nice, but I was the only guest in a very large building. I sat with the three volunteers each night eating dinner and they were mostly on their phones, but were very pleasant people and were warm hearted. The yoga teacher Josafina was great! and John the Chef was fantastic. They were very good to me as i was the only guest for 5 days.

    Kelley Desouza

    from Great Britain, February 2019

    I learnt so much from the instructors an unforgettable experience thanks so much

    Berit Næsborg

    from Denmark, June 2018

    "A nice experience"

    It's a nice place and people. The food is very good. And very good and so nice yoga teachers (Pia, Laura and Mary Cruz)

    Kathrin Schlack

    from Germany, August 2019

    "Great experience"

    I had a great week at Can Mussol. It was really calming down and the Yoga classes and food was great. The house is beautiful and everything was perfectly clean. It was a good variety of quite and dynamic Yoga classes with Meditation involved. Also everyone was really taking care of me and if I had any issue, I got help immediately. Be Aware that there is nothing around, so if you like to go somewhere (Supermarket, excursion etc.) a car is of Advantage.

    Patrícia Puig Palma

    from Spain, March 2019

    Un fin de semana excelente, donde conectas contigo. El trato excelente la comida riquísima y las instalaciones increíbles. Compartir estos días con cada uno de los que forman el equipo ha sido una gran experiencia. El retiro se queda muy corto, cuando llega a su fin te quedarías unos días más

    Silvana Fenoy Rua

    from Spain, March 2019

    "Ideal para unos días de paz "

    Las personas que trabajan allí son espectaculares te hacen sentir mejor que en casa. Javi hace comidas vegetarianas espectaculares y Josefina entrega el alma en sus clases de yoga .

    Jordi Planas

    from France, January 2019

    "Like at home"

    One of the things I appreciated was the smoothness of relationships among people, guests and owners alike.

    Concerning the yoga activities they were very professional and very well tuned for my level. If you are an absolute beginner or an advanced practitioner maybe you will feel that it is not your place, but If you have practiced yoga before this is a place for you.

    The house is amazing, a great building fully renovated and located in a fantastic environment.

    Sonja Otto

    from Norway, October 2018


    Die Instrukteure Laura und christiana waren super! Das essen auch. eine Stunde bei Martin war auch super. Obwohl nicht alle fliessend Englisch sprachen haben wir alles tiptop vertanden und konnten alles mitmachen! Die Stunden waren gut aufgebaut :-)

    Guillermo Alvarez

    from Spain, March 2018

    "La instr"

    El trato muy personal enriquecedor y global que recibimos todos los participantes de las personas a cargo del lugar

    Heidi Van Haeften

    from France, December 2017

    "Luctor et emergo"

    Ik ben/was geen vegetariër, doordat ik dit dagelijks 3x dit te eten kreeg ben ik het gaan waarderen. Ben van plan dit door te zetten.

    Ben zeer tevreden en ontzettend dankbaar voor mijn yogalessen die door een vrijwilligster werd aangeboden. Amy; afgestudeerd lerares in India, ontzettend bedankt hiervoor!

    David en Nuria, bedankt voor jullie gastvrijheid!

    Anima Mundi Travels

    from Admin Response,

    Dear Fredrik, we are very sorry that your experience was not satisfactory, as we also told you in person and by email. We understand that the level of service was not as it was supposed to be, in particular during the first days of your stay. As we explained, this was caused by an unfortunate coincidence: we had a change of our team at the Retreat Center just before your retreat started. We are happy to see though that you have no complaints about the main content of the retreat: your private room with en-suite bathroom, the yoga classes, the Ayurveda courses and the meditation. To compensate for the service level the first few days, we have offered you our apologies and a refund, namely a transferable voucher with two days + two nights for free. Besides this, we have provided you a trip to Montserrat (paid by us) during the retreat. We are actually quite surprised that you do not mention this refund and complementary trip. In fact, there are a few more things that we would like set straight. Regarding the site: with all due respect, but referring to the Retreat Center as a "big stone building" does absolutely no justice to the place (see also the pictures on our website). It was built in the Middle Ages by nobility (around the year 1100 by the family Jaumandreu to be exact), has a tower with a spiraling staircase and elements of fortification. So this is pretty close to the definition of a castle according to Wikipedia. The exact location is indicated on our website: it's a one hour drive from Barcelona and half an hour from Montserrat. The house is not at all shared with a farmer's family, but indeed there are farming activities around the site: serene, grazing cows and beautiful vineyards. There are occasional tractors passing by. As for the flock of cows, they are moved around all the time, going to fresh grasslands every few days. Regarding the teachers: our retreats are aimed at helping you relax, to experience a different way of living, more conscious, perhaps to change your own way of living; and an integral part of this is formed by our volunteer staff, who are there to show you their example of such a way of living. Please realize that these are fully qualified and professional teachers that are there to share this experience with you. You might not know this, but many volunteers are more professional than paid personnel and they deserve a lot of respect! Also the fact that they are volunteers does not mean that they work for free. Finally we would like to point out that you were offered the option to stop your retreat and get a full refund for the remaining days and you chose to stay and finish the retreat. Best wishes, Anima Mundi Team.

    Fredrik Öhman

    We visited Anima Mundi for a one week yoga and Ayurveda retreat. On the website we were promised very experienced yoga and Ayurveda teachers who had been there for a long time. The site was supposed to be a small castle near the mountain of Montserrat in the fresh mountain air. For this we paid a little more than 2000 euro, and we were asked to pay the full amount one week in advance. Arriving to the site we quickly realized that it was not a castle but just a big stone building. It was also nowhere near the mountain of Montserrat (we later discovered that a taxi there and back cost more than 100 euros). It was situated in the country side surrounded by farms, also sharing the house with a farmer's family and their farming equipment caused a constant background noise. Just outside the door was a big flock of beef cows waiting for slaughter (they were picked up after a few days). There were also no experienced teachers - in fact everyone there were volunteers who had just arrived the day before or during our stay. No one representing the anima mundi team was there to help or guide them. Everyone participating in the retreat were very unhappy and there were a few meetings to try to set things right. Together we asked for a refund but this was refused. I don't think Anima mundi is a serious company and I feel that the whole thing was actually a scam. I also feel really sorry for the volunteers working there who were all trying their best to give us a good experience.


    from Netherlands,

    I had a good retreat in Anima Mundi. The beautiful building is located at a tranquil spot, just with some farming activity around it. The staff and teacher were excellent, interesting, willing to share knowledge and very hospitable. There's good wholesome food and always tea around. This was my first encounter with Tibetan Yoga, which is quite something. It was hard work and had a very strong emphasis on the breath. You should try it one time.

    Julia Moreni

    I found Anima Mundi by chance looking for a restorative yoga holiday. I had high hopes, but never in my wildest dreams have I imagined that the people who keep it so beautiful and vibrant would so far exceed my expectations. From before my arrival, I felt well taken cared of by Elisabeth, Shelly, Johanna, Katja, Emily, Mat and Mike. There was a gut feeling of having to come back home. Perhaps it is because they treat their visitors like a family. The kitchen and food are full of spirit and heart and deliciousness. I would like to thank Johanna for her wonderful teachings. I hope you take the opportunity to visit this special place. It's a home away from home!