Can Kushala es el lugar ideal en que encontrar tu propio equilibrio cuerpo-mente. Reconecta con tu esencia. Conecta con la vibración universal.

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neelamber tumbiolo

Mabel Carrillo

Alicia Beltran

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Gabriel Bollag

from United States, August 2019

"The tranquility & rejuvenation I needed"

Can Kushala was a kind of paradise. I need to disconnect from my hectic life for a few days and stumbled upon this retreat in the wine region outside of Barcelona. It was heaven on earth. A beautiful 19th century villa, creatively restored with a gorgeous yoga studio and beautiful forest to walk in. The food was healthy and delicious. I will be back.

Joachim Rawert

from Germany, August 2019

"A piece of heaven"

No money could pay for the oasis of peace Neel and Fabrizio have created with their own hands close by that small village not far from Barcelona. Their beautiful clean house shows in uncounteable details how much care and love has flown into this place. The food is always creative and nourishing for mind and body.

And then the yoga! Words can hardly describe, how deeply those days in can kushala have touched me. With Neels loving guidance and Fabrizio holding space we could explore like children our sensuality, communication without words, sexuality and also spirituality, always save, alsways seen, always taken care of.

All in all these days were a "once in a million"-experience for me and my gratitude is boundless. If you can: Go there. It will change you!


from France, August 2019

"Simply beautiful !"

Before booking this retreat, I had very little experience in yoga and meditation and none experience in tantra. I am so happy I did it and the whole experience was just perfect. Situated next to a pinewood, the house is well equipped and has some good vibes. Not surprisingly, the owners Fabrizio and Neel are both very great and friendly hosts. Thank you so much to them. Thanks also to Mano/Gigi for his beautiful contribution and presence. The trio is very welcoming, make you feel home, helpful, caring... I am so grateful both to have met them and for the wonderful and powerful classes we’ve been able to share altogether with the group. The food is very good too. I loved my everyday routine between the classes, the free time left for reading, meditating, thinking or simply resting and the classes’ debriefings within the group. The hosts are so respectful of our privacy. I am amazed how they deal so peacefully with the all organisation of the retreat. Basically I just loved everything and could only recommend the retreat to anybody with free and open mind.


from Spain, August 2019

"Un buen lugar para desconectar, trabajar y relajarse"

Lo que hace único el centro es la parte humana, el cariño y respeto de sus propietarios que han tenido creando un espacio seguro y respetuso con el entorno que ha conseguido que la energia sea ideal para trabajar el cuerpo, mente y alma. Enhorabuena y gracias.

Eduardo Sanchez Arnaiz

from Spain, August 2019

"Descubrimiento. Paz. Aprendizaje"

El descubrimiento de personas especiales, aprender a respetar, a valorar, a dar gracias y a no juzgar ni sentirte juzgado. Afloran sentimientos que creias escondidos, y aprender a incluir en tu vida cotidiana los aprendizajes que traigo. He encontrado miradas limpias, generosidad, sensaciones, respeto a uno mismo y a los demás. Neel y Fabricio son especiales. Un grupo con gran calidad como personas.

Olivier De Montgros

from France, August 2019

Fabrizio and Neel were very welcoming

Very nice location

Excellent food

Very interesting Yoga courses


from Spain, August 2019


El cariño y el mimo de los dueños y de la profesora, el lugar lleno de paz, donde cada uno se puede sentir libre, compartir con los demás y ofrecer lo mejor de si mismo. Las prácticas muy interesantes, divertidas y provechosas. La comida sana y casera. El bañito de media tarde en la piscina, estar en medio del bosque con olor a romero y pino...

María Rodriguez

from Spain, August 2019

"Desconexion total"

El trato recibido por parte de Neel y Fabriccio. Dos personas encantadoras, todo amor, paz y armonía. Llenas de energía y vitalidad. La casa auténtica, decorada con mucho gusto. Parecía la casa de mi abuela y me traía muy buenos recuerdos. La comida vegetariana exquisita. Estuve una semana recargando pilas y he vuelto llena de energía y buenos propósitos.

Christian Wernecke

from Germany, July 2019

"A wonderful Place, created wird heart "

I am so thankfull for the deepness of this experience. Neel an Fabrizio are living and offerier the idea of yoga with so mich sincerity. They created a Place, where you Can truely leave your everyday live behind and just care about mind and body in a very harmonyous Environment. Its so harmonyous behause of the zwo guys. They are so open minded, friendly, patient and including that Can Kushala felt like a Home. Also, ist is very obviously that for them the Place means much more than a Basis of existence. The Intention is really to make possible for People to experience the wonderful spirit of kundalini yoga with Health, harmony, acceptance and Love.

Thanks a lot, my Friends :)