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bytracye is a health and wellness, lifestyle company with a focus on the practice of yoga and yummy or whole, local, and organic food.

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  • Sandy G.

    Bytracye website

    What amazing attention to detail in selecting only the best local and fresh ingredients and then working with the chef to ensure they were used in unique and delicious recipes. Every meal was an experience and something to be savored.

  • Andrew T

    Bytracye website

    The yogic experience, including meditation, was the best Ive experienced. And it didnt hurt that every meal of every day was fresh and delicious. Tracye and her team made us feel like family. They thought of everything - from lavender-scented moist towels at the end of each practice to a custom, taste-tested menu for each meal - allowing you to leave your worries state - side and concentrate only on relaxation. If you have the chance, I strongly recommend treating yourself to one of Tracyes yoga retreats. You will appreciate the experience for many years to come.

  • Jan P

    Bytracye website

    In my yoga practice of more than 15 years, Ive experienced many instructors but very few like Tracye. When I first came to the mat at her class I had no preconceived ideas as to what to expect. Tracye has a gentle, supportive way of guiding students through their practice that is mindful, respectful, and peaceful. I also like that she encourages you to play on the mat. Its ok to be imperfect because yoga isnt about perfection. From her knowledge and experience to her music choice and voice, Tracyes class is in and of itself a mini-yoga retreat in the midst of sheer urban chaos in New York City.

  • Paula Mcrae

    Bytracye Facebook

    Tracye is a wonderful yummy celebrity yoga instructor who inspires others to be fearless and to stay in the flow.

  • Articia Troy

    Bytracye Facebook

    Tracye is my light and inspiration. I feel completely transformed and revived after practice with her. I highly recommend for everyone to take at least 60 minutes out of your day for practice. I assure you that you won't regret it. Namaste.

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