Burren Yoga

Burren Yoga is an award-winning retreat holiday that offers yoga classes, mindful meditation sessions, and daily guided outings in Ireland.

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Dave Brocklebank

Dave is the founder of Burren Yoga and has over 30 years of experience in yoga and meditation. He followed his vision, designed and built Burren Yoga in 1999 wishing to provide an ideal environment for people to learn and deepen their practice of yoga and meditation.

Bella Hancock

Bella Hancock first practiced yoga as a child, when she was introduced to the practice by a family friend. She was fortunate enough to attend classes at high school and then practiced for many years on and off until she undertook the commitment to train as a teacher and deepen her study of yoga and meditation in 2000. She has lovely soft light energies and brings to you a sense of openness and ease in her presence.

Eleanor Dawson

Eleanor Dawson has lovely soft energies and has been practicing yoga since the 1990s. She completed her 750-hour yoga teacher training in the ViniYoga tradition and this form of yoga modifies the postures and practices so they are tailored to suit each individual person so that anybody can practice yoga. Eleanor brings mindfulness and awareness to all her teaching, and this helps bring one’s awareness into the present moment and to help let go of any cares or worries. As Eleanor guides you to tune inwards in the present moment, you will begin to feel a sense of peacefulness within.

Kathryn Moynihan

Kathryn Moynihan teaches Vinyasa yoga and meditation full-time in Cork city. Her classes flow and range from very gentle practices suitable for all ages to stronger, more challenging practices designed to remove energy blocks for more experienced practitioners. Kathryn places a lot of emphasis on the breath and brings it into all of her classes. Aside from teaching Vinyasa yoga, Kathryn also teaches Yin yoga and restorative yoga.

Marie Quail

Marie Quail is a well-known name within the yoga community and has been practicing yoga since the 70’s. Marie draws on her extensive experience of Iyengar yoga and also yoga-therapy to teach details of each posture so that they are suitable for all ages and all levels of ability. Marie is a very mature yoga practitioner and teacher and brings breath awareness and the focusing of attention into one’s physical practice so that each person works at their own level. Marie uses breath awareness of softening into the physical posture and has a lot of experience of teaching people with injuries.

Lisa Petersen

Lisa Petersen came across yoga in 2000, in India. She was captured by the ease, grace, and peace of yoga and it has become a central part of her life since then. During her time in India, Lisa also began practicing Vipassana meditation and naturally began practicing both yoga and meditation on her own terms. Prior to her time in India, Lisa studied communications and has a natural gift of communicating and inspiring others in her own way and with a warm sense of humor. Nowadays, she is involved in teaching yoga and also training yoga teachers to deepen their own practice.

Astrid Sasse

Astrid teaches a heart-centered approach bringing together breath awareness, mindfulness meditation, and a sensitive yoga practice in a very enjoyable and easy to follow way. Her classes will awaken the body, remove stiffness, and sluggishness, and bring a soft alertness which brings calm and peacefulness to one’s being. Astrid’s classes include breathwork, sun salutations, some gentle postures, some more challenging, generally following the Sivananda yoga sequence, yoga Nidra deep relaxation, and also breath focused mindfulness meditation.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Yoga)

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a traveler

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I spent a wonderful week of meditation and yoga at the Burren Yoga Retreat during April 2017. This was my second visit to the retreat which is superbly run and organised. The centre draws me back for many reasons including the tranquility of the location; a real rustic down to earth feel with a blend of uplifting spirituality and peace; the exquisite vegetarian food professionally prepared; the day trips to the the beautiful Burren landscape with lunch at the finest local restaurants with menus to suit all tastes. Any one of these is reason enough to come to this wonderful place. Above all it’s the quality of the teaching.

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