Brussels Mindfulness Institute

Brussels Mindfulness Institute offers high-quality mindfulness-based education, mindfulness courses, and weekend retreats.

Instructors 2

Beate Trück

Having obtained a master’s degree in Languages and European Affairs, Beate used to work in leading positions at various international associations in Brussels. However, combining a stressful job with traveling and two small children led to a serious burn-out several years ago. At this point in her life, mindfulness provided Beate with an opportunity to approach life differently than ever before. She trained as a mindfulness trainer at the Flemish Institute for Attention and Mindfulness and has subsequently studied intensely with international teachers. Beate also teaches mindful yoga.

Steve Savels

As a registered psychologist, certified life coach, and a mindfulness trainer, Steve helps people to find clarity and peace of mind, to define what truly matters to them, and to live and act accordingly. Practicing mindfulness has helped him personally to get unstuck from a life that did not give him satisfaction and meaning, overcoming the fear, and other obstacles preventing him from living the life he really wanted to live. He has been studying with both national and international mindfulness teachers from different institutions.

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