Brussels Mindfulness offers high-quality mindfulness-based education to the international community in Brussels. They organize yoga and mindfulness courses.

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a traveler

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I participated in a silent day before and felt a deep sense of calm after that day. So I wondered how it would be to do a 3-day retreat. I thought it would be challenge, but actually it wasn’t difficult at all. I again felt a deep calm, and also a bit of tiredness but in a good way.

My daily life is so often on full speed that I can very well imagine incorporating more of these moments in my life. I need it to wind down from time to time and reward myself with a moment just for myself.

I took away lots of little tools that help me to “stop and think” from time to time. A retreat is like a big shot of that, which gives me a boost to continue at home.

The location of the retreat was very peaceful and calm. I slept so well, I felt very safe and secure being surrounded by like-minded people.

The schedule of the retreat was very well balanced, not too much, with a nice mix of meditation and yoga and enough time for ourselves. The fact that there was a red line running through the meditations was something I really liked.

All-in all, a very welcome break!

a traveler

Brussels Mindfulness website

I already told several people about my experience in the retreat. As it’s a very hectic time right now, I was wondering if I could afford the time to take the weekend off. But I don’t regret at all the time I invested in it.

On the first day, I kept falling asleep, but the next day it was already better. I feel much more centered now, more calm. My friends have already remarked it!

As a matter of fact, what I’ve noticed is that I don’t worry so much about the hectic times that are coming anymore. Before, I kept picturing in my mind how difficult it was going to be, but now I take things more as they come, and that’s a much calmer state to be in.

I have tried to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life, and this kind of retreats really helps.

a traveler

Brussels Mindfulness website

The retreat took place in a period where a was (once again) struggling with myself. I just made some changes to get grip on myself again and the retreat came just at the right moment for me. The retreat helped me to reflect on my feelings and patterns and offered me handles to detect and deal with some of my habits.

I especially liked the idea of calling chores and tasks “meditation”, like kitchen meditation, cleaning meditation, eating meditation, … They all of a sudden look much smaller and easier to deal with.

It was a very intense experience, also because there were 2 ‘trainers’ and only one ‘me’.

This is the first time that the effects of a retreat lasts as long afterwards. Still today I benefit from it. When I mention it to other people, I hope I do sound to much like a preacher, because I easily get carried away.

It was and is “HEAL”-ing. I had a good experience, I enriched it (and still do) and I am absorbing it!

This was my 4th retreat with Beate and my first with Steve. It is nearly impossible to compare, because the outcome not only depends on the trainers, but also (and probably the mostly) on yourself. This retreat was for the one from which I benefit the most, because I was ready for it.

Thank you Beate, Katrien, Steve – and of course all the participants for creating this opportunity, which I took with both hands this time!