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Online Yoga Teacher Training

Many yoga schools are scrambling to come online NOW. Some simply sell a playlist of videos. Uplifted Yoga LLC’s sole focus for the last 5 years has been training yoga teachers in an interactive virtual setting. Each year, they have refined the experience to ensure their students receive the most intimate, high-impact online learning experience. In addition to their award-winning video content and their signature 600-page paper manual, your meticulously crafted Live Call experience mirrors the best aspects of training in-person. Uplifted Yoga LLC makes sure you have accountability, community, and compassionate support.

Meet the instructors

Brett & Kristin
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  • 200-hour online yoga teacher training
  • Certification of completion by Uplifted Yoga LLC - Brett Larkin
  • 4.5 hours of live sessions per week
  • 8 - 10 non-contact hours per week
  • Eligible to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion before December 31, 2021
  • Online sessions are held over Zoom
  • Online sessions’ time zone: Washington, USA EDT (GMT-4) during summer and GMT-5 after November 1st, 2020
  • Self-paced training: Students will have up to 18 months to complete all the requirements
  • High-quality streaming videos
  • Learn how to build your online presence and optimize your social media

Yoga styles

3 days with instruction
Group size: 5-15 participants
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Students who complete the training before December 31, 2021 are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®).

Pre-application requirements

Please install Zoom to attend the live sessions. You will also need a webcam or smartphone with a camera, a decent internet connection. You will need to purchase the Uplifted™ Yoga Teacher Training manual and required reading books, in addition to the price of the program (less than $75). More information regarding this will be provided after registration. Proficiency in English, as all instruction and the final exam, is given in English.

How the training works

The Uplifted™ Teacher Training Course content will be delivered in an approachable, fun style via videos, audio lectures, written PDFs, and live calls. Uplifted Yoga LLC will make sure it’s available on every device. The award-winning video content is delivered seamlessly to you on the Uplifted™ Yoga Teacher Training mobile app.

As the industry leader in the online training space, content and classes are also easily streamed on Roku, Apple TVs, and SmartTVs. And yes! Uplifted Yoga LLC will still mail you their signature paper manual. An invaluable asset as you progress through the training videos and take notes for your weekly live calls.

There will be 4.5 hours of live sessions per week. Students are required to attend at least one session per week (1.5 hours). There will also be 8 - 10 non-contact hours. Live calls ensure you connect as a supportive and motivating group, review the material in-person, and enable Uplifted Yoga LLC to answer each of your questions personally. These live calls happen on Zoom - an online, interactive video-sharing platform (if you’re an Uplifted™ member, you’ve used this before).

Uplifted Yoga LLC requests that YTT students do their best to be live at one of the three live calls offered each week, even though replays are always provided. In these live lessons, you’ll be supporting one another in reviewing poses. This enhances your understanding of yoga’s alignment and builds your community. To Uplifted Yoga LLC, it’s essential that they look at as many bodies and real-world examples as possible to help one another personalize your practice.

For the training, you must be capable (and comfortable) taking photos of yourself in all basic yoga poses and posting them within our private YTT group. The power of photos or videos is an unparalleled tool in learning. Photos just need to be clear, not pretty or slick, and can be taken with any smartphone. Lots of tips on how to do this will be provided. To graduate, you must participate in live calls.

Assigned reading and written homework fuel your understanding of the principles you cover. There is a final written online exam and practicum, after which you’ll earn your certification.

Timing of sessions (GMT-4 / GMT-5)

Live calls will start on October 14th, 2020 and January 20th, 2021.

  • Mondays at 10:30 a.m. PST / 1:30 p.m. EST/5:30 a.m. AEDT (Tuesdays)
  • Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. PST / 8:30 p.m. EST/12:30 p.m. AEDT (Thursdays)
  • Saturdays at 8:00 a.m. PST / 11:00 a.m. EST/4 p.m. GMT

Sample of the commitment and schedule

Sample Week A:

  • Watch 2 hours of video content
  • Participate in one of three, 90-minute live calls
  • Read and review materials for 4 minutes

Sample Week B:

  • Watch a 2-hour philosophy lecture
  • Participate in one of three, 90-minute live calls
  • Practice and upload 5 poses for asana review - 45-minutes

Course information


Within the Hatha and Vinyasa tradition, embrace the perspective that Uplifted Yoga LLC endorses - everybody is unique. They want to help you uncover your own personal teaching style. That’s why this is the most personal, high-touch, interactive yoga course online. They want to connect with YOU!


The best teachers draw from a strong sense of purpose. Helping you achieve YOUR destiny is what drives Uplifted Yoga LLC. They will be supporting you in their training to discover what’s most meaningful to YOU - on the mat and in your life.


Beyond anatomy and asana, learn Uplifted Yoga LLC’s hard-won and award-winning business strategies. Understand how to succeed as a certified yoga teacher in the digital age, whether you plan to teach online or in the studio. Uplifted Yoga LLC is committed to YOUR success.

6 pillars that set Uplifted’s™ training apart in terms of quality, convenience, and certification:

The original interactive online yoga teacher training

The Uplifted™ education is the most high-touch online yoga certification that exists. They have been perfecting the art of training yoga teachers in a virtual setting since 2015. “Interactive” is not just filling out an online quiz or messaging on Facebook. Together, Uplifted Yoga LLC will be on live video conference for over four hours each week. These weekly video calls with me (and one another) bond us together as a group.

Dive deeper into the material. Get your questions answered. Help one another. In Uplifted™, you become part of a community. This is a global network of hundreds of successful graduates, inspiring friends, and colleagues. You’ll look to each other and call upon each other, long after completion of your teacher training.

Current grads have visited together, vacationed together, and collaborated professionally together. Since Uplifted Yoga LLC will be certifying and featuring you as an Uplifted™ instructor and mentor, it’s essential you get to know one another. This is why class space, despite this being an ‘online’ training, is limited.

Yoga beyond the mat

Uplifted Yoga LLC’s passion is infusing yoga into every aspect of your daily life. Their goal is to help people use the ancient science of yoga and yoga tradition to solve modern problems. The Uplifted™ training will equip you to meet students “where they are” in terms of their physical ability (with lots of anatomical expertise).

Beyond that, the course will empower you to move through your own life in a way that feels centered and aligned with your values. Yes, they will be offering you their yoga method, their insights, their wisdom. They will also create constant awareness that no “one size fits all.” They want you to uncover your own inner teacher and unique style. Uplifted™ training is all about giving you the tools to be uniquely you.

Focus on the in-demand field of fascia

Fascia is the interconnective tissue that runs through your whole body like a giant 3D spider web. It’s what all your muscles and cells live in, and is often referred to as “the missing link in modern medicine.” What Uplifted Yoga LLC loves about fascia is that it takes into account the whole body.

It also has a deep anatomical and metaphysical philosophy of its own. While other training focuses only on yoga, Uplifted™ includes specific fascia modules. This includes an exclusive session with me and Tom Myers, who is regarded as the world’s foremost authority on the fascia. All this is a bonus to enhance your ability to teach, treat, and heal the whole person.

Anatomy meets the subtle body

Beyond learning the names of muscles and bones, anatomy expert Kristin Leal and Uplifted Yoga LLC will be integrating anatomical knowledge into the dimension of the subtle body: the chakras, the koshas, the bandhas. This training marries the scientific and the spiritual. You’ll graduate with a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and how it ties back to ancient yogic philosophy. This is a truly holistic approach.

Meditation matters

Many yoga teacher trainings barely scratch the surface of meditation. Uplifted Yoga LLC’s belief: Awareness of breath transforms the theory of yoga into reality. It is water to a seed. Controlled breath ignites physical, mental and spiritual transformation. Control of the breath leads to meditation.

And to Uplifted Yoga LLC, meditation in yoga is PARAMOUNT. Not only will they be covering in detail every pranayama (breathing technique) that they know, but you’ll be experimenting with them in your live calls. You’ll develop and create your own personal meditation practice. This can evolve into your own signature meditation that you can teach to others as you incorporate yoga and mindfulness into your yoga classes.

Be your own boss

When enrolled in yoga teacher training, the words “job,” “income,” or (heaven forbid) “social media” were never mentioned in the classes. “Money” as a concept was ignored completely by the teachers. Uplifted™ is different! They completely understand that many of you yearn to earn from teaching yoga. So did they! They will share tales from the trenches of how to teach and make money.

Take note: If you’re interested in teaching yoga as a profession, you’ve also just signed up to become an entrepreneur. This holds true whether you choose to teach locally, online, or run your own studio or retreats. The ability to teach online is now a necessity. Their graduates repeatedly thank them. They’ve made the transition to teaching online quickly and easily having trained in our interactive, virtual experience.

As a yoga teacher, you must be savvy about how you spend your time and build your income. Uplifted Yoga LLC won’t hold anything back as they share my journey and what it took to grow my passion for yoga into a thriving online business. In fact, their yoga business surpassed their high-salaried tech day job in a span of two years. You’ll get all their up-to-the-minute tips, tools, and techniques for both the studio and online worlds.

Training modules

  • Anatomy
  • Meditation techniques and teaching
  • Uplifted™ body reading - A 3D approach
  • Inside the Yoga Sutras
  • Yin
  • Injury management and modifications
  • Yoga, money, business!
  • Social media marketing for Facebook and Instagram
  • Asana
  • Uplifted™ Alignment
  • Cardiovascular and nervous system
  • Sanskrit - An instrument of yoga
  • Restorative
  • Sequencing and finding your voice
  • Waivers, taxes, and getting insured
  • Studio classes vs Private clients
  • Pranayama techniques and teaching
  • The fascia and body reading
  • Science of Ayurveda
  • Tantra, Nadis, and the Gunas
  • Pre-Natal
  • Chakras and subtle body systems
  • Online game plan and technical training
  • Grounding and energy management


Brett Larkin

Kristin Leal

Retreat location

This teacher training is held online. Uplifted Yoga LLC is based in Washington, USA and they will live stream sessions based on EDT (GMT-4) during summer and GMT-5 for sessions after November 1st, 2020 via Zoom which you can participate from the comfort of your home.

What's included

  • Certificate of completion to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion of the course before December 31, 2021
  • 4.5 hours of live sessions per week
  • 8 - 10 non-contact hours per week
  • High-quality streaming videos
  • Learn how to build your online presence and optimize your social media
  • All syllabus mentioned

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Food

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
21 days / 20 nights
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Minimum group size

This trip requires a minimum of 5 participants

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