20 Days Spirit of Nepal Yoga Retreat

  • Boudhanath - Pokhara - Annapurna Range - Begnas Lake - Lumbini - Kathmandu

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Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Nepal

  • 20 days with instruction
  • Go on a journey through the heart of the Himalayas and deep into the place where so many spiritual practices were born: Nepal. Paddle across freshwater lakes surrounded by towering white-capped mountains, hike to remote teahouses and monasteries, wake up at dawn and sit in temples listening to the calm chant of the morning pujas, and practice yoga in the most breathtaking settings imaginable. Let your soul soar as you experience life on the roof of the world!


    • Daily yoga practice
    • Daily meditation sessions
    • Visit the birth place of Buddha
    • Trek part of the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayas
    • Visit multiple amazing Nepalese towns
    • Enjoy a delicious welcome dinner
    • 19 nights accommodation

    Group sizes

    The maximum participants in the group is 20.


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel has taken a lot of pride in selecting accommodations which are well run, comfortable, clean, and quiet, with good food and friendly, helpful staff.

    Days 1 to 4: Boudhanath

    Landing in Nepal and jet-lag can be overwhelming. You will spend a few days finding your feet, adjusting to time change, and finding your groove as a group. While you recover from travel, you will spend some time walking around the famous Boudhanath Stupa, watching Tibetans chant, visiting a Hindi festival, and drinking chai.

    Days 5 to 6: Pokhara

    You will find your way to Pokhara, a lovely spot that will prepare you for trekking. Pokhara is known for its chill out vibe, one street to walk on, its serene lake, and multiple cafés and shops. You will get ready for seven days of walking and meet your support team here.

    Days 7 to 13: Trekking part of the the Annapurna Range

    Nepal has created a very convenient way to trek from village to village, using teahouses as a place to eat and rest. See how Nepalese live and survive in the mountains, bath in cool streams, walk up and down hills, and hopefully view the Annapurna Range at dusk and dawn.

    Day 14: Pokhara

    A shower never felt so good! You will pick up extra bags, eat a lovely meal, and sleep.

    Days 15 to 16: Begnas Lake

    Here, you will stay in a simple guesthouse and enjoy village life while taking advantage of the beautiful lake.

    Days 17 to 18: Lumbini

    The birthplace of the Buddha, the plains of Nepal and every Buddhist tradition are represented here. Lumbini is very close to the Indian border. You will experience diversity of land and culture in this quaint town. There will be allotted time here for silence.

    Days 19 to 20: Kathmandu

    It is finally time to experience Thamel, where you can shop, eat, play, and maybe even catch a local band. Beautiful Durbar squares are nearby to visit, as well as the famous Royal park. A farewell dinner will also be served before the day of your departure.

    • Spend some time in Pokhara
    • Trek in the Himalayas
    • Trek part of the the Annapurna Range
    • Visit Begnas Lake
    • Visit Kathmandu
    • Visit Lumbini
    • Visit the birth place of Buddha
    • Walk around the famous Boudhanath Stupa
    • Kat Boehm

      Kat’s practice of both yoga and meditation deepened while exploring India, Nepal, Tibet, and Burma. Travel became a spiritual journey in which she discovered trust, passion, and devotion towards the teachings of the Buddha and yoga. Her appreciation of refined movement has opened her up to many modalities of practice, wanting the body to be as functional and healthy as possible. Kat’s journey of meditation, has taken her on many silent retreats. She sincerely believes that it is in simplicity and solitude where you connect deeply to compassion and wisdom.

    Nepal has a wide variety of culture, racial backgrounds, and languages within the relatively small country. Generally, it is said that Nepal has three main ethnic groups: Indo-Nepalse, Tibeto-Nepalese, and ingenious Nepalese. With this, one will see Hindus, Buddhists, and many different culture backgrounds within the mountains ranges.

    The diversity of culture is what makes Nepal such a special country to visit, as you will experience and witness many different customs, dress, and geography while exploring the region. The Nepalese have a reputation for being extremely friendly, kind, and welcoming.

    The main diet for the average Nepali is Dhal Bhat, a plate of lentils, rice, and curried vegetables. It can be eaten twice a day and is a main trekking staple.

    The influence from Tibetans has brought Momos, a dumpling filled with either meat or vegetables, as well as noodle soups. Most menus will be a combination of Indian curries served with rice or chapatis, Tibetan food, and western food, such as pizza, breakfasts, and fresh juices.

    Chai is drank at anytime of the day and there are plenty of cold soft drinks available. Both Katmandu and Pokhara have excellent restaurants to explore and satisfy any craving that may arise.

    • Experience bungee jumping
    • Experience the ultra light flights
    • Explore the caves
    • Go cycling
    • Go paragliding
    • Go ziplining
    • Meet a women’s incentive program
    • Paddle on lake Begnas
    • Spend time at a Hindu burning ghat
    • Spend time boating or fishing
    • Visit various Buddhist monasteries
    • Walk to various ancient sites within the Kathmandu Valley
    • Watch a Hindu festival
    • 1 knowledgeable Breathe in Life group leader
    • 1 seven-day trek in the Himalayas
    • 1 welcome dinner
    • 1 welcome package
    • 19 nights accommodation
    • All taxes
    • All transport within Nepal
    • Daily yoga and meditation with Kat Boehm
    • Visit to the birthplace of Buddha
    • Additional activities
    • Airfare
    • Most meals

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport.

    • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 2 days before the arrival date.
    • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.


    • Review by Dougie Campbell from Playa Del Ray, Valencia

      "I didn't know what to expect when booking my yoga teacher training in Thailand but, from the beginning, Breathe in Life made me feel calm and taken care of! They went above and beyond to make our experience smooth and enjoyable, even helping us plan adventures for our days off during the course. I'm looking forward to our next trip together!"

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Reena Ruparella from Toronto, Canada

      "I was lucky enough to travel for 20 days to Indonesia with Breath in Life. I signed up as a solo traveler so I was definitely nervous going alone but I ended up having the most amazing adventure. Melissa was at the airport when I arrived after my long flight with a big smile and a huge hug. I felt right at home and knew I made the right decision. The trip was marvelous! There was the right balance of adventure, down time, as well as plenty of opportunities to hang out with fellow group members. BIL does such a good job at organizing things like accommodations and transportation that there really isn't much to worry about. The tour guides were always available for questions and were great at recommending fun things to do. They were so knowledgeable! I also really liked that we moved around every few days so you had enough time to settle in but not get bored. I also loved the experiences such as the cooking classes, optional yoga, massages, great meals, and the Mt.Rinjani climb. This trip was an adventure and I am so happy I could do it through Breathe in Life! They were professional, knowledgable, and most important, made the trip fun! Can't wait to do it again!"

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Cassie Leblanc from Edmonton

      "Sending mega love and gratitude to Melissa Emily Jol and Chris Elliott! This trip has been phenomenal! Thank you for taking me in like family and showing me the amazing sights of Thailand. I highly recommend booking your next trip with ‪Breathe in Life‬‬‬‬‬‬. These guys are amazing!"

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Steph Davies from Edmonton

      "The trip of a lifetime with Breathe in Life this past October has become for me, with a little luck, an annual event. Once was definitely not enough. I have never had such a rewarding, stimulating, enjoyable travel experience in my life and I'm eager to go back to Bali or go to Thailand, India, or Nicaragua as the opportunity arises. In fact, I am seriously thinking of going to Goa next November on the teacher training program Breathe in Life is offering. For me, the combination of an excellent, consistent Yoga practice with adventure in a very beautiful and intriguing country, such as any of the above-mentioned, with carefully chosen places to stay, eat at and explore made for an absolutely ideal holiday, although that's a word that doesn't necessarily capture the richness of the experience. I loved the people with whom I shared the experience; we flowed together or moved apart with total ease and comfort. This was in no small part due to the meticulous planning and warm care taken by Chris and Melissa of Breathe in Life, who accompanied us and participated with us throughout. I couldn't have been better cared for by my own children, who lack the skill and expertise as travel guides of Melissa, Chris, and Jordan, the third partner, who is equally wonderful. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity and would be more than pleased to share details with anyone who is interested. I can't recommend Breathe in Life highly enough."

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Kelly Swan from Saskatoon

      "It's difficult to explain the life changing experience that was my journey with Breathe In Life. From the moment I discovered that they were offering a Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand, it was evident that Melissa and Chris have placed careful consideration with a particular attention to detail into every aspect of their trips. They are attentive by nature and highly accommodating to their group members' needs. The resort, where we had the pleasure of spending the month of our training at, was a clear reflection of their attention to detail. The staff were amazing to say the very least, as they learned each group members name within a few days and were always readily available to assist us with any wants or needs and always did so with a warm and friendly smile. The food was some of the most delicious I have had the pleasure of enjoying with plenty of vegan and raw options in addition to the traditional Thai and Indian dishes. The accommodations were comfortable, cozy, and spacious, with lush jungle surroundings and a quiet beach scattered with tiny quartz crystals. The tea temple offered a variety of lectures, books, and readings including astrology, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and many more. There's a reason they named this resort The Sanctuary. I could almost write a book about my love, affection, and undying gratitude for our two instructors, Sarah and Jana. These women are unbelievably inspiring and knowledgeable, with open minds and open hearts. Their best interest was always in the personal growth of their students and they were so available to us in so many ways. These women have some of the biggest hearts that are so open, understanding, and accepting that it is infectious and made each student open their hearts in such a similar way. I could continue to swoon over their company, this trip, and my experience or I could simply recommend to everyone seeking an extraordinary, life changing adventure to just sign up; you won't regret it. This, I swear to be true."

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Eden Sallenbach from Vancouver, Canada

      "My experience on the South India tour with Breathe in Life (BIL) was seriously life-changing. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by people with the same mentality around health and wellness, and I felt like every day I woke up feeling so positive and worry-free. The guides organized everything from flights and all other means of transportation, to comfortable accommodations, to amazing yoga sessions, while making sure to not plan too too much so that each member of the group had quite a bit of control over what activities we wanted to take part in. It was comforting knowing that I didn’t have to worry about getting from one place to the next, while having the freedom to choose and create my own experiences."

      "I was blown away by the places that we visited on the tour and the amount of time that we stayed in each city and town was perfect. Although we covered a lot of ground, I never felt like we were constantly on the move, which allowed me to fully enjoy what each area had to offer. I was able to get a real taste of India’s wonderful culture, enjoy great meals at my leisure, and soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches, among many other things. The guides at BIL were all so great at recommending restaurants to try, sites to see, yoga classes to attend, etc., and I was never disappointed."

      "I have been back home for over a month now and I am still constantly raving about this trip to anyone and everyone. There was a perfect balance of group time, free time, yoga and meditation, and culture-seeking adventures, but it really was the people of BIL who made this experience what it was for me. I will most definitely be looking into doing another tour or retreat with Melissa, Chris, and Jordan in the future.""

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Steph Davies from Edmonton, Canada

      "I have done a lot of group travel. Like, a lot. I have always been an independent person who seriously enjoys the company of other people. So group travel is a great option and I've had some amazing experiences doing it. I've also had some not so great group travel experiences where I felt ripped off and like a child being babysat. I went on the 20-day north India BIL trip. I have never felt so taken care of while having as much freedom as I desired. I went on my BIL trip fresh off a different not so great group travel trip, but even though I felt I may be starting to grow out of this type of travel, I knew I was in safe hands with Melissa and Chris (and Jordon once I met him!) before our journey even began. They thought of everything, and not just in a "we have buses booked and days planned" kind of way, in a "we chose companies and activities that align with our values" kind of way. It was such a significant touch I've never had with another company. They provided direction when we needed it, and we did; it was India, we needed it!) they gave us blunt and honest advice, inspiration to get into the culture and experiences, pieced things back together for us when our groups plans didn't work out how we had anticipated, surprised us here and there with amazing little extras and experiences, and supported us when we expressed interest in something and needed some help to get it done. They gave us freedom as well: time to wander and discover, encouragement to find our own new great things and share it with everyone else, and support for our ideas that we came up with on our own. It was the most perfect combination of freedom and comfort; stress free, without feeling confined. With BIL, I knew every dollar of that trip was going to an amazing experience. I knew they booked great quality accommodations and transportation, and figured out any of the wrinkles that we ran into (like missing baggage, just as an example). I trusted their opinions and guidance and had such an amazing experiences because of their knowledge! I had space to create my own experience within the organized trip. I've traveled enough to know I don't need a baby sitter but I like having a bit of guidance and 15 new friends to take it all in with. These guys have been in the travel industry so long that they have it down to an art and they share their beautiful knowledge with you in the most relaxed and loving way. Anyone on any of their trips knows how lucky they are to have traveled with them and if you haven't, it is definitely time to fix that!"

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited